Tuesday, December 02, 2014

She Ain't Pretty But She's My Girl

Al Davis could've been talking about tonight's victory when he proclaimed "Just win baby!"

This may be our ugliest victory in a long, long time.

These type of games usually ended with us losing.

You block a kick and then throw a freak interception.

You kick a long field goal and then boot the kick off out of bounds.

But after each mishap we found a way to suck it up and make a play.

Usually by a big sack to push the Jets into two longer field goal attempts which drifted just left.

I wasn't sure who was going to lose this game since no one seemed willing to win it.

And the fourth quarter arrived and Ryan Tannehill, who threw for his 5th consecutive game of at least a 70% completion rate, mixed in some good throws with some great running by Lamar Miller.

The O Line made enough creases for Miller to slip through and kept Tannehill upright dispite having Samson Satele sidelined in that last drive for the go ahead field goal.

Just as I thought "Yes" another "No" would soon follow. But the last "Yes!" will carry the day as a perfectly thrown ball by Geno Smith was tipped into an interception and victory formation.

You have to give Joe Philbin some props for running the ball inside the red zone and winding that clock down to 2 minutes left because after the Jets gashed us for 277 yards rushing it would have to be Geno Smith who would have to win it for the Jets and those odds were long.

Probably longer than the anguish of that first half. Too many "No!"s

So we leave NJ with a 7-5 record. Good enough for the sixth seed in the AFC Playoff race.

One that's a long way from over but she is looking better each day.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Did anyone think this would have been anything but ugly? When the schedule came out, we all knew it would be ugly. When the Jets season went off the rails, we knew it get even uglier. Then we saw that Geno Smith was starting, and it was going to get even uglier and weirder.

I'm happy that, for once, this team manned up and came back to win a close one. And they did it against the Jets. If there is one team that I would expect us to lose to in the final minutes in an incredibly freakish way, it is the Jets. Nice to get that out of the way.

Now I just hope we lock up a playoff spot before the final game, If we need to win that last one to get in, then it will become a whole new flavor of weird....


Tell me about it linearz.



Jeff Cumberland (the dude that put the cheap shot on Wade) should just call in sick next time we play them.

Unless he's looking forward to becoming a grave marker for whoever is quarterback for the Jets that week.


Correction: Wade=Wake

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Wake did a really smart thing there. I don't think he was really all that hurt just pissed off that the officials didn't flag that cheap shot. By him staying down it gave Philbin lots of time to chew the officials ear off pointing at the big TV. He was PISSED!!! It was nice to See Philbin so passionate.

On a side note. I haven't watched many Monday Night football games. I hated the production of it. There were Terrible camera angles for many of the plays, the seemed infatuated with the Cable Camera, and many times we missed plays while they were showing graphics of crap we don't care about. The worst was the phone interview with Shula during one of Miami's most impressive drives. Was anyone watching the game?


Also I was screaming at Gruden to SHUT UP!!!!
"The Jets should pass. The Jets should pass"
"A sack, that's why the Jets aren't passing."
Seriously Gruden your 15 minutes of fame were over a long time ago.

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Great article Carl! An ugly win over the Jets feels so much better than a pretty loss to the Broncos.


No bag for this Ugly Win. I'll take her out anywhere at anytime. Like ya'll said, "A win is a win is a win.".

This one felt good considering:

It was against the Jets
How much like crap we all wudda felt if we lost
It was against the Jets
Kept our playoff hopes alive
It was against the Jets
Showcased our team spirit on Primetime
It was against the Jets
Tanny came thru when it counted

I am sure everyone slept as well as I did. Great win-great opportunity.


I thought Cumberland was Marty Lyon's kid.

Lyon ended Dwight Stephenson's career with a similiar cheap shot.


Its not just the rivalry to factor in, its also a national TV audience on Monday Night after getting embarrassed by the Bills the previous Monday Night.

The Jets came out fired up in a cold rain.


I thought the officiating crew was in over their heads. They did not have a great game.

I agree about the TV production. They may have sent some cameras to shoot the pregame show in Times Square instead of having them at the stadium as is usual.

I was tired of Gruden putting every player in the Hall of Fame. He needs to tone down the accolades.


So true, gofins4sb, so true.

At the end of the day its still a W.


Haha Joe!

He who laughs last laughs best.


It isn't that they dislike us. We just haven't earned their respect yet.

That'll come win more Ws and a playoff appearance.


Like I said in Lawrence's post, I really would have liked to NOT be stressed for an entire game against the Jets, but they always play us like that. I won't even say we played down to the competition. What happened happened because the Jets had everything they needed to come out and force us to play at their pace. And until the end of the game, they succeeded.

But we did what we needed to do and finally won a close game. It came at the right time, because it won't be the last one.

We can win out. I'm not expecting it, but we can. Looking at the standings, it's hard for me to decide if I want the Chargers to beat the Pats or not, because if they do, it will almost force us to win out. We have the head-to-head, but that won't matter if the Chargers end up 11-5. Yes, we'd have a shot at the division then, but making the playoffs matters most of all, and I'm starting to think we have a better chance if the Pats beat the Bolts, because then they have the Broncos, which the should lose to and that would take them to 6 losses. We need the Chargers to have 6 or more loses, and I think they can beat the Niners and the Chiefs at the end of the year. Now if the Chiefs have a melt down and go 9-7 or 8-8, which I think is going to happen, that might change things...


@gofins so right ugly win vs pretty loss


@KNick, ESPN does hate Miami. It goes back to Berman being a Bills fan. No one circles the bandwagon like ESPN.


@ Carl:

I agree with everything you said. It wasn't a pretty win at all but this team had to learn what it's like to finish a close game and they did that.

@ JeremyandJessica:

I am torn on the SD/NE game also. But I'm gonna go ahead and say I am gonna go for SD over the Patriots. SD has a brutal schedule from here on out, I can easily see them losing 2 more if they do in fact beat NE, so Go Chargere!! LOL

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