Sunday, December 07, 2014

The train is pulling away from the station.

And the Dolphins are standing on the platform. Again.

You can put lipstick on a pig all you want, but this team is simply average. Maybe the OC is getting the most out of what he has. But it's not enough. 88 yards passing in the first half and well under 300 yards total offense at the end. And 6 sacks allowed.

You can bemoan the lack of a deep pass all you want but the truth is that Tannehill can't throw it; and Wallace keeps taking himself out of games (apparently because he gets tired?!) so it's not going to change.

With the exception of the jets game, it's following how I predicted it would go ( And the jets could still win the one in Miami.

And, after seeing hilights of the jets/Vikings game I might believe the Vikings could win in Miami, too.

So 7-9 is not IMpossible

In other words, at this point it wouldn't surprise if they had their last win for the season in week 12.

And because they will likely win between 7 and 9 games, what will Stephen Ross do?
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You are right Dave, year after year, for at least the past 10 have been trying on us true Dolphin fans, I'm talking about the Dolphin fans who are used to winning, certainly not this poor excuse of a team we saw Sunday. I think it is obvious this qb is not the long term one we were looking for and as far as that goes neither is Philbin the rest of the year will be painful to watch seeing as we can lose the rest of the games on our schedule. This game was painful to watch, after we let them score before half time I knew it was over. not just the game but the season as well.


Ross will fire Philbin. The question is, who will be the coach next year?

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Disagree about Tannehill. He is not the reason the Dolphins lost. He was on the Dolphins best players today, despite the rest of the team which, for the most part, stunk it up.

Philbin should be fired. This team had no fire. Dropped passes in key situations. Failures in the two minute drill, The defense ignores the run. The coach misses throwing the challenge flag on a safety.

This team has no spark and needs a coaching change. I'm hoping Harbaugh ends up here. He is a very good coach, despite this season where the 49ers idiot owners have decided they would rather poison the locker room than win games.


Just a little tidbit for everyone on the Tannehill and Philbin patience train:

Did it take 3 years for Seattle to figure out Russell Wilson was their franchise QB?

What about Andrew Luck? Think Jim Irsay is still debating letting him hit the open market?

Dan Marino?

Not just QBs people. Think the Giants are worried about Beckham Jr? Think Miami has to figure out if Landry and Ja'Wuan James are keepers?

How about Mike Pettine coaching the Browns? Think they made a mistake?

Bruce Arians for the Cardinals? Didn't take him 3 years.

Chuck Pagano? Again, not three years...

Your turn patience train...


When Philbin was hired, I knew that it was a mistake. Switching to Philbin's version of a West Coast Offense has just wasted 3 years. Three years of building and they still have o-line problems (injuries happen to every team so they don't count), an offense that is 95% short passes, a good running game that they rarely use, and a defense that has gotten progressively worse since Coyle became DC.

They have problems playing against tough, physical teams. Hopefully, the next Coach will want to build a tough, physical team!


I'll speak for the patience train Lawrence. Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. Look at their early careers. No one was sure if they were going to be that good until a few years later. Manning had mediocre rookie year and threw a TON of INTs. Then had decent 2nd and 3rd years, then back to mediocre for 2 more years. I knew a ton of Indi fans that wanted him out. They were ready to give up. But then his 6th year he improved a lot. And then in year 7 he exploded with 49 TDs and a QBR of 121.

Drew Brees was even worse. He was considered a bust until he was replaced by Philip Rivers, but then played great his last couple seasons in SD, but they still let him go. Look at him now.

Don't use Russel Wilson as an example. He's not that good. He just has an amazing team. They don't have to ask him to do anything. He's a good QB, but I refuse to even call him great, let alone elite, until he shows me he can carry a team consistently.

Dan Marino was a phenom. There will never be another. Don't hold your breath.

The coaches you brought up? They weren't handed a mess of a team. Arians, Pettine, Harbaugh....they all were given teams with talent. Their missing piece was a HC. And the browns are right on par with Miami so I don't know why you bring them up. Actually, we're better, and if we played the Browns, we'd win.

Don't use examples from the last 5 years. We're in the "fix everything NOW" era of the NFL, where fair weather fans with the attention span of a fruit fly influence owner decisions. We real fans need to be realistic. I believe we can still go 9-7. At the rate of improvement we're having, next year we can be 10-6 or even 11-5 and will make the playoffs. But not if we reset again. If we do that we'll be 8-8 or worse again next year.

