Friday, November 14, 2014

The Bills Game And Moving Forward...

Miami wins. Great game plan from Lazor. Great execution from Tannehill although I wish he would hit that elusive long ball.

I also wish the offense could have played a complete game.

I was however impressed that they found a way to pull away in a somewhat sloppy game.

Buffalo's front seven toasted our line but the quick reads that Lazor put into the game plan offset that for the most part.

Get ready to turn into a Seattle, New Orleans, Tennessee, and Indianapolis fan this weekend as well as Monday night because I think we are still going to need a lot of help to make the playoffs since the AFC is so congested. 

Oh yeah, and I would like to point out that Tannehill's passer rating was 114. When he is above 90, it is very difficult to beat Miami. 

Very nice win Miami. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Philbin and Tannehill

I heard one of the local writers say about the dolphins yesterday something like "Philbin and Tannehill will be kept beyond this season, even if the team winds up 8-8"

His reasoning was that this is the best team Philbin has had and they're headed "in the right direction" and then added "well who else are you going to get to coach who's any better? And who gets to make that decision?"

I almost drove into a tree when I heard that. I laughed so hard.

Really? at mid season you know what the owner is thinking? Didn't he say that his expectation was that the team make the playoffs?

Missing the playoffs should be enough to open the door to the next head coach of the dolphins being announced.


Keys To A Miami Victory

Get ready for a war tonight.

Both teams desperately need this win.

Both teams have very good defenses.

Both teams are on a short week.

With that being said, here are my keys to victory:

Field position:
The kicking game will be more important tonight than any other game this season. Brandon Fields will have to have a monster game and not only flip the field but have very good hang time to limit any returns.

By the same token, Jarvis Landry must not make any mistakes and pull off a couple decent returns.

Rolling Tannehill:
With Brandon Albert gone for the season, Ryan Tannehill will be a sitting duck against a very stout Buffalo D Line. Getting Tannehill outside the pocket will keep him upright, however, it will also close in the field his receivers will be able to work with.  The routes will need to be crisp and the receivers will need to find holes in Buffalo's 5 Man under 2 Deep Zone coverage. This is not easy to do as you will be working with only 60% of the width of the field.

Staying in front of the back stake:
Getting positive yardage on first down will be critical to each series. 2nd or 3rd and longs will lead to punting the ball faster than ice melting in a Miami July.

Sturgis vs. Carpenter:
Somebody is going to make a game winner tonight. Somebody may miss a long one and give up field position. Caleb Sturgis will have to prove tonight why he was worth a 5th round draft pick and outplay his predecessor, Dan Carpenter.

Whoever wins these battles will win the game.

My prediction: Miami 16-13

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wait. What? An 18 wheeler was stolen?

Back in the 1980s, there was a Miami Vice episode where someone makes off with a cement truck.

More recently, there was a real-life story about a Miami truck driver who went missing - along with his semi-trailer filled with thousands of dollars in nickels that were being sent to Atlanta to be melted down and minted again.

And then today, we heard about Rich Eisen's production truck disappearing from a hotel before the dolphins game.

In the case of the tv show cement truck, Crockett and Tubbs found it and stopped some heist within the allotted hour.

In the case of the missing coins, the cops found the truck, driver, and coins within a short time - and it turns out the driver was in cahoots with a couple of locals. They decided to turn in the coins at a local supermarket a couple of hundred bucks at a time. And that's not suspicious at all...

It amazes me what people will steal sometimes.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Solid Aqua!?!?!?

I HOPE they stand out like Roos Field(The Inferno) @ Eastern Washington University!   

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Dolphins Move Up In Playoff Picture Despite Losing To Detroit

A funny thing happened on the way to the AFC playoffs this week.

Going into this week most of the teams who were ranked ahead of the Dolphins in the wildcard picture wound up losing to other AFC teams which allowed the Dolphins to actually move up a slot.

Miami went from #9 to #8.

Ahead of us for the wild card going into Sunday was KC, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati or Cleveland, depending on who wins the AFC North.

Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati all lost to AFC teams which deemed well for us.

Currently Miami has only 2 conference losses in the very competitive AFC standings.

This in itself allows us to almost control our own destiny finishing out the season.

We have the head to head against San Diego who is 5-4 with 3 AFC losses.

Pittsburgh, who lost to the Jets, is now at 6-4 and has 3 AFC losses so if both of us win out, we would have less AFC losses.

Buffalo has the tie breaker on us today but if we win Thursday night they will basically fall 3 games back with 5 AFC losses.

