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7 Round Mock Draft For Dolphins 2015 Picks (2nd Edition)

The Miami Dolphins wound up tied with the 49ers at 8-8. Since the 49ers opponents' winning percentage was higher than the winning percentage of our opponents, we will pick 14th in the odd rounds and 15th in the even rounds.

The purpose of this mock draft is for fans to get an idea of who may be available in different rounds of the draft.  I am utilizing a Computer Draft App to make the selections for the 31 other teams. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to list all the picks throughout the draft or who else may have been available when I picked.  I am not taking into consideration Free Agent signings or losing some of our Free Agents at this time.

Last week's draft was posted on 1-4-15 and this weeks draft is entirely different as some different players fell in each of the rounds:

First Round: Danny Shelton DT from Washington (Projected in 1-2)
This 6'2", 339 lbs beast may be just what the doctor ordered to shore up our run defense. At Washington, he had 88 tackles with 16.5 for a loss. Shelton also was one of the leaders for DTs with 9 sacks in 2014.  This kid can be productive as a DT in a 4-3 and as a NT in a 3-4.  He should immediately impact our defense and bring back some fond memories of Tim Bowens.

Second Round: Jaelen Strong WR from Arizona State (Projected in 1-2)
At 6'3", 212 lbs, Strong is a big physical receiver who is excellent in the Red Zone.  He is quick but not fast with a 40 time of 4.52. Even though he doesn't possess elite speed, this Junior does get separation. In 2014, Strong caught 82 passes for 1,165 yards and 10 TDs. He had big games against UCLA (12-146) and USC (10-202) with 3 TDs including a game winning 46 yard Hail Mary with no time left.

Third Round: Josue Matias OG from Florida State (Projected in 2-3)
At 6'6", 325 lbs, this massive specimen will open up holes for Miller and Co. and he also has some athleticism to keep Tannehill on his feet.  Will Matias beat out Colledge to play left guard? That is left to be seen but he can certainly add depth while he hones his skills.

Fourth Round: Doran Grant CB from Ohio State (Projected in 2-4)
At 5'11", 193 lbs, Grant had a good season for the Buckeyes with 51 tackles and 5 INTs. He does not possess exceptional speed with a 4.64 40 but plays tough nosed football and will contribute on special teams. You can get a good look at him tomorrow night playing against Oregon for the National Championship. 

Fifth Round: Mike Hull ILB from Penn State (Projected in 3-5)
At 6', 232 lbs, Hull put up solid numbers in 2014 with 101 tackles, 10.5 for a loss, 1 INT and one forced fumble.  He is strong against the run which we could use. Hull held his own in pass coverage but with a 4.69 time in the 40, he may not be an every down ILB and will come off the field in definite passing downs. Hull has some pedigree though as his father Tom, played for both the 49ers and Packers in 74-75.

Sixth Round: Lyndal Trail OLB from Norfolk State (Projected in 4-6)
At 6'6", 260 lbs, Trail started out his college career at Florida but transferred to Norfolk State in 2012. He has had his run ins with the law, including being arrested for assault. However, he is a two time FCS Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year by winning the Buck Buchanon Award.  In 2014, Trail posted 91 tackles with 11.5 for a loss and 5 sacks. He is a nasty dude with the size to beef up to DE.  At the very least he would be a good practice squad project.

Seventh Round: Josh Robinson RB from Mississippi State (Projected in 3-4)
Hard to pass up on Robinson in the 7th Round. At 5'9", 215 lbs, he is similar to Lamar Miller in size and he plays with quickness and toughness.  In 2014, Robinson averaged 6.3 yards per carry for 1,203 yards in the SEC.  He punched it in 11 times as well and added 28 catches for 370 yards.  Despite a bad game against Alabama, in which he took an unnecessary safety, Robinson did put up good numbers against LSU (16-197) and Kentucky (23-198). Keep in mind, he is only a Junior with fresh legs.

There's my second edition of our 2015 Mock Draft.  What do you think and who would you like to see us pick?

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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I have no idea what rounds any of these guys will be drafted into...but I give you 2 thumbs up for covering the main weakness on this team


Thanks gasnotoil.

Keep reading each week and by the draft you will have a good idea.


We have a second seven round pick for Martin yes or no


Martin had to make the 49ers opening day roster. If he did then add Tyler Moore OT/G from Florida (Projected in 7-FA) At 6'5", 320 lbs he is better suited at guard but can play some tackle so could develop into a backup swing man.


Dolphin O-line ranked 32nd. That will likely come into play in the first two rounds of picks. Oh, I forgot, it's the Dolphins. Make that a 6th rounder that never gets put into the lineup.


