Friday, February 27, 2015

Well Somebody Is Going To Have To Catch The Ball

But who?

Goodbye Brian Hartline.

Auf Wiedersehen Brandon Gibson.

Adios Mike Wallace?

We are waving goodbye to almost all of our entire Wide Receiver Corps.

Maybe that's why they call it "waivers".

Is last year's draft pick, Matt Hazel, ready to actually play?

Is Rishard Matthews ready to step into a starting role?

How about Michael Preston or Tyler McDonald, who signed futures contracts?

Can Jarvis Landry make every catch?

Holy shit! We are thin at Wide Receiver.

Suddenly we are in Sudden Death at finding guys to run down field and haul in passes.

I hope Dennis Hickey has a plan.

I truly do. 

Could you imagine trying to explain why Ryan Tannehill hasn't progressed in 2015 without having had adequate receivers around him.

I guess Charles Clay could catch a bunch of balls thrown his way.

Wait! He's a Unrestricted Free Agent.

Clay can't even walk into the team complex let alone run some patterns.

Well that's not good.

Ok.  Deep breathe.  Exhale.

No need for a brown bag now.

There is plenty of time to find a few good guys out there. 

Even some time to get them in and learn a new system and all nuances that come with it.

Screw this crap.  Give me the damn bag!

Put some sort of hallucinogens in it.

Now breathe deep!

Ok. Feeling much better.

As my best friend used to say when my fantasy receivers got hurt "Somebody is going to catch the ball."

I guess he is right. 

Just who?

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
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Releasing Mike Wallace will be a kill shot to the receiver corp. All defenses already know that Tannehill cannot go deep and they get rid of our only bluff deep guy; it is going to be line stacking time all season. Tannehill is gong to get killed and we will have to start our #2 QB; hey wait a minute; dropping Mike Wallace is worth it if it gets Tannehill out of the lineup.


Bingo! we are screwed! we have an elite receiver and a QB who can't throw deep, absolutely wonderful.


Tannehill completed 37% of his passes over 20 yards in the air, he is middle of the pack, or about 10% below the leaders....the last 2 games he completed 50% of his deep balls...NE's Brady as a comparison completes 33% of his deep balls...I do not believe it is fair to say Tanne cannot hit the deep balls, but he does need to improve


Take a deep breath. Hardline and Gibson were the #72 and #95 ranked WRs last year in yards produced. MIA already upgraded Gibson with Landry. Hardline was not a good fit for this system and can be replaced easily in FA of this deep WR draft.


So Tannehill can keep developing that important QB/WR repore! NOT!


great input gasnotoil


Carl, it should read 10% points below the leaders...37% compared to 47% for the better deep throwers...sorry about that


Who cares about stats when we cant even win 10 games; BECAUSE OF OUR QB! Maybe Tannehill will get eaten by a goldfish at the beach this off season. Even if that happens; somehow he will still find his way out on the field to blow more games next season.

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Hi Apollos, I did not know Tannehill was the blame for the dive in the run defense, I have no doubt he is probably a poor tackler


David A - Tannehill had nothing to do with 28 or more points scored against the Dolphins in the last 4 games.

avatar are correct but I like the bag.


D A is clearly not a Tanne- Fan


Len...there is nothing you nor anyone can say to convert D A


Len, you have to understand; the team had concluded that they were not going to the playoffs after the first 12 games; due to the sickening clutch play of cubert Tannehill. I would not have killed myself either, if I was on the defense. And if Tannehill is the starter this upcoming season; the defense will give a halfazz effort this season too; for the same reason.



What position do you hold with the team?

<<< I would not have killed myself either, if I was on the defense.>>>

those are the kind of players the team needs to get rid of, after all they were in the race until week 14


You would need to be Jesus to know what will happen next year...


Hey everyone Calm down Matt Moore is also a free agent this year if he leaves the silver lining will be That David Apollos will follow him to wherever he goes. He can troll those boards instead of ours.


We have massive problems at DL, OLB, ILB, CB, SS and RG so now we can add WR to the list. Philbin has no control over the players in any event so why bother ?
Thill is a dink and dunk merchant and not even one of the top 16 in the NFL at it. He is the best we have had since Marino, but his pocket presence, decision making and deep ball are truly pathetic. Lazor did an amazing job last season and he may well end up head coach here in the not too distant future. Ross however is clueless as we have seen time and time again...Jim Harbaugh, Sporano affair....keeping a lamduck coach.... extension of Soprano contract, Extension of Philbin contract, letting Philbin keep Coyle...Bullygate, on and on and on


This is the most brilliant literary piece I have every read. OMG...I have just read the Tolstoy of Fan Blogdom.

Brilliant, I say, BRILLIANT!


We do have issues elsewhere. And I believe Hickey needs to free up monies in order to address those.

As my best friend says "Somebody has to catch the ball." No matter what, "Somebody" will be running routes and catching the ball. Its just how much do you want to pay them because "Somebody" will do it.


Let's go miami


Let's go miami

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Maybe Suh can play both ways?

Seriously though, we should expect Wallace and Landry to start next season.

Landry is a player.

No way Wallace gets released. His cap number is too large, and he played way too well. For 15 games he was the consummate team player. A meltdown in the final game of a frustrating season is a media generated reason for letting the guy go, but little more.

Gibson, is a 27 year old 4th receiver. He probably ain't getting better. He is gone so youngsters can compete for his spot. Fine.

The one I don't get is Hartline. The man runs good routes and catches the damn ball. He can slot. He is a solid #3, and the Dolphins only save $3.4M against the cap. Any solid #3 WR will cost that much. Seems like a stupid thing to do. First move by Hickey that makes me scratch my head. The only thing I can think of is that Hartline was unhappy to the point of being difficult in the locker room.