Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brain Trauma to Affect One in Three Players, N.F.L. Agrees

My Saturday morning reading included this article. It's a good read, but more importantly, this ties right back to the NFLs image problem.

And it's intriguing that the NFL is agreeing with something they've argued against for decades. How will this admission affect their image?

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The NFLs image problem

It's certainly not the NFLs fault that Ray Rice hit a woman. Nor is it their fault that Adrian Peterson "whooped" his son.

But the fact is that these are grown men who work for the same employer. And that employer needs to help these grown men to act like actual men, and not like dumb jocks.

And how Roger Goodell responds to the Peterson case will tell us if he has grown at all. Yes, Peterson won't play this weekend. But why hasn't there be the same sort of knee jerk there was with Rice? Why not terminate his contract and suspend him indefinitely? Because there's no video?

Are they going to "let the legal process play out"?

After what happened with Rice, this could turn the public on the NFL.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Some X-Factors Just Joined the Mix For the Bills Game

I just saw the news the NFL has updated is drug policy and as a result Dion Jordon and Reshad Jones will be returning to the Dolphins. It is hard to say what kind of impact this will have in the Buffalo game. The Dolphins will already have their game plan prepared but it is not like these two could not pretty much be told the game plan since they know the system and playbook . I don’t expect either player to start since the coaches are not sure how sharp they are. However, it would not shock me to see Reshad Jones get some extensive action. He is a much bigger player and better tackler compared to Jimmy Wilson.  I fully expect Miami to give a lot of different looks and keeping Buffalo guessing  if Maimi will bring Jones or Delmas up for run support. It will add some more options to slow down the Buffalo running attack. It also would allow Miami to play Jimmy Wilson in the slot on some plays as well. The fact is Jimmy is play maker in coverage but he is not a big physical safety that you can bring up to smack Jackson and Spiller.  If Miami runs very much 52 package I would expect Dion Jordon will sub in for Wake and OV at times to give them a rest.  Jordon has the ideal physical ability to play in that package and with our linebackers beat up I think they run it a bit more. On passing downs the team will be hard pressed to not keep Chris McCain as an edge rusher over Dion.  I have to admit if the Miami gets Buffalo in 3rd and long situation it would be interesting to see them rush Wake, Jordon, OV, and McCain. Jones and Jordon are both big physical players that can run and be moved around in the defense so at the very least they will give the team more options and depth.

Miami Dolphins, AARP Foundation To Pack ONE MILLION MEALS

#onemillionmeals The Miami Dolphins, through our Special Teams Driven by Chevy Volunteer program. are partnering with AARP Foundation to pack ONE MILLION MEALS for individuals 50+ in South Florida and support Feeding South Florida with the donation. The organizations are looking for 6,000 volunteers to donate their time to helping those less fortunate. The minimum age to volunteer is 10 years old. Volunteers will work an assembly line, combining ingredients and vitamins, to make one million nutritious meals. 

Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Sun Life Stadium Gate G, 347 Don Shula Drive, Miami Gardens, FL 33056

Volunteers can sign up at or go directly to this page:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Knowshon Moreno Captures FedEx Ground POW Award!

The votes are in and the winners have been chosen! Dolphins' Knowshon Moreno was awarded the FedEx NFL Ground Player of the Week! Moreno won for his spectacular performance against the New England Patriots (rushed for 134 yards and a touchdown in the Dolphins' 33-20 victory).

Don't forget, because of his win, Miami's chapter of the American Red Cross will now be awarded a $2,000 donation in Moreno's name.

Also, Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons was awarded the FedEx NFL Air Player of the Week for his performance against the New Orleans Saints (threw for 448 yards and three touchdowns in the Falcons' 37-34 overtime victory).


Its Time To Pay The Bills!

No, I am not talking about those annoying letters in the mail that come due each month.

NO. I am talking about that annoying team on the border of Canada.

Those Bills. The Buffalo Bills!

The team that has won 7 out of their last 10 games hosting the Miami Dolphins at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Those Bills.

The team that swept us when we didn't play well enough to win the first game against them last year in Miami and they capitalized on our mistakes.

Those Bills.

