Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stop with Systems Already!

There is no dispute that Don Shula was a great coach. He did so many things that justify his status as one of the top coaches of all time. Undefeated Season, Super Bowl Wins, All Time Win Record… He was special.  Of all the things that he did, the most impressive thing he did to me was adapt. This was a coach who had a system in place featuring  Jim Kiick, Larry Csonka, and Mercury Morris. They pounded teams into the ground with a relentless running game.  As I have watched the NFL through years what I see is coaches get caught up on their “system”. If they have success with a system they go out looking to get the players to fit into that system again. Don Shula could have spent the 80’s trying to get a dominate line and elite running backs. Instead Don Shula changed to an offense featuring Dan Marino. Why? because that is what he had. He kept the Dolphins a very competitive football team through the 80’s and most of the early 90’s.  After that we have been bringing in coaches and GM’s that are here to “rebuild” the team. I hate that term “Rebuild”. What that means to me is a coach wasting 2 years trying to acquire players to fit his system.  Many times teams will pass on a very good football player in the draft or free agency and they will get a player of lesser talent because they fit “the system better”.    We have had the 90’s Cowboys System, The 80’s Giants System, and The 2000’s Green Bay Systems here. All many years to late after they were successful.   Right now I am not sure I can say if we are using a new Lazor system or we just have a globby mess of an older Packers system. I don’t even really care.  I am so tired of systems and coaches saying the players are not ready for the system. 

How about a novel concept of designing your system around what you have? What do we have in Miami? We have a mobile QB with a live arm. We have an elite deep ball WR that is faster than 95% of the CBs in the league, we have a running back that has a nice burst in space, we have a several solid pass rushers, and we have an athletic Oline.  We have the talent to create mismatches. We really do.   How about a series of running the option with Tannehill, Miller and Wallace. Bring Matt Moore in the back field with Tannehill the next series. Tannehill can shift in motion to a WR or he can take snap.  Moore can take the snap and throw a deep ball to Wallace. I am not saying do it all game, have a 3-4 play series in the set ready to go.  Come out on the next series with Billy Turner in the game in a double TE formation and power run with Moreno.  Teams would have their heads spinning trying to adapt in the game and you would be using all that talent( some of which just sits on the bench  because they are not ready or don’t fit the system) vs running the same set over and over with the same personal that a team has spent all week preparing to stop.  I am not saying everything will work. But for once coach without fear, get the players having fun.  Even if does not work out all the time, it seems a lot better than dying a slow death trying to go 8-8 running "a system" that is a decade to late.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's Stop The Excuses And Set Some Standards As A Fan Base....

These Dolphins sure don’t fail to disappoint do they?! They come out smoking hot and defeat New England then flop the next 2 games that they should have won. I could have accepted the losses to Buffalo and Kansas City a lot better if they would have at least put up a fight. They didn’t even compete which was the most disheartening part of it all.

It is obvious that Philbin screwed up with the handling of his QB situation. Some want Matt Moore and some want Tannehill. I really am getting tired of the excuse train that has been following this controversy as well as the 2 straight 19 point losses. Some examples are:

Receivers drop passes.

The offensive line gives up a lot of sacks.

The offense put the D in bad situations.

Our Linebacker suck.

We have injuries.

We should have ran the ball.

We should have passed the ball.



You want to know what I care about? WINS! I don’t care who is playing QB, hell, let Pee-Wee Herman do it. I don’t care who coaches, Mickey Mouse will do just fine if he can lead the team to victory! This team needs to stop making excuses to the media, themselves, their team mates, the fans, the coaches and the rest of the league and WIN!

Now that all that is out in the open, it is also clear that Tannehill will start against Oakland and I am fine with that. Again, don’t really care. I also don’t care how he plays against them because they are the bottom feeders of the league although it can be debated that Jacksonville is not too far behind who we also play this year by the way. I EXPECT HIM TO HAVE A GOOD GAME. If he fails and we lose I will criticize him to no end but if he wins, it will not matter to me! You know what will impress me when it comes to Tannehill and Philbin? Put up more points than Aaron Rodgers when we play the Packers. Give it hell against the Bears and COMPETE. Beat the Chargers AT HOME! Again, COMPETE against the Lions! Those will be the true tests of Philbin and Tannehill. If you have any standards as a fan then this game against Oakland on Sunday is meaningless when it comes to how Philbin and Tannehill perform. It should be expected that they beat a horrible Raiders team.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How To fire Philbin

