Friday, May 16, 2014

Marlin the magician Briscoe

Omaha films has done a movie about Marlin Briscoe.  The trouble is that it hasn't been released because the NFL hasn't agreed to it. What "we" are asking is to sign a petition, to urge the nfl to help promote it.  In the wake of all the trouble players in the NFL get into seeing something positive should be a no brainer but the NFL still has looked the other way. 

Briscoe of course was the first black quarterback in the nfl, though he went to have a successful career as a receiver, including with the dolphins. 

Following his initial entry into the NFL with Denver and then in 72 with the Dolphins, he retired and went on a huge life altering drug addiction that almost got him killed.  He recovered with a lot of help including Tom Flores of the Raiders and more.  His story is immensely inspirational and the movie about his life is drawing closer to becoming reality.

The official petition is located at this address:  NFL: tell the story of Marlin Briscoe
NFL: tell the story of Marlin Briscoe
Bring the story of the Magician, the first starting black QB in NFL history to the big screen.
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If you would like to know more about Marlin, you can visit this page. 
Marlin Briscoe Exclusives
Who is "The Magician"? The Magician is Marlin Briscoe. is pleased to bring you the latest on a film about the life, the addictions, and the se...
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This guy deserves to be recognized as a pioneer...not for being the NFL's first starting black QB but for being one of the first recovered drug addicts who spends his entire life now working with kids to keep them out of the trouble he got into.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thoughts on the offseason....

Haven't been here in awhile but I like the new look. Good job Dave! It is appreciated. OK, so we have a new offensive coordinator, couple of new rookie lineman, hopefully the bullying crap is behind us if the Dolphins can stay off twitter, and we had a decent draft. I for one was totally surprised with the round 1 pick but I do like it. The tackle from 'Bama was thought to be better but is often hurt, not a good thing for a rookie. All the activity has been great and somewhat exciting but I can't help but stop myself from getting overly hyped for this team. It's like déjà vu from last year all over again...your thoughts?....

I'm guessing they are hard up for selling tickets?

The Dolphins - or at least a representative from the stadium - just called to ask if I wanted to get season tickets.  "You had them for some years but haven't renewed in a while.  Mind if I ask why?"

And so it went, asking lots of questions about what I liked, how I enjoyed the experience, etc....and then of course asked I'd be interested in renewing.

I give them credit for trying, but if anyone who knows me, you know that I'm just not interested in the team any more AND I feel the view from home is probably better.  Plus there's red zone, baby!

So the guy told me he wasn't trying to sell anything, he was just happy to be my representative should I decide to come out to a few games, and we parted.

And by the way, for anyone who is interested in attending games, the fact that they are reaching out to past season ticket holders means that they are working to make deals.  And as consumers, that means there are better deals to be had.  Last season, I saw tickets for <$20 to games.  I imagine this year will be no different.  If you want the experience and don't care where you sit, you can check out some of the resale sites, and probably get a darn good deal.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I had A Dolphin's Nightmare

Now that the draft is in the rear view me everyone is giving out meaningless draft grades.  I won’t take up time attempting to grade players I know less about than the scouts and who nobody really knows anything for sure about until we are into training camp. However, I do like to look at situations that go into a pick. I have seen some writers giving the Dolphins negative marks for “over reaching” for Ja’Wuan James. I suppose everyone has their own definition of what an overreach is. I wanted to review the situation and see what you think.  Most people would say Jake Matthews, Greg Robinson and Taylor Lewan were higher ranked tackle prospects.  There could be an argument made that none of these players would be as good of right tackle since all three will probably all be left tackles for their teams. Still, I am pretty sure Hickey would have be comfortable having any of those guys on the right side.  For the Dolphins to get any of those three would have cost a lot of picks to move up. After them Zach Martin was the best rated lineman on the board but he also would have required picks to move up and get. Furthermore, Miami would have been playing him at right tackle in that scenario. I think he is a guard not a tackle due to having shorter arms. Why would you not let Zach Martin use his agility and power at guard rather than try to put him at tackle trying to use shorter arms against some of the ultra-quick ends in the NFL? I think there is a reasonable likelihood Miami was still going to take James even if Martin was on the board for that reason.  I am not sure they could have even taken the two picks I wanted in the TE Ebron and Linebacker Mosley if they would have fallen to Miami.  It is all irrelevant anyway because all those players were not options when the Dolphins picked.  It was an option to fall back in the first round and acquire an extra 3rd round pick based on the trade that occurred right after Miami’s pick.  Go through the teams that were on the board after Miami and you will see there were 2 or 3 teams with legitimate needs for a tackle. It would have certainly been a roll of the dice to sweat out those picks if the intent was to get James later on.  For fun let’s pretend we had a dream in which the Dolphins traded down for that extra 3rd round pick.

