Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dolphins Vs Buc Watch List

The 2nd preseason game is now up next for the Dolphins.  For those of you not following day to day, here are some of the top things to be watching for in the game.

Quarterback – Brady Quinn was added this week. As of right now Matt Moore is ahead of him on the roster.  I don’t see that changing however, if Matt Moore plays poor and Brady Quinn lights up the score board, that could make things very interesting. Brady Quinn is far more affordable and if he were able to fill the #2 QB role it would literally save enough salary cap space to secure a starting player in 2015.

Running Back – K. Moreno has been working back into shape and I expect he will get some carries in this game to see how far along he is. Also Damien Williams has been coming on strong to the point I think he has passed Daniel Thomas on the depth chart. Daniel Thomas is not expected to play and if Damien Williams plays well this could be the game he secures a roster spot.

Wide Receiver – Rishard Mathews has moved into the lead for the 5th WR spot.   With Matt Moore and Brady Quinn playing we should get a better chance to evaluate some of the other wide outs. Will any of them get back into the chase for the 5th spot?

Linebackers – The linebackers did not do a good job tackling against Atlanta. They need to rebound with a strong game or you are going to see Miami start to make changes to the starters.

Dline- Tampa’s Oline is a mess right now. Miami’s talented Dline should be able to control the line of scrimmage and get heat on the QB. In particular I expect key back-ups like Anthony Johnson and Dion Jordon to play well against Tampa’s back-ups.

O-Line – Tampa has a solid Dline and should give our new Oline a tough test. It will be interesting to see how the right side of our line performs in this game.

Kicking – Sturgis should be back kicking in this game. He had a sub par rookie season and I am eager to see him hit some kicks here in the preseason.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quarterback Quandary in Miami

Life in the NFL can be a rollercoaster when you are on the fringe. Pat Devlin had lived on it for a few years.  He did not make a bad living but today he wakes up to look at his options for a new job.  Brady Quinn now has a new job for the time being.  Dolphins fans and writers alike are speculating as to what is going on.  Why did the Dolphins suddenly cut Pat Devlin and why sign Brady Quinn?  Some of the speculation makes no sense to me. I think it was probably a combination of things. Here is my best effort to break it down logical.

1.)    The Dolphins have a lot of talented WRs to evaluate. That is hard in a preseason game when your 2nd and 3rd QB are not playing and you have to play a guy that has been on the team for less than a couple weeks.  Bottom line Miami had to get someone in that can allow them to evaluate the other players they need to make a decision on.

2.)    Matt Moore has a shoulder problem. There has to be something to this. Is he one hard tackle away from being down for the year?  Maybe he is even considering surgery now.  I have to think Joe Philbin has been waking up in a cold sweat at night thinking of Tannehill getting hurt for the year in game one and his QB for the year is Pat Devlin.  He may as well kiss his job good bye in that case.

3.)    Miami has more depth than they have in many seasons at key positions like WR and Dline.  I think they are already planning to keep only 2 QBs. I think they will take a hard look at getting a practice squad QB. Seth Lobato has the inside track on making the practice squad which is why he is still on the team and Devlin is gone.

4.)    Matt Moore is paid a lot of money for a back-up QB. The reason is he is one of the best back-ups in the league.  If he has a chronic issue with his shoulder that may require surgery. The Dolphins may not want to pay him a premium salary in order to help them save money on the cap for next years free agents.

So to summarize it up, I think at this time the Dolphins are planning to only keep 2 quarterbacks and Matt Moore has some shoulder problems. Pat Devlin has not been healthy either so it makes sense to let him go now. I personally don’t think that Matt Moore’s job is in jeopardy.  However, the Dolphins are being safe and bringing in a veteran in case he is not ready to go. I find it hard to believe that the Dolphins would seriously consider cutting Moore for Quinn for a salary cap move only.  It would have to be because he has a health issue. It will be interesting to see if Moore plays in the next preseason game and how his throws look if he does.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Training camp notes and much more

As Chad mentioned before we both went to the Dolphins training camp for their sort of pre-web weekend training camp. It was a great time and I was able to learn a lot while I was there. The Dolphin's CEO Tom Garnfinkel gave us the rundown of the new stadium they have in store. Some of the seats will be moved next season and the stadium itself should all be completed in 2 years. It appears a lot of planning went into the new stadium and I think this is a necessity in order to bring a more appealing look to Sun Life in order to bring a possible Super Bowl. From that aspect I am excited for the new look and think it will look great.