Ok I must be confused?  I don’t recall a coach ever on any team losing the team after a 1-2 start. 1-2!  They are 1 and 1 in the division and only one game back. You have to be kidding me right?  A few days ago I was thinking along the lines stay the course; we don’t want to look yet again like another clown show down in Miami.  Unfortunately, it is too late… Our O-Coordinator “cringed” at the mention this was his offense. I would cringe to if I was running 7 step drops and shotguns on 3rd and one. The coaching in the Kansas City game was probably the worst I have seen under Philbin. Ryan Tannehill has been ok but not spectacular. So what does Philbin do? He pulls his confidence and. What does Tannehill do? He speaks out against his coach. Ok so let me get this right. The Offensive coordinator is distancing himself from Philbin. Ryan Tannehill is openly saying that Philbin is causing a distraction and making it hard to prepare.   That is the most lack of leadership I have ever witnessed at record of 1-2.

Steve Ross, this is your team, you paid a ton of money for it.  The leadership of this team has cracked. We need you to step in and right the course.  Not just for the next game, not just for the season, for the future.  You simply can’t sustain wins in this league when the offensive coordinator and quarterback don’t trust the head coach. – I know it will make us look foolish to let a coach go right away in the season, but we looked like clowns this week already.   I know several people had wanted him fired but I have not seen anyone suggest what to do. I assume you have people advising you but just in case you want another suggestion…

Coaching - For this season- You can’t hire anyone outside because they are already coaching so we would need to use an interim head coach. I don’t think having Lazor or Coyle do it is wise, we need them focused on preparing game plans. I would suggest you assign Ken O’Keefe to be the head coach the rest of the season. I know him well from his days with the Iowa Hawkeyes. He would be very capable to handle the primary duties of a head coach.  You need a stable figure to bring the team together and he would be able to do it.

Quarterback – I would advise the team you don’t want the QB plan to be discussed in the media by coach or player.  I mean come on...   Right now what Philbin did is not fair to Ryan Tannehill and it is not fair to Matt Moore.  If the coaches want to give Matt Moore a shot I am fine with that, but give him a week to prepare with the starters and take the reps. What are you really going to learn pulling Tannehill half way through a game and putting a cold Matt Moore in probably against a defense that knows he has to pass.  Have a conviction on who you are starting and support that player for the game, don’t jerk both of them around

Looking Ahead – If Philbin is fired now it is going to make it harder to hire a hot commodity head coach next season.  Also, right now you are losing fan base like crazy.  You need to bring the fan base together and the team together. I think there is a man out there that is capable of doing this that will take the job. I can’t say he is the best x’s and o’s coach out there, he has been around. But I can tell you, he will bring your team together. This man is Mike Shula.  He would be supported by all your major fans from the 70’s guys all the way to current.  I think with a couple of solid coordinators at his side and he can give this team what it has needed for years, A LEADER.

Also, if the coaches do decide to switch to Matt Moore, I would almost require him to sign an extension before you give him that chance. We are in a horrible situation going into the offseason if Matt Moore is our starter and not under contract.  We are also, in a horrible situation if we are not sure if we are picking up Tannehill’s extension.  If Moore is extended you have a lot more options on what do. You can’t afford to not be thinking ahead is this league.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A curse on the dolphins?

In case you didn't see this story...

I can vouch for the general nature of the article being true; it was an Indian burial ground. In fact, I have a cousin who was working for the architecture firm for the stadium who clued me to in to this in the 1980s.

Oh and by the way, did you ever wonder why the parking area has grass strips for you to park on? That was a concession made to preserve green space in honor of the burial grounds.

On Marino: that's odd

Jason Cole made some speculative comments about Marinos role with the fins, and suggested Marino was evaluating people. 

But that's not the odd part. No, the odd part was Marinos response. He told Armando Salguero:

"My whole thing from the beginning has been to support on the football side, be excited about being back in the organization and as far as the community stuff, working on the sponsorship side -- things like going over to meet with some of the sponsors in London. And that's really it."

Read it again. I'll wait. 

Marinos role is to be excited. And to meet with sponsors. 

