Sunday, December 14, 2014

Time For Ross to Play Poker

It appears that Jim Harbaugh has worn out his welcome in San Francisco.  However, he still is under contract for one more season leading people to speculate the 49ners will want a draft pick for him. There are clearly some teams interested in Harbaugh such as the Jets, Dolphins, Raiders, not to mention Michigan. This creates some very interesting dynamics on many fronts.  Firstly, the NFL tamper rules are almost impossible to enforce in this case. Steven Ross is a MAJOR contributor to the University of Michigan and has a ton of weight there.  Ross is going to get information on Harbaugh from any discussions he has with Michigan. Do you really think Michigan is not going to communicate to a guy that gave the university a couple HUNDRED million? Ross can basically interview Harbaugh right now if he wants, just not in person. I know if I am Michigan and Harbaugh tells me he wants to stay in the NFL, I am probably going to do Steven Ross a “solid” and interview him for the "Michigan Miami" job anyway.  Furthermore, despite the 49ners holding the contract, it is essentially has no teeth.  I don’t see any team giving up draft picks to San Francisco unless Harbaugh agrees to a multi-year deal. Why would you give them picks for a coach with just a 1 year contract?

So that brings you to the end of the year.  The 49ners one play is to sit still and wait for team to make them a offer before letting Harbaugh go. However, there is one problem. They have to chase their own head coach still. It is a free for all once the season ends. Do the 49ners really want to pass up interviewing coaches to try to squeeze a draft pick out of Harbaugh?  Miami on the other hand can start interviewing coaches and line up options A, B and C.   Also, there is one other issue; Jim Harbaugh does not want a draft pick to go to the 49ners for him. Why in the hell would he want that, it would be HIS PICK on his new team?  Good luck getting Harbaugh to cooperate in that situation lol. The 49ners could try to keep him in contract and interview other coaches. However, they start flirting with some serious legal issues. It is pretty hard to hold someone under a employment contract without the intent of honoring that contract .  Harbaugh would have a pretty strong case that they intentionally cost him a 4-5 year deal. Not to mention does the coach you are are interviewing feel good about seeing you do that the coach he is replacing? Miami did this exact thing, that is why Tony Sporano got a nice raise for his last year in Miami. I don't think the 49ners are going to want to give Harbaugh a raise on his final year to avoid him from talking to an attorney.

If Steven Ross really wants Harbaugh, now is the time to make it happen.  If I were Ross I would be talking to Harbaugh indirectly right now through my Michigan contacts. I would get a deal in place and then they both can just sit and play poker with 49ners and wait for them to just give in and release Harbaugh. Make no mistake; I would make this Jim Harbaugh’s team right now even if it won’t be official for 2-3 weeks.  It is a doggy dog world.  Miami got Don Shula when the disgruntled owner of the Colts left the country.  I would say that move worked out ok. Ross needs to start pulling out the stops right now. Harbaugh is not returning to the 49ners don't be passive if you want him!

On a similar note if Harbaugh is not the guy and he is interested in Rex Ryan, it just so happens he will be in Miami the last game of the season. Maybe, he would prefer to have an extended stay there? Again the Jets are not keeping Ryan, if you want him don't be passive.
This is Steven Ross's chance to be the man that gets deals done and not look like a buffon in a bow tie.
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why would harbaugh allow the 49'rs to trade him and make the team he will be coaching weaker . if I was him i'd force them to fire me and then go where ever I want


Exactly Jean! If Ross wants him he just has to wait them out and go after him behind the scenes


Don;t even joke about Rex Ryan! That isn't funny.


He is not my # 1 pick for a head coach but I do think he would be a solid Defensive Cord.

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Harbaugh has a no-trade clause. The 49ers can wish for draft picks all they want, but Harbaugh calls that shot. If Harbaugh wants to go to the Raiders or Chicago or NY Jets or some other team in need of players, then he goes.

Right now, the team with the best personnel that is looking for a coach is Miami. Harbaugh wants to win now...


Rex Ryan would be a great head coach if he had a good OC and QB


Get ready for Rex Ryan people.

Harbaugh isn't leaving the Frisco area with the Raiders having a lower pick and Bartles waiting to be groomed. MORE IMPORTANTLY his wife doesn't want to leave the area so forget about him. We ain't gonna get him.

On the other hand, Rex Ryan will be available. Now he does have a losing record as a head coach but he has led the Jets to 2 consecutive AFC Championships with a nothing special QB who just managed the game (Mark Sanchez) He has been saddled with poor personnel decisions in the past 2 years. I think Hickey could build a sweet offense around Rex's defenses with the personnel we already have on defense. If Lazor and Ryan could get along we could have a good shot next year. Our offense will get better with a couple new O Linemen.

As far us teams catching up to offenses. The offenses evolve too. The longer you keep one in place, the thicker the playbook.

But again, as I wrote in earlier posts, I think Hickey should handle this.

Watch us make the playoffs by miracle and then what.


I am not so sure Carl. Miami has a far better roster compared to the Raiders. We are not looking at a horrible offseason either. Odrick is the only major player off our squad hitting the market. We have several players that can be released to free up roster space. I am guessing we will have in range of $30-40 million in space once they trim off the underperformers like Ellerbe. IMO Tannehill is a long ways ahead of Carr right now in development. Harbaugh could literally make them playoffs with very little additions to the current roster. We don't have any major GM issues like Ireland. Miami is the premier job to get as a coach. If you make the playoffs right away, you set yourself up nicely. You come into a rebuilding job with an inexperienced QB and you are lucky to make it 3 years in this league. Also, I think there is a lot going on behind the scenes. It was reported that the security near Ross did not let the reporters close after the game and he was huddling with Marino and Tannenbaum for awhile and they the trio left in his helicopter. The whole wife wants to be in the bay area? lol. That is a move to make the teams outside the bay area have to outbid the Raiders. If I were to gamble on the current situation. I would bet the next head coach of the Dolphins is Jim Harbaugh and to go one step futher I would even go on to say they aleady have the general parameters of deal in place


Well Carl, another season ending with an unending replay of Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel! Just getting over that spanking from the arrogant and limp-wristed pasty fan.

Some thoughts:

Would not be surprised to see Corpse Philbin return for another year of fun and frolic. rebuilding should be the exception not the norm.

True fans. Say what you want about boycotting the games for the rest of your lives. There will always be a seat next to me at the bar with a beer ready for your consumption. Hope is a wonderful thing. If you lose it you are dead between the ears. Keep it and life will reward you somehow.

God all this pontificating has brought a tear to my eyes.

Merry Christmas ya'll and see ya next season.