The team that had a rookie DB pick off Tannehill early in the first quarter and waltz into the end zone for a quick lead.

Those Bills.

The team that used a bone head play by one of gunners who ran out of bounds to cancel a 70+ yard punt and then returned the do-over into our side of the field for an easy FG.

Those Bills.

The team that should have never been close to us in that game but we somehow found ways to screw up and keep them in the game.

Those Bills.

A late sack that caused a critical fumble that led to their game winning FG, a pick six, missed tackles, dropped passes, a missed FG by us.  We gift wrapped this game for them.

Those Bills.

And then when it mattered so much to us late last season at their place, the Weather Gods came to their aid.

Those Bills.

The team that played like they were facing a Pop Warner team in route to a 19-0 pasting.

Those Bills.

The team that held us to 6 first downs. Yes, 6!

Those Bills.

The team that held us to 14 yards on 12 rushing attempts.

Those Bills.

The team that sacked us 7 times. Yes,7!

Those Bills.

The team that had 10 punt returns. Yes, 10!

Those Bills.

These are the Bills that need to get paid back.

And in full!!!

If any Dolphins player has any pride and can muster any emotion in their veins, then this Sunday should be called "Pay Back Sunday".

Not because they knocked us out of the playoffs. No, the dirt bag Jets did that.

No, the Bills just undressed us and completely embarrassed us in their home when they had nothing to play for and we had everything to gain. They spanked us.

Those Bills may think they have us on a direct payment plan. They may feel they got us in their account before they even get their bank statement.

I have a sneaky suspicion that come this Sunday, these Bills will be in for a big surprise when their check bounces and they cannot cover the charges.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971 

We will never forget #WeWillNeverForget

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 2: Dolphins AT Bills Predictions

I really enjoyed predicting the outcome and the keys to the game of the week one matchup against the Patriots. I am proud to boast that I got a lot of things correct with only a few things wrong but most importantly, I predicted the correct winner! Here are my thoughts and predictions for week 2 against the Bills...

Miami wins this one 27-13. 

I know our linebackers are banged up, hell, none of the starters may even play but we have one good thing going for us right now, we know the Bills are going to try and run the ball over and over again. This is huge for Miami. I expect them to stack the box with Louis Delmas to help stop the 2 headed monster in CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. Delmas plays like a linebacker in there so that is good news for us. We must tackle this week or it could get ugly. 

Another thing I would say the coaches are pushing for with this strategy is to make EJ Manuel beat us with his arm. We have a pretty darn good secondary and the best Buffalo receiver is a banged up rookie, Sammy Watkins. As mentioned, if we can tackle, this may be a long day for the Buffalo offense. The advantage when Miami is on defense definitely goes to the Dolphins.

Now, onto the interesting part, Buffalo's defense against Miami's offense. I don't see Miami rushing for 191 yards like it did last week. Buffalo's front 7 are way too good. What I do see is a lot of quick releases, a lot of screens, a lot of "extended handoffs" like shotgun quick pitches and things of that sort. All of this is for the sole purpose of slowing down that Buffalo pass rush. We finally have an offensive coordinator that can influence a defense with just his play calling! I believe Lazor can and will make that happen. 

I see Tannehill throwing for 300+ yards and 2 TDs with no more than 1 INT, if any at all! Mike Wallace has a big day, 80+ yards receiving with 1 TD. He is the most targeted receiver by Tannehill and he will continue that against the Bills who have a corner with a strained hamstring. Dare I say that Tannehill and Wallace will connect on a deep ball of at least 40 yards!? I know some of you don't see it but I have a funny feeling about it this weekend. If it wasn't for the Buffalo front 7, I would say Miami definitely has the advantage, BUT, the fact is that they exist and are pretty darn good. Miami has a hell of a lot weapons to account for though. The advantage when Miami is on offense lies in the trenches, our overhauled offensive line against the Bills front 7. The advantage will be to whoever wins the battle at the line of scrimmage. Tough one to call!

I won't be tuning in for most of the game but I hope to catch at least the 4th quarter! 

I hope you all enjoy the game and hopefully we can talk about a 2-0 start on here next week!

Phins Up!

Very Interesting....

