Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Super Bowl extra point

The Dolphins, as expected, will be making a pitch for the 2019 or 2020 Super Bowl.

The host committee concedes it will need help from all of the south Florida counties, local communities, and others.

The reason? The 150+ pages of "demands" from the NFL. San Francisco estimates that meeting all of these for superbowl 50 will cost the community $70 million in real money (unlike the "potential benefit" of hosting the game, which is soft money), so there has to be a commitment and an appetite to pay for it somehow.

So it will cost a lot to local taxpayers, they want complete control over some locations and venues, and we also get an opportunity to volunteer so they can make a larger profit.

To which I say: no thanks. Play it somewhere else.
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The NFL is the world's biggest prostitute. I heard read somewhere that they want to start making SB half time performers PAY THEM to perform at the SB, because the NFL is "giving them so much more exposure."


They did that starting with Katy Perry this year. That's cray-cray


Oh wow I didn't know it had already started. I think the music industry should just say "okay then we just won't play for you." Then the NFL would lose a ton of viewers who only watch to see the half-time show and the commercials. I love pro-football but I'd really like to see the NFL get hit hard in the wallet because things are starting to get out of control now.