Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sorry But I Agree With Ross Keeping Philbin For One More Year

Yes, one more year.

And if we don't make the playoffs next year then let Dennis Hickey find his replacement.

Now I like Hickey well enough to keep him for a long time.  I think he did a great job with the draft and adding players throughout the season.

Most of the teams out there that go to the playoffs year in and year out have strong front offices and GMs in place who shop for the groceries and if needed hire the Head Coach.

I think we need to head in that direction.  I think we need to start with some stability with a good GM and not start throwing the baby out with the water.

If we bring in a Head Coach who wants all the power and of course wants all his guys in all the positions right up the chain then that guy better be a stud.

And I am sorry but I don't see anyone out there that is worthy of all that power.

I think Dan Marino could work in some capacity beyond watching film with Ryan Tannehill.  Marino not only has the resume to command respect from coaches and players alike but he also is a Dolphin through and through.  He could have gone elsewhere to finish his career but he did the right thing and retired a Dolphin.

But he ain't no HC.

Now I know that every team out there has to deal with injuries.  They are part of this violent sport we all love.

But you cannot blame Philbin for all the injuries to key players during a very tough stretch of our schedule. 

But we can blame him for managing a game like someone who played too many quarters without a helmet.

Today I thought Philbin mismanaged the end of the half by calling timeouts when we just got some momentum back after Tannehill led us down the field to cut the 14 point Viking lead in half.  With 56 seconds left, the Vikings were willing to run out the clock from under the shadows of their goal posts.  Even if we held them, what were we really going to do with 7 seconds back on our own 25 yard line?

But we gave them time for us to miss a tackle and then miss some coverages and then watch a FG go through the uprights and we were down 10 points and lost all the momentum.

If there was truly some stud out there that would be worth a decapitation then I would be all for it but there isn't.

Harbaugh wasn't coming here. Not ever. He will go across the Bay Area Bridge to Oakland in a heartbeat and keep his bride happy.

Tell me that you would drag your unhappy wife clear across the country and enjoy coming home at night.

You cannot make a change just for the sake of change when there really is no clear replacement starring you in the face.

We would be back to a crap shoot.

Let's give Hickey another draft.  Let's let him tinker a bit more with the roster. Let's see what he can do building depth on the O Line and at LB.  Those areas are in much more need of a decapitation than the HC.

Is Philbin perfect? No, not even close.  But he is worth saving for one more year and see if those championship lights do come on.

Philbin has grown leaps and bounds since Day 1.  Whose to say he can't grow as a game manager.

Is he a ball of fire? No. But these are professional athletes not a high school team.

These players should know what this game is all about by now and shouldn't need a 60 year old man to stand up and give them some rah rah speech before they run out the tunnel.  They should be motivated enough to earn those fat pay checks and earn our admiration. 

So Philbin has one more year.

That's all.  There was no mention of an extension to his contract.  There was no guarantee that he will finish next season. 


So Coach Philbin, if you are listening, this is it.  Time to shit or get off the pot.

And if he doesn't produce, then let Hickey do the honors.

Oh, and by the way, beat the Freakin' Jets on Sunday.

Phins Up!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
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normally I agree with you on most posts but this time I 100% disagree with you philbin is horrible and will never lead this team to a championship.anyone who doesn't see that is blind to the game of is an emotional game at the heart and Philbin has no emotion heart or i agree with you on hickey but philbin is by far one of the worst head coaches in the league & were going no where with him..healthy squad or not..bruce arians in arizona plays in toughest conference in football 3rd string qb & more injuries than the fins & still has 10 11 win team for example..i have seen plenty over last 3seasons to know philbin has gotta go.i cant take his stupid decisions time outs & playing guys who shouldn't be out there..phillip wheeler vs. green bay anyone??


I agree, in short Philbin has turned the Off around, even with a weak OL....DEF has had so many injuries that we at least now know how good the depth is...DEF may be in for a lot of changes


I hear ya.
We are taking about one year. That's all.


