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Who Will Coach The Dolphins In 2015??

So who will coach the Miami Dolphins in 2015? There are a ton of names out there and it is going to be interesting to see what Mr. Ross is going to do after week 17. Here is my opinion on some of the names being thrown in the mix of potential candidates of the 2015 Dolphins…

Joe Philbin:
He is the current coach of the Dolphins. Some argue that there is no upgrade other than Jim Harbaugh. I beg to differ, we will get into that later. I believe that Philbin just doesn’t have “it”. He has over 30 years of coaching experience at multiple levels. If he does not get the simplest of concepts by now, such as proper use of time outs, then he never will. It is my personal opinion that he simply is not the right fit for the job. Look at Bruce Arians, he was a lifetime assistant and he had a smooth transition to head coach. How many times has his coaching cost the Cardinals a win?
Chances he remains the coach in 2015-50% (Unfortuanately)

Jim Harbaugh:
Here we have a proven winner. He has won everywhere he has coached. Does he have a huge ego? Yes. Does he demand things? Yes. Does he set a standard for his players such as no music on the plane ride? Yes. Are all of these things good enough reasons to not hire him even though he is a winning coach? Absolutely not. These Dolphins need a leader, they need a vicious Rottweiler that will bite when his cage is rattled to lead the pack. Right now we are a bunch of lost puppies waiting to be adopted at the pound being house next to pussycats that we are most likely scared of. Harbaugh is that guy.
But wait!!...He went to a San Francisco team that was already built to win right?! I ask you this, does Tony Dungy sport a Super Bowl ring from Tampa Bay? No, Jon Gruden does. Does Tony Dungy get blamed for the Colts losing the Super Bowl when Jim Caldwell was the coach? No. Did Bill Cowher get sent a super bowl ring when Mike Tomlin won a champinionship with the Steelers? Sometimes it takes the right person, the right fit to take a team over the top and make them a contender. What good is a perfectly good puzzle if you are relying on the blind to put it together?
Now we have the fact the Michigan offered him $8 million a year for 6 years to be the next head coach. That is great news in my opinion. All the talk of trading him for draft picks went right out the door and on top of that, it just the list of teams that want his services in half. As reported by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Stephen Ross is a pretty deep pocketed owner in the NFL so that might actually pay dividends for Miami. There are 4 questions that must be answered if there is any hope of Harbaugh to Miami:
Is Stephen Ross willing and ready to pay Harbaugh Bill Belichick money?
Is Stephen Ross willing to fire Hickey and possibly a few others and concede power to Harbaugh if/when he asks for it?
Is Jim Harbaugh & his wife willing to relocate their family?
What kind of situation does Harbaugh want? Does he want a rebuild or a smoother transition?
If he wants a smooth transition, then Miami is the place to go. In my opinion, Miami is the best option for any potential coach out there right now. It is the “premier” job of all that will be available unless a firing comes out of left field which is highly unlikely. Any coach can make the playoffs in year one with the Dolphins. Those chances go down drastically for a team like the Raiders
Chances he is the next coach-35%

Rex Ryan:
This is an interesting name. I personally like him as a coach. He has had a horrible Jets roster lately and it keeps getting worse. I don’t know anyone that can turn chicken shit into chicken salad! Look at when he had a halfway decent roster, 2 AFC championship games.
If he is hired by the Dolphins, I would love for him to keep Bill Lazor and turn control of the offense completely over to him and let it be ran by Lazor. Let’s face it, Rex is a defensive coach and a damn good one but his offensive mind has been suspect at times. I think a combination of Ryan and Lazor would spell disaster for the AFC quite honestly. The most important thing I see in Rex is that he is a player’s coach. The Jets play for the man. Look at last year, they were out of the playoffs and they said all week long when they played Miami, “We are playing for our coach”, “we came out and won this game for Rex”, do you think the Dolphin players would do that for Philbin? They might say it to the media this week or next but I highly doubt there will be any truth to it. Rex is a leader, something I believe Miami needs desperately. If we don’t get Harbaugh, this would be my second choice.
Chances he is the next coach-10%

Todd Bowles:
Also another interesting name. Looking back, I think Miami screwed the pooch when they didn’t hire this guys the first time. He was interim coach for a few games and had the team playing well. He is an excellent defensive coach and again, the players play for him. He has a way of motivating his team. You can have the best game plan in the world but if your players go out and just go through the motions then what good does it do? Hiring Bowles would be one hell of a gamble but I think it would pay off tremendously. Will Ross double back and have interest in Bowles? Will Bowles even be interested after getting beat out by Philbin the first time? That is anyone’s guess. I would have this guy on my short list of candidates if I were Ross.
Chances he is the next coach-5%

What are your thought on these individuals and others not mentioned here???
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Really like Bowles; someone will be very glad they hired him IMO.

Harbaugh could be great too, particularly if he comes with his preferred personnel man (Gamble).

Philbin must go at this point. This team will never reach the level needed with him as HC. Not a fan of Ryan, though, sadly, he's better than any Dolphins HC we've had since 1999.


Echo those feeling Philben must go not just because of this year and previous years but the fact that the Dolphins will not go to the next level with him..


An important point was made that Lazor should remain the offensive coordinator. He has done wonders for Tannehill. He threw a few great deep balls against the patsies, One important ingredient to being able to throw down field is protection. If that improves next year I believe Lazor and Tannehill can light it up.


I say promote Bill Lazor to head coach if Mr Ross cannot land Todd Bowles.


I think you guys are nuts. Every new head coach bring their own staff. Lazer would move on, perhaps to the Jets. Tannehill would have to learn YET ANOTHER offensive scheme. That's part of the problems on offense .. musical chairs.


@ sgcarroll:

Roethlisberger learned a new system under Todd Haley. Alex Smith learned a new one under Andy Reid. Carson Palmer has learned about 4 offenses in his career. Andy Dalton learned a new on when Hue Jackson took over. Everybody in Devner except Manning had to learn a new offense a few years ago. your point is what exactly?


We have bigger problems on the O Line and at LB then our HC. Philbin is a great guy and has a lot of respect for our tradition but....he is 2 games under .500 with 2 to play with a team that was in shambles last year but blew a golden opportunity and looked great after the San Diego game but looks battered with injuries now...again I would let Hickey handle this and we ain't getting Harbaugh.


Harbaugh>>>>>Ryan>Bowels>Philbin>>>>>>College Coach without NFL experience


@ gofins;

That is the EXACT order I would put those candidates also! Great minds think alike!

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It will be Harbaugh or Ryan. Either can turn this team around. Harbaugh will likely bring the biggest changes, but given the dearth of winning seasons lately, it will all be for the better. Ryan is kind of a plug-in replacement. He will take over the defense, let Lazor run the offense, motivate the team, and respect the GM position.

Talent wise, this team is real close. Give me a coach that fires up these players.