Thursday, December 25, 2014

Offensive Linemen

If linebackers are the Achilles heel of the defense, the offensive line is the suspect on that side of the football. 

      Name                      Ht.            Wt.      Age         Exp.          2015 Salary
C Sam Brenner             6-2           310        24             2                ERFA
G Daryn Colledge        6-4            308        32             9                UFA
T Jason Fox                   6-6            310        25             5                UFA
T Ja'Wuan James          6-6            318        22             R           $1,915,545
C Mike Pouncey           6-5            305        25             4           $7,438,000
C Samsom Satele         6-3            300        30             8               UFA
G Shelley Smith            6-4            310        27             5          $3,000,000
G Dallas Thomas          6-5            315        25            2           $761,5994
G Billy Turner                6-4           313        23            R           $723,000
T Brandon Albert IR     6-5            310        30            7           $10,725,000
G Mark Asper PS          6-6            321        29            3                 ???
G Nate Garner R/NFI    6-7            320        29            7            $1,816,668

Brandon Albert is the big ticket and his play makes him worth it. Mike Pouncey is the second highest paid lineman. Interestingly, in a historical perspective kind of way, Pouncey makes more than the Dolphins highest paid player in 1999, Dan Marino! James is a Hickey gem!

Free Agency hits the Dolphins hard in 2015, leaving only James, Pouncey and Albert as worthy starters. The Dolphins need backups and both starting guards. In Dennis Hickey we trust!

Here are some free agent linemen that will be available. I listed only those that met the criteria of youth, experience and currently playing on a solid line.

    Name                         Team     Age      Exp.                 Notes
G Clint Boling                 CIN       25         3              20 sacks(3rd) 45 qb hits(2nd) 2,031
                                                                                    rushing yards(5th)avg. 4.4(9th) rush TDs
G Orlando Franklin         DEN      27        3             16 sacks(1st) qb hits 41(1st)
G Jeff Linkenbach            KC        27        4              4.6 avg. rush yds.(2nd) rush TDs 18(2nd)  

What are your thoughts?
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2015 spending ($142 min)
est 2015 cap $140 min
est 2014 carryover $7 min

Sub total $5 min in cap space
Own Free agents ($12 to $18 min)
Monrey needed for draft ($6 min +/-)

Dollars needed cut ($13 to $19 min) before they can Sign a major FA

Miami is a non-player in the free agent market = only med to lower level signings

Answer is the draft for this year


what to draft? Centers and guards slip in the draft, 2 gap NT that are any good do not = 1st round NT/DT 2nd and 3rd RD for center or many holes, so little ability to fill them


Hickey may be in Best Available Player Mode when drafting to our major needs on the O Line, LB and D Line.

Any stud in Round 1 will do. I am not sure about the depth in this year's draft. Last year's draft offered a tremendous amount of talent at all positions except QB so we got lucky in getting a lot of holes filled. This year may be different in that we may only find 2-3 keepers.

Aponte and Hickey are going to restructure some contracts. Hartline will not want to hit the streets after this season's production.


Miami needs guards to fill the holes both sides of Pouncey, who I think is returning to the center position next season. I don't know much about college prospects. If one is to put any stock in walter football, then a guard doesn't come off the board until pick 35.


I think Billy Turner will start at Left Guard next season. I think Hickey will then draft the best guard or center somewhere around rounds 2-4. Shelly Smith is not horrible at right guard. I think DT is clearly the #1 need, followed by Safety( replacement for Delmas) and also a true inside linebacker. If they choose to get another WR then I would think Hartline and/or Gibson will be salary cap cuts and they will address some of the other areas in free agency. Either way interesting year for Hickey. If he can hit on the draft again we should be an even better squad that 2014


I'd like to see more of Jason Fox this last game. He hasn't looked terrible the few times he has been in.