Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Just. Plain. Weird.

Because Tannenbaum (hey! is he related to Tannehill?) was introduced as the grand poobah and was designated as the personnel director, the position was scrutinized by the NFL.

You see, the "Rooney Rule" is intended to ensure that qualified minority candidates are considered for coaching and personnel jobs, and because of Tannenbaums job title and the fact that he was hired essentially on a whim, without considering other candidates, it appeared to run afoul of the rules.

I think its safe to say the NFL didn't understand what Tannenbaum's role was anymore than we did...And the penalties for violating the rules can range from fines to losing draft picks,

So someone from the league office called Stephen Ross, and they apparently talked for "a while" and discussed the hiring. 

Shortly afterward, Ross released a statement that Tannenbaum was NOT, in fact, the personnel guy.  He was also no longer Hickey's boss (and that means that he spent as much time in that position as Marino did as VP several years ago).  In fact Hickey, Philbin, and Tannenbaum all report to Ross directly, because that makes so much more sense.

And thus, the Dolphins weren't in violation of the Rooney Rule.

It also means that in addition to making a confusing hire, he made it even more so - and didn't even do it right.

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Why are you always confused bewildered and disappointed ?


@ Farley999;

Why are the Dolphins always confusING, bewilderING, and disappointING?


What happens when the Minorities get together and refuse to be interviewed on account of knowing that they are being used over and over. What a stupid rule!


@farley999 because this part is ridiculous. And yes, the rule may be dumb, but the owners agreed to it. And because there are only 64 coach/GM jobs, there's alwys someone willing to take a chance and interview even if they have no realistic shot.


When you become the Grand Poobah you have to wear a ridiculous hat. When you wear a ridiculous hat you get mauled by a dog-like creature named Dino. When you get mauled by Dino you realize that even Cartoons attack and humiliate Dolphans fan. Don't get humiliated by a Cartoon,get rid of Cable and Vow to never watch the Dolphins till Ross sells the team!


As Dolphin fans, we're fated to watch. Much like passing by a traffic accident without gawking.


@aquaaiea nicely done.

Take a page from my book. Stop watching games, and stop purchasing any product, but keep tabs on the team and be prepared to laugh. Hard. Because they are a joke.


@ Lawrence Chavez ... When did you last attend a Dolphins game ? Fans cheer support and have a good time tailgating with friends. Winning is a bonus .. not life or death and compared to so much in life . You guys are way to serious about becoming the Cleveland Browns in perpetuity. List to Carl.. he is the man. Meanwhile I will renew my season tickets for the 22nd year.


@ Farley999:

Last attended a Phins game in 2009. I live in New Mexico and don't have the luxury of flying across country to watch a football game too often but even if I did, it wouldn't be to see this Miami team, I'd rather watch them lose from the comfort of my living room which is a lot cheaper.

Fans cheer for the team to win! If winning is just a bonus then let's all go park in the parking lot of sun life stadium next week, have a BBQ, drink some beer and have a jolly good time! If winning doesn't matter then who cares if there is a game!? We can play "500" in the parking lot if you absolutely have to cheer for something...


Been there three times, going again next year. Love New Mexico!


@ canam:

What part if New Mexico do you visit?

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Ross is turning this team into a clown circus.