That's quite a role. It's not about football or helping the team grow. Nope. It's about making money for the owner by being out there for the sponsors. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dolphin players told Tannehill will start

The Dolphin players have been informed that Tannehill will be the starter in London. Now we can end all the guessing and speculation. I know the game was bad and the offense has looked terrible the last two games. But lets take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The Dolphins have more talent on paper than the 0-3 Raiders and "should" win the game. That would put us at 2-2 entering the bye. Something that before the season started I saw as the most likeliest scenario. I saw us beating the Bills and Raiders but losing to the Patriots and Chiefs, two playoff teams from a year ago. However if before the season you told me we could swamp the Patriots and Bills game, I would take it.

Now the Dolphins still need to play the Raiders and if we do lose to them then all goes through the window. A 1-3 start before the bye with the next two games against the Packers and Bears, we could very well start off 1-5 with the season pretty much over.

With all that being said, we need to stick with Tannehill. Who knows he could somehow turn it all around and we go on a winning streak. Matt Moore is a solid back up and I trust him to come in if Tannehill gets hurt. But I like Matt Moore more as a backup. It is too early in the season to give up on Tannehill, he isn't Chad Henne bad.

Give Tannehill a game against a mediocre/bad defense and lets see how he performs. If he performs bad then we can revisit this discussion during the bye week. But for Tannehill's sake lets hope he has a good game and we can put this talk behind us, for at least two weeks.

I will say this though, I believe the Dolphins should draft a QB in the draft next offseason. Whether that be in the first round or the seventh round remains to be seen.

The Film Review Shows Bad Coaching!

For those of you interested in post game film analysis I suggest you follow Ian Wharton on twitter. He does a very professional job of breaking down the game.  I think this is the most accurate way to judge performance. I will give you a disclaimer, if you read the summary of his review I put in below, you are going to probably be even more upset with our coaching. I know I was.  Here was some of the top points I took way.

Ryan Tannehill did not have as bad of game as people are saying. Look at the play below.  It takes a live NFL arm to make this throw.   The Film showed Tannehill made several good reads and throws.  I honestly don’t think Matt Moore can make throws likes this efficiently. However, the film did show plays where Tannehill  missed in a few throws so I would not by any means say he played a great game.  Ian Wharton is not bias and does this for a many college and pro games. His review came in right at what I was seeing with Tannehill.  To quote him. “Unfortunately I don't have time to do these breakdowns for every game, so I can't show you, but Tannehill still is in the middle of the pack”  Tannehill is not playing horrible football right now people. Yes he has a ways to go to be an elite quarterback, but I highly doubt that Matt Moore is a top 15 QB in the NFL.  So I don’t see a reason to pull Tannehill or think he is primary cause of our last two losses.

Here is another quote from Ian Wharton  I think that is more of an issue than Tannehill. “Receivers have been awful except for Wallace, and he's only turned it around in the last 6 quarters. No separation or hands”

Check out the play below!

The above is either a horrible play design or a WR’s running the wrong routes.  Where is Tannehill supposed to throw it?


Is the above Lazor’s complex motion offense?  What are you expecting will happen? In the pocket Tannehill does the right thing, he takes a sack rather than throw an INT or get called for intentional grounding.

Once again the above is either horrible separation by the WR’s or a horrible play call (or both). Tannehill does the wrong thing and forces a throw into coverage and nearly gets it picked off. I can’t blame him, the team was desperate to score points at this part of the game.

When Tannehill extended the above play Gibson blew it.  Look where they are at on the field this play would have put the Dolphins in position for sure points
One other thing I did not pay as close of attention to is the number of tipped or swatted balls. This has been an issue since he was a rookie in his first game . Is this Tannehill or coaching? I mean the guy is freaking 6’5! How can they not get this corrected? See Below.


