Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don Shula's Coaching Tree

I was watching the NFL Network's special about the Pittsburg Steelers last night and they showed Chuck Noll on the sidelines working for Don Shula's Colts team during Super Bowl III.
I decided to google Shula's coaching tree and this is what I found on coachingroots.com. Hopefully you find this as interesting as I did.  
Its a long list with plenty of familiar names, former and current head coaches who were great assistants.
Enjoy and Phins Up!!!
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Don Shula Coaching Tree
Don Shula is a member of the following coaching trees:

What is a coaching tree?
A coaching tree is a graphical depiction of the former assistant coaches of a certain head coach that then went on and became head coaches. The tree also shows the next generations of head coaches at each layer.
In the above Don Shula coaching tree, only the coaches named directly below Don Shula are the head coaches that were former assistants of Don Shula.
Coaching trees can be useful to track the philosophical influence of a particular coach as well as tracing the "lineage" of a coach back to various other coaches. Recently in the NFL, all 32 head coaches could be traced back to three prominent head coaches: Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells and Marty Schottenheimer.