Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Coach search

Earlier today I was telling a friend that there was no hope of a front office change. Mike Tannenbaum would be doing most of the legwork for Ross. And he would probably pick whoever he likes, gets along with, and who he could blame if anything went wrong - thus assuring his job security.

And then we started talking about the phantom committee that was investigating the bullying incident (you know, the one that never actually met)

And this evening I was greeted by the report by salguero that Ross formed another committee, this time for a coach search! It includes a few folks like Aponte and Tannenbaum.

Which means there is no change at the top. Which means we get the same "culture" and more mediocrity! Yay team!

Word has it there are 7 names on their list. And none of them are the names we fans have talked about.

Can't wait to hear they hire the assistant to the traveling secretary for the New York Yankees - George Costanza!

He has no football experience. And he's never been a coach. But that shouldn't be a problem!! He's from New York and he's been in a winning organization.

Oh. And. Chip Kelly got fired so there's one more team the fins are competing with. Or not, if they're focused on some assistant like a philbin.

Monday, December 28, 2015


First of all, I'd like to thank Dave and Carl for allowing me to become a contributor.

The first game I ever watched was the game against the Jets in '94. I was 10 years old and I was a huge nerd. I was not into sports at all. All that changed after watching Marino play that night...after seeing the "clock play."

That game didn't just make me a Dolphins fan or a Marino fan. It made me a football fan.

I don't see eye to eye with everyone on this blog (who does?), but one thing we can all agree on is that we just want to see our Dolphins win.

With that being said, we are going to need a lot of amazing things to happen this offseason if any of us want to see the Dolphins in the playoffs within the next decade, a lot of which has NOT been characteristic of this franchise the last....hell I don't even know how long. I couldn't walk or talk the last time we were in a Super Bowl and the last time we drafted an elite QB, I was a fetus.

Truth be told, the team wasn't managed well when we STILL HAD Marino. That's why he never got a ring.

From the endless lists of useless coaches, to signing Culpepper over Brees, to the dumb draft picks like Ted Ginn and trading up to waste a pick on Dion Jordan, Miami does not have a history in my lifetime of being brilliant in the offseason.

So, what will it take to change that? Well, it's going to take something drastic. Borderline crazy. I posted this on a reply to a previous post, but I'd like to repeat it for anyone who didn't see it.

So, here are my OPINIONS for what it will take to turn this team around in one year:

1. Fire the front office

This "Jets Rejects" plan will never work. I was worried the second I read about Tannenbaum being hired. I do like Hickey, but he came in as an unproven GM with some learning and growing to do and now that learning and growing has come under the guidance of that former Jets failure. I worry that his mind has now been polluted with the Tannenbaum way of thinking.

Also, it's worth noting that Hickey was in agreement with Philbin about Dion Jordan. Ross, the CEO, and the Vice President all thought they should draft Tavon Austin. Well, we know who got their way in that situation.

We need a GM with a proven track record and we need to give him full control of the team. No more of this GM/President/Vice President of operations having shared control nonsense. If you have a strong GM, he won't need the input of 4-5 other people.

Oh and Mr. Ross: maybe look for advice from someone besides Bill Parcels for once. He isn't the god of football.

2. Fire the whole coaching staff

Don't get me wrong. I like Campbell, but he is too green and he is still showing too much of that Philbin/Laser offensive mentality. We have to completely purge that mindset as if it were the creature from John Carpenters "The Thing." Kill absolutely anything that might still be retaining even one cell of it.

3. Trade the following players for draft picks:

Cam Wake - Don't wish death upon my family just yet. Hear me out. I LOVE Wake. He is my favorite Dolphin since Marino and, as far as I'm concerned, the true face of the Dolphins. But he is 33 years old. However, he still plays at a high level and could be traded for a great draft pick. On top of that, Cam Wake DESERVES a ring, and he's not going to get one in Miami. Send him to a team like the Packers, who are just a few defensive players away from being the top NFC team. I'm sure they'd love to have him and he'd love to play for them. Cam does not deserve to be the next Jason Taylor.

Note: Cam Wake could probably be traded for a very talented guard. The O-line needs that more than the D-line needs Wake at the moment. He could be traded for a good CB or LB as well.

Brent Grimes: He's declining and getting older, but there are still teams that would love to have him. I think he is worth more to us as trade bait at this point. His wife is another good reason to let him go.

Branden Albert - I know we are thin at the OL, but what good is a Pro Bowl LT who is ALWAYS....ALWAYS....injured. He is over 30 now and is taking up way too much cap space for a guy who can't stay healthy. But he is another guy who could still be traded for a decent draft pick.

Earl Mitchell - He's just taking up too much cap space right now. He's only 28, he's tough, and he could bring some decent trade value.

In order for this team to finally be good again, we need to develop a young, tough, talented team of homegrown players. Seattle and New England have been very successful with that strategy. Trading the players mentioned above would get us at least 4 extra draft picks (or be traded for players at other needed positions). Having over 10 picks to rebuild a team is going to be appealing to ANY GM/HC.

4. Build this defense around Suh

Look, I know his numbers aren't flashy, but if you think he was a waste of money, you aren't watching the games. This guy consistently draws double-teams in the trenches. Blame everyone else for not getting to the QB. You can definitely blame the DC and his gameplan as well, but don't blame Suh. He is doing what he was signed to do.

Resign Vernon and Shelby on team-friendly contracts. Put Phillips in the other starting DT spot. With the right DC and defensive scheme, that will be a very rough D-line and Vernon/Shelby/Phillips' contracts, if reasonable, will help offset Suh's a little. Also, try to restructure Suh's contract a little if possible.

5. Resign Lamar Miller and build this offense around him

I don't care what it takes. Create an offensive scheme that revolves around a traditional "ground and pound" strategy and give him 20+ touches a game. I, for the life of me, can not figure out how on God's green earth that this coaching staff AND the one before it have not figured out how to utilize Miller. The proof is in the numbers. Here's how you utilize him:

.....Put the ball in his hands.

WOW! Did I just blow your mind???!!! I must be a genius or something. I figured that out and yet somehow these guys that get paid good money to coach can't get it through their stupid heads.

6. Resign the following FAs:

As I already mentioned, Shelby and Vernon.
Michael Thomas- Tons of heart, good potential, and he can be signed for cheap. Even if he's not a starter, we still need depth. No-brainer here.

Jake Stoneburner - for the exact same reasons as Thomas.

Kelvin Sheppard - Because he can be signed for cheap. However, he is definitely a backup. Only resign him to maintain depth. Pay him less than he makes now. If he won't accept that, he can walk.

Let every other FA go. They are all either too old, too expensive, or not talented enough to keep.

7. Let the GM find the best team of scouts money can buy

Spare no expense. I don't care if we have the highest paid group of scouts in league history. This draft is CRUCIAL. With the above plans, we will have over 10 draft picks. We need to make AT LEAST half of them count. No more of the 2 decent rookies out of 7 garbage. We need scouts who can find good mid-late round talent. Anyone can pick a good player in the first round. We need to find the next "Tom Brady" in round 5-6.


We don't need the top FA for the fourth straight year. It doesn't work. Prove me wrong....I'll wait.

It may still work for Suh because we got him while he's still young, but that is yet to be seen for sure. As I said before, I feel he's doing his job. That does not mean I think he's worth $114 million. In my opinion, no DT is.

If we are going to be active in the FA period, look for bargains on young talent and be thinking more about depth than break-out starting talent. Get guys that COULD start if needed, but really be thinking more about signing good backups here who bring value and depth to the team and can teach things to the breakout starters we are going to get through the DRAFT. Sign people like CB Justin Bethel, who is about to be a UFA in Arizona.

9. Bolster the shit out of the O-line through the draft

FINALLY GET IT FIXED! Draft one guard, one tackle, and one guy who can play all the OL positions. Sign one QB in round 4-5 to push Tannehill. Don't draft any other offensive players. We'd have plenty of WRs and a good RB. We'd have a QB being coached by the guy who saved Dalton's career and a rookie to give him competition or take his place if he turns out to be a diamond in the rough. Use the rest of the draft picks on LBs and DBs.

10. Draft a QB in the middle rounds

Like I said above, get a rookie to push Tannehill. And I mean really try to get a starting-caliber QB. It's a win-win. He either proves to be better than Tannehill and can take his place without costing too much (by the time his rookie contract is up, we'll be able to dump Tannehill) or the combination of competition and a good HC will finally push Tannehill to the level we expected him to play. In all honesty, I could care less who is the QB. I just want us to have a good one. It's almost a requirement in today's NFL.

