Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rex Ryan Scary Thought

When you look at football teams a lot of people often think season by season. However, with the salary cap and 4-5 year contracts that give upfront money which a team is on the hook for over 4-5 years, football teams are now really shaped by choices made over several seasons. This team is still in large, a team shaped by Jeff Ireland. It is also shaped by Joe Philbin as I am sure he had imput on players and directly was involved in developing the young players on the team. With that being said I would say it would be fair to say Joe Philbin has a significant part in the team we have today and Dennis Hickey has a much smaller part in the team we have today. Should Joe Philbin be fired? My answer to that question would be, well  are medicore results good enough?

My general feeling is that medicore is not good enough for a man that just invested several hundred million into stadium upgrades. A stadium that will probably not be selling a lot of hot dogs, sodas, and t-shirts for 2 out of the 8 home games to end the season.  I am not saying Ross is ready to fire Philbin, I am just saying IMO he will be looking around. I am very much pushing for him to make another run at Jim Harbaugh. I was in the minority when I supported him doing it the first time because he looked foolish doing with Sporano as his head coach at the time. BTW, how did Sporano's last season turn out? Did he go about it in the wrong way, yes he did. Did he do the right thing chasing Harbaugh? Yes he did. There is no certainty that San Francisco is going to release Jim Harbaugh. Clearly, Harbaugh does not like the management and the feeling is mutal so I think a parting is likely. But again, it is currently up in the air. If there is no Jim Harbaugh, then what? Well the next popular name going around is Rex Ryan. I do get it, he is considered a defensive mastermind. You put him with our skill players and Lazor and we suddenly have a competitive team right? Hmm. Well that COULD be the case. But I like to look at results, Rex Ryan has about the same success record wise as Philbin has had. The Jets just have chosen to stick with medicore for 6 years now. Is he really an upgrade? 

As I started off this article pointing out, it is multiple seasons that shape a team. The more seasons a GM and coach are running the team, the more they have directly shaped the team.  The New York Jets are a complete mess right now. They are like the "Dolphins after Nick Saban coached" kind of a mess. Who are the people most responsible for this mess? I would have to the say the two most impactful people are Rex Ryan and Mike Tannebaum.  Now what I am hearing is Mike Tannebaum is "advising" Steven Ross and Rex Ryan's name is a consideration for coach.  To me that is a scary thought. We just went through the dark ages in coaching and management. I really don't want the 2018-2019 Dolphins to resemble the 2013-2014 Jets. It is not about where you are but also where you are going. I hope Ross keeps that in mind.
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Ross has owned the team for almost six years. He didn't know squat about being a NFL owner. The team reflected that early on.

Being no dummy, Ross must have developed some football savvy by now, he's had very knowledgeable footballers advising him. But, he must be forming his own sort of intuition about this team. His decisions have to bear fruit sooner than later. Will he stay the course or will right the ship?

Offensive-minded head coaches have not done it for the Dolphins. I don't believe that Philbin is an o-minded coach, why did he rely so heavily on Sherman? By his own admission, Philbin is a queasy coach.

My point is that a defensive-minded head coach is the way to go since the defense requires very little tinkering to get it back on track. Todd Bowles or Rex Ryan could do wonders with this team just by playing their style of defense.

Offense is a mess, by comparison. I trust Dennis Hickey to repair the offensive line and find a couple of running backs for Bill Lazor. That accomplishment would propel the Dolphins past mediocre to playoff bound.

Two weeks of anticipation to discover Ross' course of action. If the sky is red that morning, mediocre take warning!


If Ross keeps Philbin and this coaching staff, then he hasn't learned a thing.


I'm not sure I'm totally against Rex Ryan in Miami. It could be a good fit. He could do a lot with this defense. Say what you want about his offensive decisions, but he worked with what he was given. For instance, he always stuck with Sanchez. Well, Sanchez WAS the best QB he ever had to work with. The GM chose to let Sanchez go and now it's even worse. Rex Ryan didn't build that horrible offense. But they've consistently had good defense. If Ryan came to Miami, we would just need to make sure we have a great OC with him. He and Lazor could work very well together. And with Ryan at HC, it almost doesn't even matter who your DC is.


