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7 Round Mock Draft For Dolphins 2015 Picks (1st Edition)

The Dolphins finished tied with the 49ers who did us a favor by winning their last game and finishing as the only other team at 8-8.  Since their opponents' final winning percentage was higher than ours, we will pick 14th in the odd rounds and they will pick 14th in the even rounds.  Had they lost and fell to 7-9, we would have picked 15th for the entire draft so we actually move up one pick in 4 of the 7 rounds, which gives our picks more value in the eyes of a trade partner.

Today, I am not taking into account any trades.  Without any regards to Free Agency signings and/or losing some of our own players to Free Agency,  I am considering our needs of finding a starter and/or depth on the O Line,  an Inside Linebacker, an Outside Linebacker, depth on the D Line and finally a Corner or Safety for depth in the secondary.

I am utilizing a Computerized Draft Application that will pick for all the other teams.  Below is who I wound up drafting in our 7 rounds.  Unfortunately, I do not have the time to list all the picks in the draft and who else was available when I picked but as I update this weekly, you can at least get a feel for some of the players and were their value may be come the actual draft.

Round 1: La'el Collins OT/OG from LSU
At 6'5", 321 lbs, Collins can step in and play guard for us as LT Albert comes back and we move  James back to RT.  Collins can also slide over to right tackle if we unfortunately have to juggle positions again due to an injury.  I like his value to not only to step in and play guard right away but he is versatile enough to move to the tackle position if needed. 

Round 2: Todd Gurley RB from Georgia
Surprise, surprise!  I was shocked to see Gurley still sitting there in the 2nd round. Now RB is not a major need but the talent level that Gurley plays at is hard to pass up. Granted he tore an ACL and that is probably why he was still sitting there but I think he is worth the risk and he doesn't have to rush into the line up right away. He can rehab and hop in when he can contribute.

Round 3: Eric Hendricks ILB/OLB from UCLA
Hendricks benefitted from being coached by Jim Mora Jr at UCLA and is a sideline to sideline tackler.  In 2014 he made 139 tackles, 8.5 for a loss and 2 sacks.  He pass covers very well and had 3 interceptions and forced a fumble.  He can start at OLB and if he can add some bulk to his 6'0", 230 lbs frame, he may remind many of us of Zach Thomas.

Round 4: Senquez Golson CB from Ole Miss
This kid is a playmaker. Even though he is only 5'9" and weighs only 176 lbs, Golson picked off 9 passes in 2014, the 2nd highest total in the nation. He has very good instincts and is very smart.  He can add depth right away at either the nickel or corner.

Round 5: Travis Raciti DT from San Jose State
Raciti had a very good Sophomore year but fell off in 2013 as a Junior with only 37 tackles.  At 6'5", 285 lbs, something lit a fire under his butt and he went back to work as a Senior making 72 tackles with 6.5 for losses, 3 sacks and a forced fumble.  He can come in and compete for a spot in the rotation and who knows who may be back at DT for us with Odrick a Free Agent.

Round 6: Jordan Hicks OLB from Texas
At 6'2", 238 lbs, Hicks was a tackling machine for the Longhorns when healthy.
In his Senior season, he posted 98 tackles with 11 for a loss, 3.5 sacks and 2 interceptions. In 2013 Hicks had 41 tackles in 4 games before blowing out his Achilles tendon. He missed 10 games in his Sophomore year due to a hip injury and as a freshman Hicks was voted First-Team All Big XII with 65 tackles.  If he can stay on the field, he is productive so a 6th round pick seems about right right for him.

Round 7: Vince Mayle WR from Washington State
At 6'3", 219 lbs, Mayle offers a nice sized target who runs a 4.57.  He caught 106 passes for 1,483 yards and 9 TDs in a pass happy offense. He competed against the two better secondaries on his schedule by putting up 7-75 against Oregon and 6-78 against Stanford.  Mayle could offer a nice Red Zone target for Tannehill and start out on the practice squad.

Next week we will see how the chips fall and learn a little bit more about the prospects for our draft picks.

