Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hey Goodell...Send The Colts Instead

The line drawn in the sand decades ago has been moved inch by inch, foot by foot, yard by yard.

The line between success with honor and success at any cost may not even exist anymore in Foxboro.

It has been made into a faded glory. 

Lifting a Lombardi Trophy is much more important than lifting one's head with honor.

Getting your playoff bonus is much more important than paying that $25,000 fine for deflating your game balls.

That's chump change, tip money, a mere bag of shells.

When will it end in Foxboro?

When will honor mean something more than honor among thieves?

When will doing it the right way mean more than just do it and see what happens?

The code of ethics doesn't exist in Foxboro.

And why?

Because the league doesn't have the deflated balls to actually do something about it.

The truth, the sad truth, is that the Patriots don't care and Roger Goodell let them get that way.

He is the bad parent who slaps his son's wrist time after time and wonders why the kid is always in trouble.  Why the phone is constantly ringing with the neighborhood's parents on the other side of the line complaining about his bratty kid again.

Well Roger, its time to give the Patriots a time out.

Its time to put them in the proverbial corner.

Its time to send them to bed with no dinner.

Yes, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and team, you are grounded!

Go to your room, no TV, no cell phone, no computer!

That is, unfortunately, what is needed here.

Goodell...Call Kraft and say "Sorry but you ain't going to the Super Bowl."

Goodell...Call the Colts and say "Hi. Did you put EVERYTHING away yet?  I hope not because guess what....YOU'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!"

Make Kraft pay all the Pats fans back for their lost expenses in booking flights and hotels and buying tickets to this so called Championship.

Let the pissed off masses in New England let their so called heroes know "You idiots cost me over $5,000. I want it back."

That will be a punishment with a bite.

Show us your nerve Goodell.  Show us you truly care about the "Shield" and what it stands for.

Because right stands for shit on anyone at any costs and at any time.

And that's a shame.

An absolute shame!

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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Well said Carl. The Colts have been remarkably quiet whilst all this has been going on. What gives?


The may be taking the high road.

That road never existed in Foxboro. No maps or GPS can find it.


Belichick irritates the media with non answers and evasions. The fans eat it up. Behind the curtain, he's playing the angles.


The only problem is that the Pats fans won't blame the Pats. Their team are all angels in their eyes. Pats fans blame absolutely EVERYONE else in the world when something goes against them. And they love to talk about how there's a conspiracy against them by the NFL.


They can't defend this episode in any way. They cannot use any conspiracy theory here.

11 of 12 balls were under inflated. Not one with a bad pin hole. 11 out of 12.

So the balls played like they were nerf balls. You could grip them much better. Throw them much better. Catch them much better. And hang on to them much better.

The Colts said they could have beaten them with a bar of soap. Probably so. But one never knows if the Pats may have dropped of few passes or fumbled a few times or thrown a few interceptions. We will never know.

It is Nixonian that Beli-cheat would go this far playing a game at home against a team he was much better than.

Nixon couldn't lose that 1972 election if he tried. The Democrats were in shambles and yet he bugged the Democrats headquarters at the Watergate. Nixon didn't need to do that.

Beli-cheat didn't need to do this either and yet here we are. The guy has a flaw so innate that he can't avoid it if he tried. He is our modern day Richard M. Nixon. I will do anything to avoid defeat even though I cannot lose.

I think he is going to have a tough time with the press at the Super Bowl. That is if he is allowed to coach this game.

At the very minimal, Beli-cheat should be suspended for either this Super Bowl or for a good number of games next year and the Pats should have to forfeit a draft pick to the Colts as well.

And, hopefully, this will effect his standing in the eyes of the Hall of Fame voters.

Someone or some entity has to stand up to this guy. At least Nixon was about to be impeached prior to his resignation.


If I could play commissioner for a day while this was unfolding I would give Bilicheat the Sean Payton treatment ( one year on the sidelines) accompanied by a loss of 2 ( two ) First round picks as this would be their second conviction in NFL court. Bad behavior is hard to modify when its ingrained in your DNA. In a perfect world I would have Baltimore play Indy for the right to represent this year and let Bilicheat coach on next year.



Not sure if logistically they could get the Ravens back in but I am sure they would try their best.

I like the Sean Payton treatment. One year suspension sounds very fair.


I think some of you guys are letting your hatred for the Pats mess with your judgment. Not that I don't understand. But it wouldn't be right or realistic for them to send the Colts. The Pats would've crushed the Colts either way. In fact, if you don't know, they reflated all the footballs at halftime. Look at Brady's numbers in each half. He actually play MUCH better with properly inflated footballs.

Suspending him? Now that sounds more like it. Either for the SB or for the first 4 games or so next season. I won't say give him the Sean Payton treatment because, lets be honest, paying players to hurt other players is a million times worse than tampering with footballs. But it should definitely be more than a simple fine.

Belichick IS a cheater, but he's even more a DUMBASS for ruining his reputation and his dynasty's credibility just the get a microscopic advantage that he didn't even need......TWICE.


You bring words of wisdom to a world gone array.

How about we give him some regional treatment from Boston. Let's tar and feather him!


Lol. You noticed that every story about this on has been trying to downplay this thing?