Kansas City has the tie breaker on us and has only 2 AFC losses so at 6-3, they would have to lose 2 more games for us to hurdle them.

So for us to get into the 6th seed, we need to beat Buffalo and then have either Cincinnati or Cleveland lose one more game.

Of course all this depends on us running the table.

But the point is that all is not as bleak as one would think after losing a tough game in Detroit.

Had we won we would be the 6th seed already.

So before anyone goes jumping off the 2014 Season Bridge, there is still plenty of football left and a lot those teams mentioned above still have to play us and each other.

Until two of these AFC teams breaks out of the pack, there is a lot that can happen between now and week 17.

If you won't count your chickens before they hatch then don't count us out either.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Next years game in London

Possibly lost in the news last week was this: the NFL told teams that in order to be considered for a future super bowl, the team would have to agree to play in London. And not just "any" game but a prime matchup.

So the dolphins *had* to give up the home game against the jets, which just happens to be a game that regularly packs a crowd at Joe Robbie stadium.

But what I find most interesting about all of this is the financial picture. In short, mr. Ross created a favorable deal to do renovations on the stadium (to say he's paying for it himself is incorrect), the NFL makes it financially attractive for a team to lose a home game (that is, they at least equal what the gate receipts would be, with no costs of running a stadium yourself), and the stadium gets consideration for a future Super Bowl which - despite words from owners to the contrary - makes a nice profit for the owner.

And that means that the owner is all about the bottom line. He's making money and "we" lose a chance to see one of the biggest rivals.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Now that's an incredible play

This item has nothing whatsoever to do with the dolphins (well unless you somehow connect Dion Jordan's fumble recovery to his alma mater).

But it ... Is .... Awesome.

No blood, No foul?

Just like to say even when I step back and try watch the game without emotion; as if it is a preseason game.  It's very difficult.  Obviously came out in several of my replies to people.  I know you guys are all Dolphin fans and your opinions are as relative to you as mine are to me and Ray's are to him(well, hard to say on that?). Bitchin' at you because you feel a certain way is not gonna change anything except maybe create more anger & bitchin'.  My apologies to anyone I may have disagreed with about anything.  Winning is definitely more enjoyable!
Phins Up!!!

A potentially interesting decision

This week, we heard talk that Jim Harbaugh is the coveted man at the University of Michigan, assuming he's fired from the 49ers (which seems likely).

As we all recall, a couple of seasons ago, the dolphins owner unsuccessfully chased after the same Harbaugh.

And here's where things might get interesting. Suppose that the dolphins underachieve and miss the playoffs.

Might the owner of the dolphins make a run at Harbaugh again?


Will the owner of the dolphins, who also wields enormous influence at Michigan, try and get "his man crush" to sign with Michigan?

Arguably, Steve Ross has more of an interest in his alma mater than the pro team he owns. And Harbaugh, it is said, is better suited for the college game. And he, too, is a Michigan guy.

I wonder what he (Ross) might do if Harbaugh does get released. If he does land the coach at one place or the other, some fans are going to be peeved that he slighted *them*.

What an odd situation.

AFC Playoffs

I was just looking at the AFC standings and this is how I see things shaping up.

New England is winning the East, sorry but it is what it is.

Indianapolis is winning the South barring a Luck injury.

Denver is winning the West, KC is a good team but Alex Smith can't outplay Peyton.

The North is just a complete mess. One thing I am pretty confident in saying is that the Bengals will not be the team to win that division. 

With that being said that leaves Buffalo, Miami, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and San Diego all with four losses. Cleveland and Kansas City with 3, and Cincinatti with 3.5. 

Kansas City already owns the tie breaker over us and I believe Baltimore will also because I don't see us beating them. 

I see the 2 Wild card teams coming out of the North and West. One of them will be KC out of the west and the 2nd out of the north is anybody's guess. 

Honestly, I see us losing to Buffalo, Denver, Baltimore, New England, and at least once to the Jets. That puts us at 8-8 so all this tie breaker stuff will not matter anyways. If for some reason we pull an upset or 2 in any of those games AND we are lucky enough to hope for a playoff berth I still think we lose it to KC because of, well, you know, that game where they kicked our rear ends with arguably their top 3 players sidelined by injury? You remember right? It was the one with that big giant Dolphin at the 50 yard line. The same one that will be there when they play Baltimore...

Remember, this is just my opinion, not fact. Nothing but my best prediction. I guess we should all be happy that we are at least competing in these games right?!

Sometimes I just can't help myself

I saw a quote from Dion Jordan that the lions have weapons all over the field.

Including some guy who can chase him down from behind, apparently.