It is pretty rare you will see me write on anything off topic regarding the Miami Dolphins here. However, as today's events have unfolded I thought it might be interesting to point out there are some serious power players clashing right now.  Of course you all know about the Ray Rice situation and it is another one of those drama filled stories I really don’t care to comment on.  However, today Roger Goodell has come under fire.  Roger Goodell is one of the most powerful people in the country.  Think about it for a minute. You tell me who has the ability to dictate to and influence billionaires, who has the ability to dictate what a city has to contribute to have a super bowl?  What a city has to do to keep an NFL team or get an NFL team.  How about who has the power to ban a player, coach, even an owner, and take away their ability to earn millions of dollars?  Who has the ability to dictate to billion dollars cable companies, and networks?  On top of influence, Roger Goodell has made an enormous amount of money. His last reported YEARLY salary was 44.2 Million dollars. He has held his position since 2006.  I think you can safely assume he is worth well into the 9 figure range.  Today congress entered the fray to find out what happened with the Ray Rice video.  This was interesting to me.  Are they doing this because they feel like he is too powerful to be held accountable by anyone else? Does his massive influence and wealth make them feel threatened?  Maybe they just wanted to jump in on a popular story to get their name in the news for future elections.  I doubt any of us will really know, but I definitely want to get my bucket of popcorn to watch this. You would have to be pretty naive to think the NFL did not see the tape. So there is clearly a situation of “where there is smoke there is fine” going on right now for Roger Goodell.  If he has to go answer questions before congress it will be interesting to see how a man that has held massive power going on a decade now will respond when pushed into a corner. Maybe someday it will be made into a movie starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

So You Want to Beat the Bills?

The 1-0 Dolphins travel to 1-0 Buffalo Bills. Both teams are coming off wins in games they were expected to lose. This game is huge because the winner gets to jump out to great start in AFC East.  Buffalo swept us last year and was the team most directly responsible for the Dolphins not making the playoffs.  Buffalo is a beatable team but they definitely are not a team to take lightly.  Like I did with the Patriots game last week I wanted to put out the keys I think we need to win the game.

1.)    Have our Offensive line get at least a draw against their Defensive Line. Last season the primary reason we lost both games is we matched up pretty much the worst offensive line in team history against a Buffalo D-Line that is one of the best in the league.  In particular Ja’wuan James is going to have his hands full going up against Mario Williams. Give the rookie some help and don’t leave him on an island all game against a beast of player.

2.)    Push the plays to take the matchups in the 2nd and 3rd level of the Buffalo Defensive.  I don’t care what anyone says you do not just replace a Jairus Byrd and Kiko Alonso.  I think we will be able to get some favorable matchups with their linebackers and secondary.  In Particular getting Charles Clay , Lamar Miller, and Knowshon Mareno out in space against their linebackers will play to our advantage.   In other words set up the run with our pass against them not the other way around.

3.)    Give Tannehill Some Time.  – I don’t expect our line to move their D-Line around like they did against the Patriots. However, I do think we will be able to pass block adequate enough for Tannehill to exploit the mismatches we can make with their secondary trying to cover Hartline, Wallace, Gibson , and Landry.

4.)    Get some points on the board.  Buffalo has a young quarterback and their #1 WR is a rookie. They are built right now to pound CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. I fully expect them to try to get their talented backs matched up with our injury plagued linebackers. The do not want to have EJ Manuel throwing many attempts with Brent Grimes and Cortland Finnegan lurking around.  If our offense can put get some quick scores on the board, it will force the Bills to throw more. With our pass rushers and D-Backs that is a horrible situation for them.

5.)    Be conservative on Punt and Kick Return – Last week Jarvis Landry was pretty much fearless on punt return and I noticed we have Landry and Damien Williams returning kicks. I liked this because we were at home and you know you have to really put points on the board against the Patriots.  Ralph Wilson is a difficult place to play and both those players are not going to be familiar with playing there.  I would avoid having rookies bring balls out of the end zone and would have Landry typically call for fair catches this game.  Buffalo is not built to score a pile of points so make them earn it don’t beat yourself in a hostile environment.

Phins Up!  