How about we get this fixed coaching??? It is happening 4-5 times per game! The guy is 6’5 for crying out loud.
Ok so I can understand sometimes things just don’t work out.  I also, know in the NFL losing causes stress and the more you lose the more pressure you feel, it comes with the territory.  However, I am near livid with Philbin throwing Tannehill under the bus this week.  If you are going to do it phrase it correctly.  Something like “ Because we are we being out coached so badly, we need a quarterback that is flawless for the few handful of plays were he actually gets open wide receivers. We are thinking about Matt Moore because he is gunslinger and will throw it up to Mike Wallace deep even if he is covered. It works on techmo bowl so maybe it will work for us, we don’t know what else to do.”  Do you feel I am being  to harsh? OK one more for you. I have already written a full article on this. But here it is on film for you. This is ABSOUTLEY horrible coaching. They have done this FOUR times in the last two games on plays where they need ONE yard.  Not only is it STUPID to pass on 3rd and short because it is a high % success rate to power run in that situation or QB  Sneak it. They are turning these plays into about the odds of making a 3rd and 5. The below play design is TERRIBLE! Just look at this.

So after looking at the above, I think it is clown level coaching.  I already suggested Mr. Ross have this explained. I think we the fans deserve it. Not some BS we felt that was the best play call for what they were doing cliché. I want to know why in the world you feel a 7 step drops or shotgun formations make any sense AT ALL for 3rd and 1. Seriously, how in the world did they come up with that? These are supposed to be the best coaches in football it is the NFL. They have done this or the shotgun  FOUR times with critical one yard to go plays on 3rd of 4th down the last two games!
Again all this work was done by Ian Wharton and you can check it out on twitter. I will not do this routine because it is his work and you can see it there.  He also covers our defense and I will tell you our linebackers and Coyle had several bad plays as well.


Start Matt Moore?

During the preseason, I was one of the people who suggested the Fins start Matt Moore.

That obviously was not going to happen because Tannehill is their guy.

And now here it is about 3 weeks later, and we hear reports that the team may actually be considering a switch?  What gives here?

Yes, I still think Moore is better.  But this isn't about who's better, and its not about who helps the team the most.  Crikey, its been 3 weeks.  Other than Tannehill playing poorly again, nothing else has changed.

If Tannehill was your guy 3 weeks ago, you should say that he's still your guy now (at least to the media, even if you don't believe it).  Is he giving in to media pressure?  Is he waffling? 

We also hear reports that players are pissed about the defensive scheme the team ran last week.  Sure, players sometimes get ticked off at coaches, but you don't typically hear about it quite that loudly.

These are all the things that happen when a coach has lost control of his team.  Has Philbin lost control?

So yeah, go ahead and start Matt Moore.  Maybe you win a few more games.  But you divide the locker room, and you can't go back.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Slow Down Miami Dolphin Fans

Wow what a wild day, all hell has broken loose in Miami. Beat writers are even fighting. People are calling for Ross to fire Philbin, Fire Coyle, Fire Rizzi.. FIRE SOMEONE!  As well as the pull Tannehill talk that always follows a loss. To be clear the coaches do feel the pressure now as does Tannehill… as they should. They just played an inferior team and lost. That is no disrespect to the Chiefs. They were well coached and played hard. But even Chiefs fans will tell you they are looking at next year when their cap clears and they have extra draft picks.  So, I do not disagree that Philbin should be on the hot seat.  The lack of using a short yardage scheme on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 is not excusable. That is done at the high school level because it is nearly impossible to stop a power formation from getting 1 yard. I have already covered that issue in my last post.  However, it does not really stop there.  This game showed me a few other things that give me the sense that either Philbin does not trust his players or does not trust his own plan. Let me give a few examples of why I feel it is justified to say this.

1.)    The Dolphins signed Daniel Thomas back off the street and he basically served as the #2 back in the game.  If that is the case why did the team keep Damien Williams and Orleans Darkwa?  I can understand keeping one of them for development but it would appear they do not trust to play them over Daniel Thomas? – That seems like a coach not trusting the players they kept on the 53

