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Did Patriots Release Vince Wolfork Just To Pursuit Ndamukong Suh?

By releasing Nose Tackle Vince Wilfork, the Patriots just got under the $142,000,000 Salary Cap.  So there is still plenty of maneuvering needed if they want to be players for DT Ndamukong Suh.

Suh will command upwards of $18-20 Million per year against any teams' Salary Cap. For the Pats to get in play they will have to find another $20 Million in Cap Space and that takes a lot of restructuring contracts or cutting some expensive vets.

Plus they still need to save about $6 Million for their 2015 Draft Class contracts.

What I see is the Patriots positioning themselves to instead go after a rookie to replace Wilfork.

I can see them looking to draft with their 32nd pick either Jordan Phillips of Oklahoma or Eddie Goldman of Florida State.

Both are 330 lbs can play inside in the Pats 3-4 scheme.

That's if both are still available at 31 so that they will get one or the other.

If one of them goes earlier than 31, the Pats will have to rethink their positioning and possibly have to trade up to grab the remainder of the two.

One other player they may covet is 6-5, 320 lbs DT Carl Davis out of Iowa. He possesses an excellent blend of size and athleticism.  As the 48th rated player in this year's draft class, the Pats may feel he will be available at 32 anyway.

The Pats may even be able to trade back a little and still get him.    

Or will the Pats uncharacteristically make a big splash and way move up in the draft in order to snag the 340 lbs DT out of Washington, Danny Shelton?

No matter their plan, I just don't see the Pats being able to sign Suh, but by at least having him in for visit, they could make it more expensive for whomever does sign him.

And that may be part of their plan as well.

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The way I see it, Suh is too expensive for the Dolphins. He certainly would help the D get off the field. That means Tannehill would get on the field more. With all the money tied up in Suh, Tannehill's gonna get killed without an O line. Probably a better bet is to keep Odrick, Starks and restructure Wake.


The one thing I know for sure is that the defense is on a downhill trajectory. If we let the defense stand firm, at best they will have a C grade and by next season, less draft picks we will be pushing worst defense in the NFL. Wake has at best a year or two left and grimes is right there with him, our line backers are no better than average.

If a miracle happens and we get Suh the best case scenario would be our offense will cut the amount of points needed for a victory by 8, so instead of Tannehill needing to win the game 30-28 we might be able to win the same game 23-24.
I have no confidence in the dolphin players but I do have some in Hickey. I think he can find some deep Gems in the draft and pick up a couple low price free agents.
I tell my son, for optimism, dream you hit on everything.

For a competitive team

Extreme needs 1) DT 2) ILB
Pressing needs 1) CB 2) S 3) WR
Other Needs 1) G 2) T 3) back up QB 4) HB

So you sign Suh and draft an early ILB (extreme needs are taken care of)
Take a chance on a cheap WR, QB and HB in free agency

Now you need to use the next 6 picks in the draft to come up with CB, G, T, S and if Hickey hits on this draft like the last one we may be just a player or two short of really being competitive. The downside of signing Suh is Tannehill’s future contract. No matter what people think of him, we cannot let him go. It took the dolphins 14 years to find a pro level quarterback. It has taken the Bills 18 years to find one and the jets almost 40 years to find a qb that could reach the super bowl. If you have even the slightest hope for a qb it becomes almost inane to let him go before you know for sure. I have to think, though, that they have a plan for coming up for a contract for him even if they do sign the DT so it is a wash.

Sadly though as far as Suh goes, I have zero, zip confidence that this team could pull off something that big


I don't want Suh in Miami for several reasons, but the biggest being that we have more than one whole to fill and he'd take up too much cap to fill the other needs. I'd rather pick up a DT in the draft. Or hell, Wilfork is available now...

I don't think the Pats want to spend $100 million on Suh either though.


I think Tannehill will stay for a reasonable contract. He seems very down to earth and would be happy to make what he is worth, no more.

Hickey will do a wonderful job again this year. I really likr him a lot. When we met him during Web Weekend, he was very informative.

Suh will set any team back a little, salary cap wise. But he could also set a team up for a championship if he gets into the right situation. There-in lies the quandry.