Sunday, December 14, 2014

Let's All Have A Good Laugh Shall We?

Some Dolphin players said this week:

"We can control what we can control and that starts with the Patriots." To that I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Miami has been a really good 3rd quarter team. To that I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Some said, including me, that Miami was a playoff team this year. To that I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Some said Miami is an 8 win team and at this point that is looking less and less likely so I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

We thought this was Jeff Ireland's fault. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

We also thought this was Mike Sherman's fault. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

We thought Kevin Coyle learned his lesson leaving Phillip Wheeler 1 on 1 in coverage. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Let's all at least be grateful that it was again an exciting season until December. Hey! There is some consistency to these Dolphins! And we thought they were inconsistent! 

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Philbin and Tannehill are part of the MOLE group on the team. You see that he could throw the deep ball all along. The long passes is what kept the game close. Then in the second half Tannehill refused to throw deep. This whole thing is a conspiracy. Philbin and Tannehill have been throwing games all season.


Same sad story. I cannot believe my team of the last 36 years really is consistently not good enough. Ownership, coaches, players, effort....just not good enough. The defense really isn't nearly as good as the headlines they were ready 2-3 weeks ago. Play calling? Good golly, up the middle, up the middle 3rd and long. 1st and 25! Let's throw the defense off and...yeap, run it up the middle for a gain of 1? Cameron Wake...Jordan? anyone on the D'line want to show up? Buffalo can close out the Packers, but our football team wilted.....too typical...It's funny, but it's really sad for a team that once was one of the winningest franchises in NFL History; However, that went away. Why has the owner not said a word??


It really is pathetic!!!! I thought that they would hang in there and keep it close, I walk away for the third quarter hoping that when I was able to come back that the Dolphins would give me a surprise and be winning. Instead they fully collapse!! How the hell do they give up 24 points in one quarter when they hold the patsies to a little over a hundred yards in the first half??? The play calling was real stupid as well! I agree with you James. 1st and 25 and you run a draw play?? Tannehill grow into a game manager. He's trying too much right now to be an elite qb. He will never be that. He will be Alex Smith. That;s all. How do you fire up the guys at half time and lose them in the third quarter??? So sick of being teased with the potential of the playoffs and lose is all at the end. Instead of winning the most important games, we lose both of them!!!


I know that a lot of people want Philbin gone, but they hope that Lazor stays. Why would anyone want to continue this offense? It's garbage!


Haha David Apollos your comments never cease to amaze me. You complain about Tannehill and his lack of deep ball all year and then when he throws 4 great long passes (3 completion and one PI call), you complain about that too and it's a "conspiracy." Nice tin foil hat. Where can I get one? And you realize it's the COACHES who decide whether or not we use the deep pass, right? Tannehill is not calling the shots out there.

But seriously, did anyone really expect the outcome of this game to be any different? I KNEW it was going to be a blowout. I called that after we won in week one. NO WAY the Pats were even going to let it be close.

My issue now....I'm at a loss. If you ask me what should be done next season, I'm torn. I really don't know. On one hand, I still believe that hitting the reset button could be a huge mistake as it has proven to be (FACT. Not speculation) over the last 15 years. We haven't had continuity in a long, long time. On the other hand, there will be some options for HC available. Maybe some of the best we've seen in a long time.

They're keeping Tannehill. He's still under contract and he stays. They MIGHT draft another QB in the later rounds but next year he will still be the best option on the roster.

At this point all I'll say is I know one thing that SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. We should not just hire a new HC and keep everyone else. None of this "plug and play" garbage. Either keep the current coaching staff or get rid of them all. I like Lazor, but if we hire a new HC, he needs to be allowed to bring in his own staff. If he likes Lazor and wants to keep him, awesome, but it needs to be the HC's decision.

Philbin might stay, but he has to show something in the last two weeks. He needs to win decisively. One more loss and I don't see him staying. But if we go 9-7, he will have improved by one win each year, so he might stay with next years expectation being 10-6.

I personally wouldn't mind having Rex Ryan in Miami, but I'm not sure about him as the HC. He'd be a great DC though.


Oh and I'd also like to point out that we had a deep attack in this game and got blown out. Looks like it DOES take more than just deep passing to win a SB, huh?


I was pretty certain that the Dolphins would loose this one when the injury reports came out and most of the secondary were backups. So when it wasn't on in Orlando and i was at work I found other things to do instead of watching the game. Then I checked in at about half time 13-14 WOW! Could it really happen, do the Dolphins stand a chance? I went to the NFL game center and re lived the game in text form. Brady only scored one of the Touchdowns the Defense was doing pretty good. So I kept the game center open for a while hopeful for a while.... and then I closed it.
Should we fire some or all? I'm not sure. The talent on this team is better than their record. It seems like the person(s) calling the shots are the ones making the mistakes. We had a great run defense and then it disappeared why? We had a good running game and then we didn't, what changed? If I had all the answers I'd be making a lot more money working for an NFL team rather than spewing my thoughts on a blog.