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Say A Prayer For Philbin Family

Coach Joe Philbin lost his father last night.

He was away from the team on personal matters for the last two days.

He is back at the Dolphin facility helping to prepare for tomorrow's game against San Diego.

It is never easy for anyone to lose a close family member, mentor or friend.

Please say a prayer for the Philbin family as they deal with a difficult situation.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Dolphins/Chargers Predictions...

So Miami plays a huge game against the Chargers tomorrow. I say huge because we may be battling San Diego for a wildcard and this game very well could be the deciding factor to who is in and who is out.

The Dolphins should win this game. Here is why I think so:

San Diego has to make a coast to coast trip and play an early game. That is never a good thing for the traveling team.

San Diego's offensive line is in complete shambles. I believe they are on something like their 3rd center and wouldn't ya know?! Our strength is our defensive line! We should have a field day against them and Rivers can be somewhat of a diva when he gets frustrated. We should get after him early and often without having to blitz and make him hear fandom footsteps throughout the game.

The Chargers are also on their 3rd RB. 

Nothing about the receivers of the Chargers scare me. Grimes, Finnegan, Jones, and possibly Taylor should have no problem with them. The real key will be stopping their offense on 3rd and long, the thing to watch here is how Miami plans to slow down Antonio Gates. We can't let them get long completions when we have them on the ropes.

Even if Colledge does not play, we should have no problem protecting Tannehill and running the ball. The pass rush of San Diego is nothing special and neither is their run defense. They have the talent but do not produce sacks. I am more worried about the accuracy of Tannehill than the pass rush we will be facing. 

I am not sure how San Diego's CBs are doing this week but I do know against Denver last week both starters were out due to injury. So either we will be facing the backups or hobbled starters, either way this is an advantage for Miami.

There are only 2 advantages that I see San Diego having tomorrow:

One of them is quarterback play. Philip Rivers is by far a better QB than Tannehill right now. We have to get him out of his game and I think the best way to do that is to pester him early with constant pressure. Once he is frustrated he tends to try to hard and can be forced into mistakes.

The other advantage is coaching. Overall I think McCoy is a better coach that Philbin, although as of late, I have been impressed with the game planning and halftime adjustments that the Dolphins have been making. If you take away the total coaching meltdown against Green Bay, I would say they have been doing a great job this year, but unfortunately you cannot take it away! Let's see if Philbin and his staff can redeem themselves throughout the rest of the year.

Everything considered, Miami should win this game by 10 points. Let's see how it all plays out tomorrow.

Dolphins Hosting Web Weekend

Yesterday afternoon, the Miami Dolphins kicked off their 11th Web Weekend at their training facility in Davie, Fla.

Over 30 web sites dedicated to covering the Dolphins were represented.

After dining in the team cafeteria, current players LB Jordan Tripp and DB Michael Thomas stopped in to answer questions, sign autographs and take pictures.

They were very upbeat about the direction of the team and feel that they are coming together as a group with a single purpose. Which was very good to hear.

After a trip to the team store, radio hosts Greg Likens and Tristin Jones along with alumni Keith Sims and Troy Drayton stopped by to answer some tough questions about this years team.

Both former players feel that the team is about to get on a roll as the coaching staff is becoming aware of this team's srrengths and are putting them in positions to succeed by calling plays that utilize those strengths.

When discussing our shortage package on offense both former players emphasized that although we are a finesse team it all comes to attitude in that our OL has to feel and play as if that one yard turf is their domain.

I asked both alumni if Shula was coaching this team what would its record be? They danced around it like Fred Astaire.

I was personally impressed with the size of DB Michael Thomas. He looked more muscular than LB Jordan Tripp.

On our way out we were pleasantly surprised to meet former star wide receiver Nat Moore, who took pictures and signed autographs as well.

Today's events include a Special Teamers volunteer program at First Church in Coral Springs and a tour of the Training facility with the Webbies Awards banquet following immediately afterwards.

The biggest question by most attendees that is still left unanswered is " Where's Dave Kennedy?"