I'm just glad the reporters lost their ammunition. I don't know how many more articles I could have read about Harbaugh or about how Philbin's career comes down to a two point conversion. Just ridiculous. Now they have to work for their paychecks a little. Unless they want to fabricate another qb controversy. Next there will be imaginary "sources close to the team" that management's disappointed with Tannehill's abilities, even though everyone that's watched a game this year knows he's something special. Maybe not Marino, but maybe Elway. I can live with that.


Tannehill is growing and so is Lazor and Philbin.

Tannehill had a great game today and if he becomes an Elway, WOW!!!


I don't think Wheeler should be with team either, but who else is on team? Wheeler is yet another fiasco of the Ireland/Parcells debacle. Until those mistakes are corrected, you can't blame the coaching.


again i agree with all of you about the offense..lets not forget how bad the offense was until lazor got here..i dont want to clean house..we have the my opinion philbin is the one holding us back.i think a more competent coach gets us a couple more wins


Team is maturing and we need some more leaders on the field. Landry is a genuine superstar in the making and I like Hickeys body of work,


i cant imagine us in an important game next season & quesy calls another dumb timeout because we were "Kodaking" or because "i felt quesy"..or better yet how about an important game the team doesnt show up for??once again..the last 2games of last season & then the Baltimore & NE tired of the "injury" excuse..we have been desensitized with all this losing & to me its unacceptable..that falls on the HC..i hope im proven wrong but best predictor of future behavior is past behavior..quesy has shown me enough


the leader starts with the head you really believe this head coach is a leader? can this guy pull the team together in tough times & bring them through the fire? imo i dont believe he can


For the first time since Jimmy Johnson we have a coaching staff that makes good half time adjustments...


Before the Baltimore game Philbin was in the convo of coach of the year candidate behind Belichik and Arians. Unfortunately we just didnt win one big game (either balt or patriots). I agree on the decision. One more year but Philbin is gone if no playoffs next year. I think we make it.


One decision I never understood the staff made was putting Ellerbee on IR. If they put him on IR with designation to return that could have really helped our run defense and perhaps one a game or two with him back. Assuming his hip is ok. If we have a strong draft and keep free of injury bug we got a shot. I would also add one more thing to this discussion. Many coaches and teams have the luxury of a home field advanatage. I have attended two home games of each the past two years and have been disappointed. I live in Ohio and Browns fans even despite their team usual poor performance put a much better effort cheering on their team. We need better fan support - its not like we are awful.


Carl, you don't have to apologize for being sane. Philbin's gotten a fair deal--win next year or he's out. He can't ask for more at this point. His young team played hard for him today. Maybe people can finally get off his ass and let him focus on HIS game?!!

Hickey hit on round 1 and 2 picks, AND rebuilt a whole line in an offseason (has that ever happened in MIA?) He'll pick up a critical player or two for Lazor this offseason and shore up the lines a little more. We'll get Albert back, get new LBs, get Moreno back (or some bruiser), maybe poach one high end CB in free agency. Maybe he'll find a viable replacement for the Sturgeon (he's connected on 80% of kicks this year--better than I thought--but still 5 more misses than Carp, who's hitting 89% in about the same number of tries).

Tanny is much improved over last year, and will be in his second year in the new system (surprise!--his accuracy improved after a few games once he learned the system, actually had a pocket to stand in, and a TE to throw to). Tanny has 3786 yds, 26TDs, 12INTs, 93% Rate--this is Flacco, Eli, Wilson territory--guys who win Super Bowls. Maybe he can practice deep ball again this summer alongside Joe as he works on his clock management drills?

Finally, if I am reading the schedule right, we play the AFC South and some NFC East teams next year.

Hang on Fin fans, the playoffs are coming!


im sorry but did everyone forget?? this season was billed playoffs or one wants to remember one wants to talk about this season philbin HAD to make playoffs or go??when did that go out the door?


