Sunday, December 21, 2014

The annual question

Would you rather be the Falcons or the Dolphins today?

As we may recall, some years ago, the Falcons and Dolphins were bidding for Bill Parcells' services...the Falcons "lost" out on that derby (and arguably won in the long run), got stability at both coach and QB - and are in a one-game playoff with the Panthers for the division crown next week.

Meanwhile the Dolphins....who knows?  It may be coach number 200 or so since Parcells came to town. And QB?  Again, who knows?

Its an annual item that is just one of those things....
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Falcons have 6 wins and are about to fire their coach. They don't play NE twice a year.
Falcons last in NFL in defense. No thanks I'll remain a dolphin fan despite their lofty playoff projections.


We are in much better shape than Atlanta and in a tougher division and conference.