11. Burn all the playbooks and start over

I've had enough of the wildcat formations and the read options and yada yada. They don't work. There is a reason why college is college and the pros are the pros. How's this read option crap working for Chip Kelly? That's what I thought. To have a good running game you have to have a good O-line and hand the ball off from under center. Stop forcing the RB to run that extra 3 yards just to get back to the line of scrimmage.

All this will give us a young, up and coming team that can emulate what teams like the Seahawks have done, even if we don't have an elite QB.

There! I just fixed the Dolphins.

Of course, we all know none of the above will happen. Here's what I expect to happen:

-We will keep the FO exactly the way it is and give Tannenbaum more power.
-We will hire Josh McDaniels as our coach and he'll be Philbin 2.0. We'll find out after 6 weeks that he only looked good because Brady was his QB, but we'll still give him 3 years to "prove himself."
-We will trade Cam Wake for a 7th round pick and use it on a TE or something.
-We will let Miller walk and put all our hope in Jay Ajayi and his busted-ass knees.
-We will waste our talented WRs until they demand a trade.
-We will sign someone like Colt McCoy to push Tannehill OR we will sign RGIII and have TWO overpaid QBs.
-We still won't fix the O-line and Tannehill will end up crippled.


Yesterday's game (and Tannehill)

Yesterday, I posted about how I was a hater and pinned the loss on Tannehill.

I said I didn't watch the game. But I did see the hilights(lowlights?) and did listen to part of the post game interviews.

My big point was that the outcome was not at all unexpected. And in watching the critical plays and hearing him talk about some of them it's clear he bumbled his way through another game.

Yeah maybe there are other problems. But it all begins with the QB position. And this bum needs to go.

I also saw something about him having blood in his urine during the week. Some said he's a tough guy, but I disagree. I have no wish for bad things to happen to him. I don't know what's wrong, but it sure sounds like that's probably dangerous. Him playing in a meaningless game - and not being listed on the injury report - seems more like a guy who's trying to prove something.

Dolphins Brass needs to SHAPE UP!


If you read the article above, it's clear one decision Miami needs to make.  Cut Brent Grimes.  The man can't even control his wife let alone his play on the field.  How can someone who's husband is in the position he is in act like this ? she's ridiculous and unprofessional and the fact that the Dolphins organization has had to talk to Brent Grimes about her numerous times is disgusting, let alone talking to him and this kind of behavior continues.  Miami seriously has to cut all this BS out of their organization.  I feel like this team is so wishy washy with no direction, no stern leadership and as a long time fan it is very disturbing and gears me further and further away from the team.  Please Miami, grow up and take charge and bring back the greatness to this franchise we once had.  You are losing fans little by little.  Though I will never truly leave, my attention span for the team has dwindled.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

On Script

The Dolphins have not disappointed those of us who are looking forward to the 2016 NFL Draft.

They played their parts handsomely today. In a supporting role, the Jets foiled the Pats attempt to lock up a playoffs home field advantage.

What that means for the Dolphins is the Pats need the win.

A beneficial scenario is emerging where a Dolphins loss to the Pats could vault the Dolphins into the top five picks. They currently sit at sixth.

The anticipation and energy of a winning season has evaporated. What's left is the future of the Dolphins. A top five pick would bait the hook in landing the Dolphins next coach.

In Case You Didn't Know...

In case you didn't know the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! Have accomplished a 10 win season with a first year head coach who was on the Dolphins staff and happened to interview for the Dolphins job when it was given to Philbin. Oh yeah, and their D-Coordinator was on Miami's staff as well as their STAR WIDE RECEIVER who ALSO used to be a Dolphin! Oh yeah, and they very likely will earn a playoff berth AND they beat the Patriots for that 10th win!

Way to run a team Ross! Keep up the great work!

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Predictable, laughable

Like many of you, I didn't watch today's game. But that at wont stop me from giving my two cents. File this under haters gonna hate.

Ryan Tannehill wound up with flashy stats, but they were meaningless. He gave up a safety (again). He got sacked a bunch of times, including on the last play of the game. And generally was his typical useless self.

Sure, maybe you thought the last drive would finally be a defining moment, but you would be wrong. He still can't win a game. Can't lead the team.

In short: he sucks.

Blame the line if you want. But IMHO, It's all on him.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Steve Harvey names pro bowl starters

And the starting QB for the AFC is Ryan Tannehill.

Oops. My bad.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Snowball's Chance In Hell...

Let's all face it. 

Dan Campbell, as awesome as a person as he is, was not ready to lead an NFL football team. I really hope whom ever the next coach is, retains him on the staff I'm some way but he is not the guy to lead the Dolphins. The evidence is apparent with the way they use Lamar Miller. Miami is undefeated I believe when Miller gets at least 13 carries, opposed to only one win when he gets fewer. So what's the problem here guys? Help us all understand. The man nearly rushed for 2000 yards the last 2 seasons with LIMITED opportunities, imagine what he could do in the hands of a good offensive coordinator? I truly feel bad for Lamar, this was a contract year for him and with every game it's like the Dolphins are taking money out of his pocket by not letting him show case his skill set. It's quite sad. All I can hope for is that Miami re-signs him because I believe he is a complete, all around back. Which is hard to find these days in the NFL.

With that being said, as of this writing, the Dolphins currently sit at 7th in the upcoming draft. It is possible we can get the number one overall pick, although that is unlikely. The realistic possibilities are picking as high as 3rd or as low as 12th. I bet you all wish that missed FG Baltimore kicked a few weeks ago to give Miami the win would have went in don't you?! That kick turned out to have HUGE draft ramifications. 

I say Miami tank the last 2 games just to get a higher draft pick. 

No really, I'm serious. Let me explain my thinking...

The season is already a pathetic loss. As I said at the beginning of the season as well as most of you AS WELL AS STEPHEN ROSS, the playoffs are the expectation, nothing less. Well that was a pipe dream after well 14. If the Dolphins win out, their record will be 7-9 with no playoffs and a mid round pick in the draft. Doesn't this sound better, 5-11, no playoffs and a top 5 pick in the draft. I'll take the 2nd option, here is another reason to tank the last 2 games of the season...

A top 5 pick in the draft gives Miami a snowball's chance in hell of luring in a good coach. Think about it, nobody cares if Miami wins the last 2 games of the season, so why not set yourself up for the future? Miami has a good nucleus on the team already, I'll explain and leave Ryan Tannehill out of it as to avoid a debate but here is my reasoning:

Ndamokung Suh. One of the top D-Tackles in the game. Before your veins start popping out of your forehead, let us examine him. Remember how the D-Line was supposed to be the strength of our team? Remember how Suh was supposed to make the rest of the line better? I do. Suh gets double teamed nearly every play, so where is everyone else? Why does Suh get the blame for not making plays when in reality, his line mates should be the ones to benefit from his presence? If Other D-lineman were feasting, like they should, everyone would be giving all the credit in the world to Suh. Not to mention, anyone who knows anything about football knows that LBers make the D-Line better and in case you didn't know it by now, Miami's linebackers suck. Suh had DeAndre Levy at linebacker in Detroit, he is one of the top LBers in The league in my opinion. Who does he have in Miami? Misi, who is always hurt. Shepperd, who can't cover a TE. Jenkins, who has also been hurt most of the season. Get Suh some help. He is not the problem.

Devante Parker, Rishard Matthews. Kenny Stills. Jarvis Landry. Dion Sims. Jordan Cameron. What the hell is going on with this offense? Do you know how many teams would give their left arm for this many weapons? Look at Seattle, who do they have to throw the ball to? New England. Carolina, they were written off when Kelvin Benjamin got hurt, look at them now. Houston. I can go on and on and on and on. I get it, Miami's offensive line is probably the worst in the league but that's why you scheme to try and mask that, something Miami don't understand. Certainly, they could have made a better effort in that regard.

Lamar Miller. It is unknown if he will be back next year, but if he is, see my rant about him above for reference to how I feel about him.

Miami's offensive line and cornerback spots are in the need of the most help in my opinion. Cornerback being the bigger need considering Brent Grimes' decline this season. Miami's line problems started at guard and are now centered around health. We still need a guard but now worry about Pouncey, Albert, and James' long term health going forward. 

Now doesn't this all sound better with a top 5 draft pick rather then having one outside the top 10? 

The snowball has been heaved toward the fiery depths of hell and is heading straight for the Devil's lair. How long it survives is dependent on if these pathetic 'Phins win or lose the final two games. If I am a potential head coach candidate, the team's draft position is a huge factor in my decision. Let's face it, Miami has no leverage in getting a QUALITY coach, in fact, it's the complete opposite, the candidate has the ball in his court. Unless of course, you wanna roll the dice on yet another unproven, rookie, "up and coming" assistant. Haven't you seen enough of that?