Dear Fintasy-

And what was our defense ranked when it counted?
how many 1st and 2nd round picks do you want on the OL? 5??? How about a free agent guard and we're done? Please, please all you Fins fans learn something, go out and look at how most good teams build their O-lines, they don't spend 4-5 first or second round picks on OL, there's too many other important positions that need to be addressed with a top 50 pick.

Please stop this moronic, insipid fin heaven thinking that drafting OL high is the way to go. I'm so damn tired of it and it never works


Last week I picked O Line early, Fintasy.

I think we will actually go O Line early but this series of posts is offered to educate fans as to who may be picked in different rounds.

Albert should be back healthy next season so that is a big relief. But we do need better play at the guard position.


Oh and Carl

Much better draft this week.
i'd sign for this one right now


Thanks Dave and next week there will be changes I am sure.


So let me ask you this, all you OL draft people:

How do you explain Jonathan Martin, Dallas Thomas, and to a lesser degree Billy Turner? Philbin was involved in drafting all of them, has a rep as a mentor of offensive linemen yet has produced precious little save for J'Wan James when it comes to developing quality OL thru the draft yet there's so many Fins fans who year after year foolishly pound the table with stupid platitudes like "it all starts up front" "Dallas Cowboys, blah, blah, blah"

I'm tired of it. Dallas has a great QB, an all world RB and one of the best WR's in the game not to mention Jason Witten. How many of those components does Miami have???? Maybe one of half of one?

What you OL monkeys refuse to see is that you pass up the chances for Dez Bryants or DeMarco Murrays when you WASTE the 14th or 47th overall picks on f'in guards. It's Nancy Pelosi stupid to keep pounding the table for OL.

You can't expect a first or second round OL to come in and play well. I know James did but why not get a free agent who knows what he is doing? That leaves you the option of filling another more important position at #14 or #47. You should have 3 vets back next year and they need to count on Billy Turner to fill one of the guard spots. that leaves one guard position left and that has to and should be filled though free agency.

I'd love to see a list of All-Pros we passed over by picking Johnny Martin and Dallas Thomas. I know Vernon Carey cost us Vince Wilfork.

I don't think people realize how old and weak, slow and ineffective our defense has become. DT, LB and corner are far greater needs


Danny Shelton would make even Kevin Coyle look good


Please don't get upset. We are not talking about Free Agency here. We are only talking about possible draft picks.
Granted we could sign OL as well as WR and QB and DL and DB in Free Agency.
We could go a number of ways in a number of directions. But we are only discussing draft picks.
I like Shelton alot, if he falls to 14.


I am not upset

I just think that the tired, ordinary, 8-8, predictable, boring, conventional wisdom that we need an OL in the first 3 rounds should go the way of Keynesian economics and the McRib sandwich


would anyone care to guess what the average draft position of the OL left in the playoffs is?

Tell you this right now- it is nowhere close to 1 or 2

But all these arm chair GM's in here and in finheaven think that their way is the right way.


We think, therefore we are!

Go Phins!!!


Dave Felder...#2 and #3 round are spots to pick up value for OL...Thomas and Turned are still developing, but I understand internet fans wanting instant success with every pick....Miami has a history FA OL that have NOT panned out and it has cost Millions....It is not bad to pick an OL/DL, Most pro bowl OL are picked in the first half of the draft....Tanne had 82 hurries/hits/sacks just from the 3 main starters in the middle of the OL, if you want the deep ball, develop OG/OC that other teams want to pay millions for....There is no WR in the NFL that can deep if the QB does not have 3 secs to pass....also, hind sight is 20/20, no matter who Miami picks, the goal should be that they are good even if it is at a position of strength...

signed, your friend the monkey


Dear monkey-

Dallas Thomas is not developing. He's a disaster and a wasted 3rd round pick. again, I ask all you monkeys to go back and look at what we passed up while picking stiffs like Dallas Thomas and Sissy Boy Jon Martin.

Miami hasn't had a ton of wasted FA linemen. Kevin Donnalley and Geno James were good players. Justin Smiley and Jake Grove were two good OL who got hurt.

An OL needs good coaching and continuity to be good and we should have at least half of that next year.

Shelley Smith and Jason Fox were backups signed to cheap deals

what these impatient fans fail to realize is that this was an OL of 5 new players. It wasn't going to be great last year. It needs a year to gel not another 2nd or 3rd rounder.

