Thursday, January 01, 2015

Bizarre Files

Former NFL head coaches:

Marrone    16-17     Opted out
Trestman   13-19     Fired
Smith          66-46     Fired
Ryan            46-50     Fired
Harbaugh   44-19-1  Fired

Philbin         23-25    Vote of confidence from owner

Smith, Ryan and Harbaugh have playoffs on their resumes.
Philbin has the same record as Ryan, but, no playoffs.
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Ross overvalues stability. That's why the team has been mired in an era of underperformance. I think it's better to prioritize stability AFTER you've found effective leadership.


Only decent coach on list couldn't get along with the front office. Ryan has been pedestrian the last 4 years look it up. Smith had no talent to work with and was a yes man not really a leader of men. Marrone had a group of play makers and I will reserve judgement. Philbin needs a DC and a year with a stable Oline ( non injured Albert) and Miami goes to playoffs not only next year but is playing Saturday.


And don't forget Sparano on the list; it seems unlikely that he will move from interim > permanent. His career record is 32-45. And he was fired (sort of), quit, and will likely be fired.


Sparano, yes. One thing about Sparano, he didn't lose his locker room because he wasn't intimidated by strong personalities in that locker room. Ross effs Sparano with the Harbaugh fiasco, yet stands by Queasy Joe. Is it possible to cut/trade an owner?

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I can think of why keeping Philbin may make sense:

1. Suppose Ross (given his connections to Michigan) knew two weeks ago that Harbaugh was Michigan bound...

2. Take Harbaugh off that list and no coach listed has a better record than Philbin in the last 3 years.

3. Without Harbaugh, there is no coach on the street that has a recent history that was clearly better than Philbin's. No potentially available coach seemed clearly better enough to buy out that last year.

I'm no Philbin fan, and I wouldn't have been bothered if got fired. I was really hoping we'd end up with Harbaugh. I would have even been OK with Ryan because there is some upside potential and certain entertainment value. But Ryan would have been just as much a risk as keeping Philbin, and the other guys you listed are lousy coaches. So I'm not going to slit my wrist over what appears to be an idiot millionaire that owns the team.The 2014 season turned on the Brandon Albert injury. The team never really played the same after that. Point is, the team still lacks depth and still needs some upgrades on defense - this is all the result of poor GMing by Ireland.

Philbin really has one more year. This is less hot seat and more lame duck. Give Hickey another year to stock up this roster, and if Philbin still can't make the playoffs, his contract simply won't be renewed.


A relatively softer schedule this season, more teams that the Dolphins are "supposed" to beat. Arguably, the bar's been lowered enough that even Philbin should be able to make the playoffs.

What I'm trying to chase down here is, if Philbin merits a contract extension this season, record against the AFC East should carry more weight in the decision than record against lesser foes.