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
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Great mock draft


Not good. How about Gordon, Maxx Williams, Trae Wayne or any other number of better players than collins with #14 overall pick?

can't afford ANOTHER first round OL. Too many defensive needs and playmakers rated WAY above Collins for this to be a good pick

the great teams do not have 5 first round OL on their team. we need one guard next year, i think we can do that w/o investing a first rounder


O Line is a big issue with us. We have to keep Tannehill upright and run the ball. We had 30 sacks the last 8 games with no depth. I have no problem straightening that out immediately.

When you pick 14th, you will always have choices to make and if O Line isn't sexy or splashy enough for you then pick who you want. There are plenty of teams with multiple 1st rounders on their O Line.

I pick to fill needs and not worry about if he is picked too soon. How often will the player and the pick match perfectly? Who knows who will fall next week or what trade I may take.

Stay tuned....

Solve your problem and move on.


this is what bad teams do. go knee jerk like we always do.

There is NO value, ever, picking a guard at #14. I can right now list players also at a need position who are WAY, WAY better than Collins also at need positions. WR's Parker and White, RB Gordon, TE Williams, CB Waynes, DT Shelton, OLB Thompson will all most likely have much higher grades

There are NO good teams with 4 first rounders on the OL. Dallas has 3 and is getting obliterated today

who's to say OL is the biggest need? you watch our defense this year. they were horrible and need

You weaken your team when you reach in the draft, especially at #14.

Isn't it time the mortician Philbin, alleged OL guru that he is, finally use the bountiful resources he's already been given and mold an OL that works the entire year.

I'd submit to you that one of the reasons our d is not good is that we;'ve spent too many resources, draft picks and money on the OL already

when you don't worry that a player is picked too soon you give up better players


here's what I do, regardless or not if we go back to a 3-4 defense which I think we should.

Get a run stuffing tackle. You don't stop the run you have no chance

First round choice should be DT Danny Shelton. Fins are also very ordinary at OLB, ILB and DB. Need a FS and another corner would help

get the guard through free agency; get another TE through free agency if you can. WR has options in free agency. Miami could elect to dump 2-3 wr's on current roster.


You also have to consider the available depth of a position of need in any one draft. You could be looking at a big drop off in one position as opposed to another position. If you grab the best available player even though you are already deep in that position about time you get to pick again you may not get anyone good enough to solve your problem.

The whole draft is a crap shoot anyway. One never knows whether a guy will actually pan out due to injuries or outside influences.

The reason I like Collins was that he can play both guard and tackle. After Albert went down we had no tackle to step up. None. Tannehill got crushed. Sacks are drive killers. Sack equals punt. Maybe by the draft, they can coach someone up. But Collins can start at guard and be tackle insurance.

I also like the safety Landon Collins out of Alabama or Oregon CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu.


Shelton, Gordon and Waynes were gone by 14.

As I said, I am not taking into account Free Agency. This is so readers can learn about some prospects in the draft so all your input has helped with that. But let's try to discuss players from the draft.

Also in this particular draft there was a crazy run on corners in the 2nd round.


if Shelton, Gordon and Waynes are all off the board by 14 there will be an all-Pro left for us to take not named Collins.

I'd like to refer you to the 2004 draft whereby fin heaven lover and awful GM Rick Spielman was convinced he needed an OL and passed up on Hall of Famer and difference maker Vince Wilfork for an OK guard/RT.

Bad move now and bad move then


We shall see what hits next week.


we're talking about getting a GUARD.

don't need to do it with 14th overall pick


that's what bad teams do.


Historically, guards haven't come off the board early. However, most recently they have.
2013 Dallas took Zach Martin at 16
2012 Cards took Jonathan Cooper at 7
2010 Miners took Mike Lupati at 17

Dallas and Cards in playoffs. Miners went to two NFC Championships and Super Bowl since 2010.

So much for that theory.


Cooper hasn't played much and is hardly the reason why Cards went to playoffs

Martin was a tackle in college whose stock shot up late and who has played well.

