Monday, December 15, 2014

Something to think about

As we look to the future, and consider whether to keep Tannehill and Lazor, I think that's not the best idea.  And here's why: NFL defenses are starting to figure out the offense that Chip Kelly brought to the league.

Like most other innovations, it just takes time before the defenses adjust.  And since Lazor comes from the Kelly school, it might not be worthwhile to assume it will remain effective - and stick with that offense.  That's not to say he can't innovate again or run a modified offense.  But staying the course and running the same system may not end well in the near future - perhaps even next season.

I did a quick bit of analysis, and see that scoring, number of plays run, total yards, and 1st downs are trending lower, while time of possession in Miami is slightly up, and flat in Philadelphia.

Also, you see more attempts to compensate - like the player "getting injured" for the cowboys at a crucial time last night.

So I'm all for getting a new head coach and letting him pick the people that he thinks are suited to his style, rather than trying to force fit a coach into a system.

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i agree 100% but i am so tired of rebuilding but i will always a pin fan for life