Thursday, January 23, 2014

GM Search....

OK, this whole GM thing is getting ridiculous!! I am not one to dig too deep in the front office thing but what the heck is going on in this organization that nobody decent wants to interview or wants the job!! Pee-Wee Herman probably wouldn't take the job! Geez! This is so frustrating! I say just let Philbin do the scouting, drafting, trading, etc etc! We won't have any other choice if this shenanigan keeps up!

In case you doubted it, it's all about the money

This post relates to my previous one about removing the tax exemption from the NFL

The NFL won't consider Miami for a future superbowl "because of the stadium" and that's partially true.

But it's really about the money. The league wanted autonomy over the region. They wanted to be able to select venues, get hotel rooms, etc without the boat show (a huge event in south florida) or any other large events going on at the same time.

And more than that, they wanted all of these venues and rooms at discounted rates. And they wanted a tax exemption on all of it.

So the proposition of making money on the Super Bowl would get worse for the community.

The politicians balked and the nfl thumbed its nose at the whole state.

And that's why I suggest signing the petition. Remove the tax exemption and suddenly the playing field is leveled once again.

Congress: Revoke the Tax-Exempt Status of the National Football League


I just signed the petition "Congress: Revoke the Tax-Exempt Status of the National Football League" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 500,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Few Thoughts & Questions...

Who does everyone wanna see as GM and why? We now know it's down to at least two "finalists", one of which is almost certainly Ray Farmer. Out of all the candidates out there I believe he would be the smartest hire because from what it seems, HE CAN PICK TALENT!! And that is all we need him for. It has been reported that the idea of pursuing Scott Pioli was "discussed internally" and the decision was made not to pursue him. I am curious as to why not? Anybody know? I don't know if he would be a good fit or not but I am just curious... 2nd question...We all know Bill Lazor has an excellent resume for developing QB's and is a great teacher which is good news for Ryan Tannehill. But im wondering, what type of offense does he plan to install in Miami? West coast? Up tempo like Philly? Heavy option based receiving routes like that Patriots? I have not heard much and I'm curious about some opinions, rumors, or what you all have heard... Lastly, I have to admit I'm pretty excited for the Duffner hire as the LB coach. I was pretty impressed with Paul Posluszny all year and in my opinion was a top 5 line backer this year. Thoughts on this?...

Dolphins Miss Out On Proven Commodity

Patience may be a virtue.

Mulling over your options to make sure you reach an intelligent decision is prudent.

Maybe the Dolphins have a plan for hiring a GM.

Maybe they don't.

I am not sure if they actually will even hire one. They may stay with the current brain trust. The three headed monster composed of Assistant GM Brian Gaine, Executive Vice President Dawn Aponte and Head Coach Joe Philbin.

After all, three heads are better than one. So I've heard.

One potential GM just got away.

The NFL Network has announced that the Atlanta Falcons swept in and hired Scott Pioli to be, get this, their Assistant GM.

Assistant GM!

I have to assume that Ross reached out to Pioli to gage interest in becoming our GM. Knowing full well that the GM will not determine the coaches fate.

The new GM can handle the roster. But not the coach.

If and why Pioli passed is intriguing.

He pretty much has the same responsibilities in Atlanta now as their Assistant GM. Help with building a roster.

Why not make more money and do the same in Miami?

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

What to do about Matt Moore? Let him walk!

The Dolphins don't need Matt Moore. Nope. They need a true upgrade at the QB position. Think I'm talking about a backup? Nope.

The Dolphins need an upgrade over Tannehill, and thankfully there are some viable options to get one in this years draft. And I am saying they would be FOOLISH not to draft a QB. Heck, trade up to get one! Don't tell me its not possible, you did it last year to pick a guy who barely saw the playing field!

And please, for the love of all that's good, don't WASTE another pick on an offensive lineman in the first round. Clearly, that is NOT how successful teams construct their rosters. Just look at the final 4 for proof. I still say that #1 overall pick Jake Long was another in a long line of wasted picks. He was here for all of 5 years, and spent nearly half his time on the bench, injured, and had nothing to protect anyway. They could have done so much better...