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween AND the Dolphins

Seeing as its Halloween today, and the Dolphins play the Chargers this weekend,. you'll find me at the Dolphins game dressed as Manti Te'o's girlfriend!  Come look for me.

And no, that joke never gets old!

While we're on the topic of Steve Ross

Well, I guess I am anyway.  I posted the article about Ross and Michigan, and wondered about how that got going.  There a number of articles out there about the subject.  But this one caught my attention:

Mr. Ross, do what is right. Exercise your powers as granted to you by the Board of Regents, the Michigan constitution and most of all, by the number of zeros in your bank account. Fire the bad man who has single-handedly made all of our lives so miserable.

I'm sorry.  What?  What powers does he have with the board of regents?

And then there was this:

Brandon was noticeably absent as Stephen Ross, the real-estate magnate whose $200-million donation to the university last fall included $100 million earmarked for a new athletic campus, took part in a question-and-answer session with university president Mark Schlissel, who reiterated his "disappointment" in the way the Morris situation was handled.

So he takes part in a Q&A about the AD at Michigan?  No wonder he hasn't had anything to say about the Dolphins he's just too busy dealing with his donation to a university or something. Weird.

A little odd perhaps

We haven't heard much from Steve Ross this season regarding the Dolphins. But as you may know, Michigan's coach and AD came under fire recently, and this week there was talk about firing him.

Because he happens to be the school's largest donor, reporters reached out to him to ask what he thought about the coach and AD there ( and  His response was diplomatic - boosters shouldn't get to decide - but it seemed strange to me....

The team you actually own and have control over - where you CAN fire and hire - you say nothing about, but at your alma mater, you have a bit of an opinion.

Ricky Williams a football life

if you didn't see this previously, its pretty good. Interesting perspective from the man himself

Thursday, October 30, 2014

And one more group of cheerleaders


More cheerleader pics

From 2005

Old cheerleader pics

And what's wrong with that?

Ricky Williams (a flash file)

Remember this one?

QB list (a flash)

At some point I created one about quarterbacks...

Found another flash file

Here's the one I created when H Wayne hired Cam "Cam" Cameron

Remaining schedule

The AFC is much tougher this year, so 10-6 will be the lowest win total a team can have, in order to qualify.

At 4-3, that means the Fins have to go 6-3 to get there.  Can they do it?  Here's my game-by-game:

Chargers - I give this one a toss up, just because its at home.  I'll give the advantage to Miami (yay, a 3-game win streak) 1-0

@ Lions - no way does Miami win. And Megatron is expect back. 1-1

Bills - the Bills are flat out better (I know it sounds incredible), and can win against Miami, even in Miami.  Its a toss up, but lets give it to Miami 2-1

@ Brconcos - "next question!" 2-2

@ Jets - Miami will win one against them, not sure which one.  So I'll go loss here 2-3

Ravens - Miami just can't seem to beat them over the last decade or so.  And Joe Flacco has turned out to be a good QB.  Loss 2-4

@ Patriots - Bill can't stand losing.  And he hates losing to the Dolphins.  He won't get swept.  2-5

Vikings - its at home, but by then Bridgewater will be a legit threat.  It should be close, but Miami might win. 3-5

Jets - the Jets fans only hope to go 2-0 every year, with both wins against Miami.  But I think at home, last game Miami pulls it out and goes to 4-5

Which makes them 8-8, and then Philbin will be gone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Strange doings?

Over the last few weeks, we've caught a few reports of Jim Harbaugh's days being numbered in San Francisco.  Jay Glazer has said there is "no way" Harbaugh returns.

And with Mr. Ross flirtation with him a few years ago, you have to wonder if he'll make another run at Harbaugh.

Meanwhile, we hear reports that players are not happy in the locker room, and Mike Wallace wonders why the offense isn't more explosive - calling out the scheme.

And Dawn Aponte, who last year was Philbin's biggest supporter after the Bulying incident, has turned on him to some degree.  She is now - as it has been reported - telling Mr. Ross that Philbnin isn't getting it done.
And today, it was reported that *now* Marino is working with the QBs, and more involved in team operations.  Can that mean that he's keeping an eye on things and reporting back to Mr. Ross?