2.)    This defense was built to stop the pass. I feel really good about that choice.  You have to be able to beat Tom Brady and Peyton Manning to win in the post season.  This defense would DOMINATE the Chiefs or the Bills for that matter if they had to play from 1-2 scores down going into the 3rd quarter.  Both of those teams simply do not have the personal to lineup 3 and 4 wide and get the ball down the field with our talented CBs and D-Ends in there. Of course when your offense not only fails to score points, but also tends to do a lot of three and outs it allows teams that can’t throw very well to use a running game to protect the QB and wear down your defense.  Cam Wake and O Vernon are not run stuffing lineman. They are average at best matched up against power running teams that are running the ball. Running the football also removes Grimes and Finnegan from really having any impact in the game.  The Dolphins were designed to score points on offense and then use a dominating pass rush and talented CBs to blow teams out.  – Now with that being said, why would Joe Philbin be afraid to go for 4th downs in opponents’ territory or try to score a touchdown when you are down 14-0? You bring in talented skill players and build a defense designed to play against the pass and then play very conservative on offense in a home game against an average at best team?  They were playing press coverage a lot of the game and you have the most talent at WR that you have had in years?  Even worse how about having almost 2 minutes left in the Buffalo game before half and just running out the clock. This seems like a coach not trusting his players or his own plan to be able to come through. Or in words playing not to lose rather than playing to win.

3.)    All preseason long the word coming out was “tempo” they want to dictate tempo.  I can understand that is hard to do (although you have to be able to do it) in a hostile stadium like Buffalo. But I did not see any tempo in the Chiefs game.  No hurry to line and use all kinds of motion to create mismatches for the defense. This team was not even using tempo when they were behind. This tells me that either the teams does not understand their assignments well enough to run tempo. Or the coaching staff is not able to adjust fast enough during the game to call an up tempo game. Either way it signals a coaching fail.

Anyway.. You get the point, I am not impressed or happy with the coaching in particular the head coach, offensive coach, and special teams coach. They have done a poor job at both having their players mentally ready as well as preparing effective game plans.  I am going to defend Coyle. I have seen people ripping on him but the defense has played well enough to win the last two games. He has not been perfect and his units got in some mismatches. But you can’t hide Jason Trusnik from getting into coverage all game. The offensive has put the defensive in very difficult positions time after time.  If the offense would just score some points to force a team to have to pass it would make a huge difference. There are some issues but they are the kind of issues preventing us from winning the last couple games.

I am also not on board with pulling Tannehill. The drops in the last couple games have been horrible and he does not look lost with where to go with the ball to me. Does he need to deliver? Yes he does. But I ask you, what is your end point if you pull him? Matt Moore is going to be free agent next year and the team will need to decide what to do with Tannehll. Are you going to cut Tannehill and sign Moore to an extension? Draft a rookie QB when our cap space is limited and you have to resign people like O Vernon?  Or another way to think about this… Would you give Ryan Tannehill to Bill Belichick for a 1st round pick right now?  How about cut him and give him to Bill Belichick for free?   The team has to decide his long term plan after the season and we better be damn sure he is not the guy before we just cut him loose.  Considering how bad our QB’s were for over a decade after Marino, I am willing to be patient to see how Tannehill does. If he continues his average but not good play the rest of the year we don’t pick up his extension and draft a rookie letting them compete next season.

Now with all the said I am sure I will get some fruit thrown at me when I say. I would not fire anyone other than maybe Darren Rizzi.  It easy to say “OMG the team looked awful” “ Fire The Coach”.  Ok done he is fired….. Now what?  You can’t hire anyone, they are all under contract coaching in the season. Ok so we promote someone on the staff. Like who? Bill Lazor? He has only been an offensive coordinator for 3 games and they have not exactly looked good on offense.  Ok Coyle then?  Ok so now he has to deal with all the headaches of head coach and take less time planning a defense. A defense that he is trying to scheme with a lack of talent at linebacker, I don’t think we exactly have a coach that can take over the defensive effectively if he does not have time to do it.  On top of that, you send a message to the league that you will fire a coach for going 1-2 to start a season. I am sure that will help to recruit a talented coach next season. Don’t forget, several coaches like Jim Harbaugh and Jeff Fisher turned the job down and we were down to the homeless guy on the corner to take the GM job if Hickey passed.  So I would be careful being the Queen of Hearts and yelling “Off with their Head” If you want to make statement fire Rizzi (I am sure the homeless guy on the corner would be about the same as him for a special teams coach). Otherwise the best plan is to suck it up; the team is much better than they have been playing.  We have a good chance to get to 2-2 going into bye after which we should be looking at having Pouncey, Jones, Misi and Moreno back with the team. Also, don’t discount Billy Turner just yet. With some luck he will be back to healthy. Our interior line will be a whole different beast with a healthy Pouncey and Turner in there.

