Friday, February 20, 2015

Backing Tannehill: Update!

(Originally posted on January 29, 2015)

Ryan Tannehill will unquestionably be the starter next season.

What about his backup?

Matt Moore may be back, if he takes a lot less than the $5.5 million he made in 2014! In my opinion, the Dolphins won't re-sign him. Some team will pay him more than the Dolphins offer.

The Dolphins could find a draft prospect, but no one that could start if Tanny went down.

I like the young restricted free agent from the Detroit Lions, Kellen Moore!

Moore holds the unofficial all-time record for wins by a starting quarterback in NCAA Division 1 with a 50–3 (.943) record (the NCAA's official record book does not have an entry for that statistic). As a junior, he finished fourth in the balloting for the 2010 Heisman Trophy. Upon being signed by Detroit, Moore stated, "I don't think there will probably be a more motivated quarterback."

Wait a minute, you say, he's restricted! Yes he is, but he was undrafted, making $576,668 in 2014. The lowest tender amount is $1.323 million, but no compensation is required for an undrafted player on the lowest tender amount.

The Dolphins could offer him much more and the Lions could match it. Barring that, Miami would lose no draft picks as compensation for signing Moore.

He played in 12 preseason games and backs up Stafford and Orlovsky.

UPDATE: It appears that the Lions will not tender RFA QB Kellen Moore, so the stage is set. Come on, Dennis, grab a winner to back up Tannehill!
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I have a better idea. Trade Tannehill. Resign Matt Moore and sign Kellen Moore and let them compete for the starting job. In this way, we save MILLIONS and gain the all important DEEP BALL! Remember, the MOORE connections have always been good for the Miami Dolphins. (Nat Moore) Miami has never signed a bad Moore!


Besides Matt and Nat, don't forget about Wayne, who started at Tackle for us during the 1970's. Wayne Moore actually played basketball in college at Lamar. Our old O Line coach, Monte Clark, brought him with him from the 49ers. Wayne Moore earned a Pro Bowl in 1973, playing along side of Jim Langer and Larry Little. He was 6-6 and weighed a whole 265 lbs. That's a good 50 lbs lighter than today's tackles. Tells you how the league has changed and why Larry Csonka, at 237 lbs, was such a beast.


lets not forget the 2nd round Bust eddie moore..not all of them are good...&smdh head at the matt moore trade tanny comment..that has to be a joke..this team would have won most definitely 2games may be 3 with a decent head coach last year..quesy kodacking is the problem!hes not head coach material period..maybe a good coach but horrible head coach!


Eddie Moore was a very good db with a lingering injury. His lingering injury was due to his diet, exercise regimen or a combination, coupled with over training. However, if Eddie Moore could have stayed healthy, he would have been considered among the better DBs.


Wayne Moore is a good example Carl. I hope that my proposition will be considered. You know with Matt Moore & Kellen Moore being signed; Tannehill can be coupled with a trade to land Suh or Revis with the MILLIONS saved from trading Tannehill. Adding Suh as our much needed nose tackle, we will shut down the run. With Revis teaming with Grimes, we will shut down the pass.


Hey Carl check out the youtube highlights on Bryan Bennet of (SELA). He could be a starting qb on day one in the nfl. I hope we draft him because he could very well be a franchise QB!