Sunday, December 28, 2014

Some Facts And Opinion After Week The Week 17 Loss

Some FACTS from the EMBARRASSING loss to the Jets in week 17:

Joe Namath, I mean, Geno Smith had a PERFECT passer rating of 158.3 against the Phins.

The Dolphin defense allowed the Jets to score their season high 37 points

Coyle STILL HAS NOT LEARNED HIS LESSON to not put his players in a position to fail! Remember the play where Jeremy Kerley converted a 3rd and long? It was Dion Jordan defending him. Yes, a DE was covering a slot receiver.

Said it once and I'll say it again: Caleb Sturgis is a horrible kicker and needs to be replaced

Said this once and I'll say it again: players play for Rex Ryan, even in a meaningless game. "Queasy" Joe can't say the same thing

Even in a meaningless game, "Queasy" Joe shows no backbone and again, does not play to win the game but rather chooses to play not to lose. 4th and 1 on the Jets 46 yard line in the first quarter of a meaningless game, Philbin's decision: Punt.

The defense gave up yet another double digit lead.

It's been reported that a "coach", Tannehill and Mike Wallace got into some sort of argument which led to Wallace's 2nd half benching. Although it is unknown at this time what the argument was about, I'd like to think that he nicknamed Philbin "Puddin'" which would be a perfect fit

Some more interesting FACTS and opinion about the 2014 season:

Steven Ross is a liar. He said he had to see "progress" and "improvement" this year or he would strongly consider a coaching change. This came after 2013's 8-8 season record. Well here we are at the end of 2014 with yet another 8-8 record blowing our chances for a playoff berth even sooner than 2013! 

Oh wait! This team has improved right?! On paper, maybe they have BUT why identical records? Shouldn't that lead to more wins? 

Let me save you the time peanut gallery:

The offense had to learn a new system

There were a lot of injuries

The receivers dropped passes

The defense missed tackles

Ryan Tannehill didn't wear his lucky socks

Lamar Miller's left cleat was tied tighter than his right one

You know what excuses are like don't you??

The defense has regressed every year since Kevin Coyle took over as DC.

This team has been a joke for many years and it will continue. The team does not respect "Queasy" Joe. Can you blame them? I sure can't. We ended the season last year with the bully gate dysfunction and we ended the season this year with the Mike Wallace fiasco. 

It's always something with this team. 

Who needs a division title or a playoff berth??! At least they are entertaining, which is by all means, what the NFL is about! ENTERTAINMENT! Yes! The Dolphins won the title of being the most entertaining team to follow in the NFL! The season is a success!

I wonder what coaching candidates will be available for the 2016 season???

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Before we talk about a coaching change, let's at least look forward to the draft. Then, once the season starts we can watch the inevitable happen and start discussing new coaching candidates.


@ Jose J:

Dan Marino in his prime would not have me excited with Philbin coaching...


This isn't too bad. I was hoping they would give up a lot of yards so they could fire coyle!!! Coyle sucks and needs to be sent packing! This defense has to go back to the 3-4! If not Rex then Rob


@ Hector Rivera:

The Dolphins D gave up 494 total yards I believe...


This team would more accurately be 7-9 if the refs hadn't blown that huge TD call against Minnesota last week. Even the commentators and Mike Perriera were astonished.

What sickens me is how Ross can see a putrid product on the field, and continue bringing it back without change. Yeah, he might demand some assistant coach or coordinator be replaced, but really no significant change to an organization that has been proven many times over to be sub-par.


Ross = no football knowledge


On Kerley's big play, we were in a zone with Jordan lined up near the end of line on the line. Kerley was 5 yards away. At the snap Jordan drops back looking to get underneath Merely but Smith hits him perfectly in the seam.

Coyle is gone unless he can defend himself by stating we dont have the personnel needed to run his scheme. He may say he needs a few draft picks on defense this year instead of the offense.

In order to play a 3-4 we need a two gap nose guard to tie up two blockers. Ain't goyvthat on roster.

Congrats to Tannehill for 4,000 passing yards and Miller for 1,000 yards rushing.


Another offensive lineman in round one, which is ridiculous!!! Seems like that's all this team has done for the past 10 years! Middle linebacker in round two. Two gap nose guard round three....and we did draft two corners two years ago...of course they were both hurt this year. We need to see if they can play! They were both high picks! A huge battering ram running back. And depth on they offensive line! Our defense played the run really well our of the 3-4 alignment.


The coaching staff of this team are changing my opinions in a hurry. I was expecting a good showing in our second straight week 17 hosting of the Jets. I thought surely we wouldn't let it happen AGAIN.

I'm fine with our players, save for a couple more pieces on defense and the O-line and get rid of some of those worthless, over-priced LBs.

Kevin Coyle has absolutely got to go. He never changes his game plan. Every team who beats us exploits our LBs and he does NOTHING to compensate...ever.

Fire Sturgis, he's awful. I can kick as good as he can. Hey Hickey, hire me as the new kicker! I'll do it for $150k/year! I can't hit a 50-yard FG either, but I'll be paid appropriately.

I hope whatever happened between Wallace gets worked out. And don't believe he's mad at Tannehill. Tannehill doesn't call the plays, and I'm starting to think he should get to. Couldn't be worse.

Philbin is losing my faith. This game was not meaningless. It was a chance to add one more win over last season, which I would have called progression. Not only did he fail, he failed against the JETS. I don't care what's on paper, at the end of the day, you are what your record says you are. The only difference between last years 8-8 team and this years 8-8 team is that this years team is spending more money on it's players.