Every time we win a lot of you guys are supportive Tannehill and the coaches. Then we lose a game and "all is lost" and everyone needs to go. Tannehill is a good QB as long as we win, but as soon as we lose, he's got to go, even if he has a good game and a QBR of 98.9. Pick a side people. Stop being the typical, fickle, fair weather fan.

I'm standing by my team. We need stability more than anything else right now. And getting Harbaugh, Gruden, or any other big name coach is just a pipe dream.


Delmas is out for the season. Even if Miami somehow makes the playoffs, don't expect much. There's no one left to play. I swear I've never seen such an injury-prone team. That has got to be fixed. You can't win with half your starters injured.


Tannehill has gotten better each of the last three years. Philbin, however, hasn't. He handpicked his staff, so they are under incictment, as well. Lazor is a keeper, Coyle isn't. Odrick won't settle for mediocre and voiced it to the man. Is there anyone on the team with more influence in the locker room? So, if Odrick is sick and tired of the same old same old to get in Philbin's ear on the sidelines, plenty of other players feel the same way. After last season, it was clear that Philbin had no control of the locker room, and at this point, it's a good bet that he's lost it for keeps this time. I absolutely don't want to wait another two or three years for a new coaching philosophy to take hold. But, there are so many key players coming to the end of their contracts that the roster will most likely churn significantly before next season. What better time is there to bring in a head coach with credentials?


@ Canamdolphin

I can see your point there. And Lazor is for sure a keeper, but if they fire Philbin, the new HC will come with an all new coaching staff most likely. I don't think Coyle is bad. He has been good most of the season. Our problem isn't his defensive play-calling so much as it is that our players have forgotten how to tackle. Coyle can't do anything accept remind them "hey guys, you know you're supposed to tackle those other guys, right?"

My biggest fears of losing Philbin are:

1. Losing his coaching staff. I think they're pretty good.
2. Getting another unproven HC that comes an OC and DC that aren't as good as ours. Who are we going to get? We're not getting Harbaugh, Gruden, or Cower. Some of you guys need to give up on that fantasy.

Harbaugh wants to stay in the NFL, but his wife wants to stay in the bay area. Just watch. He'll be coaching the Raiders next year. He's not coming to Miami. So, who do we get that's better than Philbin AND HIS STAFF? Realistically?


Todd Bowles, former Dolphins coach and interim head coach when Sparano was fired, now Arizona defensive coordinator. Hell, I think even Sparano has improved as a coach! Ireland and Philbin were at each other's throats, in part, because Philbin refused to play Ireland's draftees, most notably Dion Jordan. Philbin has talented draft picks that aren't seeing the field when they should, like Billy Turner, preferring instead to tank the season by staying with Dallas Thomas anywhere on the O line!


@ Jeremy & Jessica:

"Dont use Russell Wilson as an example..."

Why not? He was drafted in the same draft class as Tannehill, as you know, Tannehill even went higher in the draft than Wilson.

"He is just on an amazing team..."

Yes, the Seahawks are a great team, but they are the same team that Miami beat last year which just so happens to be the year they won the super bowl. That reason is in valid.

"Dont use anyone in the last 5 years as an example"

Well then exactly who can I use? Bart Starr?

Onto coaching:
Arians, Pettine & Harbaugh were handed teams that werent a mess?

Pettine: His best player was suspended almost the entire year. They didnt know who would start the year at running back OR quarterback. And did I mention this is Pettine's first year as HC?

Arians & Harbaugh:

Yes, they were handed talented teams. What was Miami? Chop liver?

Cam Wake is arguably in the top 5 DEs in the game and he plays on this so called "great" defense.

Mike Wallace IS THE BEST deep threat in the NFL.

Jarvis Landry leads all rookies in receptions.

Brent Grimes is a top 5 CB.

Miami had the # 3 over all pick in the draft and used it on Jordan & they cant seem to figure out if he is a DE, LB or TE.

The coaching staff cant figure out how to win when it matters. Oh wait, I forgot, they beat the Jets in a close game. You are right.

You also spoke of injuries?

Baltimore was onto their 3rd & 4th string CB's yesterday as well as missing Ngata and we still lost.