I guess time will tell, but it sure smells like its going to be a coaching change at season's end.  And its only a year too late if it is.

Why don't fans come out to Dolphins games?

I've heard it aksed before, and saw JeremyandJessica posted that question in response to a previous post.

I have lived in South Florida pretty much my whole life, and I've studied this question, and thought I'd take a swipe at responding.

There are a couple of key factors here, and they have carried on for many years - heck, the 72 Dolphins didn't sell out most games!  And Marino's team regularly played in front of a not-so-packed house.

Issue #1: Affordability.  Florida has been, and still is, a tourist driven economy.  Many people work in a related industry, where the wages are good, but the economics of having a lot of disposable income make it challenging to attend a lot of games.  A family of four would be paying north of $250 to go and spend the day and have a meal at the stadium.

If you're making $50k a year, the takehome is around $1000 a week.  Deciding to spend 25% of a weeks paycheck on a single game is a tough call.

Issue #2: South Florida is a melting pot.  There are many people from all over the globe, and a fair number don't give a wit about american football.  Those that are from another US city are generally long-time fans of the team from "home" and aren't interested in the local product.  So, they will go to a game featuring their team - wearing their team's jersey.  And otherwise, don't come to games.

Issue #3: there's a ton to do in South Florida, from the beach to plentiful activities.  And many of them are low cost (or free).  So people can spend money and sit in a stadium (and sweat) OR they can hang out somewhere else in the heat and come and go at their leisure.

Issue #4: the advent of HD.  This is a bigger issue than simply in Miami, but its still a factor.  People can watch the game at home and invite friends over and still have the tailgate experience if they like (and often can plus that experience).  And the view on TV is better than from the cheap seats.

And finally, Issue #5: there are a lot of people in Miami who attend events to be seen, or because they are essentially "front running phonies" who only go when the team is good.  So if there's a primetime big game, there are more people who show up.  But they won't show up on a Sunday at 1pm.

And there you go.  Different owners, different CEOs, some market researchers, lots of attempts to draw fans in.  And these factors stay constant.

I have a hunch that for the most part Mr. Ross is well aware of the issues, and that's why he agrees to buy out the unsold tickets.  At least the product stays on people's minds...otherwise he might lose whatever fans still remain with this team.

I can tell you that at one point, we had a tailgating group of about 12.  And I knew at least three other groups of equal size.  All of us just quit at some point for our own reasons.  That's 36 or so people who gave up season tickets.  Add to that the 20 or so people I know who used to go regularly to games (or at least follow them closely). 

If I represent some number of people,. then they're losing ticket sales. And I have no idea how they will make them up.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jason Taylor's Ping Pong Smash 11


WESTON – After celebrating the 10th Anniversary of one of his most original and most popular fundraising efforts last year, Miami Dolphins legendary defender, Jason Taylor, will kick off another decade of table tennis and philanthropy with the 3Cinteractive JT’s Ping-Pong Smash 11 – Presented by Publix on Monday, November 3 at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Fla.  Proceeds from the event will benefit the Jason Taylor Foundation, whose mission is to support and create programs that facilitate the personal growth and empowerment of South Florida’s children in need by focusing on improved health care, education and quality of life. 

This one-of-a-kind event will once again pair generous community members with some of the Sunshine State’s most recognizable personalities from the worlds of sports and entertainment, including Taylor, as well as a host of current and former Miami Dolphins players, Dolphins cheerleaders and others.  The duos will compete in a round-robin style ping-pong tournament while raising money for local children’s charities.  The fun-filled, electric atmosphere will also feature DJ Lazof the all new Hits 97.3 FM, along with Power Parties DJs & Lightingfilling the arena with today’s hottest music, in addition to the Best Buy Fun Zone, where those in attendance can enjoy a Best Buy gaming station, hair cuts, interactive games and more!    

