Friday, November 28, 2014

Ray Rice wins appeal, eligible to return to NFL

Ray Rice has won his appeal to reverse his suspension and can now be edible to return this season. The Ray Rice incident is well documented and now it seems like it has come to an end as Ray Rice can now come back and sign with  a team. Adrian Peterson will no be playing this season because he hit his kid, but Rice can return after knocking out his wife. Both are bad incidents but in my personal opinion I think the Rice one is worse. Anyways, it seems unlikely that a team would pick him up but who knows. Maybe the Patriots call him up and then the media praises them on being able to turn Rice's life around, because we all know to the media Belichick can do anything, even able to be marriage counselor. Please leave your thought below on what you think of this case and if you believe Rice will return this season.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thoughts On Philbin

I don't necessarily think anyone wants to Philbin to get fired. We all want to see him and the Dolphins succeed. 

It's not that the Dolphins lose. It's HOW they lose. 

I believe it comes down to coaching. I don't need to go through the 2 collapses against Detroit and Green Bay, we all know what happened. Let's talk about Denver. 

Philbin loves calling defensive time outs to "Kodak" the offense. So why didn't he do that when Denver scored in the red zone when Jelani Jenkins was covering Demaryius Thomas? Yes, I get it, Denver had him lined up as a TE which is why Jenkins picked him up, but why not call one of your famous time outs to combat that and maybe make Denver change the play or at least be better prepared?

So to recap, Miami calls time outs against teams that they have on the ropes without any way to stop the clock and does not call them against the team that is shredding their defense. 

I personally like the way the Phins look recently but Philbin must put his team in a position to win. He has not done that which is why we are on the outside looking in right now. 

If the Phins lose because of a great play by the opposing team, it would be a lot better than losing because they are getting out coached. 

Hopefully Philbin learns from all this and gives his team the best chance to win week in and week out.

Phins Up!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wishing you all...

A happy, healthy, and safe thanksgiving!

A take on the Super Bowl

Somehow, I missed this article. The Minneapolis star-tribune researched the demands made by the NFL of the city in return for the Super Bowl.

Their findings are summarized here:

Still think it's about sport? Helping the community? Think the stories about it "generating revenue" are supported by this?

Clearly, in exchange for the dangling carrot, the city must give up a lot. And it affects that story that it brings "revenue and jobs"

Of course asking for 10,000 volunteers further undermines this.

IMHO, they can keep the Super Bowl. It's okay by me if it never comes back to Miami. What a joke.

If you want to read all 153 pages(!!) of demands for yourself, they are available here:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Joe Philbin's Future Breakdown

As we head into the critical home stretch to the season I see a lot of discussion about deciding if joe Philbin will keep his job.  I would say up until this point of season my preference would be that he does stay. That has changed from earlier in the season when he was making some bad game management calls and I was leaning for it being time for him to go. From a total team picture, I like the team they have put together; I like Dennis Hickey, I like Bill Lazor, and I like Kevin Coyle.  Firing Philbin would more than likely shake all that up and I don’t feel like that would be a giant step in the right direction.  With that being said, the rest of season will have a large impact on things.  I thought I would mention some various outcomes and what I see happening.
Philbin Stays If..
-          Dolphins Make the Playoffs no matter the record.
-          Dolphins win 10 or more games

Philbin Will Most Likely Stay if…
-          Dolphins finish 9-7
-          Dolphins Finish 8-8 and Sweep the Jets with some serious injuries (i.e. wake, grimes, out etc.)

50/50 Philbin Stays (Ross may do some interviews like Harbaugh)
-          Dolphins Finish 8-8 Sweeping the Jets without many major injuries

Philbin Will Most Likely Be Gone if…
-           Dolphins finish 8-8 with last loss against the Jets causing them to miss the playoffs
-           Dolphins finish 7-9 or worse

Pre-Snap Count Thoughts

The Denver game was a great game to watch even though we came out on the losing side.  A lot of people took notice of the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill in this game.  I think there is a good chance this leads to some more prime time opportunities for the Dolphins next year.  With that being said I was surprised at how well Denver was able to handle our defensive line. I really expected them to dominate and it was the opposite outcome. I don’t want to take anything away from Denver, they did a great job both run blocking and pass blocking. But as I watched this game there was something I did notice and I am hoping the Dolphins coaches did as well.  Watch the Pre-Snap handling by Peyton Manning.  He very often used an extended snap count yelling out all kinds of stuff and giving hard counts.  He was able to get Miami to jump off sides twice and more important he is looking to see where the team is blitzing from. To Miami’s credit they did a pretty good job of not getting caught at it. It felt like he maximized every snap he got. I have played defensive line in football. I can tell you, it can be both mentally and physically tiring to have to hold your position with your hands in the dirt for a prolonged time.  I really hope both Bill Lazor and Ryan Tannehill can learn from it.  Work on some long snap counts this week. Getting a couple jumps from the defensive line is a big advantage and getting some linebackers and d-backs to expose where they are moving on the play is a big advantage as well.  The Jets almost have to have their defensive line dominate to stay in the game. The don’t want to have to throw the ball a lot and score points.  Learn from the loss, practice getting to the line and working some extended snap counts to help neutralize the Jets defensive line. I think it could really help us get a bigger advantage this week and beyond.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Something doesn't add up (bills-jets edition)

I'm watching a little of this game and I noticed something: it looks like there're maybe 10,000 fans in the stadium (or put another way the attendance is better than at a dolphins game - har har).