On a final note I do think it is time for Mr. Ross to start having dinner with some interesting people. People like Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher, maybe a secret dinner in a basement (you can use mine) with Jim Harbaugh. Don’t laugh we stole Shula from the Colts when the owner was away.  So when 2014 passes if the Dolphins end up down the path they appear headed ,you have these guys on speed dial.  They will respect you gave Philbin 3 full years to win. If you fire him now , good luck even getting the homeless guy to coach the team.

Does The "Peter Principle" Apply to Joe Philbin?

Back in 1969, Lawrence J. Peter co-authored the book "The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong".

In it, he theorized that companies take a perfectly good salesman and promote him to sales manager where he may still perform well and then move him up again and again until he reaches a position that he no longer is as productive as he was in a prior position.

Hence, they are promoted to their level of incompetence.

Joe Philbin may very well have been an excellent O-Line coach.

He may have been an excellent Offensive Coordinator.

But does he lack the qualities necessary to be an effective Head Coach?

His game time management skills are not good. This is a problem as the Head Coach determines the use of time outs in the closing minutes of a half.

Case in point: his mismanagement of our last TO before halftime wasting 20 seconds which could have been used to run another play or two.

His ability to motivate is nonexistent. Maybe its just not in his DNA. The team doesn't seem to have any fire in their bellies.

His squad makes bonehead mistakes for absolutely no reason such as Hartline's Putting with the Stars and one of our coaches bumped an official early in the game, each resulting in 15 yard field position changing penalties. Plus, one of our gunners was flagged for illegal substitution for not going inside the numbers prior to coming back towards tthe sideline to line up for the punt.

These are just stupid penalties that have nothing yo do with talent or ability but actually are the product of a lack of discipline.

Philbin doesn't have the nerve to make necessary changes in players or the coaching staff when the lack of production warrants it.  He may be too nice a guy.  Which is fine if you're an Uncle but its not a quality I would look for in my Head Coach.  We all know were nice guys finish.

Maybe he is starting to read the writing on the wall as Ryan Tannehill hasn't been confirmed to be the starting QB for this Sunday against Oakland.

I do believe that Head Coaches deserve at least 4 years to build their team and implement their system. Provided, of course, that they can manage the game, instill discipline and motivate the team.

Unfortunately, I am losing patience waiting for a light to suddenly come on. There just may not be enough power or there may not be the proper connections in place for that to happen.

Maybe, just maybe, Philbin is in over his head.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Nothing Like Starting A Nice, Hot Fire Under The Entire Coaching Staff To Start Out The Week.....

REGRESSION is the word of the week folks.

Our defense has regressed every year since Kevin Coyle took over. Look up the stats, go ahead, I will wait…



OK good, now that you believe me let us talk about his game planning for yesterday’s game. Why on this earth was Jason Trusnik and Cameron Wake covering a speedy running back in the first place? The SAME SCHEME EXPOSED US TWICE IN THE SAME GAME!!! Pathetic!! As a coach, you have to minimize your unit’s weaknesses and mask them with strengths. Coyle failed which is why I would FIRE HIM TODAY. Make a statement to the organization, the players, the fans, the coaching staff and the entire league. Coyle is so caught up in his “system” that he refuses to play to his individual players strengths. That is rule # 1 as a coach. Look what happened when Revis went from the Jets, who coached to his ability, to the Bucs, who coached to their system. Perfect example right there…

Ryan Tannehill has regressed each season and is on pace for CAREER LOWS across all the statistics. Look that one up too….


OK, now that I’m 2/2 let us talk about him. He does not have “it”. Time to move on. The offensive line gave up 9 sacks this year you say? Oh wait, this just in, the Chiefs have given up 10 so far this year and I think 4 of them to Miami yesterday and yet Alex Smith still posted a passer rating of 136. Tannehill’s rating against a significantly less talented secondary yesterday? 70.4. these are his passer ratings, in order, starting from week one, 80, 73.6, and 70.4. As I said, REGRESSION! And he does not even have the excuse of not having a running game! A good QB makes the people around him better, Tannehill clearly is not that guy. Let Matt Moore finish the season and draft a new QB.

