Monday, December 29, 2014

The joke is on all of us

It should be clear by now that Stephen Ross doesn't care about the Dolphins (or the teams fans). What he does care about is his beloved Michigan football team.

Last week, he abruptly announced that Philbin would be staying in Miami, and then the team tanks...meanwhile Harbaugh accepts the Michigan offer.  How do you like them apples?  Look, it doesn't matter if Harbuagh was the right guy for the job here - its the principle that Philbin is the *wrong* guy for the job, and Ross simply doesn't care.  Sloughing off the decision while he was finagling to get Harbuagh in Michigan should be taken as a slap in the face to all Dolphins fans.

Who's the biggest donor to Michigan football?  Who would simply have to be consulted about an offer?  Oh yeah, that would be Mr. Ross. He was willing to stand pat here, all the while trying to improve Michigan.

And as for the team tanking, well, that's where the real trouble is.  Philbin just got another year out of his owner, and then goes out the next week and says he was outcoached.  Outcoached!  So if that's how he behaves in that situation, how will it be next year when he's (maybe?) coaching for his job - or if he knows the owner simply doesn't care?

And with all of the impending free agents, little cap space and choices to make about players like Wallace, where do they go?  And what of Tannehill and his backloaded contract that pays him more in 2015, with an opt out clause.  Do they pay it?

Maybe the DC gets released, and someone new comes in.  He'll surely have a lot of new players (many of the starters are relatively old), so there's no consistency there.  And who comes here when the team is this....dysfunctional? 

And you have to wonder if Lazor will have an opportunity elsewhere now that the coaching carousel has started  Would some team up the offer to him?  Would Philbin (or Ross) let him go just because the team underperformed?  Then, you're starting over yet again on offense, too.

So the joke part is the fact that for the one year we had some information about the revenue stream (I think it was 2007?), we saw H Wayne netted $200 million in profit.  And there weren't fans in the seats those years. Gotta figure the number has gone up based on the new labor deal, and whether people show up or not, Ross makes money.  So the question is why should any of "us" expect anything different?

He's making money and doesn't appear to care about the team.  Sure, he gives it lip service, but that's just hollow words (like "show improvement"....)
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I have to agree with you. The team is in total disarray, as you mentioned, how do you come out and say you were out coached by a 3-12 team ? a week after you were giving another year. It's ridiculous, the Defense has regressed a lot, they're old, we have no defensive backfield and Philbin who wouldn't fire sherman and was willing to resign will most likely not fire coyle. Chalk this team up with in the ranks with the bears and redksins.


Bitchin says it all. btw.. Harbaugh is a Richard, ask his players nor does he want to come east. Croyles players laid down last week ( excepting Wilson , Wake & Jenkins )what in the hell happened to pro bowler Grimes as his play making got snatched up.and Finnegan couldn't play worse if he tried and he did try to play worse. The message to ownership and coach Phil is to relieve ourselves of Croyle. Hey we got a better draft spot with a meaningless loss and the Jets moved down. Nothing to bitch about in my eyes.


Philbin, who by appearances is a nice guy, doesn't have the stomach to be a head coach in the NFL. Maybe next year I will eat my words, but I doubt it. Ross is dropping the ball in grand fashion by retaining Philbin for another year.


There is still a chance that Ross may change his mind soon. Stay tooned!


The fish rots from the head.


Sorry Dave, no chance, unfortunately. Need to hit Ross in his pocket. He's destroying this franchise


3-12 next year for this team. Total shame what this proud franchise has become.


@mouldymuffin - yes. Save your money and hit Ross where it hurts.


Possibility #1: Harbaugh told Ross years ago he would never go to Dolphins. SK to eliminate him from staying in NFL and possibly at Jets, he helped orchestrate Harbaugh going to Michigan.

Possibility #2: With our limited cap space and 5-6 other Head Coaching positions opening up,
we would not have been a good scenario for any of the top candidates to consider taking the Dolphins job so waiting a year to search for a new HC makes sense.

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I don't think Ross could orchestrate Harbaugh going to Michigan. That would have violated some serious NFL rules, given Harbaugh was coaching another team. Why would Ross risk giving up draft picks for that? Ross just writes Michigan the booster checks that allow them to pay a coach like Harbaugh.

I do think Ross knew Harbaugh was going to Michigan when he made the announcement about Philbin.

As for another coach, who out there is obviously better than Philbin? Harbaugh was better, but no other coach.