Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Down And Dirty

There is debate whether or not the Dolphins should use their first round draft pick on an offensive lineman. I'm not going to argue for or against. Rather, I'll present some facts about the draft positions of the Dolphins as compared to the draft positions of the best linemen in the league based on PFF ratings.

        Albert               Colledge                Pouncey                 Thomas                  James
      Rd 1  15              Rd 2   47                Rd 1   15                Rd 3   77               Rd 1   10
          2008                   2006                      2011                       2013                      2014

Interestingly, the Dolphins best linemen, and their best hopes for 2015, are all 1st rounders. When looking at the league's best:

6 of the top 10 centers were chosen no later than the 55th pick. One was undrafted.

7 of the top 10 tackles were chosen no later than the 55th pick. Two were undrafted.

2 of the top 10 guards were 1st rounders. All 10 were chosen in the first four rounds.

The only Dolphin to land on the top ten list was Brandon Albert at #8

There is no right or wrong way to draft offensive linemen. Following is the team, ranking and round.

Dallas: #2 center 1st, #6 tackle 1st, #7 guard 1st.  MADE PLAYOFFS
Cleveland: #10 center 1st, #3 tackle 1st, #5 guard 2nd. MISSED PLAYOFFS

Green Bay: #5 center 5th, #3 guard 4th, #4 guard 4th. MADE PLAYOFFS
Philadelphia: #8 center 6th, #1 tackle undrafted, #2 guard 3rd. MISSED PLAYOFFS

As shown, there is no clear cut method for drafting linemen.

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I don't see us using the first round for a guard or even a LT to eventually replace Albert. I do see us taking a guard somewhere in rounds 2 to 4. I'd like to see our 1st pick be big target WR, a MLB or DT (Nose tackle) or CB. I think those areas are where we need an impact player the most.


I'll agree with you on all but MLB. DE Cameron Wake, MLB Koa Misi amd S Reshad Jones were the only defensive players with positive grades all around.We still don't know if the Dolphins base defense will remain 4-3 or go to 3-4. You're right, a run-stopping force is needed in the middle of the D line.


Misi may have a positive grade but he is not the answer at MLB. Either way we need a lot of help at all 3 LB positions. I just think MLB is the biggest need. Our LB's are just too mediocre. BTW, As long as Coyle is here it will be a 4-3.