My top two QBs are these guys…Bridgewater, who I've raved about before:

And Blake Bortles, who I predict will have much more success (and more quickly, too!) than Tannehill in the NFL… (who? lookee here):

And so I say bring in one of these guys, and let him compete with Tannehill, then trade Tannehill when someone "needs" a QB, and bring in some vet to back up the new guy.

If Tannehill does stay around, well, I'm sure we'll see him during the playoffs next season.…that is, if has a webcam in his house and we can see him on the couch watching other teams play.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

its that time again!

Super Bowl picks

Its the battle of the best offense against the best defense.  My "man crush" in Peyton Manning against the 12th man.

There are reasons to favor either team.  For the Broncos, other than Manning, I would like to see Wes Welker get a ring (he was part of several pats teams that fell short).  I still love the fact that he was pressed into service as a kicker here once.  To me, that is really something.

And there's a great story about him having a chat with a neighbor about the Dolphins one afternoon.  The neighbor said something about them not being very good and Welker explained he played for them; the neighbor looks at his stature and says "if everyone's your size, its no wonder they're so bad."

For the Seahawks, there's something about the way the team plays that's exciting.  I just like their enthusiasm - its kind of college like.  That's a reflection on their coach who treats them that way.  And say what you want about Pete Carroll - I know most dolphins fans hate him - I think he's great for the game.  The NFL needs some people like that in it.  And same goes for Richard Sherman - they can't all be the dolphins types of players who don't say or do anything.  I love that, and think its good for the sport.

So what do I think?  Under any "normal" circumstances, I would take the Broncos.  But with bad weather, I have my doubts about Peyton's efficiency. So, I'm going to say:
Seahawks 24
Broncos 20

Post your thoughts below.

And for the record, Seahawks DE Tony McDaniel was on the Dolphins a few seasons ago.  So either he or Welker will have one more superbowl ring than Dan Marino.  ooooohhhhhhh

A couple thoughts

The idea floated by Goodell to do away with the PAT serves one purpose: to make the game more interesting.  He knows that the billion dollar goose has reached its peak.  Not selling out stadiums shows that they need to take on new challenges - change the game and hope to make it more compelling in some way.  And this idea of automatically gettting 7, and adding one if you go for the try, or losing one if you don't make it is more of a gambling paradise.  Its not about the PAT, but about making coaching matter.

Bill Bellichik whining about the hit from Wes Welker sounds like sour grapes to me.  If the roles were reversed, he'd be quietly smirking.  Boohoo, you lost. Tell someone who cares.

On the Dolphins, I believe that you will hear nothing about a GM until after the Superbowl.  About a week later, there will be an announcement - my best guess (and it is only a guess!) is that Dan Marino will be announced as having some role with the team; some VP role.  And the purpose of it will be to get fans excited.  And Dawn Aponte and Brian Gaines will take over personnel. 

And at the same time, there will be an announcement about bullygate - a few people will get a reprimand, maybe the o-line coach gets fired.  And then back to Marino talk.

In other words, we'll get played - and we'll accept it. 

Go ahead Mr. Ross and show me I'm wrong.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Matt More Dilemma