Also taking place at this year’s Smash is the first-ever JTF Garage Sale, featuring nearly 2,000 items, including well over 1,000 items priced at or below $5 each. Some of the “treasures” donors may find at the JTF Garage Sale include t-shirts from past events priced at $2 each, hats for $3 each, polo shirts priced at $5 each and various bags, wallets and other specialty items.  Additionally, Jason Taylor has included some of his own unique items such as pairs of his actual football gloves, cleats, jerseys and even several personal items taken directly from the football hero’s locker following his retirement. One hundred percent of all proceeds raised from the JTF Garage Sale will directly benefit the young people served by the Jason Taylor Foundation.

Prior to the action that evening, the Jason Taylor Foundation will hold the seventh-annual Ping-Pong Smash Kids Clinic – Supported by UPS.  Nearly 100 deserving children will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the world’s fastest sport from former Puerto Rican Junior National Table Tennis Champion and three-time JT’s Ping-Pong Smash Champion, Juan Ly.  The Kids Clinic will take place from 3:00 – 5:00 PM, also at Hard Rock Live. 

Following the event, participants will attend the Hooters Champions’ Celebration to take part in the awards ceremony, a silent auction and loads of fun all while FM 104.3 The Ticket broadcasts live from the event!

In addition to 3Cinteractive, Publix, Hooters and UPS, other supporters include FM 104.3 The Ticket, A&T Dry Cleaners, Best Buy of Davie, Carefree Boat Club, Daszkal Bolton LLP, Envy Motoring, Fanatics, Flanigan’s Seafood Bar & Grill, Gerlinde & Michael Photography, Global Wealth Management, Grounds Group, Inko Dada, Invicta Watch Company, The Jorge Nation Foundation, Juicera, Killerspin, The Law Offices of Lawrence Zieper, Big Dick’s Muscle Cars, Northwestern Mutual,, Redline Media Group, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Seminole Tribe of Florida, Steven Douglas Associates, UB Chillin’ and Zing Sock Club.

Doors open for the 3Cinteractive JT’s Ping-Pong Smash 11 – Presented by Publix, as well as the JTF Garage Sale, at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, November 3.  Admission to the event is a $5.00 donation to the Jason Taylor Foundation.  For more information, please call (954) 424-0799 or visit, or follow us on Twitter @JTFoundation99 (#JTPPS #JTFGarageSale).                                                        

Passionate ownership

I watched the Redskins - Cowboys tilt, and there was Jerry Jones, front and center, basking (as usual) in the limelight.

If this game is all about personality and entertainment then he embodies it. And whether you like him or not, you know who he is, what he looks like, and what he stands for.

Can you say the same about most of the 31 other owners?  Ever seen the guy that owns the Dolphins?

And yet here was Jerry - owner, GM, president, bus driver, head chef, and bottle washer, front and center.  He did an interview during the game, using a headset from his owners box.  How weird is that?  And yet for Cowboys fans - and for the entertainment aspect - how weirdly wonderful....

Later, when Romo got hurt, he gave a statement to the sideline reporter about Romo possibly coming back and then he went onto the field and talked to the coach about Romo.

They may have gotten to be "America's team" through the class and distinction of Roger Staubach and Tom Landry, but they remain popular in large part because of the personality of their owner.

Now for the record, I don't like *him*, but I do respect what he's been able to do.

Like I said, its all about entertainment.  He's got comments about everything, and he's not afraid to voice them.  It is fun to see someone that passionate about his team...

The guy (well, I would say "in Miami" but that's not right because he's "in NY") who owns Miami could learn a thing or two about showing some passion.

My two cents.

Monday, October 27, 2014


My fun with flash files wasn't limited to Ricky. Nope. I also did one about Saban coming to miami (which in retrospect is utterly ridiculous) and one about him leaving

Ricky Williams

Back in 2006, at the height of the Ricky created a flash file about his desire to go to the CFL. I found it earlier today, and thought I'd post it. I'll say what you're thinking: its whacked....but funny. Ricky goes to the CFL

Ryan Tannehill (well his wife Lauren, anyway)

 You can have an opinion about Tannehill, and most people do.  Mine is on the side that he's not so good.

