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7 Round Mock Draft For Dolphins' 2015 Picks ( 7th Edition RED ZONE )

Since the Miami Dolphins have signed some new Free Agents and brought back a few of their own, our needs have changed quite a bit since I started doing these mock drafts a couple months ago. We still need help at WR, CB, OLB/ILB, FS and depth across the OL.

But in this edition I want to focus on drafting a few guys to help us in the Red Zone.  Last year, we wound up ranked 2nd in the NFL for Red Zone Possessions at 4.2 per game. New England ranked ahead of us at 4.3 per game.

So clearly, getting into the Red Zone last year has not been a problem. In 2013 we ranked 23rd at 2.9 possessions per game and in 2012 we ranked 28th at 2.4 possessions per game. That's wonderful progress in 2014.

However, scoring TDs once we get there could be better. The top dog last year was New England again at 2.7 TDs per game from the Red Zone.  We were 23% lower at 2.2 TDs per game from the Red Zone which placed us tied for 4th. Not bad but that extra TD every other game could've been a big difference in making the playoffs and what seed we could have.

Consider that in 2013 we were ranked 19th at only 1.6 Red Zone TDs per game and in 2012 we were ranked 25th at 1.3 Red Zone TDs per game.  We almost doubled our output in 2 years. Again, wonderful progress.

Lets see if we can get a few guys who can help us in the Red Zone offensively and were we may find them.

I am utilizing a Computer App which is making the picks for the 31 other teams in the draft. There are opportunities to offer and accept trades with other teams. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to list all the picks nor all the available players who were available when I picked for us.

The First Round leading up to our pick in this edition went as follows:
1) Bucs: Marcus Mariota QB Oregon
2) Vikings (trade with Tenn): Brandon Scherff OT Iowa
3) Jags: Leonard Williams DT USC
4) Raiders: Randy Gregory DE Nebraska
5) Redskins: Dante Fowler Jr. OLB Fla
6) Saints (trade with Dirtbag Jets): Shane Ray DE Missouri
7) Rams (trade with Chicago): Cameron Erving OT FSU
8) Texans (trade with Falcons): Danny Shelton DT Washington
9) Giants: Vic Beasley OLB Clemson
10) Bears (trade with Rams): Alvin Dupree DE Kentucky
11) Titans (trade with Vikings) La'el Collins OT LSU

Two Picks to sweat out for one of two players I like!!!

12) 49ers (trade with Browns) SHOCKER Jameis Winston QB FSU

Haha Jets!! One pick to sweat out, so we are getting at least one of the two guys I like.

13) Scumbag Jets (trade with Saints): Don't tell me the Saints may grab one now. NO! Trae Waynes CB Michigan State

Now we actually have a dilemma which would need to be solved by who we actually already have on the roster at WR.

Yes, as this particular draft has unfolded, I now can chose between 3 WRs.  Either 4th Rated Amari Cooper, 6th Rated Kevin White, or 13th Rated DeVante Parker. Now White and Parker are both 6-3 and Cooper is only 6-1. So lets clump White and Parker into one body and Cooper into the other.

Lets look at our current corps of WRs:
Jarvis Landry 5' 11" 202 lbs
Kenny Stills 6' 0" 194 lbs
Rishard Mathews 6' 0" 202 lbs
Matt Hazel 6' 1" 205 lbs
Tyler McDonald 6" 1" 192 lbs
Michael Preston 6" 5" 213 lbs

If Michael Preston is ready to play and contribute, he makes a pretty darn good Red Zone target along with TE Jordan Cameron 6' 5" 249 lbs.

So if Preston is a go, we can grab the higher rated athletic Cooper with his diminutive -2 inch stature but if Preston isn't ready to go then we need to grab either White or Parker for helping in the Red Zone.

First Round: Wow what a huge break to be able to grab the top dog at a position of need, the WR from Alabama, Amari Cooper!  Wow! The 4th rated player somehow falls to us. I know there are surprises in many NFL drafts and sometimes the needs of a team dictate their pick more than an available player's value. This is what happened in this draft as the Cooper, all 6'1", 211 lbs of him fell into our laps. Don't we deserve a break once in a while! And we took this break by skipping over Amari Cooper and taking 6' 3", 215 lbs, Kevin White out of West Virginia.  While both White and Parker have the size we will need in the Red Zone, White has a bigger frame and I think that will be an advantage as both players mature physically.  So, I am not counting on Michael Preston at this point.

Second Round: Time to handle the OLB issue with a pretty good one out of Virginia.  6'3", 247 lbs, Eli Harold fills the bill to fill a need in our LB corp. Harold is an early entry and a very athletic man similar to our DE Olivier Vernon.  Does anyone have a problems drafting another Vernon? I don't.
Harold is a high motor guy that played in a 3-4 defense so you may wonder why the hell am I grabbing this guy here. Because the LB depth isn't that great this year and the drop off is significant. He needs to add some bulk and I hope we didn't blow this pick because he needs work on pass coverage. I used the 47th pick on the 36th Rated Player.