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

And that's the real issue

I heard one of the pregame shows on local radio.  Someone asked whether the dolphins should tank to get a better draft pick.

The host answered "please! we get that same question year after year"

While the very idea is dumb, the fact that he indicated we ask the question EVERY year shows how bad things have become around Miami.  Sadly, we get to have this argument every year.

And then, naturally, the Dolphins mess up every pick anyway....

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Movin' On Up

The Chargers are in the running for the top overall 2016 draft pick, along with the Browns and Titans. All three teams are 3-10.

What does this mean for the 5-8 Dolphins, who currently hold the eighth pick?

A win for the Dolphins probably drops them out of the top ten picks. A win for the Chargers helps the Dolphins move up from eight, while not greatly affecting the Chargers bid for the top pick.

The Dolphins have a chance to get into the top five with a loss and a Ravens win vs. KC, a Cowboys win at home against the Jets, a Bengals loss at the 49ers and a Lions loss at the Saints.

Granted, some of these are a reach, and much is still to be decided in the last three games of the season. 

Yes, I'm a long-time Dolphins fan, but this season is over. It's time to start thinking about re-tooling a team with more holes to fill than available draft picks. A top five pick ensures the Dolphins have bargaining leverage to turn one pick into more down the board.

That's the best scenario. Less desirable is filling holes through free agency, a sore spot in the discussion about the Dolphins!

The salary cap problem

This terrible Dolphins team heads into this offseason about $2 milion OVER the projected salary cap. 

Given how the team has (under)performed, that goes to show you just how badly managed the team really is. Bad enough that there's a lack of talent.  Worse that they overpaid for it.

And with so many holes to fill, how will they dig themselves out? They'll cut a bunch of players.  That much we know. And that's fine, but then the dreaded word REBUILDING happens, because you have a very small  core of productive players to work with.

They'll restructure some other guys, like Suh.  As I understand the salary cap (and who does understand the confounded thing?), they can convert some of his salary to guaranteed money. There's some kind of formula for how it still counts against the cap, but over multiple years. So if they gave him $10 mil guaranteed, they could pay that over 5 years, and only have it count like $2 mil per year.

And then you need to sign players to fill out the roster, and work out contracts for them.  The danger is that you create another cap mess down the road, so they need to tread carefully.

And we're right back to: next year is going to be another waste simply because you'll have all new players, and very few high-priced ones.  There will still be holes on the roster (because there is no way they can churn the roster that much in one offseason), and a new coach.

That kind of change does not equate to winning in the short-term. Perhaps in 2-3 years, this team can be relevant again. But only if they handle this coach hire and the cap right.  Mess up either one, and you're 5 years away - yet again.

And I'll end with this, because its my favorite theme: given that the team is a couple of years away, why not go ahead and replace Tannehill now?  Get value for him, draft a new guy, and let him grow with the team.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

About those season ticket renewals

The story came out yesterday that the fins are telling some people that they can't renew because they sold too many of their tickets.

It turns out that the fins weren't just using the NFL ticket exchange as a source of checking resales. Apparently they were monitoring other sites and may have been actually visually inspecting some seats at games to see who was in them.

In at least one case, they reportedly told the fan that them reselling their tickets hurt the Dolphins because it took away the home field advantage (hey! Its the fans fault the team is bad!)

It may seem like an odd practice. Maybe even stupid. But after thinking about it, I realized it has a deeper purpose: money

Last year, when they reconfigured the seats, many season ticket holders were displaced so that big money could buy them. The better seats went to corporations or others that agreed to buy them. As I hear it, it wasn't just about selling them the seats as it was about becoming invested in the team in some way.

Then the corporations can use the tickets how they want, including giving them to fans of the opposing team.

And the story is that - as they continue the evolution of the stadium, they have more sections and seats targeted for a similar program.

So this isn't about reselling tickets as much as it is a convenient excuse to get some individual owners out, and getting some more corporations in.

It does serve to tick off some, but the Dolphins know that the fans that want to come will come anyway, perhaps sitting in other seats.

And As for those seats: the Dolphins know they're sold and increase the ticket sales as a result. And in some cases, I have no doubt that the seats are premium, meaning they don't have to revenue share them.

How's that for an owner who really only cares about the bottom line.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Info graphic of NFL broadcast

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone.


I'd like to give a shout out to Mike for his comments on Tannehill. It's what was thinking. Just what do people see in him?

I won't go into my thoughts (again! Ha!) since I've said it over and over and over again. I don't know how many times I have to say it (and no, I'm not gonna be the Alabama coach)

But I think the Dolphins - and fans - should take a hard look at how he plays. Most of us aren't talent evaluators and tend to be homers. We can - and should - look beyond the numbers and a drop here and there.

His failure to drive the team at the end of a close game is ON HIM. End of story.

And I for one am glad that Logan Thomas Has been moved to the active roster. Sure, it's to protect him from being signed by another team.

But I'm sincerely hoping he gets some playing time! It'd be great to see him start, but I'd settle for a few plays here and there.

It’s time for Stephen Ross to move to Miami or sell the team | ProFootballTalk

Awesome sauce...from PFT


Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone.

About that mindset

I saw a couple of quotes from Dolphins players and coaches about the team. There seems to be a recurring theme that there's a losers mindset and that they keep seeing the same results.

And as I've said before this comes from the top. A few weeks ago, in the midst of losing, they asked people to renew their season tickets.

Then we hear today that they're telling some people that they can't renew. Hunh?

Your team is bad. You're begging for fans to come to games. You "prefer" them to be fans of your team, but don't complain when the stadium is more full than usual on Monday night - even though it seemed to be predominantly Giants fans.

In the days of yore, fans would buy a season ticket and sell any they couldn't use to a scalper, or a ticket reseller, or perhaps give them to a friend.

Then the NFL introduced the "ticket exchange" which is a means for them to control their tickets. They set the price. They make money on the transaction. And as fans "we" are assured we're getting legitimate tickets.

Then the Dolphins say that some fans have sold too many of the tickets through the program and won't be able to renew.

Isn't that going to have the effect of turning off some fans? It's not like these are the packers and people are willed tickets.

There are invariably some available. And if someone wants to buy your product - even if they intend to sell it to someone else - isn't it better to create a relationship and encourage a fan base than to just turn them away?

As I said, the team sets the price, so it's not like the ticket holders are making tons of money on reselling premium games.

And what of those people who do the same thing, but through a 3rd party like Stubhub?

It goes along with a mindset that would seem to be along the lines of lame.

Why so high on 17 ?

So, I just want to know why with every game that passes everyone always defends Tannehill, he does some good things, he shows a glimmer of hope and skill, but there is also the fat too many times when he doesn't come through.  So I just don't understand when I don't defend him and see through his mistakes that everyone seems to back him up like he is a franchise stud who proves himself.  Stat, he went 25-41 for 1 touchdown and didn't have a horrible game vs NY but the kicker is, when they needed him the most late in the game to close the gap, tie or even take a lead he went three and out.  That has happened all too often while he has been the QB of the Dolphins.  Does he deserve another chance under a new system, yes.  But what if it's the same 17 then what ? do we still defend him because we are that desperate ?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

50 Year Celebration TV Special

The NFL Network will air a one hour special on Wednesday night, 12/16, from 8-9 PM all Dolfans will want to watch.

The show is about our 50 year history, the top 50 players and the teams past weekend celebration.

Should be a great aspirin after last night's headache.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

NFL rule book

If anyone is interested in a little "light reading" and wants to become well versed in the rules, you can find the rule book here:


They *are* who we thought they were

Andrew Abramson at the palm beach post says the Dolphins aren't who we thought they were.

But I'd disagree. They're exactly who I thought they were (and "we" let them off the hook)

C'mon man! 8-8 was the absolute best I hoped for this season. I had no expectations of them doing well. Of Tannehill turning a corner. Of anything really.

50th celebration

I have to say that it was awfully nice of the Giants to pay tribute to the Dolphins history last night.

I mean it was terrific to see a #13 out at Joe Robbie stadium tearing it up once again!

(Har har)

Garbage time

That's what the remainder of the season is. Local reporters, and likely many fans, had convinced themselves that the Dolphins were better than the Giants and would somehow win the game.

But Eli Manning and OBJ weren't having it. And Tom Coughlin out coached Campbell. And so now the Dolphins are officially done in 2015, yet they still have to play 3 more wretched games. That's all garbage time.

As for Tannehill, he had an up and down night. But what he didn't do was find a way to win. The team had the ball with 5 minutes left, and great QBs give their team a chance to win. He went basically 3 and out and then the Giants ran out the clock. Sadly, that's what we've come to expect.