Follow me on Twitter for up to date reactions and predictions.  @Gofins4SB

Knowshon Moreno nominated for FedEx Air & Ground player of week

#AirandGround It's that time of year again! FedEx is kicking off its 12th annual FedEx Air & Ground NFL Players of the Week program for the 2014 season. Every week during the regular season, three quarterbacks and three running backs are nominated by the NFL for the FedEx Air & Ground NFL Players of the Week based on performance.


The first week's nominees were announced today! The Miami Dolphins' Knowshon Moreno was nominated for his outstanding performance against the New England Patriots, rushing for 134 yards and a touchdown. We'd love for you could encourage your readers to go to to vote. If Moreno wins, FedEx will make a $2,000 donation to Miami's local chapter of the American Red Cross.


You'll find the full list of the nominees below:


Air Nominees

·         Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw for 448 yards and three touchdowns in the Falcons' 37-34 overtime victory against the New Orleans Saints.


·         Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger completed 23 of 34 passes for 365 yards and a touchdown as the Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns 30-27.


·         Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford completed 22 of 32 passes for 346 yards and two touchdowns in a 35-14 win over the New York Giants.


Ground Nominees

·         Miami Dolphins running back Knowshon Moreno rushed for 134 yards and a touchdown in the Dolphins' 33-20 victory against the New England Patriots.


·         Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch had 20 carries for 110 yards and two touchdowns in the Seahawks' 36-16 victory against the Green Bay Packers.


·         Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell tallied 109 yards on 21 carries and a touchdown in the Steelers' 30-27 victory against the Cleveland Browns.


Every Monday night, following the Monday Night Football game, through Thursday at 3 p.m. ET, fans may visit to cast votes for their favorite players nominated that week. FedEx and the NFL will announce the winners every Thursday afternoon and award a $2,000 donation in the winning players' names to their teams' local area chapter of the American Red Cross to assist with disaster relief and preparedness.


Vote and use #AirandGround hashtag to spread the word!


Code of conduct is a joke

Over the years, we heard about how the NFL was tough on players. But we always had questions about good ole Roger as "Judge, Jury, and Executioner."  How even-handed could he be?  And would he be tough when it mattered?

You can look back at Spy Gate, and see the problem. You can look at the way he's suspended players for violating the drug policy (usually its punitive for a minor infraction).  And then there's head trauma and concussions and the way he's handled that.  And what you might see is a jumbled picture.

But when it comes to off the field problems, it seems he has no clue what he's doing.  First, lets look back at the bullying incident.  Frankly, he never handled it all.  He hired an investigator to make it appear proper.  He met with some of the players involved, and Incognito got an indefinite suspension.

He ordered that Incognito undergo counseling, and then re-instated him, and he may sign somewhere.  Pouncey got a note that he had to undergo counseling, but never did and challenged the commissioner by saying "I don't need to" which is just plain dumb, and the commish did nothing. 

Oh, and lets not forget there were a number of other allegations in the report on the bullying incident that the NFL failed to investigate.  Why?  Because they didn't matter?  Or because Goodell wanted the whole thing to go away?

That situation is certainly never going to be re-opened.  It was handled poorly, but it is what it is.  I only use it to set the context for what happened with Ray Rice.

See the thing is that Goodell mis-handled this as well.  He didn't really investigate, and the story goes that they never asked to see the video. Ever.

And so he suspends the guy for two games, then later says "golly, gee whiz, I made a mistake" but declines to do anything more.  Why?  Because he hoped the whole thing would go away?

And then the video comes out, and he suspends the guy indefinitely, and the team releases him, so that they can make it go away..."hey look we got a great product here on the field, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"...

Except I want to call attention to the great and powerful wizard of oz.  He needs a new method for dealing with player conduct - on and off the field, and with respect to drug use.  The NFL has loads of cash, and should be a leader and set an example - set up a better system for dealing with this kind of stuff.

And I heard this morning that there's a movement to ask for Goodell's resignation.  I'm down with that.  The guy who pays him self handsomely should be accountable for how he behaves, too.