We don't need the rex ryan circus to come to town. I will not watch football anymore if that joke is the next coach


Rex Ryan's mouth annoys the crap out of me. If he comes he should be the DC and let someone else HC. If he is this Defensive god as so many proclaim let him coach Defense. Like most Dolphin fans I feel like we are really close to being awesome and I don't want anyone to hit a giant reset button or throw the baby out with the bathwater.


The problem, here, is that Coyle is Philbin's hire, like Sherman was. Philbin didn't want to fire Sherman and resisted until he had no choice. Because Coyle has to go, Philbin has to go. If Bowles is hired, it has to be a promotion, not a lateral transfer to defensive coordinator. If Ryan is hired to run the defense, he and Philbin will clash. Ryan is much more of a player's coach and motivator than Philbin is.

Maybe the answer is to hire Todd Bowles as the head coach and Rex Ryan as the defensive coordinator. Bowles was the interim head coach when Sparano got fired, and the team won both games under him!

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"BTW, how did Sporano's last season turn out? Did he go about it in the wrong way, yes he did. Did he do the right thing chasing Harbaugh? Yes he did."

Exactly. Too many fans have accepted the judgment here of others (mostly media) based on surface appearances rather than results. Clearly Ross knew the end of the road was imminent for Sparano. Ross bumbled a bit in the execution, but he bumbled on the Sparano side, not the Harbaugh side.

Does anyone really think Harbaugh cared if Ross fired his coach first? What Harbaugh cared about was a job that didn't mean he had to move his family and a team that was already stacked. Now, unless he wants to hitch up with the Raider debacle, he will have to move his family. This Miami team, like the 49ers were a few years ago, is now just a couple pieces away from being a force.

As for Ryan, he is a good coach. His handicap has been the Jets front office, which is probably the only one that was worse than Miami's during the Ireland years. Back in the day, when fat Rexy was first hired, the Jets were still trying to fill sales for PSLs in their new building. To generate immediate interest, the front office committed cap suicide and then over promoted an, at best, mediocre QB as the "Sanchize". Yea it sold PSLs, but it also when up in flames a couple years later when the Jets had low draft position and no salary cap to retain talent or sign new FAs. Meanwhile, the team had committed, marketing wise, to a crappy QB which pretty much tied Rex's hands in getting an adequate replacement.

In short, the Jets suck. They suck so bad that they could make Vince Lombardi look like Cam Cameron. Ryan would be great for the Dolphins, and we'd probably beat the Jets twice a year and give Bellicheat a headache to boot. If we can't have Harbaugh, Ryan would be the guy.


Rex Ryan is a players coach all right. Remember our grand finale last season, win and we're in.
Well the Jets didn't know their head coach was given an extension that morning. They thought they had to win to save his job so all they did was come out and kick our asses.

Now this season as they are in the midst of a horrible season, one would think that with all the tabloids in NYC, some players would be griping. But you don't hear a peep because the players love Rex.

Now I would rather have a big mouth that the players want to play for than a quiet reserved guy the players don't like all that much and question his leadership.

Rex just needs a better GM whom I think Hickey to be. And as I wrote earlier, I think this should be Hickey's decision and he wants Rex then let's have Rex.

I will tell you one thing, it won't be boring in Davie.


Rex is the only big name coach we can get without having to press the reset button imo. Our problem seems to be the big games and that's rex's strong suit. I'd imagine he'd be fine with hickey lazor and tannehill too.

I'll pull for Rex....



“You make decisions based on things. A lot of them work out, some maybe don’t work out as well as others. I don’t think it’s fair to say well this or that. The guys that we do have, I’m telling you they play hard.” -Rex Ryan

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I agree here, the Jets always play hard. The problem is they just don't have the horses. We have the opposite problem here. Lots of players that have potential, but never seems to play to their potential when it matters. We need a coach like Ryan or Harbaugh. Either will work.