Since it's garbage time, why not start the young kid from Va Tech next week?

Setting aside my thoughts about him, where were his receivers? And in particular where was Parker? Wasn't he supposed to follow up last weeks performance and show why he's a first round pick?

Why get away from the run game so completely when it worked well in the first half?

Where was the pass rush? And what happened to the secondary? Brent Grimes got old and couldn't cover Tom Coughlin if he were running routes.

After the game, I caught that OBJ had a dolphins jersey on his shoulder during an interview. Is this a new trend? Go to the guy you beat and take his jersey? "Here's my mantle...that's the football I caught for the long TD. And there's the jersey of the guy I beat to get it."

About the 50th celebration at halftime. It makes me sad to think that's what this once-proud franchise was. And if you look at the great players from the all-time group, they all come from the first 40 years of the team. The last 10 are irrelevant and hasn't produced any memorable stars.

And the "throwback" uniforms were weird. Yeah, they had the 70s era logo on the helmets. But the jersey color was wrong, and the socks were off. It was close, but just not quite right IMHO. My point being that even when they try and honor the past in some way, they can't get it quite right.

Monday, December 14, 2015

You Had 1 Job Dolphins...

Odell Beckham JR. You know, the Giants receiver who wears #13. Shutting down or even minimizing his productivity would have increased your chances to win by you know, A LOT! And what happens? Beckham goes off, all night long. Good job Miami. 1 playoff berth in the last 14 years. Go Jacksonville, Oakland, Tampa Bay! Who woulda thought those 3 teams would be better than Miami this year!? What a joke of a franchise...

Competition needs to be brought at the QB position

This season has obviously not been what we all expected, and in a season with a weak AFC, it looks like the Dolphins will be on the outside looking in again. Now I don't believe Tannehill is the biggest problem and believe we should invest picks on the offensive line again to hopefully sure it up. I do however believe that we should use either a mid round pick on a QB, or pick up one up during free agency to at the very least bring in some other competition to push Tannehill.  I like Moore but it is apparent that he is a career back up quarterback and I don't think he poses a legitimate threat to overtake Tannehill as the starter.

I like the idea of a mid round pick on a QB because at that position you never know what you could get. Russell Wilson was a 3rd round pick and I know they are hard to find but why not take a chance in like the 4th round or so. Obviously there are other positions of need and using a pick on a quarterback might not be in the best interest to win immediately but I would like to see them take a gamble especially if we have to rebuild next season depending on what happens with the coaching staff (Possibly getting a Shula back to south Florida?). I still believe however Tannehill will be the starter come next season because in this league quarterbacks are hard to come by and we have committed the money. 

So what do you guys think? Is it foolish to invest a pick on a quarterback? If not who do you want in either the draft or free agency (Manziel or RG3?). Look what happened to Rishard Matthews, the threat of Parker pushed him to his best season of his career.       

Sunday, December 13, 2015


I was just reading about Mike Tomlin. He's *only* the 3rd coach the steelers have had since 1969, with Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher being the other two.

And they each have reached 90 wins in their careers.

That's amazing.

By the way, the steelers also own the record for wins since the merger in 69, passing the Dolphins a couple of seasons ago.

It makes you wonder where and how the Dolphins went wrong. But most likely it starts with ownership. The steelers are still owned by the same family.

A family which talks about stability as being a hallmark of the franchise.

And in case anyone forgot, Tomlin was interviewed for the coaching vacancy in Miami when Saban left.

The quarterback list

I know I bash Tannehill a lot. I'm also smart enough to realize he's not the biggest problem on this team.

Arguably (with the exception of d-line and maybe receiver) there are holes to fill in every single unit. And changing QBs doesn't solve that.

But can you imagine if there was a QB who could take advantage of the reviving corps? That would be something.

And having a top tier QB does invariably help a team to suddenly get better.

So that's why I'm always on him. He should be the face of the franchise. Rather than a guy who fills a uniform.

I thought I'd have a little fun this off Sunday and consider the starting QBs since Marino and rank them from best/most contribution to the team's limited success, to worst.

And would you look at that? Tannehill is in the upper portion. No wonder are standards are set so low. We haven't seen a good QB down here in a decade...

Chad Pennington
Jay Fiedler
AJ Feeley
Trent Green
Ryan Tannehill
Sage Rosenfels
Gus Frerotte
Damon Huard
Ray Lucas
Brian Griese
Matt Moore
Joey Harrington
Daunte Culpepper
Cleo Lemon
John Beck
Chad Henne
Tyler Thigpen
Pat White (who didn't actually start a game but did play often enough to warrant a mention)

Monday, December 07, 2015

Blue screen of death

I'm watching a little of the epic clash (aka "yawn") between the Cowboys and the not trademarked, racially insensitive team, and noticed that the Microsoft surface tablets crashed on one sideline.

There was a technician working on a unit. And I imagine he saw something like this. Because if you support MS products, you always see something like this. (Snark)

Benny hill and officiating

Dave - no offense taken, no doubt leadership is an issue. But as long as Benny hill underperforms, I'm going to continue to call out his shortcomings.

When the offense was "changed" to better mirror what Campbell wants, I would have expected Tannehill to at least play at a level that's mediocre. Instead, yesterday, he regressed and was bad.

It shows that Lazors approach did maximize Tannehill as much as he possibly could - and now we're seeing the future.

One game sample, I know.

But 86 yards? Really?

And that brings me around to officiating. When it was still 0-0, the Ravens got to a 2nd and 1 near the Dolphins end zone. The Ravens were "stopped" on 3 consecutive downs. And the Dolphins should feel fortunate and that may have been a point where the defense felt like they could rise up and win.

Only. The Ravens got a first down on all three attempts. Watch the replay. They were not stopped short.

But the official on the far side seemed totally out of synch. His job is to stay in a line with the ball; move up as the ball moves.

But on all 3 downs he started one - two yards upfield where he couldn't see the ball. And then ran in diagonally to spot the ball.

In a game of inches his position can spot the ball incorrectly. And he did.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad he did because a wins a win. But wow. Imagine if he had spotted it correctly. Might have been a different game

88 Yards ?

88 Yards for our boy Ryan.  Way to go bud, way to go.  For all of you Tannehill supporters you will win this for now, because he isn't going anywhere but once we have a whole new coaching staff next year and a new system and 17 STILL doesn't produce and we have yet another wasted year because 2016 will be a failed year if he is still starting THEN, I will say.  Told you so.  I'm not going to even bother arguing my point because ill get the same responses, his OC sucked, he now has an interim OC, his OL sucks, he has no time.. blah blah blah.  Real QB's don't need excuses, they find ways to win or make big plays because they have talent. 

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Today's big winner

That award goes to reader Linearz. He responded to several posts explaining what's wrong with the Dolphins. And he's spot on.

Yeah Tannehill is just mediocre. But he isn't the biggest problem. (Sorry Ray!)

The real problem starts at the very top. The absentee owner who has no clue about football and who cares not a wit about what's happening sends out renewals with price increases and a bad product. That's not caring about much - except that bottom line.

And of course, Ross hires a guy who he thinks is "all that" in Tannenbaum and puts his faith and trust in him.

He's also called Parcells a time or two - and well, he might have been a great coach a couple of decades ago, but he was a complete waste here and undermined the team at every turn. So why he has any faith in that guy is beyond me.....

Of course Tannenbaum is in it for his own self preservation, his own legacy. He'll do what he thinks is right and what keeps him in the owner's good graces. If that means he has to take personnel duties from Hickey, he will. If it means he thinks the long term answer is Campbell at coach, he'll do that.

He will always be in the middle and will never cede control to a big name coach. Rather, he's likely to have a coach who does what he (Tannenbaum) wants.

He's already shown his mentality and mindset in extending Tannehill - a move that was in no way warranted and hampers the team's growth for several years to come.

So fans, 8-8 is here to stay for the foreseeable future. There may be some wins. Maybe even some big ones. But there's no point in getting to high or throwing your money at this team.

Watch the games if you like, and enjoy them if that's your thing. But realize the team is going nowhere until Ross decides to sell.

Good thing they changed the offense!

Firing Lazor had an effect on the team. More running, sure. Less efficiency from tannehill.

And a reduction in scoring. Down from around 17 points per game to a whopping 7 points per game!

Woot! Super Bowl here they come!

Saturday, December 05, 2015

I can't help myself (tannehill bashing)

I'm watching the college football championship games and they're fun.

Some good QB play from pretty much all of them. And I would start any of them ahead of tannehill.

Even Treon Harris - who gator fans agree sucks.