Fourth Round: I accepted a trade from Pitt for their 4th Round #22 and a 5th Round #7 they acquired from Denver. There were quite a few decent CBs sitting there so I figured I could get one of them moving down 7 picks.  With the 118th pick I selected the 127th Rated Player, CB out of Ole Miss, Senquez Golson. At 5' 9", 176 lbs, Senquez can be overmatched by big receivers 1 on 1.  One would think. But what I like about him is his athleticism and production in the SEC which he led with 10 INTs, 18 passes defended, 43 tackles with 3 for a loss.  They say he throws his body around and get this, reminds people of Brent Grimes. Yeah baby!

Fifth Round (from Den via Pitt): With the first of our three 5th Round picks I knew I was headed back to the offense in this Round.  There were a few players I liked but there was one I really didn't want to miss out on. Even though we have a 6' 5", 249 lbs TE in Jordan Cameron, he is susceptible to concussions and even though the 6' 4", 240 lbs Dion Sims has played well last year, I like this next pick very much. He is 6' 5", 240 lbs and has a frame able to add a few more pounds. From Rutgers, just a few miles down the road from me, comes the 130th Rated Player with the 135th pick, Tyler Kroft. Unfortunately for Kroft, he played with some very inconsistent QB play last season so his numbers don't reflect the potential. Two season ago, he posted 573 yards on 43 receptions and 5 TDs which led the AAC. He can line up outside and has very good hands and quickness to get up the seam. He does need to work on his inline blocking but he is a Red Zone threat.

Fifth Round:  With the 13th and 14th Picks of this Round, I decided to start working on the OL depth.  I targeted two versatile guys with the next two consecutive picks. One can play either C or OG and the other either OT or OG.  With the 141st Pick I grabbed the 173rd Rated Player in Shaquille Mason from Georgia Tech to compete at OG/C. Mason at 6' 2", 310 lbs, is a stalky, powerfully built dude with a mean streak. He's extremely quick off the ball and has 40 starts under his belt.  Mason is a short mauler in a phone booth and great in the run game. His shorter arms handicap him slightly in the passing game but he can add some cheap depth and work on his technique in the passing game.

Fifth Round: With our 3rd Pick in the 5th, I added the second OL guy with Alabama's Austin Sheperd.  At 6' 5", 315 lbs, Sheperd is ideally suited for a Zone Blocking scheme.  He started 2 years at Bama at RT but he can easily move inside to play OG in a heartbeat. I like that he is a very hard worker and is very coachable so he could very easily find a home as a swing lineman making the game day roster as the 7th Lineman. Sheperd is the 154th Rated Player I took with the 142nd Pick.

Sixth Round: Back to the Red Zone. We have 4 RBs on the roster and we all know Lamar Miller at 224 lbs, Damien Williams at 221 lbs,Mike Gillislee at 216 lbs and LaMichael James at 195 lbs have had enough troubles trying to get 1 yard let alone fighting through some bigger DLs at the goal line.
I really want to find the biggest possible dude here as there were still about 5 draftable RBs available.
So welcome with our final selection of the 2015 Draft at Pick # 175, the 186th Rated Player, Matt Jones from Florida. Jones comes in at 6' 1", 231 lbs and he can still put on more pounds. He already runs hard and when he stays low he is a beast to bring down. Scouts see him as a back who can improve his blocking and move over to Full Back in the NFL. I see him as a guy we hand the ball to in order to push the pile and get those tough yards inside the 3 Yard Line and turn 3 points into 6.

That's my Red Zone Edition. Offensively we added 6' 3" Kevin White, 6' 5" Tyler Kroft and 6' 1" Matt Jones to bring some size down in the Red Zone and hopefully get us into the Playoffs by converting more TDs than FGs.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Why did you use a computer program to determine thone selections. Using a walmart greeter would have been more accurate.


Haha Chuck! Good for you. Very funny.
It changes quite a bit each time. Not all those picks are locked in stone each time. Including mine.


just for fun....Miami is building a new home as we all know and I really believe Ross wants a Seattle type atmosphere....that being said.... Tannehills style requires that the WR run great routes, and run them all...when Philbin first came to Miami he talked about having the ability to move WR to any spot to create the right match ups....

so while the NFL world focuses on speed, and how tall a WR is, those are just bonuses to what Tannehill needs....for example Wallace has great speed, but not much YAC...4.7 Landry did better...great hands > speed YAC > height

My prediction is Miami will do everything in their power to trade back, the picks in this draft will not be rich....5 to 7 spots = 3 and maybe 7th rd pick....I believe Miami needs the picks not just for depth, but for taking a high risk 1st rd pick = Gurley

Miami may not add a WR until AFTER the 2nd rd and that will have many fans falling on their dolphin shaped swords...:)

imo bobg


Another very interesting comment, gasnotoil. Yes, I do believe we are trading back as well. A few teams made me trade offers but the earliest was Cincinnati at 21.
With the Red Zone theme in place, I declined the trade opportunities rather than risk losing Kevin White or DeVante Parker.

We could wind up with those extra picks and Gurley or Waynes, Collins, Beasley, Thompson, Peat and maybe even Phillips. Who knows how this draft will actually shake out.


Where can I play your Mock Simulator?