I'd rather get a S, DT, WR, TE, RB or corner with one of the top 100 picks in the draft


what we passed in a draft looking back is meaningless, anybody can pick a winner in a past draft....As for Thomas, when he played OG he allowed zero sacks...As for future drafts, it is more important that those in power pick winners, no matter the position....

But for fun....DEF, It is tough to cover anybody for 5 pass rush is a killer...but we have pass rushers you say!!!....By not having a DT that can stand up 2 OL it allows the opposing OFF the ability to role blocking to wake/Vernon...Miami has not drafted a big man early in the draft for over 10 years....No big man = less pass rush....

MLB, lots of fans want a new LB, but unless the DT's can create space for them, they will suffer...No big man = no run def

CB....these poor saps have been having to cover and cover, there is no way they can look good if the opposing QB can just scan the def until he finds a hole....DE/LB and CB all need a 2 gap DT in order to make the 4-3 work. There is no position on this team more in need then DT....

I agree the OL needs time to Gel, Thomas may be best replacing Gardener...But I have read Turner has a lot of push and he showed in what little he played (17 snaps)
I would like to have seen more of turner

I predict Miami will select 2 BIG DT in the next draft and a 1 QB in the first 4 rounds...oh my LOL...enjoyed typing to you!!




How is passing on Alshon Jeffrey for Jon Martin ever meaningless? Can you imagine an offense with a big physical receiver who makes plays without complaining?

As for Dallas Thomas IMO he sucks at RT or guard. Maybe he matures as a guard but right now I don't see him as a quality starter anywhere. His play at RT and Philbin's refusal to take him out KILLED the team this year. I can't get over the opportunity cost he represents either as I know there were better TE's, LB's or RB's on the board when Philbin banged the table to take Thomas in the third round

Your point about a big DT is valid. Do not forget we drafted Jared Odrick a big DL who can play DT in a 4-3 or DE in a 3-4. I hope I'm wrong but it feels like Jared will take the first offer out of Miami as he's sick and tired of the Joe and Kevin show.

I would agree that DT is most pressing need on team. Danny Shelton is a great pick by Carl but there are FA options as well. I think this is still a team better suited to run a 3-4 defense and what we really need is a replacement for Paul Soliai but let's stick with the horrible, horrible fact that Philbin and his horrendous DC best pal Kevin Coyle aren't going anywhere this year.

we can get that run stuffing DT in draft or FA, we need maybe 2 better linebackers to go along with a DT and ones that can tackle and cover as Misi is often hurt, Wheeler is garbage and I wouldn't bring the miscast and over-rated Ellerbe back.

Corner is another spot that bothers me. we're in a league that chucks it around a lot and we had a lot of trouble against the AFC West and NFC North not to mention the Pats covering good passing offenses. Gave up a ton of third down conversions because outside of Brent Grimes who do we have? In my opinion Finnegan is awful, cost us the Jets and Packer games and in no decent universe should ever be back. I saw far too much Jimmy Wilson in the nickel and dime packages and he's horrible. Jamar Taylor I guess you could say is making some progress but still is often injured, same for Will Davis.

I don't know about you guys but it killed me to see Vontae Davis playing well against Denver yesterday. He's the same guy who apparently Philbin and Ireland couldn't handle and didn't think was worth the time and effort to keep.

anybody remember any of our DB's playing that well against Denver? I don't.


I liked Colt's balls to the wall, in your face, bump and run strategy. I think that is were we should be heading. You need quick corners and some pressure on QB. Sitting back waiting for teams to make a mistake IS the mistake.


That is the Coyle way, to sit around and wait for the other team to screw up

what killed me this year is I know we have guys who can rush the passer, why not help them with some blitzes or different looks.

Instead Coyle chose to rush three or four and drop the rest into coverage. we had ONE cover guy in that group and five or six bad cover guys. do the math, it led to a lot of conversions and big plays

To play that Colts style I think we're going to need bigger, better corners and that's too expensive via free agency imo

This comment has been removed by the author.

"Alshon Jeffrey" you do not if he is any good until they play, that is why the draft is not perfect

""" Most OL take 3 years to get positive ratings...see PFF

" Jared Odrick a big DL" He is a 3-4 end, and a 1 gap DT....he is not a 2 gap DT

"FA DT's" 2 gap ng/DT are expensive because good ones are so hard to find...Miami does not have cash to spare

<<>> No CB is any good if they must cover for more then 5 seconds...I believe Miami is entering a major rebuild of the DEF to bring in the right kind of 4-3 players...should be fun to watch

<<>> he was a training camp cancer, the trade helped grow him up


Seems I need work on what kind of fonts are allowed LOL...good thing I like Philbin or I would be fired :)




I think you're in denial about a few things:

1) We only have ONE corner who appears able to cover anybody for ONE second, much less five. You need good d-backs and good DT's. Lowell Rose and Courtland Finnegan won't be much better even with better guys up front.