Iupati has been good but again not the reason why the 49ers went to the playoffs or Super Bowl.

There are players in this draft at IMPACT (hint, not guard) positions that could help this team,

Drafting a guard at #14 would be foolish and typical fin thinking.


You guys could go on and on about this all day....but when its way too early to know what. We gotta see what happens in FA and the Nfl combine. This decision will be up to Hickey and the Dolphins coaches. I know Hickey has only been here one year but I kinda have faith in the guy. I know some Dolfans didn't like "reaching" for James but it worked out.

This team has so many needs that I really don't know what to do with the 14th pick. I do however suspect it will be a need pick and not BPA. the problem is which need do you fill the 14th pick? We need a starting safety(Delmas is gone) We need gaurds we need LBs. We need CBs(Finnegan is gone) Its time for us to fine out if Jamar Taylor can start boundary corner(former 2nd rd pick) or is he a career backup. Remember We gaved up a good corner in Vontae Davis for this guy. We need a better run stuffing and pocket collapsing DT in my opinion.

We may need WRs and RB. Lamar Miller is not a every down back. I hope that Mareno could return and be In full health. Our Wr core is a mess and is expensive so I expect some changes there. Im not too worried about our TEs I think Clay gets resign and Sims has soon some life this year plus we also drafted a rookie that will get his chance.

I don't care who we draft this year as long as it fills one of those needs


This will be done weekly. You should see different names in different rounds as we get closer to the actually draft and all team's needs change so their picks will effect each draft.

The point is for readers to learn about the values of prospects as they fall in these drafts.

Who would you grab with each rounds picks?


Ok, fine but how does taking a middling prospect in Collins equate to value?


Carl, while I know quite a bit about the Dolphins, I know next to nothing about nfl prospects. Looking forward to the info that will be presented here!


1. Shaq Thompson- lb Washington
2. Todd Gurley- rb Georgia
3. Derron Smith- fs Fresno State
4. Jake Fisher- ot Oregon
5. Stephone Anthony- lb Clemson
6. Cody Kessler- qb USC
7. Breshad Perriman- wr UCF


Interesting picks William

Thompson may be the best athlete in the draft. He played minor league baseball for the Red Sox too. He has a 1-2 round grade. good speed and sideline to sideline tackler.

We all know about Gurley so nice job in 2nd round for him.

Smith is a solid pick in the 3rd with a 2-4 round grade. He picked off 7 passes as a junior but only one this season probably because nobody wanted to throw his way.

Fisher in fourth round would be good value. He moved over to fill left tackle after an injury and did great. He has 2-4 round grade. Would be good depth and may beat out James and move James to guard.

Anthony in the 5th is excellent value again. He has a 3-5 round grade. Had a better junior year but a solid player and could be a solid NFL player too.

Kessler had a good season with 71% completions for 3500 yards with 30 TDs and only 4 INTs. Good stats. In 6th round, this would be another good pick with his 4-6 round grade.

Perriman is another of your early entry picks. He has a 4-6 round grade and if he drops to the 7th its because he drops quite a few passes too. He would benefit from his senior year but if he has entered the draft then I might think he could be available in the 7th or as a FA. He is a nice target though at 6-3, 214. 906 yards on only 41 catches. Not bad.

All in all you would have a very good draft here if all these chips could fall. Nice job William. You may have missed your calling.


Shaq would be a great fit if we stay in a 4-3.

Love Derron Smith but think he's at least a second rounder. Gurley would be a steal if he is ready to go this year and he should. He was one of the SEC's most explosive players when healthy.


With all our depth on the D-line we need to stay 4-3. We don't have enough LB depth to run a 3-4 right now and I don't think one offseason will be enough to get that depth unless they want to consider playing Jordan or wake at OLB in a 3-4.


I hear you Dave and Jeremy.

I always thought Jordan would be better served in a 3-4 like Lawrence Taylor but we don't have the nose tackle to tie up two O Linemen and free up the linebackers.