KC was without their 3 best players when we played them at home and we were at full strength AT HOME & we still lost.

These other teams find a way to win. We dont, (Unless we play the 2-11 Jets)

Your turn....


I like debating with you Lawrence. You actually have FACTS to back up your points. So my turn now...okay lets see....

"Why not? He was drafted in the same draft class as Tannehill, as you know, Tannehill even went higher in the draft than Wilson."

That doesn't really negate the fact that Wilson has a good supporting cast and isn't asked to do as much as Tannehill. Seahawks fans don't have a "Dan Marino" in their history books so they don't have insane expectations of him. Numbers-wise, they are pretty close, with RT having 300 more yards and 4 more TD's, but 4 more INTs as well. RT has only been sacked once more than Wilson. Similar athleticism. But Wilson has Lynch and an O-line that can block for him. Wilson also has the biggest home-field advantage in the NFL. RT has NO home-field advantage because our fans are just plain weak. We'd have more home wins if more people were as dedicated to making noise. Tannehill is interchangeable with Wilson. If they were on opposite teams, we'd be talking about Wilson the same way we do RT right now and RT would have a ring with the Seahawks right now. However, I feel like RT has progressed more since coming in and Wilson hasn't changed a whole lot. I want to know if RT has a higher ceiling. I think he might. Time will tell if they GIVE him enough time.

"Yes, the Seahawks are a great team, but they are the same team that Miami beat last year which just so happens to be the year they won the super bowl. That reason is in valid."

We didn't play the Seahawks last year. Not sure what season you're talking about. But if we had....any given Sunday. We beat the Pats this year. We killed SD. We almost beat the Broncos. We pull upsets every season. Doesn't really mean anything in the end. We lose to nobodies and that cancels it out. We killed SD, but they're better than we are right now.

"Well then exactly who can I use? Bart Starr?"

No, I'm saying use the last decade. Who are the big teams that have BEEN big teams for 10 years or more? Did those teams panic and reset every 3-4 years? No. Patriots, Steelers (not AS relevant but still pretty good every year), Packers, etc. They have stability. You have to get there first.


Onto coaching:
"Arians, Pettine & Harbaugh were handed teams that werent a mess?"

"Pettine: His best player was suspended almost the entire year. They didnt know who would start the year at running back OR quarterback. And did I mention this is Pettine's first year as HC?"

The Browns are in no better shape than we are at the moment. I wouldn't use them as an example. They had talent. Pettine had the exact same QB issue Philbin started with. Philbin also had no WRs or RBs (had Bush, but he's never been an every down back) when he took over.

Arians & Harbaugh:

"Yes, they were handed talented teams. What was Miami? Chop liver?"

Yes, chopped liver that was mismanaged and run into the ground by Jeff Ireland for five seasons. He had no idea what he was doing and missed on draft day way WAY more than he hit. Never made any bold trades to draft a quality playmaker and hired a terrible HC. With Ireland calling the shots, I'm surprised we one seven games in 2012.

"Cam Wake is arguably in the top 5 DEs in the game and he plays on this so called "great" defense."

That's one player. He can't do it all alone. EVERY team has big time player. Even the Jags, and they have 2 wins. The defense is playing bad because they forgot how to tackle. I don't blame the coaches for that. The players just up and forgot their jobs and they're just going to have to pull their heads out of their butts.

"Mike Wallace IS THE BEST deep threat in the NFL."

He is, but teams cover him. Sometimes he does get open. Tannehill needs to work on deep accuracy. I admit that. But Wallace could run some mid-range routes and be effective. And he should be catching EVERY SINGLE BALL that touches him if it's catchable. That drop in the Jets game is unacceptable. He gets paid way too much money not to catch that.

"Jarvis Landry leads all rookies in receptions."

So, are you trying to say that he's a great player? I hit in the draft by Hickey? And both the coach and Tannehill are utilizing him well? Seems dropping his name is proving my point more than it is yours. Landry is an example of someone Tannehill clicks with and an example of what Tannehill can do if you accommodate HIS strengths and stop trying to make him do things he can't do right now and doesn't need to do right now.

"Brent Grimes is a top 5 CB"

A top five CB who only covers one man or one side of the field. On the other side we have a guy who can't stay healthy and a bunch of young, unproven guys, one of which is also injured. Too many holes in this defense and Grimes is one guy. The coaches are utilizing what they have to work with about as well as you can. And now Delmas is out too? How many more injuries can we take and expect to win games?