And yet still better than Benny hill.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Devante Parker

I forgot that he threw out the first pitch at a Marlins game over the summer.

Which means he spent more time on a baseball field than on a football field this season.

That's odd - ticket edition

A buddy of mine had an interest in going to the Dolphins-Ravens game on Sunday. He asked where to get tickets, and I pointed him to stubhub.

Now remember that traditionally this matchup isn't a big draw. In fact, the last two times the fins made the playoffs, they met the Ravens - and neither game sold out.

Couple that with the fact that both teams are bad, and sit at 4-7, you might expect a plethora of cheap tickets.

But as my friend pointed out, that's not the case. A few days ago there were just short of 8,000 tickets available with a starting price of $41. Today it's just under 4,000 with a starting price of $31.

I think there's a little "market manipulation" going on here. As I've said before I suspect the Dolphins are buying any low priced tickets and then selling them again through whatever channels. Thus keeping the market price high - and available quantities low.

Clever of them.

As for my friend, he decided his best bet was to go to the game and find a scalper and go that route.

Makes me wanna hurl

The dolphins asked local artists to come up with designs for helmets to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the team. Because that's the kind of thing you do when your team sucks.

And they are all blow. Maybe they should just try caricatures of great coaches or QBs since 2000. Oh wait, that would be blank. Okay, how about every coach or QB since 2000. Nah, ther wouldn't be enough room for them all.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Don't renew!

Season ticket holders got renewal notices along with a price increase. What a crock!

My advice is: don't renew. Send them a note back telling them you'd rather watch arts and craftsie Tony Romo making crownies then to watch the dreck they put on the field!

What reason could you have? What are they selling? The canopy?

As for the team, they are several years away from being any good. There are holes on every unit on this team. And basically at every position. Some of the more well known players are getting to a point where the team won't be able to afford them, and of course you still have that QB.

And coaching? Just this morning I've heard that Dan Campbell is still being heavily considered to remain in the post. And that Eric Mangini is going to get a longer discussion once the season ends.

Is that worth staying around for? Giving them your hard earned dollars?

I say no.

Hit Ross in the only place you can make a difference: the wallet. And then stay at home and watch them on tv. With the new blackout rules they are always on anyway (whether they're any good or not!)

Monday, November 30, 2015

Smart Play By Campbell Firing Lazor

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Dan Campbell had no choice but to fire his Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor.

He already put our Defensive Coordinator on the chopping block as soon as he was hired as our Interim Head Coach.

That was a no brainer.  It had to be done and immediately.

Now after 7 games in the position and his 3-4 record, Campbell feels he is coming into his own as a head coach and wants to stay there.

But he won't be able to remove that "Interim" label unless he truly starts to right this ship and get it pointed in the right direction.

He doesn't have any luxury of next year to work out any details with the roster and pick his guys.

I wouldn't doubt he already had some heated discussions with Lazor about running the ball more than 12 times a game in the past few weeks.

Granted sometimes the score will dictate whether you can actually get some balance in the play calling but we weren't blown out until later in the 3rd Quarter yesterday.  Until then, we could have still ran the ball.

The Jets Defensive Tackles are stout so when he did run the ball, Lazor continued to beat our Running Backs against the Jets' proverbial interior wall.

Why we didn't run sweeps is beyond me.

I have to wonder if Lazor wanted to get axed right away.  I wouldn't be surprised to hear he is interviewing for some recently made available College Head Coaching positions.

You got to figure that he knew where Campbell stood on being more physical and running the ball.

Hell, I could see Campbell fuming on the sidelines while Lazor was calling the plays. 

Could Lazor have pushed Campbell to the brink, purposely???

No matter what, it became off with Lazor's head.

And it was truly a self defensive action as far as Campbell was concerned because it was either going to be Lazor's head now or Campbell's head later on the chopping block come January 4th.

And Dan Campbell wants this job so much that he will turn over the entire coaching staff to keep it.

I don't blame him at all.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Another loss, another scapegoat

So the Dolphins decide to fire lazor ... Because .... Uhhh... I have no idea.

Could have fired him weeks ago of course.

Now everything is fixed! Woot!

Suh awesome

Ian Rapoport, of NFL.com said that Suh called out his defensive teammates this week and blamed them for the team's defensive struggles. 

The awesome part was this:

"I run this defense, I'm going to be here for the next five years, there is no guarantee any of you will be as well. Only a handful of guys are good enough to play with me right now" is the quote we got. 

Rapoport added "He also said the schemes were not good enough, the techniques were not enough and everyone needed to be better.  He said 'follow me.'"

And he goes on to say the locker room is divided over it.

Suh denied he said that.  But this just got a whole lot funnier. 

More on (or is it moron) Benny Hill

I can't understand why people defend this turd bucket of a QB. He's mediocre at best, and people who think he deserves more of a shot and instead place blame elsewhere are homers, and would be defending Manziel if he were here. 

You can say it's coaching. And that may be a contributing factor. You can blame it on a dumbed down playbook, and certainly that's part of it.  But take a step back for a minute. Think about the position. Every great (or wanna be great) QB takes control on the field. They own it, and they don't take shnizzle from the coach. THEY lead the team. 

In Miami, we hear that the coaches have told him to only do certain things, to not audible, to not question things.  What great QB would ever accept that?  What 8-15 QB would do that? Can you imagine a Marino, a Brady, a Manning just saying Okay?  You could imagine them having a passionate discussion or facing some wrath because they didn't listen. Here, Tannehill just goes along with it.

Where is his moxie?  His pride?  His leadership? Will to win? Is it because he really can't handle the Offense? Or perhaps he just doesn't have any awareness on the field?  Is he afraid of the coaches?  IMHO there are no other options, and in every scenario you can see why he's not a leader. Why he shouldn't be starting in the NFL. 

I posted yesterday near halftime they should bench him.  And then he gets some gaudy stats in garbage time.  Every "meaningful" stat he had yesterday is a lie, just like it is every week.  He still has not a signature win, not a 4th quarter comeback. Nothing but meaningless numbers. 

And then last night we heard Osweiller won the game because he called an audible. He saw something in the defense and made a change. And they won in OT. And Tannehill can't even call timeout when things are wrong. 

And of course, there he was after the game complaining about the jets celebrating Matthews getting hurt. Look, I don't know if they were celebrating or not.  What I do know is that's when you run over to your teammate and get in the defenses face.  Instead of saying something at a press conference. 

But I especially love the comeback from Pryor. Tweeted it right to him.  That's being assertive and showing some passion...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ray's QB list

Armando said he didn't see a lot of QBs as long term options better than Benny Hill.

Allow me to provide my TOP 20 QBs I'd rather have starting here long term:
20. Me
19. Marino (even in his 50s out of shape he'd be a better option)
18. Garoppolo
17. either McCown
16. Blaine Gabbert
15. Cousins
14. Hoyer
13.Any of the Zendejas brothers (kickers in the 90s)
12. RG III
11. Kapernick
10. Osweiler
9. Bortles
8. Newton
7. Tyrod Taylor
6. Carr
5 Russell Wilson
4 Luck
3 Bridgewater
2 Winslow
1 Mariota

There.  That wasn't hard.  Sheesh.  The Dolphins management just thinks to narrow on it all.

Armando Salguero: Dolphins’ coaches, front office seem to have different views on Ryan Tannehill | Miami Herald

Houston, er, Miami we have a problem.

Looks like there's a good chance we're stuck with Benny hill for some time to come.

The guy is nowhere near 8-15 good. Maybe 28-32. Dude can't win a freakin game. Who cares about his stats?

And it's all fine and good that everyone wants to blame his line, the plays, or the coaching staff.

How about this: it's him.


I find it funny...

That Brandon Marshall was not utilized well here. But with the jets he can dominate the Dolphins.

Shows what the Dolphins brain trust knew, and continues to know.

And by the way, if the first loss to the jets was the end for philbin... oughten another lopsided loss to the jets spell the end for ... Well, anyone else still associated with this team?


Around 100 yards and effectively two picks (that last one was intercepted, the Dolphins got "lucky") and no spark.

Please put in anyone else for the remainder of the game. Bench tannehill and put in suh for Petes sake.

What have you got lose?!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Now that's marketing!

The team is underperforming. They are in the midst of a coaching change. Apathy is high and seats are hard to sell.

And, oh yeah, it's Black Friday when retail establishments try an tweak the bottom line - and everyone thinks specials, sales, and offers.

And the Dolphins decide it's the right time to announce an increase in ticket prices in 2016!

Woohoo. Way to embrace the world around you!

