Sunday, December 28, 2014

These are *your* Miami Dolphins

And you can keep them.

The owner makes his bold statement that he's keeping the coach. The media sees some potential here in the the team and if they show improvement and beat the jets, well, then....

And the team drops one that really wasn't that close. Take away Lamar Millers one run and, well, the offense was pretty bad. The defense was sad.

How can you not be prepared for this game?!

8-8. Mediocrity be thy name. It turned out pretty much as I predicted at around mis-season.

Good luck to the current fans, from what now is officially a former one.

Hahahaha. This team is a joke.
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How can this buffoon of an owner keep this coach (Philben), we are building something special… loss to the Jets in 2013 needing a win for the playoffs, we lose to the Jets in 2014 needing a win for a winning record.
Team knows this and decides to lay an egg for their coach, while JETS do everything to win including a fake punt late in the 4th Quarter…
The only bright spot was Tannehill and Miller, and then there was Wallace being benched because of a heated discussion between a coach, Tannehill and himself. This is a team that does not have a lot of salary cap space and has a bunch of older players on defense that are not the same caliber as they were say earlier in the year.
I for one will not be renewing my season tickets I have been a loyal fan since 1966 but this is the last straw.
Silver lining we won’t lose to the JETS next year at home.


Yeah,,, I am with you Ernesto. Whenever, you see a garbage QB talking smack to your best offensive weapon and the dummy in charge bench your best weapon, instead of your garbage QB, then you know that we have NOTHING good to look forward too, next season and beyond as long as Tannepuke and Philbert remains!


If you take away the 2 running TDs, all you have on offense is 1 passing TD and a field goal. Sounds about right for a Tannehill led offense.


If "ifs and butts were candies and nuts we would all have a Merry Christmas".

I wanted to win too but at the end if the day we probably will move up 3 spots in the first round and 5-6 spots as we rotate through the next few rounds of the draft.

The O Line was a wreck late in the game. It wouldn't have mattered if Wallace was in there or not.

My biggest problem with Philbin is his insistance on attempting 53 yard field goals with an inconsistant kicker. Against Minnesota and a rookie QB, he tries Sturgis on the opening drive instead of pinning them back. And today with 10:30 left in a tied game he sends out Sturgis instead of punting the ball and backing them up and forcing a long drive to lose. In both cases you are not going to win the game at that point and all you do is give them great field position and their entire playbook to choose from WITH Rookie QBs.

I don't get it.


Pathetic. That's how I describe this team. They have a HC who is clueless. No o-line. A QB who got 4,000 yards by dinking and dunking, but he'll never be a "franchise" QB. A deep threat WR matched up with the only QB in the entire league who can't hit him deep. Coyle is terrible, and the defense has been getting worse every year under him. And, to top it off, an owner who apparently likes what he sees so much that he's keeping the HC and staff. The ONLY positive I see is Lamar Miller rushing for over 1,000 yards behind a porous o-line.