2) Isn't a coach's job to handle all kinds of different personalities? Joe Philbin has run off many talented players because they were difficult or hard to handle or they had strong personalities. That's on him and his insecurity. It has made Miami a weaker team Stop coddling the HC, he's proven nothing and right now hasn't done many positive things at all. He's the leader of a mediocre team and protects bad coaches. He gets "queasy" in big moments and has presided over too many games with Wheeler and Dallas Thomas in the starting lineup.

Tannehill and Lamar Miller have progressed. there's no evidence their boss has.

3) Miami will have cash to spend on free agents they will have to eat dead money but there are plenty of players who need to be cut or restructured


You can have the greatest corners, but they can only cover for so long....a great pass rush makes ave/above ave corners look better....the key when your team lacks talent is finding the right player who can help more then one position....Same with OL, you must have a strong center to allow your QB to step up and make the plays down the field...a strong Center makes your OG look better, a weak center makes even pouncey look like a crappy OL...

Making the middle of your team a strength is a method to help cover your weaknesses...Our CB would be rated much better if they had support, MISI would might be looked at as a great move, if he was able to attack the line...

As for the coach, all coaches suck when they lose and all coaches are great when they win...find the players who want to be part of team winning....



You are repeating a bunch of platitudes that you have convinced yourself are true. They aren't true for good teams as teams like New England and Seattle who don't believe what you do.

You can't make BAD players, especially corners, good, even with a lot of support.

Ask yourself this- does New England have average players at corner? Does Seattle? why does BB and the Seahawks spend so many draft picks and free agent dollars finding great corners? why did indy invest a second rounder in Vontae Davis? how has that worked out?

As for the coach, good ones bring the best out in their players, utilize their players in the best possible ways and adapt their schemes to fit their talents. Philbin does not.

You act like its an accident MIami isn't winning more. I submit that Philbin and Coyle are a big part of why that is.


You are right, players like Wilfork do not help create time for other levels of the def...I get you, time is not a killer for DB and no doubt having running lanes for your LB has no effect on how they play...

You right, I am still mad that Don Shula did not draft Walter Payton and that WR Jerry Rice just slipped by when everybody knew before the draft he would be HOF...

There is no excuse for coaches, you have me there...I mean just because you have a bunch of 3-4 ends playing DT should not hurt anything....and I see no reason an OG should not make a great OT, or a center nobody else wanted,performing at a pro bowl is the win

LOL ~~sic
no emotion based Gas

my last post on this subject...until the next blog



Your straw man arguments make no sense. I'm not surprised you won't address the substance of my arguments because you can't.

Good teams don't play with bad corners. The Jets do and we do and it's one of the reasons we're both sitting home.

Dallas Thomas sucks at guard, tackle wherever. Joe Philbin sucks as head coach. Those are two facts that are accepted by Fins fans with any eye for talent.

sorry you aren't in that group. Keep wishing and maybe your good thoughts will turn Thomas into an all-Pro and Philbin into Shula. I doubt it but you seem convinced

You may not have any emotionally based arguments but you also don't have any factually based arguments either.

Bad corners don't improve with better people around them- they still suck
Boring, anally retentive coaches don't improve either unless they change and embrace players who may have strong personalities.

You may not have noticed, Gas, in your cloud of whatever, but we do have pass rushers. Finnegan, Jimmy Wilson, and all the other clowns who play CB for Miami not named Grimes, can't cover anyone.

No need to respond. Kinda tired of your circular, logic deficient responses anyway. Keep drafting OL, its the most important thing and it doesn't matter that Philbin doesn't know Dallas Thomas from Zach Martin.

Here's hoping you come out of your coma by draft day.

LOL, hard to believe that some fans claim to get football.


More embarrassing numbers that even the Gasbag can't ignore

Gas, please look at QB ratings against everyone in our cornerback stable including Grimes. Lowest QB rating against is 84.8 (Grimes) while Finnegan and Jimmy Wilson are well above 120. That's pathetic no matter what kind of pass rush you have.

Philbin sucks too. Wake up OL lovers. Rome is burning and it ain't something drafting a Guard #1 or 2 is gonna fix

Wake up, Gas. You are more out to lunch than any fan I've ever debated


The cowboys & packers built their line thru the draft they have the 2 best lines in football