Two thoughts on "black Friday"

I know, I've been harping in Tannehill rather a lot.  And I really don't see what any fans see in this guy, or why they want to give him more time.  I also can't begin to imagine how the people in charge of this team thought that he warranted any contract extension, much less a big one when he still had a year remaining.

It makes no sense.  I've got some games recorded, and I've gone back and watched.  Yes, his line is bad.  Yes, there are other issues, perhaps with bad routes or lack of support from the run game.  But his reads are bad, he's slow to react, he locks in on a guy and doesn't "feel the pressure."

So they've had to basically dumb down the playbook and have him throwing screens and short routes - where the play design gets the ball to a spot.  And as a result he has good numbers.  But he doesn't - and can't - actually lead the team.

That's a caretaker.  Not a leader.

And that simply isn't good enough.

If you look around the league, its amazing how a good QB can step into a mediocre team and elevate those around him.  Just look at the first year players that came in over the last five or so years that took a bad franchise and turned them into a winner.  And on the flip side, those that missed at QB continue to struggle.

Now to the other point:  There are so many holes on the roster that they need a great draft, a number of mid-tier free agents, and some role players.

If they just replace the coach, leave the QB in place, and keep trying to fill holes, they will be stuck for another couple of years, and will have to come up with a new plan within 5 years - probably to fire everyone and start over.

With Tannehill and the guys making personnel moves in place, this team will remain 8-8 for the foreseeable future.  And no coach worth a lick will come in to that situation.

I'm going with the Dolphins would do well to part ways with everyone that has anything to do with on the field play.  Especially Tannenbaum and Hickey.

Clean house.  Start over.  Let the new guy build a team.  Pick a QB. Decide what to do with higher priced players like Suh, and older players like Grimes.

No matter what, with the holes on the roster, one offseason is not gonna do it.  It's going to take a couple of years - and a QB - to undo the damage that's been done.

Time to start shopping for a whole new group to run this team, Mr. Ross.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The only person to attend Blaine Gabbert's press conference? Himself - CBSSports.com

This is so awesome. It's the kind of thing you'd expect to happen to Tannehill. And hopefully it will soon when he's playing in the arena league.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Losing Out

Will the Dolphins win out to save their coach? It's a foregone conclusion that this team won't be able to. It's too bad, he's gaining valuable experience as an interim head coach.

The silver lining in being a loser is the 2016 draft. There are seven teams with worse records than Miami:
3-7 Ravens remaining opponents record   30-30
2-8 Browns         "                 "                "       30-30
2-8 Titans           "                 "                "       43-27
2-8 Chargers      "                 "                "       33-27
3-7 Cowboys       "                 "                "       35-25
3-7 Lions             "                 "                "       26-32
3-7 49ers              "                 "                "      29-31

4-6 Dolphins         "                "                "       30-30 

Miami is in a tough spot. They're out of the playoffs and have a slim chance of losing enough to get into the top ten. Not a lot of options outside of the top ten and Miami needs options to try to fill its many holes.

Ideally, Miami has to lose its remaining six games to have a chance to move up, but they'll have competition from other teams doing the same thing. There are also seven teams with the same record as Miami:
Jaguars              "                "               "   24-36
Raiders              "                "               "   29-31
Redskins            "                "               "   24-36
Eagles                "                "               "   35-25
Bears                  "                "               "   20-31
Saints                 "                "               "   33-27
Rams                  "                "               "   32-28

 If you're counting, that's six teams that have a tougher remaining schedule than Miami. Losing out to get into the top ten draft picks will be as tough as winning out. Not a very good scenario, huh?

Dave's two cents

A couple of random thoughts:

1. The times simulator I posted a link to suggests that the chances of the fins making the playoffs is <1%. While it's still mathematically possible, the season is over.

The question, then, is who do you want as the next head coach. Post below. I'm curious to see what peeps think.

2. I had a feeling (and I think posted something) that the patriots would be damn good this year. And weren't going to take overturned suspension lightly. Now at 10-0, put me on the list of people that think the patriots will go 18-0. And once again be flirting with perfection. Only this time it seems like that extra motivation will prob'ly get them there.

3. I recently read Steve Ross's bio on Wikipedia. Let's just say it was interesting. He's not quite self made (not that he ever said he was), and got some connections and money from the family. And while he did graduate high school in Miami, his family moved there during high school, and he moved away just after. Of course, since he was born in 1940, there were no dolphins in Miami while he lived in the town.

So other than a couple of years as a teen, he really has no personal connection to the town or the team.

Just an observation, really. But it underscores a point I've made that he is happy to own A team, and doesn't much care about it, the city, and whatever.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Already Told You All!!

I told you all. Hope for Hue Jackson. Our offense STILL sucks as well as our defense. What's surprising is you all talk like you expected them to win today. Did you really expect them to make the playoffs?! LOL. Like I said, hope for Hue Jackson. He is the best and most REALISTIC option we have at season's end. And let's hope he brings new coordinators. LOL, thought they would win, thought they would make playoffs, that's great.....

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Okay here goes: Tannehill still sucks. Yeah he had a couple of okay plays. But IMHO, that was more a case of the Cowboys being surprised by the Dolphins calling a few longer plays and teeing off to get to him, rather than covering h'tge receivers.

And what, exactly, did they amount to? Pretty much nothing.

At least this week he didn't give up a safety. But he did give up a pick 6, which is worse.

Meanwhile the Bucs dominated Miamis opponent from last week (the Eagles) with Winston easily having 5 TDs!

That shows the gulf between Tannehill and a good QB.

Bam. I said it. He blows. Please. Play anybody else!

N.F.L. Playoff Simulator - The New York Times

A little fun for your Sunday morning


Friday, November 20, 2015

Jessica White and Bridget Hall preview Sunday's Cowboys-Dolphins game - Swim Daily - SI.com

Now that's what I call fantasy football (drum rim shot. Hey oh!)

Rays take (Benny Hill edition)

I was reading through the comments on my last post (about Pouncey by the way!) and Tanehills name was thrown about.

So naturally I had to jump on that. I found it interesting that the comments included 'give him more time'. Yeah he started 19 or so games in college. That's the equivalent of almost two years. Now he's been in the NFL for almost 4. How much more time does he need? 10 years? 20?

I watched Mariota last night lead a drive with little time left; he got to the 20 with six seconds left. Yes he was sacked. And yes he lost. But this is his 10th start - and he gave his team a fighting chance. When has Benny Hill ever done that? Here's a hint: he never has.

Another comment was his gaudy stats. Oooooh. 4,000 yards. He throws behind the line and a few yards upfield. Nearly all of his stats come from YAC. It's all on the receivers.

Add to it the simple fact that the plays are called for him and he can't control anything - no audibles no nothing - and you have a situation where any of us could play QB.

They've dumbed it down and the stats are a result of the other players and the play calls. Not about the person throwing.

Okay, then you've got he's average AND he's the best we've had since Marino.

The best since Marino? 15 years, and 93 players? I doubt that. Heck. I didn't like Fiedler either, but I'd say he was MUCH better than the current guy. At least he took the team on his back and won some games.

And if he is...well saying he's average and that he's the best we've had means the team has been "doing it wrong" for a decade and a half. Keep doing it until you get it right!!!

See my previous post about not settling. We're settling for average and hoping/wishing this guy gets better.

And meanwhile the team never improves and we just take it.

It's really sad.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

About Mike Pounceys so called "great year"

The herald says he's graded out well and he's happy with things


But isn't he the center? Isn't he directly responsible for giving up 4 points in games? Plays where he missed that QB guy I like to rag on (because he sucks) on a couple of snaps?

You can say it's just a couple of bad snaps. But its happened more than once, and it's a big part of his job...

Wouldn't it be awesome if he had a clause in his contract along the lines of he gets fined $100k for each point he allows?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Don't settle!

I heard Omar on the radio earlier. I am not much of a fan and almost changed it.

Then he caught my attention. He said "as a fan don't settle for a QB. For a coach. For an owner"

He went on to remind us that our expectations should be high, rather than setting them so low.

Expect great things and hold these clowns accountable!!

Getting to 9-7 and squeaking into the playoffs? Nope. You've got to own it. Get in there and make it big!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hire Rob Ryan

Just saw he was released by the saints. How fun would it be if he came here.

Let the hilarity ensue as bellichick has to go up against one of the Ryan's in 25% of his games!!! And

Evens Stevens Are Everywhere In The New NFL

They wanted parity in the NFL and it looks like they are getting it.

After 10 weeks almost half the teams, 15 out of 32, have either 4 or 5 losses.

And 8 of those 15 reside in the AFC.

So half the Conference is stuck in the middle battling for Wild Card Supremacy.

