Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Confusion reigns

Since the dolphins lost the last game, there hasn't been a word from the owner. Considering how it went down, that was a little odd.

Then today, we hear that Mike Tannenbaum takes over as president/czar/grand poobah in a similar role to the beloved (and missed!) bill parcells.

Except the details make it seem that he's not. Tannenbaum will oversee the personnel side, and Dennis hickey now reports to him. And Tannenbaum now also has the title of director of pro personnel, which was hickeys title.

So hickey has kind of, sort of, been replaced. Or at least has more bosses.

And meanwhile, Joe Philbin remains as reporting directly to the owner.

How is that going to work? Tannenbaum has the title of someone overseeing the coach, but with no power.

There was one report out there that this means Rex Ryan can't be far behind. We'll see.

For now it's weird.

But no weirder than the situation in Oakland. Technically, Sparano has not been fired. But they are interviewing other candidates as coaches. And are considering Sparano for a permanent role.

Poor guy. Two head coaching jobs, and twice the owners actively look to replace him while he still holds the job.
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My goodness.....I'm flabbergasted!!! What has the Jests done to get someone like Tannenbaum from them??? The Jets are a mess and now soon the Dolphins will be as well!! This owner will sink this team for years to come!!!


All man, I thought this guy had the power to do what Mr Ross seems to be afraid to do; fire Philbert and get rid of Tannehill!


Lol. Ross is the problem for this team. Sure Philibust and Coyle and Rizzi etc. But the buck stops with Ross. Until he sells up and ships out we re doomed.

Here's hoping I m wrong.


I don't get it. Dennis Hickey was a genius in last years draft. I heard that this also means that the Defensive Coordinator of the Seahawks is now going to be the head coach. Someone please buy this team. With all the politics and lies Ross is playing, we might as well have Obama be our Owner.


Nah...we're stuck with Philbin for one more year. The guy from Seattle will be hired soon....probably by the Jests


Ross is an idiot. I now realize we will never win with him as owner. Never
The man cannot make good football decisions.


Ross is playing this pretty smart, he has hired someone who will have no problems making tough decisions...kudus to Ross


The only possible silver lining here is Ryan replacing Coyle.

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I was trying to look at the bright side.
I was trying to believe that there was a logical reason for Ross committing to Philbin in the second to last game.
I was all in that Ross would rely on Hickey to methodically find a replacement over the course of next season.

&%*$ it.

This team is hosed, and will as long as Ross is running the show.


This is all just strange. Not sure how I feel about it. I think Rex Ryan will be brought in as DC and Philbin fired and Ryan promoted to HC. Then, we will be the Miami J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck


I truly don't see an issue with Tannenbaum overseeing the football operations. Philbin's, Hickey's and Tannebaum's roles are clearly defined. Tannenbaum brings some experience to the table and this will allow Hickey to focus on the roster while Tannebaum deals with all the other organizational crap that the GM previously had to deal with.

I think this helps out Hickey quite a bit.