But...there's no debating his wife is easy on the eyes.  Once, when asked why he married her Ryan quipped "look at her..." With that in mind, here are two sites with pictures of Lauren.


Dolphins - Chargers history

These two teams have played a fair amount over the years, and between 1981-1995, they met up in the playoffs a half dozen or so times...its been mostly even, but there are some memorable moments...

Of  course one of the single most memorable plays came in the playoffs at the end of the 1981 season... it was the "Hook and Lateral" which you can relive here:

 The game was, well, epic. It went on for what seemed like forever, and ultimately went into OT. The Chargers won, Kellen Winslow was dragged off... and the Chargers went on to play in to play in frigid Cincinnatti the following week. Photo from

The two teams met again in 1982, and the Dolphins dominated and kept winning ... all the way to the SuperBowl.

Another memorable game came in 1992, in the pouring rain in Miami.  The Dolphins took control and wound up winning...only to meet up with the Bills in the AFC Championship that year. And I don't need to tell you how that turned out, do I?  I think Tom Olivadotti still has nightmares about Thurman Thomas...

And then there was this...gem?  Don Shula had achilles surgery during the 1994 season, and relied on a golf cart to get around.  So there he was on the sidelines sitting in it. The Dolphins had things go their way, then there was a late TD by the Chargers...then, the phins had a chance to win it with 6 seconds left....and Pete Stoyonavich missed!

The story about Shula's golf cart goes... The National Football League hierarchy is quietly happy the Miami Dolphins are no longer in uniform, for two reasons. One, no home-field advantage for either team in the Super Bowl Jan. 29 in Miami. Two, they no longer have to deal with Don Shula's golf cart on the sidelines. ''You can imagine the uproar if, say, Steve Young had injured himself crashing into that damned cart,'' an NFL official privately remarked over the past weekend. The league tried to coax Shula into the press box coaches' booth while rehabbing his surgically repaired Achilles' tendon, but the Jaw would have none of it. Shoes reasoned he could have more of an impact on the sidelines. And, perhaps, be seen better? After all, the man does have a rather sizeable, albeit justified ego. . . . The Shula Cart also was an issue over the weekend in San Diego, where groundskeepers wanted to keep both teams off the rain-softened playing field the day before the game. The Chargers obliged, opting to work out on their practice field adjacent the stadium. However, Shula kicked up such a ruckus, NFL officials relented and allowed the Dolphins to use the east end of the Jack Murphy Stadium field for their Saturday run-through, instead of the Chargers' practice field. Stadium workers clenched their teeth at the sight of Shula riding his golf cart about the east end of the field Saturday and again during the Dolphins' warm-ups on Sunday. ''That's pretty dumb,'' stadium manager Bill Wilson was heard to snort. ''He wants a good field and he puts ruts in it. Is that smart?'' You know there was a lot of happy leering when the Dolphins missed a potential game-winning field goal from that same, chewed-up east end.

Philbin & Tanne Get a "Pass" From This Guy....

OK, So the Dolphins squeaked by the Jags with the team riding the defense for the win.

If you watched the game or even read about it then you already know that our defense was superb and our offense might as well not have suited up in the first half because they ran something like a total of 9 plays for a 12 yards and yet we were still winning and getting the ball to open up the 2nd half.

With all that being said, I am giving Tannehill & Philbin a PASS! Yup, that’s right, I am not holding it against them. This team got the win even though it was in horrendous fashion.

I have said all along that the true tests of Tannehill & Philbin will be against the Bears, (which they won), Chargers, & Lions. I expected them to beat the Jags, even though I admit I expected a lot more out of the Phins, they won as expected. The Ravens also pose another test for our coach & QB but that is far down our schedule so we will talk about that in a month or so.

The reason that I say the Chargers & Lions pose a huge test for Tanne & Philbin is because:

One: They are 2 really good defenses, the Lions own the best one in the league as a matter of fact.

Two: These teams both find ways to win ugly games, just look at the Lions victory over the Falcons yesterday.

