Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Are We Turning The Page?

As new GM, Dennis Hickey, gets acclimated to his new digs and his son shows off his new Tannehill jersey, one has to wonder if yesterday's press conference was more fluff than substance.

After all, we Dolfans have been duped enough in the last ten years that Carneys and Shills are setting up permanent booths at Sun Life.

For a sawbuck you can try to find the GM.

Or for a few duckets you can throw 3 deep passes towards an armless receiver to see if you can lodge the ball in his facemask from 40 yards away.

For a mere six pence you can attempt to block a pro bowl defensive lineman with the understanding that if you actually make any contact with him you will be signed to a 3 year contract!

Finally, you can attempt to catch a direct snap blindfolded. ( no jock cups allowed )

If you thought the experience of Super Bowl Boulevard on Broadway in NYC for Super Bowl week was a circus, come to next year's season opener.

The point of all this nonsense is that if Dennis Hickey and Coach Philbin are truly going to work together on building the roster, then I will feel very confident in our future success.

That's what Ross told us was going to happen and why he joined those two at the hip.

I would hope he meant it so that when Hickey and Philbin are on the same page then we can actually turn it.

Hey, cotton candy, peanuts, ice cold lemonade!!!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Do you ever get this feeling?

That perhaps Mr. Ross is intentionally "bumbling" as a means to help fans lose interest so he can move the team?

Remember "Major League" ? ....except that they would be moving *out* of Miami...

I'm not speculating that this is the case, but once in a great while, the thought does cross my mind...

Even when the focus changes... still comes right back to nonsense. The bully gate report was intentionally put off so as not to take away from the Super Bowl. And the fins finally hired a gm.

And yet there's Martin on tv talking about the situation. It makes every news cycle. Every sports report. And even Steve Ross comes out and talks about it.

This is just pathetic. And it won't go away. As Colin Cowherd told us earlier today: "the dolphins are a joke."

Yep. Pretty much.

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Value of Venue

I typically don’t get overly excited about the location of the super bowl.  I do understand it has a significant financial impact to the city which is selected. I am not located in any of those locations and just watch it on TV anyway. Due to the price of tickets, I would not even consider going to the game unless it was the Dolphins playing in it.  The last year I have followed the location enough to know that the bid process for the big game has become very competitive.  Massive new high tech stadiums in places like Dallas and San Francisco have been constructed in part to attract the big game.
Miami has won many super bowl bids through the years.  Mr. Ross raised some controversy when he tried to get a loan from Miami in an attempt to upgrade Joe Robbie stadium to stay competitive in getting those bids.  From what I understand this is not all that uncommon, owners typically ask for state or city funds to build or upgrade stadiums all the time. I did find it interesting a former owner named Norman Braman became involved to prevent this from happening. I also found it interesting a politician did not give the people a chance to even vote on it.  I don’t have a stance on the proposals Mr. Ross was trying to bring forward for a vote. I am not from Miami and they had no impact on me directly.  I just found it interesting people in positions of power and wealth chose to block it.  I personally think there were some hidden agendas involved and I think it was unlikely those agendas represented the people of Miami.   Of course the NFL took it as Miami was not able to meet the demands they set forth for a super bowl and just moved on giving it to another city.  This could very well be the outcome the people involved in blocking the stadium upgrade were looking for.
Fast forward to today.  The NFL chose MetLife Stadium as the venue for the biggest sporting event of the year. Let me just write that again, THE NFL SELECTED EAST RUTHERFORD NJ OVER MIAMI FLORIDA during the heart of winter as the venue for the super bowl.  No offense to the people of NJ, but that was just plain stupid.  I just read today that the ticket price for the event has now fallen 40%, the lowest since 2002! There are still several days to go and I expect these prices to continue to fall.  Bottom line the powerful elite can try to block Miami from a venue and the NFL can turn their nose up on Miami. However, you simply can’t beat the weather and the electricity in the air for a night game in south Florida this time of year.  The NFL can force a city to pay for a costly indoor complex or even just have the event in the snow. Bottom line venue sells, and Miami is the best venue for the super bowl.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Edwin Pope's Super Bowl streak to end | Miami Dolphins In Depth

That's really too bad. I was hoping he'd get to 50!

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone.

Bad pun time

Say what you will about the hiring of the gm. I'm saying this should be the headline: "Ross gets a hickey!"

Sunday, January 26, 2014

So Coach Philbin, Paper or Plastic?

Coach Philbin is one happy shopper today. No worries about job security. No worries at all.

Nope. He has just gotten another hat to wear too.

Team shopper!!

Yep. He gets to pick out his groceries.

He will have help ofcourse in the name of Dennis Hickey.

Hickey may be our new "GM". It may even state that that on his cards and door.

But due to the new structure of our hierarchy and job description of our "GM", Hickey is pretty much Philbin's delivery boy.

Oh, both will report directly to Ross as will Dawn Aponte. And both are expected to get along with eachother for the team's sake. And both will work hand in glove when it comes to players on the roster.

Sure if you believe Stephen Ross, Hickey has final say of the 53 man roster, draft picks and free agents.

Sure he does!

Hickey will certainly set up his own player evaluation system and staff. He may keep some of the current scouts and he may clean house over time. Maybe that's the 53 men Ross was talking about.

Realistically, and I agree whole heartedly with this approach, Hickey will find and evaluate players but Philbin will determine who comes and who leaves. Who we draft and who we cut.

Hickey will recommend but Philbin will place his order and Hickey will deliver.

Regardless of who the coach is, they deserve and need the power to determine their own roster and then its up to Hickey to get them and Aponte to sign them.

How hard is that?

And this is a smart move by Ross. If Philbin gets us into the playoffs this year, everyone will be happy. If Philbin doesn't, then he is gone and it will then open the door to those highly regarded and proven coaches who want the power to determine their own roster as well.

So if Cowher or Gruden or whomever gets the itch in another year, we are set up perfectly for their egos.

So Hickey needs to start asking this simple question: Coach Philbin, paper or plastic?

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Another One Bites The Dust...

Another day, another qualified GM candidate turns down the job after being handed it on a silver platter. Not to mention all the individuals who never even bothered to interview. The list keeps growing & growing. I truly had optimism when this process began, not so much anymore. The Dolphins need to take a long look in the mirror. Canidate after candiate are declining to interview or flat out turning down the job that offers more money, more power, & the opportuniuty to put their mark in the NFL. Something is definately wrong with the front office of this organization & I hope it gets fixed ASAP or we should start expecting another 8-8 or 9-7 season just barely missing the playoffs again...