Now, Carl’s favorite subject, Darren Rizzi!! He needs to be fired today along with Coyle. Why is our punt returner constantly fielding punts within the 5 yard line? Does he not know what a fair catch is? Landry got rocked yesterday because of he refused to call a fair catch. Not to mention, The Dolphins are ranked 31st in net punting average and let me tell you, it’s not because our punter doesn’t have a leg, it’s because we can’t cover a punt to save our rear ends! Time to go Mr. Rizzi, I can only hope and wish your seat is just as hot as Mr. Philbin’s and Mr. Coyle’s…

Fire Philbin at season’s end. The guy, like Tannehill, does not have “it”. I am willing to be patient if I see improvement and that is not what is being provided. Philbin is lost out there guys, let’s just call it as it is. In the final 2 minutes against Buffalo you run out the clock and show no confidence in your team then the very next week in the same scenario you decide to push for points? And when you have a chance to score a TD, you mismanage the clock and squander 19 seconds and have to settle for a FG? This team looks as lost as its head coach. NO LEADERSHIP. NO DESIRE. NO HEART. I hope that seat is growing hotter by the second there Mr. Philbin. Some may say, “what other options are there out there?” And to that I don’t know, but ask yourself, What state would the Dolphins be in if we would have hired Mike McCoy? He is doing a heck of a job down there in San Diego with an arguably less talented team. Here is another one for you, would you have guessed the Browns would be competing at the level they are with Mike Pettine? Yes they have the same record as the Phins but they are a hell of a lot more competitive than us and let me remind you, they are without one of the best receivers in the NFL and their starting RB, so for those of you who like to play the injury card for the Phins, consider that one. NO MORE EXCUSES!!! Injuries are a part of the NFL year in and year out, what separates the bad teams from the good and the good from the great is their ability to overcome adversity. Name me a team that does not lose players to injuries every year and I will name you the winning lottery numbers for this Saturday…

There has been a lot of talk as to why the Dolphins did not run the football in short yardage situations against KC even though we were torching them with the ground game. Let me try and answer that question. More often than not, with a finesse offense like the Dolphins have, there are two plays that will be called and the one that is ran is based off of what kind of defense is being shown. Now, again, this is horrible coaching. If the defense can dictate whether you run or pass based on how they line up then you have already lost! All of this is unacceptable!! Like GoFins has said repeatedely, RUN THE DARN FOOTBALL IN SHORT YARDAGE SITUATIONS!!! If you cannot gain a yard in 2 tries like we had a chance to yesterday then you don’t deserve to be on the field! Oh Wait, that’s right, we didn’t gain a yard in 2 tries. Sorry! I will debate and defend my reasons for wanting what I wrote about in this post all day long! NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!!

About me...

Every year or so, I remind everyone (when I start sounding fair-weathered) about me...

I was a fan from the early 70s.  Loved this team through high school and college, and beyond....was a season ticket for a number of years and sat through every game I went to...

I started a website (that became this blog) as one of the first on the block (Curt at probably beat me by a couple of weeks), and was as passionate as anyone.  I helped found finsradio.  I was a good ambassador for the team. And still followed them through Nick, Cam, and into Sparano.

But everyone has a breaking point, and somewhere in there, among all the relative lies, poor performances, and lack of leadership *anywhere*, I stopped watching every week.

Over the last few years, I have found more enjoyment watching RedZone, and the entertainment aspect more than *any* single game.  I have a fantasy team and its fun to key in on performances. 

And while I tried to make Dolphins fans out of my boys, well, that hasn't worked so well.  The team didn't capture their interest, and they are fans of individual players rather than a team.

That's how it goes.  I don't believe that makes me fair-weathered.  And to be fair, even in the unlikely scenario that the team went on a tear, and finished 14-2, and was the favorite to win it all, I don't think I would ever go back to watching every week.
You may notice that I only comment occasionally on this blog, and its more observational, and about a general topic.  That's because I don't want to come off as a "true fan" ... I still care to a point, and feel a need to comment at times. Just about what I'm seeing...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Have Started Washing Dishes During Our Last Two Games

Its just too disheartening to watch.

It truly is.

With 40 odd seconds left in the half and a TO in your pocket you figure the Coach would use it and get 4 shots at a TD.

Nope. Wasted time. Wasted opportunity.

Time for scrubbing bubbles.

What the hell was Hartline thinking about after his TD catch?

Tell me he wasn't waiting all off season to line up a putt.