Keith Olberman (and I know many of you may think this is politically charged, if I'm quoting *him*, but I only use it because he said it well) said of the whole thing:

"It does not truly matter whether they had seen this video before today. The league, the team, the prosecutors, either whitewashed Ray Rice's brutal assault without ever having seen this video, or they saw the video and whitewashed Rice's brutal assault anyway… I accuse prosecutors McClain and Ruberton and Judge Donio even with the full weight of the law behind them of failing to seek or failing to obtain or failing to act upon that in-elevator video. Of failing to put Ray Rice in jail where he belongs. The state of New Jersey must immediately begin an inquiry into whether or not the failures of McClain and Ruberton and Donio are mere incompetence, or if they rose to the level of criminal malfeasance. I accuse President Cass and General Manager Newsome of Baltimore of failing to act internally after the ludicrousness of the Rice two-game suspension should have become apparent even to them.  They have had six weeks to add a team suspension to Rice's token league punishment to try to make the scales of justice slightly less out of all balance. They did nothing until they terminated Rice's contract today after all of them failed to get away with it. Mr. Cass and Mr. Newsome put the meaninglessness of their own team's financial and on-field success ahead of the safety and well-being not only of Janay Palmer, but of every woman in this country now threatened by a man who, because of how they covered for Ray Rice, is a little more confident that he can get away with it."

And he's right. This is a bigger issue than Goodell would like us to believe.  We can't have highly-paid professional athletes behaving this way, especially when they act as role models (like it or not).

Its time for the NFL to change its policies.

Monday, September 08, 2014

What A Turn Of Events!

Just when I thought "This ain't looking good" after Lamar Miller's shoe flies 40 feet in the air and the ball falls harmlessly to the ground without Miller surrounding it, leading to a Patriot fumble recovery, the Dolphin D comes up with a 3 and out to keep us only 10 points down.

Then the Dolphins go 55 yards on 11 plays and I am thinking "OK, down by 7 and back in it."

Then Brady takes just under 2 minutes to set up another FG and extend their lead back to 10 points and I quote myself "This ain't looking good".

The first half was nuts.  We get a three and out. We block their punt after a low snap but couldn't scoop and score and fall on it at the 13.

Was that first mini drive exciting or what?

Just to see all the motion and not have to hear "Go!" or "Go-Go!".

No, those days are "Gone, Gone-Gone".

This new look offense had guys going this way, others going that way and the ball going into the end zone.

A good start.

Then the wheels fell off. 3 turnovers that lead to 17 unanswered Patriot points. Our linebackers banged up and Julian Edelman is having a good first half.

"This ain't looking good".

Now, who amongst us thought we would make the correct half time adjustments?

Down by 10 with Tom Brady on the opposite sideline. 

"This ain't looking good".

Evidently Philbin gave an inspired half time speech "The plays are there."

And they were.

That was the best second half I have seen the Dolphins play in a long, long time.

They were feeding off each other.

Moreno ran wild behind a revamped O Line.

The defense dominated as the Patriots had these drives in the second half leading up to their last desperate drive:
4 plays, 14 yards, Fumble
3 plays, 2 yards, Punt
5 plays, 2 yards, Punt
3 plays, -5 yards, Punt
3 plays, 1 yard, Punt
4 plays, -4 yards, Fumble

Was it all good?


Near the end of the third quarter, with the score tied at 20, Juwann James gets called for holding erasing a TD and leaving us with only a 3 point lead.

Not good.

Then in the 4th, Moreno takes a handoff from the Patriot 4 and turns what looks like is going to be a loss of 3 yards and winds up running through 3 defenders on his way to a TD and a 10 point lead.

That was better than good.

When we led by 10 with just under 6 minutes left in the game, who amongst us felt comfortable?

Not me.

They have Brady.

But I forgot we have Cameron Wake!

This guy is a beast. Another big Strip-Sack!

Up by 10. "Let's punch it in and put this away!!"


4 plays, 5 yards, NE burns time outs, 20 seconds off the clock, we settle for a FG and a 13 point lead.

Who amongst us thought it was over? Completely over?

I guess when you have Tom Brady, as when we had Dan Marino, you feel like if there is at least 20 seconds on the clock you can get 2 TDs and win a game.