Anyone paying attention to the changes in the rules and how the games are played can tell the NFL is a passing league. The teams that are consistently winning are the ones with the top quarterbacks.  It usually takes time to learn the position and years to really judge the ceiling on a player.  Unless of course you get lucky and hit the jackpot on one that can play right out of the gate such as Russell Wilson or Tom Brady.. or of course the great Dan Marino. That seems more like winning the lottery.  Miami has done the opposite of winning the lottery for a long time. Let’s face it, Miami fans went through some very rough years. Year after year of having a starting QB that was probably in the bottom 5 of the league ... Yes it was that bad. With the exception of a broken down Chad Pennington I can’t say we have had a QB that was even remotely near average until the arrival of Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill.  Matt Moore came to the Dolphins as Jeff Ireland acorn pickup off the scrap heap. He was pretty much a nobody that had ended up starting several games for Carolina. In his time in Carolina he played very up and down. He did get a chance to be “the guy” in Carolina but did not play well enough to win that job. He was brought in to back up Chad Henne. (That hurt to even write). Not surprising, he eventually took over for check down Henne and played much better. Then came the coaching change and the arrival of 1st round pick Ryan Tannehill.  The prototypical golden boy QB.  RT has a cannon, he is big, he is fast and he even has the super model wife that likes big guns. Needless to say RT was slotted to start as the Miami QB from the start. Matt Moore was very good about things and mentored him and from what I read they have become close friends.   However, Matt Moore is not chopped liver. He has a solid arm, he has decent mobility and more important than anything he won games for Miami. I thought for sure in 2013 we were going to see Matt move on to team for a chance to start. However, he chose to stay and I firmly feel that he was one of the top backup QBs in the league. Now we go to 2014. Matt Moore is 29 and in the last year of the 2 year deal he signed.  Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill are pretty comparable right now if you rated them against the league. I would put them in the 15-25th best in the league range. Despite for some people calling for Matt Moore to play, I see almost no chance of this happening unless Tannehill regresses horrible or gets hurt.  RT is younger, has 3 years left on his contract, and I think has a much higher ceiling. I see no long term benefit of sitting Tannehill in favor of Moore at this point in their Careers. This year there will be several teams looking for QBs. There are several high rated prospects in the draft and teams will be needing a QB capable of starting and mentoring a rookie. Plus there is always an injury or two in training camp and preseason.  Matt Moore will have premium value again coming into the season. There are just too many teams that need a QB capable of playing at that level. I would say a 2nd round pick would be a very strong possibility for his value. So comes the dilemma. I think there is a very strong chance Matt is not going to return after 2014.  If you can trade Matt Moore for what could turn into a starting player on the OL for 2014, should it be done? In this league if you lose your starting QB even for a couple of games and don’t have a capable backup it can cost you the season.  If we lost RT on opening day for the season I would feel ok with Matt Moore for the rest of the way.  Does anyone think the Dolphins could make the playoffs with Pat Devlin at QB for the season?  On the flip side RT has been durable and if you traded Moore and turned that into a solid player on the Oline would it be worth the risk? Tannehill would be even less likely to get hurt with a better line.  Sometimes you have to take risks to come out on top. This is an interesting Dilemma indeed.  What call would you make?

Things that make you go hmmmm...

Sent to me by a friend. Too funny.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Two #1 Seeds Coming To Jersey

Are we excited here in Jersey?

Well, we got Bridgegate going on. So despite forecasts for highs of 20° this week, our beleaguered Governor is on the hot seat.

No worries.

We're Jersey strong or Jersey ambivalent.

Some things we just don't worry about until it becomes time to worry about it.

Sometimes we just couldn't care less.

Hard to believe 4 years of planning for the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium is actually gonna happen in 2 weeks.

Boy time flys.

The momentum for this event is really gonna build up now.

Our possible Tundra Bowl will at least feature the top 2 seeds in this year's playoffs.

Hasn't happened in quite a while, so that's kinda neat.

Peyton Manning vs the Seattle defense.

That will be the featured matchup.

Not too shabby.

Does Peyton Manning need to win this Lombardi Trophy to validate his legacy?

That will be the featured question.

Papa John's and Peyton Manning will be playing on a TV near you on a continuos loop throughout February 2nd.

And if Denver wins, the loop will continue till at least the Final Four if not the Masters or until our sports fueled idol worshiping finds another champion to idolize.

Yep, we are entering the Peyton Manning Zone. There is no stop sign ahead.

Now how do you even attempt to get fired up for Seattle?

Cool unies those guys got.


Ain't gonna be that noisey in Joizey unless you count teeth clattering.

No 12th man.

Maybe a 12th degree. Maybe.

For the next few days the Jets fans will be hearing about how their old head coach has now gotten to the Super Bowl.

And without them.


Couldn't resist.

Yep, up here in Jersey it'll be about Peyton Manning and Pete Carroll.

 Not Seattle QB Woodrow Wilson.

See what I mean. Woodrow was President of Princeton before Governor of Jersey before President of US before QB in Seattle.

Ambivalence, New Jersey is our capital seat.

Or we just don't care who is QBing other than Peyton Manning.

Why, because for $5 dollars extra we can get a big ass chocolate chip cookie or XLVIII extra toppings.

You see, here in Jersey, there still has to be something in it for us.

Go Manning!

Go Carroll pissing off Jets fans!

Go Jersey!