So while his teammates stood by waiting to congratulate him and were surely wondering "what the f__k is he doing?", the refs threw a flag for a group celebration.

It looked more like neighbors watching the gas man digging a ditch.

How the hell is Darren Rizzi still employed?

Let's see how many bonehead plays our special teams can make:
1) Making sure you get inside the numbers prior to the snap as a substitute has been a rule since these idiots have been playing high school.
2) Do not catch the punt inside your 5 yard line since they have been playing Pop Warner.
3) Allow 20 yards per punt return. Not very good numbers.

Am I the only one who thinks Andy Reid showed little class at the end of the game?

You could see him eye balling Philbin across the field, who wisely chose to end our misery and not call a TO with 30 seconds left.

Well, that could have been a habit with Philbin not to use TOs with 30 seconds left in a half.

Reid had plenty of time to call for a Victory formation. They should have kneed it.

London is calling and if we don't play well against Oakland, I will break out the mop.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

You knew this post was coming...

During the offseason, I lobbied for two things: Ross to clean house (including Philbin) and for the team to draft a qb.

And here we are after 3 weeks, and fans are coming around to my way of thinking. This week we will undoubtedly hear a lot if it...

And so, much like the season where Ross went and tried to hire Jim Harbaugh, and then kept Sparano, we are looking at another season where it's a complete waste of time.

Changes will surely come a season too late.

And that means as an owner, Ross is....hey, I'll let y'all fill in the blank.

Here's an idea

Tired of watching this tired team?

I know I got tired if them a couple of seasons ago....

If you're able to get NFL redzone, I highly recommend it. And if not, you might want to head out to a sports bar and catch various games.

In the late action, there were 3 games being shown. Two were really fun matchups, and of course they were both dominating airtime, with the dolphins sprinkled in - especially when the others were at commercial.

I gotta tell you, it's do much better than "wasting" an afternoon watching the dolphins ending in futility week after week.

Letter To Steve Ross

Please pass this on to everyone you know in the hope Steve Ross reads it.  It is my opinion that is makes no sense and reflects poorly on the coaching to not have a play designed to power run on 1 yard down to go plays. This situation happens almost every game and often decides the outcome. In the last two games the Dolphins have been running out of the shotgun or passing on plays like 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1. The have failed repeatedly in this formation at critical points of the last two games.  I am not sure what your coaches are telling you to explain why they don’t have a power run formation… But I would be happy to explain it. You take out your tight ends and replace them with offensive lineman.  You put a powerful lead blocker in the backfield, note if you don’t have a fullback (like our team) that is fine you, just put another lineman in there or possibly consider a D-Tackle. See William Perry as a reference or more recently watch the last game of the year against the Jets from 2013.  This now gives you 8 powerful drive blocking players in the game.   You hand off to running back who runs north and south following the 300 pound lead blocker or you just hand if off to the 300 pound lead blocker.  To understand why this will work almost every time, stop at the library and check out a book on basic physics. Pay special attention to the part of mass, inertia, and how an object in motion stays in motion.  Also, because this it is so hard to stop from getting a yard teams may overload extra players near the line. No problem you are paying Millions of dollars to a man named Mike Wallace. You split him out wide and if they match up with him man to man you consider taking a shot.  

Two observations

1. Not to rub salt in a wound, but Tannehill had another sub-par day. And oh by the way Bortles and Bridgewater both got some playing time and looked okay (in spite of losses) and have some upside ahead of them. (Statistically, they were both slightly better)

And 2. The dolphins had their "aqua out" day. They ordered 50k aqua shirts to give away and "sold out" of the 70k tickets. And it looked like maybe 20k fans showed up. So instead of a sea of aqua, it was a sea of orange seats. And I'm guessing they'll have to find a use for the other 30,000 shirts they must have sitting in just shows the apathy here in Miami.

Maybe It Wasn't All Sherman's Fault...

Time to push the P-A-N-I-C button. 



This Chiefs team was decimated by injuries at key positions and the Dolphins came out and SUCKED. 

Fire everyone. Hit the reset button. Call Pee-Wee Herman, he definitely cannot be worse than what we currently have. 13 first half points in 3 games is coaching. NO EXCUSES! 

Good luck in London next week Miami! You are gonna need it!!!