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Todd Bowles

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Okay now where's the blog post this morning whining and crying about Todd Bowles going to the Jets and how we now have the "worst HC in the East" even though Bowles is completely unproven as a HC. I know it's coming. 10 negative blog posts for every positive/neutral one.

Hey!  That's a great idea. Let's rank the best coaches in the east:
#1 Philbin
#2 Bowles
#3 ryan
And #4 that new guy in New England. 

Of course, miami has experience with Bowles. He went 2-1 here, and that means his winning percentage is higher than Philbin or ryan!  :)
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I wasn't saying Philbin is #1. That clearly goes to BB. But I'm not going to put an unproven HC and a HC who just went 4-12 above him until I see a real reason to. I was more commenting on the fact that people on here were hoping Bowles would be the HC in Miami and so now I'm sure half the people on this blog will whine and cry that we "missed such a great opportunity and now have the worst coach in the east." And that would be a little premature, all things considered.

I am still hoping they fire Coyle, but lets face it, if that was going to happen, it probably would have by now. It is what it is people. Quit whining about it and lets focus on the FA and draft.


I was kidding around with you. ;)

Philbin could be anywhere from 2-4 in this group. Ryan has arguably had more success, so maybe he's #2.

I would also add that Bowles has more upside *potential* since he's unproven - we know what Philbin is...

But time will tell.


That's the thing. I'm not sure we do know what Philbin is yet. I personally do not believe in the "3 year standard" that the NFL has adopted for everyone. Some people just take more time than that. BB did. Now, that being said, Philbin could also get EVEN WORSE (God-forbid).

We do know what Rex Ryan is: I defensive-minded coach who can not develop an offense. He made a huge mistake going to Buffalo. They are going to be even worse next year. He is basically in the same situation he just left. He would have been so much better suited for the Falcons. Good offense and just need a better defense, which Ryan would be able to develop.

We have no idea what Bowles is yet. He could be the defensive version of Cam Cameron for all we know.

What I'm hoping is that we kill it in the draft and FA and have enough talent to overcome coaching deficiencies, but we'll see. It all starts with the front office. We REALLY need a big-name DC, but I don't think it'll happen. Philbin needs to get a back-bone and start being as quick to fire a coordinator as he is to let a player with "personality" go.


J&JB, you're full of contradictions. Philbin has proven that he can't develop talent (Dion Jordan, Jamar Taylor, Billy Turner, etc.) so the quality of the draft is irrelevant. Queasy Joe jettisons talent if they're too vocal, are leaders in the locker room or don't fit the system.

It's rumored that Todd Bowles will hire Dolphins Defensive Line Coach Kacy Rodgers as his defensive coordinator. Arguably, that's a talent drain to a division rival.

Buffalo is a tough out, now even tougher with Ryan and his knowledge of the Dolphins. If Rodgers joins Bowles with the Jets, then they will have more knowledge of the Dolphins.


LOL! How can we not know what Philbin is yet!!? He is QUEASY!

I would take an unproven HC over one who hasn't produced a winning record for 3 straight years, sign me up please...


In a way this may be good for Miami, Can someone explain to me why Buffalo and NY would go Defensive coach again ? Ryan says " Theyre going to lead league in D" Buffalo already has a good D ! so Buffalo you hire a Defensive coach and your D cordinator leaves who put together a good D and you still have no Offense, and with Rex's track record that will continue, NYJ and Buffalo don't seem to concerned with QB or offense.


Ahhh but he hired San franciscos oc, the guy who had a pretty pother offense with a run-first qb. I think there's ootential there.


Philban can develop talent...Landry James, Jenkins LOL


Canamdolphin: Enlighten me. Where exactly am I full of contradictions? And you want to throw out names of players who haven't developed as if all teams don't have this issue. How about players that DID develop. I'm not Philbins biggest fan right now, I am just saying there's no point in bitching about it because what's done is done, but if you're going to blame him for the failures, then you also have to give him credit for the successes, such as James, Tannehill, Miller, Clay (who was a bust before THIS coaching staff moved him to TE), Landry, Jenkins, Vernon....

I'm not defending Philbin, those successes are just as much on the assistants and players themselves as they are the HC, but then so are the failures that you mentioned. So if you're going to use examples, try using ones that are actually relevant.


Lawrence: For every successful HC you can name that succeeded in the first 3 seasons, I can name at least one that didn't.


@ JandJB:

For every successful HC you can name that succeeded in the first 3 seasons, I can name at least one that didn't.

ok, go ahead.....


Haha okay Lawrence. I actually just looked at HC records and there are a lot I was wrong about. Most of the HCs I had in mind didn't do so well the first TWO years, but most of them had big improvements in year three. So that shoots my argument out of the sky. SO....that being said, I retract the previous statement. Point: Chavez.

I won't make excuses for Philbin, I was okay with him keeping his job until he lost to the Jets at home again. But again, it is what it is and Mr. Ross is not going to change his mind because we told him to. The truth is, the Dolphins need a new owner who actually cares about the team. All I can do it hope Philbin is a late bloomer.

BTW as far as Bowles goes, I don't know how successful he'll be, but here's to hoping he can finally bring some class to the classless Jets.


Thank you JandJB.

In my honest opinion, Philbin is a bust. I look at it this way, my wife claims she learned everything she knows about cooking from WATCHING her mon growing up. Her mom never took the time to teach her per se. So with that being said, Philbin has something like 30 years experience as a football coach at multiple levels. If he has not yet learned when and how to properly use a time out, then in my opinion, he never will. He will not "grow" as a coach.

If we saw constant improvement, like say, Chuck Knoll showed with the Steelers then things may be different. You see what people dont mention about Chuck Knoll is that he took over a team that lost 40 games in 4 seasons prior to him becoming the coach AND he showed improvement in 4 straight years before the Steelers went on their historic run. I will remind you that Philbin took over a team that had a top 5 defense that him and his coaching staff managed to regress every year AND they havent improved anything record wise.

Look at the Ravens. They fired Cam Cameron in 2012 during a midseason losing streak then they went on to win the superbowl the same year!! Coyle anyone??!

The Cowboys, same thing!! Although Garret remained the HC, they changed coordinators more than they changed their socks and wouldnt you know it?? They got it right and look what happened this year....

Continuity is great given the right situation, the Dolphins do not have that...


After watching Green Bay blow it like nothing else I've even seen in my life Sunday, I see now where Philbin learned how to melt down at the end of a game. Holy crap that was painful to watch.