Do you think Philbin can come up with a game plans to win? And can Tanne execute those Plans? Because Rivers & Stafford won’t be throwing two pick 6 interceptions to hand us the game. Enjoy the Jags win as I am but remember, if we were playing probably anyone other than Jacksonville yesterday, with the way our offense performed, we most likely walk out of that game in the loser column.

Hopefully our offense can put it together for these next 2 games.

Take the under

Under as in "underwhelming" and under as in the betting line.

Three times this season, the Dolphins have come in under the betting total.  With the NFL's increase in scoring (over 50 points in some games??!!), the Dolphins and their opponents are having trouble getting to the mid-40s combined points in most of their games this season.

You might say that in part its the Dolphins defense, but if you look at the teams they beat, other teams have held them to low totals as well.  So it seems more likely the Dolphins defense has played well enough, while the offense has been just okay.

Yesterday, Tannehill had an average day. Under 200 yards, a TD, and not much explosiveness on offense.  And take away two bad throws by Bortles, and Miami is in OT with the Jags, tied at 13.

That's underwhelming.  Thankfully Bortles made those mistakes...but you can't rely on luck every week.  At some point, it runs out.

Meanwhile the Patriots continue to show how wide the gulf is by completely dominating the Bears, where Miami beat them the week before - it was a somewhat convincing win, but not the beat down the Pats put on the same team.

Trade Deadline Thought

The trade deadline is approaching on Tuesday and that of course fuels speculation of what teams might do. There were some rumors Miami inquired to Tampa about Doug Martin which is likely true. Keep in mind inquiring means nothing but a call asking what they are thinking in trade value. The Dolphins should be calling everyone to get a feel for asking prices.  That is called due diligence.  Martin could pair with Lamar Miller for a  1-2 punch. I don’t think the Dolphins are desperate for RB but if Lamar Miller gets hurt, I personally think the Dolphins would lose quite a bit with just Daniel Thomas and Damien Williams. So if Martin can be obtained for a reasonable draft pick or player it would make sense.  When considering possibilities it takes more than just what a need is. You have to consider a player’s salary as well.  Miami is not going to have a lot of available cash this offseason. Olivier Vernon is going to command a high contract.  They also have to consider if they want to resign Jared Odrick. Jared Odrick will also command a sizeable contract.  With that being said, it becomes unrealistic for the team to give up draft picks (who play at much more affordable rookie contracts) for a player like a Vincent Jackson. The team simply would not be able to afford him next season and they already have a substantial amount tied up in Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline. 

So with a more complete picture in mind, where do I see Miami considering a trade? Well on the need side, Miami could use an upgrade at running back depth thus the inquiry into Doug Martin.  They could also use some upgraded depth at offense tackle.  In my opinion there is a sharp drop off after Albert and James.  On the surplus side we do have ridiculous amount of depth at the defensive end position.  I know Dion Jordon is a popular name swirling around because he is young with so much upside. However, with recent drug use issue and him being just 1 strike away from a season ban. I don’t see a team willing to risk enough to justify trading him. One player I would consider trading would be Derrick Shelby. He is preforming at a high level and could start for a number of teams in the league.  Miami has two high end starters right now in Wake and Vernon. They also have Dion Jordon and Terrence Fede. In my opinion Terrence Fede is similar in talent and ability to Derrick Shelby. He is of course more raw, but I think he would be an adequate player in place of Shelby.  Shelby is very affordable right now for a team and will be a RFA in 2015. He is going to be getting a big pay increase but he will not be an open market free agent. This would make him very attractive to a team needing defensive line help.  Fede signed a rookie deal from the 7th round which makes him very cap friendly for the next few seasons.  Assuming Dion Jordon stays out of trouble, and assuming Miami plans to spend the money needed to keep Vernon.  It would make some sense to move Derrick Shelby for an upgrade to our Offensive Tackle Depth or upgrade at running back depth.  Another way to look at this would be as follows. If Braden Albert or Juwan James gets hurt, the backup to them is Jason Fox and Dallas Thomas. If Lamar Miller gets hurt our back-up would be Daniel Thomas and Damien Williams. That is some serious drop off. If Olivier Vernon or Cam Wake gets hurt then Dion Jordon and T Fede would be picking up the slack.  Jared Odrick could also help out. That is not as severe of drop off in my opinion. 