"Miami had the # 3 over all pick in the draft and used it on Jordan & they cant seem to figure out if he is a DE, LB or TE."

Maybe he's just not that good. Ireland is the one who traded up for him....I always said there were better options for us with that pick...

"The coaching staff cant figure out how to win when it matters. Oh wait, I forgot, they beat the Jets in a close game. You are right."

This whole team can't figure it out. It's not all on the coaches. The defense just gives up in the last five minutes of close games. Everyone is to blame for this point. Coaches and players alike. But this issue doesn't prove either of our points. This is like trying to figure out who is to blame for the Raiders.

You also spoke of injuries?

"Baltimore was onto their 3rd & 4th string CB's yesterday as well as missing Ngata and we still lost."

Ngata isn't a pass rusher first of all, so his absence had no effect on our pass blocking either way. And the way Tannehill was getting pressured (13 times to be exact) the Ravens could have put homeless people in at DB. Tannehill couldn't even look downfield anyway. And the LBs did a great job covering the short-medium range so Tannehill couldn't do what he's good at.

"KC was without their 3 best players when we played them at home and we were at full strength AT HOME & we still lost."

You got me there. That game was a disgrace. We just played like garbage. All I can say is you have bad days. This was just a legitimate bad day for Miami. Manning didn't throw a TD yesterday. Even he has bad days.

"These other teams find a way to win. We dont, (Unless we play the 2-11 Jets)"

The other teams that you speak of have:

1. Way more experience in these situations than we do and way more veterans that have been there, done that.
2. STABILITY in there entire organization.


All the Dolphins have to do is bench Tannehill and they will go to the Superbowl; but they are too STUOID to even try something new. All other coaches on the other teams will bench a starter to try and spark their offense. Philbert would rather keep banging his head on a wall of defeats and walking along the sidelines with that dumb look on his face. I mentioned several weeks ago to Philbert; he can smile all season by starting Matt Moore or one of the other QBs or start Tannehiccup and walk along the sidelines with that dumb look on his face. Philbert chose the dumb confused look that Tanne-Henne has to offer.


You cannot win in this league without the DEEP BALL! Why does STUPIDITY keep trying to do it ANYWAY! Don't they know that that is why the rules were changed on offense to create more opportunities for the DEEP BALL! But Philbert says no; "we feel in our expert opinion that the dink and dunk and loosing games we could win is more appealing and effective".


David you have absolutely no proof to support a single thing you say. Matt Moore has started for us in the past. He started for the Panthers before that. It didn't go well. He isn't going to take us to the SB just because he can throw a deep ball. He can't move in the pocket. He'd be on the ground more than Tannehill.

And for the millionth freakin time. THERE ARE PLENTY OF TEAMS WINNING RIGHT NOW WITHOUT A DEEP BALL. Manning can't even throw deep. Brady rarely has to, Rodgers rarely has to, Stafford only does when it's to CJ, Alex Smith can't throw it down field, Russel Wilson does have to. I can keep going. The list of teams that actually use the deep ball consistently is much shorter, but they include the Saints, the Ravens, and the Steelers. There are plenty of winning teams that do it without the deep pass. Matt Moore is a backup! He's always been a backup! He'll retire a freakin backup!


*Russel Wilson DOESN'T have to.


@ Jeremy & Jessica:

About the pressure on Tannehill:

Dumervil had 3.5 sacks. At what point do you realize that Dallas Thomas' lunch money is getting taken from him and help out with a tight end? Or even better, put in Jason Fox!! That is coaching my friend.

About Ngata:

Yes, he is a run stuffer but even if he was active it wouldn't have mattered. Miami ran the ball 3 times in the second half. T-H-R-E-E. Lamar Miller had success in the first half, why they abandoned it in the second in a close game is anybody's guess. That is again, coaching my friend.

The Injuries:

Every team in the NFL deals with injuries. That is not an excuse. Arizona lost their starting QB and RB, and Bruce Arians is quoted as saying, "I am fully confident that this team can still prosper and make the super bowl with Drew Stanton as our QB..." That is a coach that does not make excuses, if Philbin says that the injuries are affecting the wins and losses then again, that too, is coaching my friend.