Miami’s base offense is a 3 WR set. It is meant to go no huddle frequently to make it hard for defense’s to sub and take advantage of their fatigue (which is really significant in the Miami sun).  It is designed to have the pass setup the run.  When the Dolphins do run they like to runs draws, counters, screens, zone stretch runs, and things of that nature.  (How bad do John Jerry and Bryant McKinnie fit as lineman to run that scheme?) No wonder we could not run AT ALL last year. For this offense you want smart lineman than can pull and kick out on runs. It requires the lineman (especially the tackles) to be proficient at pass blocking (and run blocking from passing formations).  Now that we have an idea of what Miami wanted in a tackle let’s look at what the options were if they lost out on James.

1.)    Cyrus Kouandijo  - Massive Tackle that had a poor combine and reports of arthritis developing in his knee. A condition that will cause his mobility and possibly availability to decline over time. – Sound like the guy you want trying to kick out on a stretch run or trying to execute a Bill Lazor screen? – He fell quite a ways after James so I think several teams had concern with his health.

2.)    Morgan Moses – Big Tackle that played for Lazor. He also had some injury history as well as history to take plays off and look disinterested.  That usually means he gets tired. – Sound like a good pick to execute the Miami high paced game plan in the humidity of South Florida?

3.)    Joel Bitonio, Jack Mewhort, Billy Turner – See Zach Martin. All three are talented lineman that project better as guards in the NFL.
Hmmm, there are not any attractive lineman in the Draft after James that seem to be realistic fits to start at right tackle for Miami on opening day.  No Problem,  let’s turn to free agency to “plug the hole” until next year.  After all this worked well for Ireland with names like Clabo and Columbo in the past didn’t it? As of writing this here are the highest rated free agent tackles on the market…. Brant McKinnie, Tyson Clabo, Eric Winston.  Umm yeah, if you are reading a Dolphins blog in May, I am pretty sure you know all you need to about those guys.  You can call me pragmatic but I just woke up from that nightmare scenario and decided that the James pick was a pretty good idea!

draft outcome

I personally hate "rating" the draft.  Its impossible to say that someone will be good or bad in the NFL - a top prospect may flake out, an injury may derail a career.  You just don't know.

So every GM gives the same line "we did good" and everyone with an opinion will tell you how they think these players will perform with the team.

If you were to swap the Patriots draft and the Dolphins draft, would the touts be saying the same things?  Success breeds good will, lack of it doesn't.

Now with that in mind, here's my take on the players.  They got some new players.  They filled some obvious needs.  Does the fact that the new GM evoke memories of the last GM bother me?  Maybe a little. These guys are all trying to be the hero and find that diamond in the rough.  The problem is that its a bit of a longshot. Success in college against good opponents is really the only barometer you have.  40 times, how much he can bench press - that stuff doesn't matter.

As far as Pouncey's tweet, it was immature, sophomoric.  But we know that's who Pouncey is, so no big surprise.  Hank Goldberg summed it up well when he said "if the guy wasn't a probowler, he would have been let go." and then went on to tell us that it was Hickey - NOT Philbin - who talked to him about the incident.  So the player hasn't grown up, and the coach still isn't accountable.  That could be troubling in his opinion, and its probably worth watching.

Now as for Michael Sam's kiss.  Who.  The frick.  Cares.  We see draft prospects kissing their girlfriends, wives, whatever.  And no one cares about that. 50 years ago - before de-segregation, really - if you had seen a black man kissing a white woman, the outrage would have been similar, I'm sure. Now?  Does anyone care?  My point is that we just need to get over it, and move on.  The guy had success in college and wound up being drafted very late, and that should be the talk - not who he kissed when he finally got drafted.

As for "the scrub" who tweeted it was disgusting? That's his opinion, and he's entitled to it.  The First Amendment guarantees us that.  The problem is that you represent an organization by your words, and your actions.  I wouldn't have even known he played for the Dolphins player if someone hadn't pointed that out.

But, the NFL is hypersensitive to social issues, and takes a narrow view of anyone who doesn't follow suit. And the Dolphins are even more so, in light of the bullying scandal.  So while a fine and public flogging seemed like a lot, it was a knee jerk to trying to protect their own brand.