Pittsburgh is looking best at 6-4 having played their 10th game already..  Even with a banged up back up in Ben Roethlisberger, who didn't start due to his injured ankle, they blew out Cleveland 30-9.  I guess hobbling isn't what it used to be.

The Bills and Jets are next at 5-4 but the Bills currently hold the Tie Breaker by beating the Jets and they also are 3-1 in the division compared to the Jets 1-2 division record.

We, on the other hand, are sitting ugly at 0-4 in the division.

Our AFC competitors also with 5 losses include:

Indianapolis 4-5 with a 4-3 AFC record
Oakland 4-5 with a 4-3 AFC record
Kansas City 4-5 with a 3-2 AFC record
Houston 4-5 with a 3-3 AFC record

I mention their AFC records because other than Houston, whom we beat, the conference records will determine Tie Breakers since we won't have any head to head with Oakland and KC.

Unfortunately, we are the ugliest girl in the line to get into the dance with our formidable 2-5 AFC record.

So right now we need to run the table and get Buffalo to lose 2 games, the Jets to lose one other game as well as our game against them in 2 weeks, plus Oakland and KC have to lose one more game.

If we lose one more game, then Jacksonville with 6 losses comes into play and since they beat us, we would lose a Tie Breaker to them. Plus add another needed loss to all of the afore mentioned.

Keep in mind that those teams have to play each other along the route so someone will have to fall.

We do have one advantage over the other teams currently in the hunt.  Of our 7 remaining games, 5 will be played at home and only 2 games on the road.

Miami plays Dallas, at Jets, Baltimore, NYG, at San Diego, Colts, New England

Buffalo has 3 Home and 4 Away: at NE, at KC, Houston, at Phil, at Wash, Dallas, Jets

Jets have 3 Home and 4 Away: at Houston, Miami, at NYG, Titans, at Dallas, NE, at Buff

Colts have 3 Home and 4 Away: at Falcons, Bucs, at Pitt, at Jags, Houston, at Miami, Titans

Oakland has 3 Home and 4 Away: at Lions, at Titans, KC, at Denver, GB, San Diego, at KC

Kansas City has 4 Home and 3 Away: at SD, Buff, at Oak, SD, at Balt, Cleveland, Oakland

Houston has 4 Home and 3 Away: Jets, NO, at Buff, NE, at Colts, at Titans, Jags

Jags have 4 Home and 3 Away: Titans, SD, at Titans, Colts, Falcons, at NO, at Houston

Pittsburgh has 2 Home and 4 Away: at Seattle, Colts, at Cin, Denver, at Balt, at Cleveland

Keep in mind that either the Colts, Texans or Jags will win the AFC South.

Miami only plays the Jets and Colts in the hunt.
Buffalo plays 3 in the hunt.
Jets play 3 in the hunt.
Colts play 4 in the hunt.
Oakland plays 2 in the hunt.
Kansas City plays 3 in the hunt.
Houston plays 4 in the hunt.
Jags play 2 in the hunt.
Pitt plays only 1 in the hunt.

The Wild Card is wide open right now and the NFL and the majority of fans are loving it.

Your guess is as good as mine as to who will eventually get into the playoffs but don't count Miami out yet.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Luck Be A Lady And Don't She Look Good Now

And we all know how she changes her mind.

Yesterday's game at Philly showed me how much that fickle finger of fate can point one way and suddenly go another. 

And the Refs were involved in most of it too.

The craziest sequence was when Philly had the ball at their own 27, leading by 3 with 5:11 left in the third. Bradford gets sacked by Shelby at the 17 and fumbles.  Vernon appears to recover at the 12 and advances to the 7 were he fumbles the ball and its recovered by Bradford at their 3 yard line.

I thought "unbelievable, now they have the ball 1-10 at the 3 instead of our ball 1-G or even if we didn't recover they would be punting from somewhere".  But Lady Luck arrived in two forms.

Number One: The Refs had a penalty called for holding against the Eagles and while they were trying to figure out the proper penalty enforcement, Number Two: HC Campbell had plenty of time to look at all the replays on the TV screen to challenge whether Vernon actually possessed the ball or not.

The Refs agreed with Campbell that Vernon, over the course of 5 yards, did not in fact possess the ball so when Bradford fell on the ball at the 3 they were now facing a 4th and 27 if we declined the holding penalty.  Had the ruling been that Vernon had possessed the ball then Philly would have faced a 3-13 at their 17 instead.

Granted we wound up only punting the ball back later but Campbell made a good decision to challenge.

With 11:21 left in the game trailing 20-16, Sanchez throws a 22 Yard TD to Ertz to take the lead but once again the Refs get involved.  Off setting penalties. Illegal Shift against Philly and we had 12 guys on the field.  12 guys and they still got a guy wide open.

Replay the down.  Lady Luck carries a yellow flag.

Prior to the half ending, she bit us too.  With 17 seconds left, Hewitt picked off Bradford and was tackled on the Philly 37.  A good chance to get a FG and tie up the game 16-16.

Nope. Mosley is called for roughing the passer.

Lady Luck changes her mind too.  3 times Philly put the ball on the ground with a Dolphin having an opportunity to recover. Vernon almost did and we missed the other two chances. 

Bad Luck.

Then at the start of the 4th trailing 16-13, Miami has the ball 1-G at the Philly 8.  DE Cox jumps offsides so we halve the ball in to the 4.  Tannehill drops back and throws the ball directly into the shoulder of an unblocked Connor Darwin. 

As the ball ricochets way up into the air. I am thinking "Oh shit, INT!"

But Lady Luck smiles our way and a leaping Landry comes down with it for a TD.

Good Luck.

Our boy Sturgis, former Draft Pick and Place Kicker, had a say in how Lady Luck performed.  He missed a chip 32 yard FG in the first half.

Lady Luck even messed with both teams on the same play.

With 5:32 left in the 3rd, Philly had the ball 2-8 at their 35.  Bradford is sacked by McCain and fumbles the ball but Philly falls on it.  Another golden opportunity for Miami slips through our fingers.  Bad luck for us.

Eagle fans were happy with their good luck recovering the fumble until Bradford has trouble getting off the turf and has to leave the game.  Bad luck for them turns suddenly into good luck for us.

Enter Mark Sanchez.

Lady Luck also got involved in two very similar replay reviews of plays in two different games involving our current team and also the '72 Perfect Team.

The first which was good luck for us when Vernon was ruled to not have had possession of Bradford's fumble as mentioned earlier.

The second wound up being bad luck for the '72 Team.  Trailing the Patriots by 1 with 2:06 left, Odell Beckham Jr. appeared to catch a TD pass from Eli Manning but the Butler did it again and just as Beckham's second foot hit the turf, he slapped the ball loose. 

After reviewing this play, the Refs ruled that Beckham Jr. did not possess the ball for the TD and the Giants had to settle for a FG instead.

Tough luck for us trying to get a 1 in the Patriots loss column.

On a side note, the Eagles scored their 16 points in the first half in a span of only 4:03 of game clock.

With their first 9 points coming in a span of only 10 seconds.

Some say better to be lucky than good. 

But after the way luck switched sides yesterday, the saying should actually be:

"He who lucks last, lucks best".

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hey what do you know?

The Dolphins managed to win today. Who knew they had it in them to outlast another team while scoring just 20?

And a big thank you to Mark Sanchez! Think we can play him every week?

He's spotting 2 points per game?!

Seriously? 3rd week in a row that BennyHill gives up a safety.

I don't care if it's the lines fault or the coaches fault. All 3 involved this clown at QB.

You simply don't hear about this with any team or QB.

It has to be him.

Please, please, please bench him now!!!

Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill must win more in 2015 - Miami Dolphins Blog - ESPN

I stumbled on this article from "way back" in September and read it again.

I am reminded of just how terrible BennyHill is, how it's "his" team (and probably a reflection of him) and how the Dolphins are saddled with him because of a brain fart by the people who are in charge of this team.

Worst W-L percentage. No playoffs.

And people thought this team might good because the team was loaded with talent?

Sigh. I just can't see this getting better. Yes, I harp on the QB. Because he's the face of the franchise.

But Suh is nowhere near what they paid for him. And Grimes is starting to show his age. And who else is there on defense?

And on offense, you've got Pouncey, Landry, and maybe Miller. But without a QB who can get anything done it's hard to count on them.



My thing is poring over stats to evaluate the Dolphins. Like most Dolphins fans, no stats are needed to know how the team is playing. In short, they stink right now. The stat line is ugly and can cause the most ardent fan to despair. With that in mind, here's the lowdown from Pro Football Focus.

