Monday, December 29, 2014

Queasy Does It

Mike Wallace is the face of many Dolphins who quit against the Jets. Like Wallace, many Dolphins quit because this was a nothing game for a nothing coach backed by a nothing owner. The only difference being that most players chose to quit on the field.

Back to Wallace. He's obviously disgruntled. Couple that with Odrick's outburst two weeks ago and it exposes a continued dysfunction in the Dolphins' locker room. Odrick is an unrestricted free agent and his loud critique on the sidelines may have sealed his fate with Queasy Joe, who palsies at thoughts of a vocal locker room.

What if the Dolphins want to move on from Wallace? His cap number is $12,100,000 for 2015.
Cut before June 1, the Dolphins eat $9,600,000 and save $2,500,000.
Cut after June 1, the Dolphins eat $5,200,000 and a save $6,900,000.

Wallace's huge contract, multiplied by his character, makes a trade highly unlikely. Still, if the Dolphins were able to trade him, they would carry $6,600,000 on the books, offset by saving $5,500,000.

In 2014, the Dolphins carried dead money to the tune of $5,701,402 for departed players Carlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, Richard Marshall and Jonathan Martin. With that sum clearing the books in 2015, it would not be hard to imagine the Dolphins cutting Wallace after June 1, 2015.

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That would be a FOOLISH move. But it could happen in Miami because stupidity always prevail in Miami; every since Don Shula retired.


Oh look who's here, It's David "hail Mary" Apollos. I should have guessed you would think Wallace was the hero in this situation.


I keep hearing about Shula and it drives me crazy! As a long long Dolphins fan, I remember no running game and a horrible defense!!! Anyone remember how awful Tom Olivadotti was as a DC? Shula needed to get rid of him years before he finally got forced out of Miami. I remember Dan the man having to score 50 points and still lose! I think Olivadotti had naked pics of Shula's wife! That's why he didn't fire him and eventually lost his job. They had a horrible defense in Shula's last 10 years and he didn't do anything about it! Think if he got Dan a running game and a good defensive coordinator! Shula's time was in the 70's.


Tomorrow we find out if we go 8-8 again next year. If he doesn't fire Coyle, which I was puzzled why he didn't fire him last year, I will lose me mind!! We need Rex or Rob to get the best out of our defensive players!!


Hell must have just frozen over because, for once, I agree with David Apollos. Getting rid of Wallace would not be wise. He's been doing everything asked of him. He finally showed some real frustration Sunday. And remember, HE didn't quit. They benched him. He was just showing passion and frustration because we were struggling at home against the Jets and that is unacceptable. Teams who lost to the Jets this year should be banned from the playoffs. I'm talking to you, Pittsburg.

I hate outside WRs as much as anyone. They are full of excuses and think they deserve more money than anyone to play one of the easiest positions in football besides the kicker and punter. Yeah I said it, prove me wrong. Run really fast and catch the ball, that's all you have to do, if you drop it because you get touched by a defender it's okay, we'll just make the excuse that you "got hit" football.

But Wallace isn't being the typical little girl that most WRs are. He's not the first to show his discontent.

Philbin can play his "no bitching in my locker room" card, but there's an old saying that I'm starting to think applies here. "Meet an asshole in the morning, and you met an asshole. Meet assholes all day, and YOU'RE the asshole."

I'll give Joe his 4th year for the sake of proving to other coaches that we will honor a contract to the end, but he has A LOT to prove to me next season.


Needs to fire Coyle!!!!! Need different scheme!!

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@JeremyandJessica Branham - you are right on about Wallace. The media is trying to turn this into a "story" of another brat WR, when in reality Wallace has been just the opposite.

Luckily Hickey buys the groceries and the Queen of Spades signs off on cap hits. I seriously doubt this team will release Wallace just to appease a lame duck coach.