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Miami Dolphins Beat Writers

I have been following the Dolphins for a very long time. One of the many resources I use is It shows all news articles related to the Phins from various news sources and beat writers. It also shows many if the "tweets" from the team beat writers. I have an opinion for almost every one of them but one that really gets my goat is Omar Kelly. What is with this guy? He truly thinks he knows more about football than anyone else on the planet. He criticizes people for having their own opinion if it's not the same as his, thinks he us some sort of analyst with his "X's and Omar" show, and is BY FAR THE MOST NEGATIVE DOLPHINS BEAT WRITER/REPORTER OUT THERE! Seriously, how many times does he have to point out that we didn't draft Jimmy Graham?! Geez....

wa wa waaaa

Gee, I feel terrible that Tom Brady's streak now moves to 10 years without winning the big game.

See ya next season, sucka!

Ross Could Be Playing A Numbers Game

By not hiring a GM prior to the East-West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl, Ross could be smarter than we are giving him credit for.

Sure you want to have boots on the ground and eyes and ears checking everything out.

By not having his GM there, is Ross being totally irresponsible?

 Guess what? He is not!

Ross actually has 7 sets of eyes and ears with plenty of boots on the ground anyway.

Every single candidate thus far plus every future candidate yet to be interviewed is there anyway scouting for their current teams.

Glad handing and meeting with other GMs and coaches and agents and anyone else our own GM would have met with.

Now, to Ross' benefit and ours, he can reinterview all the previous candidates to access their opinions on what and whom impressed them and how those players could fit in.

He is actually losing little and not having to pay someone's expenses. about that.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Didn't I say this would happen on Ross' schedule?

And I meant it!

The Dolphin don't have a GM yet.  The Senior Bowl is here, and that's when all the GMs, coaches, and owners glad hand and generally close these things out.

And yet, there are articles wondering when something might happen.  Like this one, which tells us that Ross' other business has him traveling abroad:

My question: if it doesn't matter to him, why does it matter to anyone else?  He's going to do his other work first, and will get around to this eventually.  As fans we can say its gonna be a problem - and we may very well be right - but it just goes to show that its his team and he can do whatever *he* wants, and he really, really doesn't care about this team, the fans, or anything other than being an owner.

This team is just silly and irrelevant, and after talking with a few people around the league who I was able to catch up with, that seems to be a universal truth.  One guy even told me that this team rivals the Cleveland Browns in being one of the worst run franchises, and the biggest joke in the league.

Sometimes we forget...

...that our "heroes" on the playing field are human.  We root for them, then we cast them aside when they leave our team.  And we forget that they are young men who may come from poor upbringings, and now have a lot of money - and success and money can sometimes be a bad combination.

The list of players that Dolfans can relate to is long in its own right.  And I'll mention a few:
  • Cecil Collins.  It may seem funny, but its really sad that he broke into a woman's house to "watch her sleep" - he had a fairly long history of such things, and ultimately was put in jail for his crimes.  But it seems clear he had some mental health issues.  
  • Demetrius Underwood once took a steak knife to his own throat.  Sure it may evoke a scene from "Blazing Saddles" but the man had issues
  • Sammie Smith was, I suppose the word is "ignorant" in some way, convicted of drug trafficking because he drove a friends car that was laden with drugs.
  • Jonathan Martin flaked out, and many derided him for being a wimp
And that brings us around to Davone Bess.  The guy made some mistakes in his life, and appeared to have gotten it together.  The Dolphins brought him in, and he lasted a few years before they decided to move on, and traded him.  Now we hear a story that about a month before he was traded, he was having some "issues" and the cops were called.  It may have been drug related, but the fact is that the team knew and traded him - possibly because of it, who knows? - is kind of odd. And then last week, at the airport here in Florida and was detained, he again had some bizarre issues.

And we as fans don't care - he was traded and that was fine because the team had his replacement already.  And his 'other issues' were a distraction, so good riddance.  But he had bigger problems, and the team did nothing to help him.

Now of course, its not technically the team's responsibility to care for the players in this way, and they are trying to win games.  But yet, the situation is sad and chewing up players and leaving them with their issues and then spitting them out when they become bigger problems is troubling.

And as fans, yeah, we want wins, but we need to remember these are people, who sometimes wind up homeless, or committing suicide.  Football may - or may not - be responsible for their mental health.

I guess my issue here is that because its a billion dollar industry, it seems like the league could do more to help in some way. 

Just my two cents.