So with 15 seconds left, Patriots ball, I thought "They gotta score now if they are going to win."

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, fall harmlessly to the ground.

And then it was over.

But actually this game was over when Philbin said "The plays are there."

We just didn't see it coming like this coaching staff and players did because, quite frankly, we have seen enough to prove the contrary.

Who thought we would rush for 191 yards and give up only 1 sack against a Bill Belichick defense?

Not me.

So we are in First Place with a Division Win and lead the Patriots by 1 1/2 games in the standings!

This is truly a new season with new coaches, new players and a new attitude.

The Dolphins have turned over the roster and hopefully turned the corner.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Dolphins Defeat The Patriots!

Firstly, I want to throw a Carl Leone quote I had on my voicemail today. “ WOW! WOW!”  That pretty much sums up the way the Dolphins dominated the Patriots today.   The final score did not really reflect it. We had 3 turnovers and missed on few big plays and still beat them by 13 points. Even more moving to me was the attitude of the team after the game. There was not a bunch of smack talking or people using “I” when they spoke. There was the feeling of intensity and determination. In fact, the team was already gearing up to take on Buffalo.  All the years we have seem Tom Brady and New England beat us, you would think this team and even the fans would be hell bent on revenge.  However, if you saw Mike Wallace’s interview after the game he was the asked the question “what kind of message does a win over the Patriots send the rest of the NFL?” Mike Wallace responded “It does not matter, I don’t care”. He then mentions further to that “All I know is what we have on this team, all the work we put in.. all the hours”.  All the players seemed to reflect a similar tone and attitude. They have a tunnel vision of sorts heading to Buffalo next.  This was never about getting back at the Patriots. This was never about getting back at all the experts picking the Dolphins to be bad team this year.  Watching the team post game I couldn’t help but be reminded of a quote from Doc Holiday describing Wyatt Earp in the movie Tombstone. “No, make no mistake. It’s not revenge he’s after. It’s a reckoning” I can’t think of any better quote to describe the win today. 

As far as the game goes here is my view on some of what went on.

1.)    The Patriots designed their defense to take away Hartline and Clay with help and then match Revis up 1 on 1 with Wallace. That is why you saw Wallace getting so many balls today. There are not many guys Revis can’t shut down 1 on 1 and Mike Wallace is one of them.

2.)    Moreno inspired the O-Line and Lamar Miller to take their game up a notch. Once of the best running back performances I have seen out of Miami in long long time.  You could see Belichick’s face fading when they showed him after some of Moreno's runs. The reason is he knew there was little he could do.  His team was overtired in the heat and the Dolphins were taking it to them. No scheme can stop that.

3.)    For all these glass half empty people ripping on Tannehill for accuracy issues. This is me rolling my eyes.  Tannehill did a great job reading the coverages and running the offense. Yes he made a bad throw on the INT and also fit some throws in tight windows. (Guys with rocket arms can do that).  Was he spectacular no, but he played a very solid game. Also let me explain something. There is a very small % of the human population that can run as fast as Mike Wallace. You know, guys like Usain Bolt…. Mike Wallace has had some hamstring issues. So of course he does not open up and run full speed like an idiot in practice. In the game he does do that so he can beat coverages. So now you have announcers and analysts all going off how he threw some balls slightly behind Wallace. Do these people understand how fast Mike Wallace can run?  Give Tannehill and Wallace some time to get it down. It is getting better all the time. He was off just a bit on a couple routes. And he was off one foot out of bounds on hitting a homerun.  I will take that any day over a quarterback looking lost the throwing in bad coverages

4.)    Sturgis is healthy. Wow was he booming the ball through the back of end zone. We still need to see if he can hit some 50 yarders and some pressure kicks. But the good news is he appears to be healthy.

5.)    Our back-up linebackers stepped up. But, keep in mind they were mostly playing in passing situations.  Jelani Jenkins is actually probably better than Ellerbe, Wheeler, and Misi in pass coverage.  Let’s hope Misi can get back for the Bill’s game. The Bills are a run first team and they are going to be game planning to attack to Dolphins linebackers.