So there you have it, my arm chair realistic possibility of a player for a player trade that could help two teams and make salary cap sense.  Of course that requires a team needing defensive line help to have an extra running back or extra offensive lineman that would upgrade us.

Miami- Jacksonville Post Game Thoughts

What a strange game! Blocked Field Goals, Hit Uprights, Two Pick Six Touchdowns, Pigeons? Of course what really matters is the Dolphins came away with a win. Here are my Top 5 thoughts after the game.
1.) Ryan Tannehill - Showed me something.  Colledge was not ready to play and nearly got Tannehill killed. Brian Hartline dropped a few very catchable balls. Tannehill was under pressure and not getting much help and he still pulled it together to hit a big vertical route to Mike Wallace. He also used some well-timed read option runs to close the game out. Is Ryan Tannehill Peyton Manning? Of course not. However, you saw what it is like to have a bad quarterback today for Jacksonville. I am not meaning to rip on Bortles, he is a rookie and learning the game. But when you boil it down, the difference in the game today is Miami had a decent QB and Jacksonville did not.

2.) I think Daryn Colledge really did have a migraine. I know he is not some elite guard but he is not that bad. If he was just getting smoked it was a genus movie by Miami to keep the media heat of him. With that being said, we have Detroit, Buffalo and the Jets coming soon. All those teams have very good D-Tackles. Colledge is going to need to play ALOT better.

3.) Brian Hartline play has clearly dropped off. (Yes I am going to be a bit of jerk) But how about he starts spending more time after practice like Mike Wallace on the jugs machine and less time modeling clothes and working on end zone dances that gives us penalties. It is time for Bill Lazor to start using Gibson and Mathews more snaps to send Hartline a message.

4.) Our Defensive Line is amazingly loaded.  I am not talking about 4 really good Dlineman. I am talking more like 8 very good defensive line players. Considering the defense was again on the field almost the whole first half and Vernon was making big plays fresh is amazing. Dion Jordon and Derrick Shelby allowed Wake and Vernon to rest without a huge drop off.

5.) Now we find out if Miami is Playoff team. San Diego, Detroit and Buffalo are all playoff contenders right now. We won't be able to overcome the offense laying an egg in the first half and the special teams playing poor. I know Miami is not a bad team. But we are now going to find out if they are a good team.

What Goes on in the Miami Locker Room During Halftime?

I was scared of this game.  We hadn't put back-to-back wins together since last year when we beat the Jets, Steelers & Patriots, making ourselves the favorites for the 2nd(think??) WC playoff team. Back to reality. 
Since blocking NE's first punt and scoring a TD on our first massive drive(15 yards), we have managed to score 1 more TD & 2 FG's for a total of 20 points in 105 minutes.  If not for our trip to London and scoring 21 points in the 2nd quarter, we would have a total of 23 points in the next 105 minutes(but really 44).  HALFTIME!!!!!!!!
OK, ready for the next 105? We have scored 77 points!  And the final quarter we slip back down to 33.  We have 97 points in 3 quarters, & 77 in "1!"  Whatever is being said, being eaten, stretched, taped, watched, changed, etc.;  Can you guys try doing it at the start of the game? SERIOUSLY?  Is it all adjustments our staff is picking up from the other team?
This is it!!  Every game is a must win, period! 12 of 16 teams in the AFC have equal or better records than Miami(I threw Houston in there at 4-4).
I personally don't care how the point's are scored.  Our defense won the game today & that is what winning teams do when the "O" isn't clicking.  But it has only been clicking except for the 3rd quarter.
9 games remaining.  Put it all together; O-D-ST's; We have the talent!  We can throw deep!  We can run!  Sack the QB.  Do it for 4 QUARTERS and see what happens!!