Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Staying the course.

Every so often, I get the feeling Stephen Ross is up to something. I have no idea what his end goal would be, but I am reminded of the movie Major League, where the new owner wants to "move to Miami" (though, clearly, that can't be the goal here!).

But at times, like yesterday, it almost feels like this, doesn't it?

Who knows what any of what's going on means. But we did get a report yesterday that Ross prefers not to fire people, especially in the football world. He apparently didn't want to fire Jeff Ireland last season, so instead he changed his role enough, to where Jeff got the message and they parted ways. And think about how he handled Sparano....its how he manages his people. I wonder what would have happened if he had landed Harbaugh at that time ("Hey Tony, want to be a line coach?")

So he simply couldn't fire Philbin. Period. He didn't give anyone power to fire him, because that's not how he operates. Philbin will be around until the owner decides to part ways (mutually, of course, because you can't fire him), and that means we get to laugh at this team for at least one, and possibly several more, years!

You just can't run a professional sports franchise that way.
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That really blows! What kind of karma is this for lifelong Dolphins fans. The circus remains in the AFCE, it just moves from NY to Miami.