Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So I guess Don Shula was right?

The patriots are cheaters.

The report came out that 11 of 12 balls were "under inflated" which is against the rules, and everyone knows that. So doing it intentionally is, in fact, cheating. #shrinkage

But there's more. I've been thinking about what I saw over the last few games where the patriots were subbing players, and making players eligible or not.

Certainly on the surface, they used the rules to their advantage. And that's fine.

The issue was/is that they were doing it continually, confusing the officials on who was eligible, and probably running some illegal formations along the way. It would be difficult for *them* to always know who was eligible.

Add to that another rule that the defense must have "last substitution" before the snap, in order to adjust to the formation. The patriots were waiting until the play clock had run far down before telling the ref they were eligible. Then they would snap the ball as quickly as they could. So the defense was not given the chance to adjust.

For both, there's an interesting side note here: the officiating crews are all star teams. Their communications aren't quite as good as a regular crew. And BelliCHEAT took advantage of that, in how he managed the game. And game balls.
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Once a cheater always a cheater. Pats fans will defend them and say it's all a conspiracy because the whole NFL is jealous of the Pats' success, like they always do, but it's funny that this KEEPS happening. Every time the Pats win, there is some controversy. At some point you have to realize that there must be a reason for it....unless you're a Pats fan.


"The rules of the National Football League are that you can only huddle 11 guys," Ryan said Saturday night. "Everybody except Shula - he can huddle 15. That's ridiculous, what they let him get through with. It's because he's on the rules committee.

said Shula

"If you're doing it, the officials will warn you, then penalize you," Shula said. "We weren't warned or penalized."

"Dolphins Forfeit first round draft pick for tampering when Don Schula was more interested in the sunny beaches than honoring his contact

and of course he is now being sued for pushing players to take Pain Pills or he would cut him.

#frauds # hypocrites