Ba dum dum.

This Was A Tough One...

What a tough loss. The offense struggled most of the day and fizzled out in the red zone. Ryan Tannehill threw a horrible interception in the red zone early in the game. With all that being said, we still had a chance to win it but failed by just a few first downs and we would never have given the ball back to Detroit. I enjoyed watching this game. It was very entertaining and exciting. I liked the fact that the Dolphins battled and stayed in it even though the offense struggled all day. That is the sign of a good team, not great, but good. 

The bad news? I don't think being a good team will be enough to make it in the playoffs this year. What makes this loss sting so much more is the fact that Buffalo, Cincinnati , and Pittsburgh all lost today. This was a golden opportunity to separate ourselves from the pack a little bit and it didn't happen. 

Truth is I am pretty happy with the way Miami played today. I never expected them to win, but they did play better than I expected. Miami seems to have a bad habit of struggling against teams that have really good front 7's. With that being said, I don't expect them to beat Buffalo on Thursday either, especially with Brandon Albert out for the year and Cortland Finnegan most likely not suiting up.

This team is so close to being great that I think all of us can taste it, but they are not there yet. I will say that Tannehill has been playing a lot better as of late but he can do better I think. They are missing a few things. The deep ball game does not exist. The killer instinct does not exist. Depth at a few positions can be improved. In my opinion, we could use an upgrade at RB and it wouldn't hurt to have a big physical receiver who can win the jump ball, maybe then the timing won't have to be perfect with Wallace to connect on a few deep balls.

This team is close, really close. It is gonna take a few upsets to make the playoffs this year, like sweeping the Jets, beating the Ravens, and another win in Foxborough won't hurt either. I personally don't think Miami will make the playoffs this year, but if they do it's going to take near perfection...

Wa wa waaaaa

You can say what you will about the coach's use of timeouts (eyes roll), but Ryan Tannehill once again proved my point.

He had a chance at a TD with about 4 minutes left. He failed. He had a chance to get a few first downs with just over two minutes left. He failed. He had a chance with little time left to move into elite status and at least have a chance to drive for the win. And again he failed.

The End of 13 in Miami

Sports and superstition seem to go hand in hand. Some players wear the same lucky socks and some fans always wear their lucky jersey on game day. I consider myself too rational to get into something absurd like that. I have always firmly believed games are won by hard work and preparation. It is easy to open a science book and pound your fist on the table and say that.

That is of course until you get cursed... We should have seen it coming. It is called Triskaidekaphobia, or in layman terms. Fear of the number 13.  You see Miami had a chance, they really did. We had a very talented safety by the name of Jake Scott. He had a great career and we should have just not messed around and retired that number. Instead, we allowed it to be slapped onto Dan Marino and in doing we scoffed at the condition of Triskaidekaphobia. Of course Dan Marino went on to rewrite the record books as one the best ever. Fast -Forward to 1999. Dan Marino had reached the end of his remarkable career.  We celebrated the great number “13” all over and although we loved him, we also knew that the organization had decided to push him into retirement.  In hindsight it was so absurd. We did not have an option to replace him. Jay Fielder? You can’t be serious? You wanted to get rid of him because you were excited to get Fielder behind center? Before anyone could come to their senses it was too late… Karma had been set in motion.  We had scorned the gift of Dan Marino and his number 13 and the team was cursed.  Almost as if Maleficent entered the room and in a strong voice exclaimed “You will be sentenced to 13 years of having no hope, no super bowls,… no quarterback.  Miami will suffer the fate of 13!”

The sky turned black and the dark ages arrived. All hope was brutally sucked from the Miami Dolphins and its fans for 13 long dark years.  2012 arrived and Miami, once a strong proud franchise had been reduced to ashes…  Then something happened, the clouds began to dissipate.  There was a faint glow of hope that could be heard.. although it was only a whisper.  The draft had arrived and with the curse now over, the Miami Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill. He was just a kid that had not really played much quarterback. He had been a WR a few years even.  However, he had the arm, he had the legs and he was smart kid with a bright smile.  We remained patient and developed him and I think we now have our QB. Sure there will be some bumps along the way, but the rebuilding of the team to once again be a strong and proud franchise is well underway.  I remember the days of Tony Nathan, Mark Clayton, and Mark Duper. Now the names are reading Lamar Miller, Jarvis Landry and Mike Wallace. We once again are a solid a team that can compete with anyone in the league…our arrow is definitely pointing up. It has taken time to heal but I feel the return of excitement to this team.   I really enjoy watching this team play and I can’t help but feel number 13 has finally been laid to rest in Miami.