Monday, December 29, 2014

The Miami "Queasy" Dolphins.

Hello all, this is my first blog and I want to thank Dave for inviting me to express my opinions and thoughts about the team.  I've been a fan since I was 6 and I have threatened to leave for as long as I can remember, but lets face it none of are going to do that.  As much as I would love to jump ship and root for a winner, my passion lays with the Phins.

Let me first say some may agree, some may not with my opinions but that is what sharing your opinions is all about.  My first blog may touch on a few different areas so i'm sorry if I'm jumping around.

Where to start, the Dolphins have been disappointing since the day Marino retired.  At least when he was under center we had something to look forward to.  How Ross can keep Philbin is beyond me, and what makes this decision even harder to comprehend is Ross said he likes the progress.  What progress ? 7-9 and two 8-8 seasons with a back to back December debacle where you could have made the playoffs in both years is not progress. Winning is progress, making the playoffs is progress.  To further that point the defense has regressed immensely in 2012 they allowed 317 YPG and were #7, 2013 335 YPG #8, and this year 2014 allowing 373 YPG and ending at #20.  They also finished in the standings 2nd in 2012, 3rd in 2013, and 3rd in 2014.  How is any of that progress? and its all under Philbin's watch.  He has given away young talent ( Smith, Davis) for older declining talent ( Grimes, Finnegan) Yes I know Grimes made the pro bowl again but he is still aging and tackling is an issue.  Philbin's dislike for " Personalities" is why this team is mediocre, and I predict he will trade Wallace away because his dislike for the personality player.

Off topic for a moment:  I don't know about you but I sense something brewing with Wallace and I've  since defended him because I truly believe he wants to be the star he knows can be and in this offense he is not given the chance to do so.  It's not about crying about not getting the ball, true play makers, true talent want the ball because they know what they can do.
( ehh hmm Dez Bryant)

I'll leave with this, Steven Ross brought back a coach who at home against the Green Bay Packers a chance to beat a good team, take a stand, change the views of the fans and the public, go for the kill decided he felt too "Queasy" to throw the ball on a deciding third down.  That is what we have in Miami, a queasy coach who was too queasy to fire Sherman, too queasy to go into a game and win instead of not lose and whom I believe will be too queasy to make the much needed decision to fire Coyle which ultimately will lead to Queasy 2015 season.

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Ever stop and consider what the season might have held if not for Branden Alberts injury ( probably the best player on our team ) Tannyhill also has a long ball in his quiver so.. Cheer up ! With Croyle heading for the exists look for improved on that side of the ball. Good luck with your blogging career.


I have a bad feeling that we might match the 1-15 Cameron Season next year. The biggest difference though will be none of Ted Ginn's Family will be around for this debacle.


Next year we will all be saying "Man, we should have fired Philbin, hired Rex and Kept Lazor"...


weren't we all saying same thing last season? except for rex coming? joe is the problem & admitted hes the problem..why is he still head coach??


Philbin exudes mediocrity when he speaks publicly. Even when he attempts to be fiery after team win in locker room, I feel his attempt at being passionate is staged and not genuine. Philbin's admission that he is responsible for teams lack of preparation or being out coached without any explanation why or how he not preparing his team or being out coached is complete lack of admission. He should be saying what he going to do to fix the problems with this team. You know why he doesn't. It is because he severely lacks any skills in motivating players and coaches to perform at a higher level. He does not have the necessary ingredients to be a NFL HC. There is no fear by his players or coaches if they fail to perform in a game. Philbin only disciplines players for nonperformance related problems ( Martin, Wallace). He rarely benches players for bad play (wheeler still plays despite his woeful play and ellerbee would still be playing if not for injury). Last year, we started OL men who were turnstiles week after week without benching them. Philbin will never be an elite coach. We will wallow in another year of mediocrity until Philbin contract expires next year.