Players that pull their own weight:

Jarvis Landry
Lamar Miller
Mike Pouncey
Rishard Matthews

Ndamukong Suh
Cameron Wake
Reshad Jones
Derrick Shelby
Koa Misi
Brent Grimes
Michael Thomas
Bobby McCain

Special team:
Jarvis Landry
Andrew Franks
Walt Aikens
Michael Thomas
Kelvin Sheppard
Spencer Paysinger
Tony Lippett

Then, there are those who are a load:

Jamil Douglas
Jason Fox
Dallas Thomas
Billy Turner
Greg Jennings
Ju'Wuan James
Brandon Albert
Dion Sims
Damien Williams

Kelvin Sheppard
Jamar Taylor
Earl Mitchell
Walt Aikens
Brice McCain
Terence Fede
C.J. Mosley
Jordan Phillips
A.J. Francis

Special team:
John Denney
Matt Darr
Zack Vigil

Not surprising that the offensive line is, well, downright offensive! That's the root of the Dolphins troubles this season. They can't sustain drives, so the defense is forced into extra duty and gets worn out. But you all knew this! Commiserate with me as we fans embark on the second half of the season!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Coaching search

Based on some public reports and a few tips from people with at least a little access, here's where the spin of the coaching wheel seems to be...

As Campbell was promoted to head coach, the hope was that it would simply work out and there wouldn't be a need to hire anyone else.

But Mr. Ross gave a 4-6 week timeline to re-asses things. We're in that window now, and it's not going according to the plan. So he has started to consider next steps.

As I hear it, Stephen Ross wants to be a little hands off on the search and let his football "brain trust" do most of the leg work, and Ross will get involved as the interviewing gets started.

Assuming there's interviewing at all. You still can't rule out Dan Campbell. The easiest thing to do (from his perspective) is to simply keep him as the coach.

And that leads us to this: Ross is putting is trust in Tannenbaum to head this up. And he's looking to Hickey as well.

So that means it's unlikely either of them will be replaced.

And it further means that you've just reduced the candidate pool. Established and/or bigger name coaches would want their own people around them, and would want some level of autonomy and control.

And not just that. It also means that the "culture" is unlikely to change. You'll have the same drive to win you have today. Yippee. More years of 8-8 are in the Dolphins future!

Of course, that's getting ahead of ourselves. It'll be interesting to see what Ross actually chooses to do.

But bear in mind that his track record on his own isn't so great - and he would prefer to not have to go through a coaching search (and rather focus on his other businesses).

So deciding to rely on Tannenbaum is likely.

As for me, I'm still pulling for Rex Ryan's twin Rob to be the coach. There would be nothing more fun that that!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mayock: ‘Have to Continue to Build’ Around Ryan Tannehill « CBS Miami

This may be the stupidest comment I've heard in support of Miamis QB. His argument is quite simply that he doesn't see any options to replace him, even In college.

And he goes on to say that Tannehill can "make every throw" which simply doesn't make sense. He can't. And doesn't. I saw another analysis that explained that 12 of Ryan's completions last week were actually made behind the line of scrimmage (ie screen passes), and most of the remainder were under 10 yards. I think most of us could make those throws.

Build around Tannehill? Please. I'd trade that guy for bus fare.


Monday, November 09, 2015

Tough times

I wanted to talk about the QB but before that, I want to say something about coaching.

Dan Campbell may be a good guy. And one day he may make a good coach. But that day is not today.

He had the team running through walls, and they believed in him. But now his lack of experience is showing - poor clock management, questionable personnel decisions, and electing to take penalties ... those immediately spring to mind. And now the finger pointing has started ("I was doing what coach asked" came out of the locker room) and it's just a matter of time before they turn on him. It's coming.

And now to BennyHill. The guy isn't awful. But he also is not an NFL caliber QB. He now has 56 games behind him. And how many games has he led a 4th quarter comeback? How many games does he have a signature win? How many times has he taken the team on his back and led them to a win? How many times has he even come close, maybe failing on 4th down after leading a drive? Thats right. It would be a big, fat goose egg.

Contrast that with other players. I'll mention two. Bridgewater has 3 in 24 games, and nearly had 2 more (including one against the fins last season). And Marcus Mariotta had one yesterday (along with his first game being terrific!) in 8 games.

It's kind of pathetic the fins can't get more out of him. Part of it is coaching. The situations he's put in, the play calls, and playing in the shotgun can't help. But he doesn't have the talent. Period.

And the real problem is that the team has NO options. For some reason, Hickey decided to sign this guy to a long term extension. Based on...beats me. And it's for too much money. So they're stuck with him. The cap hit isn't a killer - http://www.thephinsider.com/2015/5/27/8668643/breaking-down-the-new-tannehill-contract

But it is gonna be a problem.

Matt Moore is not the answer. But it seems to me that going ahead and benching BennyHill does tell him - and fans - his tenure in Miami is over. And allows you to develop the run game.

Why not get Logan Thomas ready to play? He played behind Tyrod Taylor at Va Tech and had some success there. What have you got to lose?

In the end I guess it really doesn't matter. Because in January we'll be ushering in another new era. New coach, possibly a new coach, and maybe a new QB.

And the team will be rebuilding yet again. Awesome.

Ndamukong Suh tells refs 'I'm gonna slam the f*** out of him next time' after questionable call - SBNation.com

It seems like it's just a matter of time until Suh does something to get himself suspended....


Sunday, November 08, 2015

After further review, the Dolphins are still mediocre.

As per the usual, I'm watching redzone. Enjoying my Sunday and not particularly worried about the Dolphins. 

Doesn't matter who the coach is these days, 7-9 is their perennial record. 

It starts with ownership, and goes through the "leadership" of the team, into coaching, and ends with the players. 

They're not gonna get any better anytime soon. They are the 21st century of the Cleveland Browns. 

And I think many of you are coming around to my way of thinking. 

In fact Jeremy just posted a comment under a previous post that's worth repeating. 

The comment was in regard to tannehills ability:

Maybe if he EVER played under center... Stupid offensive scheme. It's stupid in Philly. It's stupid in Miami. Stop trying to reinvent the sport. No one is going to gimmick their way to a SB. Ross needs to sell the team to someone who knows what he's doing and then that person needs to clean house and start over. I'll never give up on this team but right now they are an absolute joke and I have no more faith in this season with this dumb ass offense they are running. If playing out of the shotgun on 90% of your plays worked in the NFL someone would've already won a SB with it. It DOES. NOT. WORK. Stop it!

Bench Tannehill!

For all this team's problems, I realize QB play might not be the biggest issue.

But neither is Tannehill helping the team. Two weeks and two safeties?! Really?

Look around the league and see all the QBs who are carrying their teams. Who lead their teams and actually can win a game.

BennyHill is not one of them.

The team needs ... Something. Why not start with something obvious?

Benny Hill

Ever since my buddy Frank referred to the Dolphins starting QB as "Benny Hill" I've had this song in my head - and keep picturing him running around being chased by defenders.

Ha.  Awesome.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Update on stadium renovations

It turns out that Ross, according to "sources," did get about $200 million from the NFL to fund stadium improvements. And the great news for him is that it wasn't so much a loan as it was money from profit sharing.

So forget what I said about him fronting construction money. The improvements cost him pretty close to $0 out of pocket. It's not his money that's being used...

Also, as we know, he gets a steady stream from the county for events he brings to town (though missing out on the college football national championship may sting a little).

And, he applied for state subsidies. In addition to the tax credit for the Dolphins, he also applied for an economic incentive that would net him $3 million per year.

This one is for "economic development" because, you know, for 25 years there hasn't been any growth near the stadium (save for a wal Mart next door) but now he thinks there will suddenly be some.

Rays take

Some friends were talking about the game. The question was: do you think the Dolphins will win this week?

We were all a little unsure. Yeah, they might win. Talent-wise, both teams are probably close.

But there are just so many things pointing to a possible loss:
* Tyrod Taylor is back, and he's shown to be pretty good
* the Dolphins have Benny Hill at QB (one of the guys came up with that one)
* the Bills are at home (and yes they are 1-3 at home, but two losses were to the undefeated Patriots and Bengals)
* there's game film on what the Dolphins are doing, and Bellichick laid out a plan for beating the fins
* the Bills are healthy, and the Dolphins really aren't
* the loss of Wake is pretty big. They played their best when he was healthy
* the Dolphins are thin at Oline and the tackle who played last week was bad
* don't count out Rex Ryan and his ability to coach; he might outfox young Dan Campbell

So we'll see. The Dolphins seem to still be passionate and upbeat. Hearing the coaches and players you can't count them out. If the betting line were any more than Bills by 3, I might take the Dolphins and the points - but that sounds abut right as it is.

I hope I'm wrong, but it's hard to be too optimistic with this team.