Friday, February 27, 2015

Brian Hartline released, what to make of the Dolphins WR group now

The Dolphins have released Brian Hartline to save $3.15 million against the cap. This comes a couple of days after a report stated that the Dolphins are looking to trade Mike Wallace. Hairline's production dipped in part to the increased role of Landry as the safety target, something that Hartline had been known for the last few seasons.

The question now arrises what the Dolphins do next. From how the season ended and from recent reports I would have to guess that we have seen the last of Wallace in a Dolphins uniform. This would free up a lot of cap space especially since last season the Dolphins had the highest paid wide receiver group in the NFL. And then there is the question on what happens to Gibson next. He has had trouble staying on the field and he could also be released to free up even more cap.

We would have to wait to see which of the free agent wide outs will be resigned and which ones will be available. I would also expect us to draft a wide out in the first three rounds if we do not make a big splash in free agency. In a season in which we want to see Tannehill progress, possibly not having 3 of the top targets from last season wouldn't help. But who knows maybe Hartline was released because Wallace worked everything out with the coaches.

UPDATE: Brandon Gibson has been released as well. Total this saves 6.4 million in cap space
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Hartline wasn't worth the money and his production actually started to plummet at Buffalo in the next to last game of 2013.

I was actually surprised that both Hartline's camp and the Dolphins weren't able to restructure his contract. I doubt he will return nor will he get anything near the $3.5 million we just saved.

My guess is Hartline's camp didn't expect us to just flat out release him if he didn't take a substantial pay cut.

Hartline was a very good possession receiver who made some great catches throughout his tenure here. One in particular is that Stretched Out Toe Tapping TD Snag at Pittsburg 2 seasons ago. That was a thing of beauty. He had to beg Philbin to throw the red flag, which he did and the catch was awarded. I thought that was a bigger play than Clay's catch and run through defenders for a TD in the same game.

Too bad we gave him too much money and too bad he still thinks he is worth it. He was a good teammate.


At least the Dolphins released him now because he now gets ahead of the market instead of when the market is done. I believe he hasn't been worth the money this year either


Now he'll sign with the Patriots and be a star for a couple of years.