6.)    Jimmy Wilson appeared to get a concussion in this game.  I think it might be time to cut a deal with Chris Clemons to come hang out in Miami at the very least as some depth until Reshad Jones gets back.
7.)  It sure looked to me that Tom Brady chose to sit on the bench rather than go out on the field to tell the Dolphins they played a good a game.... I always say you learn more about people on how they act when they lose compared to how they act when they win.
For now I am going to go enjoy the win.  I already can’t wait until next Sunday.  Fins Up!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

WOW! A Recap To My Prediction...

I figured the Dolphins would win this game, but not in the fashion in which they did.

I thought for sure it would be a one score victory with either a big defensive stand like last year or a 2 minute drive to barely squeak out a win. My prediction was 23-24 in favor of Miami.

One of the things I said had to happen in order for us to win was to put pressure in Brady and boy did we!! 4 sacks and under constant pressure! The timing of the Patriot offense was completely off the entire 2nd half. Brady was very obviously rattled, even when he had a nice pocket, he was over throwing wide open receivers. Possibly hearing footsteps!!?

Another thing I pointed out in an earlier post that had to happen was that Philbin had to make good halftime adjustments. 67 total yards and a shutout good enough??! I don't know if that was Coyle or Philbin but who cares?! The Patriots got shut down in the 2nd half! How about the offense? We did what we pleased all day long against what some consider a top 10 Patriots defense. Imagine if we would have not turned the ball over 3 times??! WOW!

As I predicted also, Gronk was not a huge factor. He did catch a TD but he was not as effective as he was projected to be. Good job of the Dolphins taking him out of the game for the most part.

I give the Revis/Wallace matchup a push. Revis made some good plays but Wallace also played a fantastic game. Tannehill missed him on a deep ball where he absolutely roasted Revis on a double move, if that would have connected then Wallace would have won the day without debate. It could have been better on Wallace's part but it was a back and forth all day.

Unless you consider the early blocked punt a turnover, we lost the turnover battle which is disappointing but it makes the victory that much more impressive. This Dolphins team kept fighting and clawing its way back into the game when things seemed to be going south. Ryan Tannehill plays with no memory, he bounced back really well after a series of mishaps.

One thing to remember here is that the Dolphins played nearly the entire game without all 3 of their starting linebackers. There was no beating the Dolphins today. They were determined and executed in all phases of the game. I am really impressed with the victory but even more so with how they won all things considered.

Remember, every so called "expert" in the football world picked the Dolphins to lose. We here at this blog had a different idea, your congratulations on my prediction and keys to the game will be accepted in the comments section! LOL Just kidding everyone! JUST KIDDING!

Enjoy the victory and watch out Buffalo!!

Phins Up!!

Dolphins 33 Patriots 20, immediate reaction

What a game. From the opening drive with the blocked punt and then an early lead to a 20-10 deficit at halftime and then domination in the 2nd half, it was a fun roller coaster. These are my immediate reactions from the game:

  • Knowshown Moreno provided a huge lift to the team when it needed it most. He ran every play like he was on the bubble fighting for a spot on the team. I can not say how great of a game he had enough.
  • Wallace was moved around everywhere and was able do a lot of damage, it was nice to see him bounce back after his fumble.
  • Tannehill played good, in the beginning he struggled a little, but as the game progressed he got better which is always a positive sign.
  • The defense was strong all the way through. Considering we gave up 3 turnovers in the 1st half to the Brady lead Patriots, 20 points isn't too bad. In the 2nd half the linebackers played great and the defensive line was outstanding. 
  • Wake needs his own bullet point, that man was impressive today and as Moreno pumped up the offense, Wake pumped up the defense.
  • The offensive line played very well, I was very impressed by their run blocking and they gave Tannehill time for the most part. 
  • Special teams did their part, no missed extra points or FGs and good punting. Landry made a mistake with his positioning one return but he will learn.
  • Great job on the coaching end, as this time is was Philbin who made the correct adjustments at the half that outsmarted the great Belichick. The new offense is very exciting to watch and it was nice to see how they used Wallace, moving him everywhere and sticking to what worked.
  • The emphasis next game should be red zone offense and limiting turnovers, but you have to be very happy with the way the Dolphins played and the direction they are going.