As far as what will be playing in Sun Life, the Dolphins had what Omar Kelly described on twitter " far the most boring Dolphins practice of the yr." There were no 11 on 11 drills and for the most part it was just drills in their respective positions all throughout. 

  • Jarvis Landry looked very quick out there and is someone I can not wait to see in this new offense in the regular season
  • I think Lamar Miller will surprise a lot of us. He gained around 8 lbs of muscle while also trying to maintain the speed he is known for. I think last season got to him, so expect a comeback this season
  • The linebackers will be something to keep an eye on all season. Koa Misi looked good out there from what I saw, and I think the switch to inside is a way of keeping him on the field more.
  • When we interview Odrick he mentioned a new workout routine and eating habits this offseason. He claims it has helped him keep more balance, so we will see how that affects how he plays.
Also on a separate note, I was waiting in the parking lot and I saw Mike Pouncey entering the stadium, he walked a little funny but I think he looked good for the most part. I wouldn't guess he would be out for half the season just by looking at him. Barring being able to physically walk good and physically playing football at a professional level are two different levels, lets just hope it is just a few games and not half the season.  

Below I added a few photos I was able to take in case you are interested. Also Chad had a few on his twitter, click here to check them out.

Sunday Practice Report

I was in attendance for Sundays practice, the first since the preseason game.  Here are some of the notes I took down.

- Running Back Damien Williams was doing rehab on the side with Daniel Thomas. He clearly was moving around ok so I don't think his injury is that severe.

- Jimmy Wilson was working in as the starting safety today as to be expected with Jones being suspended. Jimmy is an interesting player. He does not look like a safety but his ability to react to the ball is noticeable.

- Matt Moore and Pat Devlin were back today participating in drills

- At the end of the day in 7 on 7  - Jarvis Landry was impressive. He catches the ball so clean.

- Moreno was practicing again to day. Honestly, he still looks a bit out of shape to me. He has some work to day to get back to game ready.

- Jason Fox left the field with a trainer, and Mike Gillisee had ice on his knee.

- Cortland Finnegan was not at practice. I over heard that there was a death in his family so it was a non medical absence.

-Jamar Taylor looked very quick in drills and Michael Thomas seems to be a similar player to Jimmy Wilson. Will be interesting to see who takes over the nickel slot position with Wilson at safety.

- Earl Mitchell is surprisingly not as big as I thought he was. He kinda reminds me of Chuck Klingbeil in his stature and how he moves.

- Lamar Miller made some impressive catches. When I interviewed him after practice he was clearly excited about this new offense. Almost like a kid with a new toy.

- Koa Misi looks in great shape and is moving well from what I saw. He was quicker than I was expecting.

The starting O-Line was the same. Dallas Thomas appears to be inching closer to locking down the right guard spot. I like Turner but he may be a bit to raw yet.

Brandon Gibson is not 100%. He is fully participating but I notice he is still showing a small limp at times.

Kevin Cone made a really nice catch that was behind him in 7 on 7

Chris McCain is tall and lean. He will need to add on some bulk to be an every down line backer.

Ellerbe was putting in extra work after practice

Watching down on the side line,  Holly cow is Mike Wallace fast.

For a live timeline with pictures check out my Twitter Feed. @gofins4sb

Sunday's Practice

Richard Machado and I are going to be at practice on Sunday following how the teams is working following Friday's game. I will be tweeting live updates as much possible and with any luck we will have some player interviews to post. You can follow the live updates on twitter at @Gofins4SB