Why is that weird you may ask? Because the NFL "gave away tickets to the game"... And why wouldn't people attend a game for free?

Apparently the answer is that it wasn't quite that simple.

The story behind the story is that any and all tickets were general admission. They informed fans holding tickets to the game in buffalo that they would be admitted to this game by showing their ticket.

Then on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, they opened the box office to distribute tickets between 10-3. Each of the days had an allotment of tickets. And each day they reached the allotment within the first 45 minutes that they were open.

We heard that on Friday, the number of tickets in the allotment was a mere 500.

And then on Saturday they abruptly announced that all 67,000 tickets had been distributed.

The companion story is that a small contingent of people walked up to the window on each day and took all of the tickets available, and then offered them for sale on the corner across from the ticket window, and on stubhub, for $125

So the actual number of free tickets distributed was well under 5,000 and then surely were bills fans who made the trip or sent their tickets to friends in the area.

Kudos to the NFL for trying. But it was poorly executed and attendance was not so good.

And you have to wonder if they did any sort of makeup/make good for the buffalo fans who couldn't make it to the game?

Can 10-6 Get Us Into The Playoffs?

After yesterday's tough loss to Denver, I am reminded of the immortal words of the Sapronos' characters "Fugget about it."

But not in regards to our playoff chances.

No. In regards to that game because there is plenty of season left.

Can we get in at 10-6?

Presently, we are ranked 10th in the AFC so can we leap frog the top dogs ahead of us?

Yes, with the right wins.

Lets say the Pats win the East, Colts win the South and that Denver/KC wins the West.

Now both the Denver/KC division winner and possible wild card winner have the tie breaker on us so we need the 6th seed to realistically get in.

That means we have to get by the 7-3-1 Bengals, at 7-4 the Steelers, Chargers and Browns plus the  6-4 Ravens.

The AFC North winner is probably not going to be determined from all 4 teams in the hunt until the last weekend of the season.

Lets face it, the AFC North played an easy schedule this year. They got to play the AFC and NFC South divisions, who currently out of 8 teams, only have the Colts with a winning record.

Those two divisions are a combined 28-58.

We, on the other hand in the AFC East, have to play the AFC West and NFC North divisions with a combined record of 47-41.

That's a big swing for half your schedule.

We still have @Jets, Baltimore, @Pats, Minnesota and Jets on our horizon.

Lets say we lose to the Pats and sweep the rest. Which is doable.

We would finish at 10-6 and have 4 AFC losses with the head to head tie breaker with San Diego and Baltimore.

But look at the remaining schedules for those in the hunt mentioned above plus the Bills and Texans (AFC LOSSES):

Broncos 8-3 (1): @Chiefs, Bills, @Chargers, @Bengals, Raiders

Chiefs 7-4 (3): Broncos, @Cardinals, Raiders, @Steelers, Chargers

Chargers 7-4 (3): @Ravens, Pats, Broncos, @49ers, @Chiefs

Steelers 7-4 (3): Saints, @Bengals, @Falcons, Chiefs, Bengals

Bengals 7-3-1 (3): @Bucs, Steelers, @Browns, Broncos, @Steelers

Browns 7-4 (4): @Bills, Colts, Bengals, @Panthers, @Ravens

Ravens 6-4  (4): @Saints Tonight, Chargers, @Miami, Jags, @Texans, Browns

Bills 5-5 (5): Jets Tonight, Browns, @Broncos, Packers, @Raiders, @Pats

Texans 5-6 (3): Titans, @Jags, @Colts, Ravens, Jags

See what I see?

Its the Texans who worry me! Not any of the teams ahead of us who have to play each other at least 3 times.

To beat out the Texans in this scenario of us going 10-6 with 4 AFC losses, we would need the Texans to lose one more game probably against the Colts who are only 2 games ahead of them right now.

If the Texans run the table, they could very easily be the 6th seed.

The Texans!

Didn't see that coming.  But when you look at the remaining schedules of everyone in the AFC hunt we don't look so bad in comparison.

We need to get healthy again and beat the damn Jets Monday night and then go from there.

We are still certainly in the hunt for the 6th seed and who knows, maybe beyond.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Tough loss

The dolphins played a good 3 quarters of football before Peyton Manning took control in the 4th.

It's not that Miami was bad, merely that they were outplayed. A friend of mine who is a broncos fan said he was impressed with the fins and thought maybe they were a year or two away from being an elite team.

Fair? I don't know. But what i do know is that the fins defense looked pretty good. And the offense put up some points. Tannehill has indeed been looking better.

But keep this simple fact in mind: scheme has had a lot to do with it. Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez - both middle-of-the-pack QBs - have found similar success with the same scheme. Doesn't mean tannehill is necessarily bad, but the system is certainly helping him.

But like all innovations on offense (cough wildcat cough) eventually defenses catch up. So can he - or any of the other guys - maintain it? We'll see.

As for this years prospects, 10 wins may not get a team to the playoffs, so the margin for error shrinks every week. Eventually you have to win one of these close games.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Same Story, New Title

Another incomplete game by the Dolphins. 

The story goes like this:

Start bad, finish good and lose.

Start good, finish bad and lose.

Start good, finish good and win. 

Nick's prediction was wrong. My two predictions were wrong. And Carl's 7 predictions were all wrong. 

10 wins may not be enough to make the playoffs this year. Miami must win out. 

Good luck Miami! As a commenter on this blog stated before, if they can't win the close games then they will go nowhere, and they are 0-3 in "close" games this year.

Crappy loss but at least it was an entertaining game.

Maybe next week Miami.

Phins Up