I think Ross realizes as do I that this years schedule turned out to be a very tough deal.

9-7 would have made the playoffs in other years and 10-6 may not have made it this year.

The AFC North is very good and the NFC North was no slouch. Had we the NFC South on the schedule we could have picked up one or two more wins.


Philbin AND Coyle.
I think I'm gonna feel queasy.


...because a rookie, who can't sniff the field, makes a lucky play that Ross uses to keep Philbin.


Immediately after the Baltimore loss I was ready to blow the whole thing up but a couple weeks removed I've calmed down enough to believe keeping Philbin is the right choice. The players haven't given up on Philbin, in fact maybe the opposite (from Walker's article on ESPN): "Following last week's loss to New England, which essentially ended Miami's postseason chances, veterans such as team captain Cameron Wake, receiver Mike Wallace and guard Mike Pouncey all came to Philbin's defense. Each veteran said any fault for the Dolphins' shortcomings is on the players."

Over the last 15 years I've bitterly complained about the lack of stability, changing coaches or GM every few years. I'm always excited when the new guy comes to town but it's readily apparent that all this rebuilding has brought us squat. I was furious with Philbin throughout the season on areas of his game management that literally cost us victories. But I believe he can grow. Last year he was completely tone deaf as to what was going on in the locker room. This year, by all accounts (despite some alleged rumblings), he's built a family atmosphere and a team camaraderie and a united locker room. He's nothing if not studious and persistent and I think he can learn the necessary game management skills.

Our offensive line is much better than last year. Ju'wuan James is a winner, Albert was a great signing, Pouncey is still a pro bowler (maybe moreso at center right now). If Billy Turner is able to get in next year I think he'll add value with great upside. We can pick up some more OL pieces in the offseason.

I'd definitely be open to seeing Kevin Coyle go because his unit has regressed every year since he got here. Although I hated Rex Ryan as HC of the Jests I'd love to see him as our DC, although I doubt that would happen. First off, Philbin is loyal to a fault, secondly I don't think Ryan's interested.

One more year. After 15 years of mediocrity (let's be honest we all know 2008 was an anomaly for a couple obvious reasons) I'm willing to give stability one more year. I've been a Dolphins fan since '83 and it kills me that the high point of my last 15 years as a fan has less to do with the game and more to do with a moment celebrating THE player. Being in Canton to see Dan inducted into the HoF was one of the top 5 days of my life. But I have to have faith we'll get back to and win the big game one day and I'm willing to hope that keeping Philbin for ONE MORE YEAR is the next best step in that journey.

Phins Up!!


Re: "He will go across the Bay Area Bridge to Oakland in a heartbeat and keep his bride happy."

Who wants a wuss coach like that?
I would just get rid of my unhappy wife--if she were that ungrateful regarding my job preference that makes millions--and really enjoy coming home at night!
(This coming from a guy that has no LOL)


Playoffs was the standard last offseason.

Apparently, Ross meant in 2015.

So when Philbin fails again, we will be 1 more year behind where we should have been, same as when we kept Sparano 1 year too long....


He will make millions wherever he goes Steve.

And consider yourself lucky.


I think we will be fine Lawrence.

We are so close it would be crazy to just toss everything since there is still plenty of upside.


I would take Rex as our DC in a heartbeat but Philbin probably wouldn't like having Rex ten feet from the crown.

The possibility of getting canned early would be too stressful for him to replace Could witb Ryan.

Ryan on the other hand would probably jump at the chance to run our defensive unit.


@ Carl:

Rex would be an AMAZING defensive coordinator for the Phins but I dont see it happening. Coyle is horrible and it looks like we are stuck with him


Coyle is a very good D Backs coach. I am not sure where our run defense went on vacation.


T Bone, how soon we forgot last season's debacle and Philbin did pull the team together.

He deserves one more crack.


Well, thid week anyway.


Eeeeeeehhhhhhhh...Hopefully the head coaching candidates are good after next season since we will be looking....