Wilson's and Tannehill's supporting cast:

If you want, we can get into this debate, but Miami is a very talented team that I believe are not being utilized as good as they could be.

The Cleveland Browns:

Yes, they are in no better shape at the moment than the Phins except for one thing:

Pettine is in year 1 and Philbin is in year 3. So who is REALLY better off right now?

My vote is for the Browns.


@ Lawrence

All good points.

We'll see the end of season records before I say the Browns are better off. First of all, they haven't exactly been blowing teams out. Second of all, with their remaining schedule, they could easily end up 8-8 or even 7-9, which would put them around where we were in Philbin year 1. They aren't going to the playoffs. I can tell you that. So my vote is for the Dolphins until week 17.

Yes Miami has almost as much talent as Seattle, however, they are NOWHERE near as consistent. Seattle's players don't melt down and forget how to tackle after the first quarter. Seattle plays for 4 quarters. You are right, that is probably coaching. Well, not the tackling though, PLAYERS know how to tackle. They've been doing it their whole lives, so that's on them. If you need a coach to remind you how to wrap and tackle every week, you don't belong in the pros. That's like if I had to be reminded how to sign my name every week, or tie my shoes.

I agree with you on injuries. But most of the teams with injuries have the depth to handle it. Are O-line does not. Also I don't hear Philbin making excuses. That's probably me you're hearing lol.

The lack of running is on Philbin. I won't argue that.

What I have to ask you is:

1. Who is a better realistic option, that is going to bring a supporting coaching staff that's better than Philbins? Don't say Harbaugh. It's not happening. I'm not waiting for another unproven HC to come in and develop. Either get someone who can take us deep into the playoffs RIGHT NOW, or lets give Philbin more time.

2. Do you know FOR A FACT that Philbin is at his ceiling as a HC and can't learn everything you're saying he should know? If you look back through history I think you'll find plenty of very good HC's who weren't much above average their first 3-5 seasons. The problem is that back in the day, when people had patience, HCs got time to develop. Today, they get 3 years to make the playoffs or it's "BYE BYE."

We all need to calm down though. The Dolphins PROBABLY won't make it, but they aren't mathematically eliminated yet. Hopefully they learn how to tackle again this week though...


Manning throws deep enough. I have seen him throw for forty and fifty yards many times to reggie wayne and marvin harrison. The deep ball is 35 + yards. He throws those often. 35 yards or more deep is enough to keep the opposing defenses from staking the line. Tannehill's inabilities is what is causing his own downfall. INSANITY!


That was years ago David. I remember those days, but that was before the neck injury. Manning never throws deep anymore. He can't because of his injuries. And he's played better without the deep ball than he did with it in Indi.

Manning can't move in the pocket AT ALL either. Tannehill can avoid sacks when his line isn't falling apart. Have you seen him throw on the run? He's really good at it. He can also pick up a lot of yards with his feet. I agree with you that I'd rather him have a deep ball than those abilities, but at least he has something to make up for it a little. And again, we know he CAN throw deep, just not accurately yet. He hasn't been a QB that long. Give him more time. He'll get that deep ball under control and you'll be much happier with him. He was a receiver his whole life before half way through his junior year of college. Most of the greats were QBs their whole lives. I think he deserves more time. I think he's caught onto the position really quickly given his circumstances.


@ Jeremy:

I first wanna say that Harbaugh is a more realistic option than many think.

But I do agree with you that if not Harbaugh, then there probably is not a better option than Philbin & his staff. I dont like it but it is what it is.

As for Philbin being on his ceiling:

Yes, I believe he is. Philbin has over 30 years of coaching experience in college & the pros. If he dont get it by now, he probably wont ever

The Phins will not win out which will mathematically eliminate them from the playoffs.


Well I did the math and Miami COULD go 9-7 and make the playoffs, but the amount of help it would require is staggering. It involves the Ravens going 9-7, the Texans beating the Ravens but then losing to Jags, among other things. A miracle, basically.


If Miami wins out they will get one of the two wildcard spots. If they do not win out, then they should not go any where. One thing for sure; IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN WITH TANNEPUKE! But Philbert is foolish enough to try to keep winning with Tannepuke.


You know what they say Lawrence. "Happy wife, happy life." And Mrs. Harbaugh wants to stay in the bay area. I think the odds of him coaching the Raiders are a lot higher than the fins.