Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Mediocrity, Inconsistency And Insanity Will Continue...

So the inconsistency will continue for at least 1 more year guys. 

Ross has commited to Philbin for next year which is the last year of his contract. 

Philbin said "...I came here to compete for championships." He surely must be speaking of moral championships because he has not been in competition for a division title let alone a super bowl in his three years here so far. 

0/3 Joe. 

0/3 Mr. Ross.

Well, hopefully everyone can distance themselves from this team emotionally for a while. I'm sure they will show flashes of brilliance next year only to end their season by early December yet again. 

Cheers! And here is to looking forward to fantasy football next year which very well may be the only reason I will watch any Miami games. :-)
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Bad teams continually change coaches. I really like what our coordinators are doing.

It is not inconsistency, it is injury. 1/2 our secondary were on the street a month ago.

I am excited to see what Dennis Hickey can do witn his second draft. Another strong one like the last, we will be in food shape.

And before we give up on next season let's play the games first.


The commissioner announced that there would be no professional team in LA in 2015. Apparently, there will be no professional team in Miami in 2015, either!


David Kennedy turn in your Dolphin fan card. You are not worthy.


@ Red Jay:

The Texans are on their 4th string QB and they won today and currently have the same record as Miami. Their RB is constantly week to week. And did I mention he is a rookie head coach? Every teams deals with injuries. That is not an excuse.


@ Dave Kennedy:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. There hasn't been a pro NFL team in Miami in over a decade...


@ Farley:

Dave turned in his fan card a long time ago. He got tired of the mediocrity long ago...


Good coached teams make playoffs. Least injured and best talented wins SB. At least I don't have to watch and games next year!! Sweet.. Dolphin fan card turned in. I will not root for mediocre teams. I'm done rooting for the same BS every year will not change as long as Coyle and Philbum remain as coaches.


@ Jessica Coook:

Agreed! I'm glad for the emergence of Fantasy Football or I wouldn't have to watch it at all! Lol