Monday, December 22, 2014

Interested in writing for this blog?

Throughout the season, I saw some good dialog between and among writers of the blog, and various posters/fans to the blog.

All of the current writers are invited back (of course!)....but I wanted to extend an invitation to any of you who might be interested in creating content and leading discussions in the future.

All you need to do is drop me an email, and I can fill you in on the details.  No real experience necessary....just a willingness to express your point of view.

And on a somewhat related topic, I see there's a bit of a division of thought on the team.  Some of you are eternal optimists and think its good to stay the course with the coach.  And some of you may think otherwise.  Both points of view are welcome.

If you are in the latter category, and don't care for the owner, the coaching, or whatever, there are two things you can do: (1) you can put your proverbial money where your mouth is, and not spend anything on the team - no tickets, no merchandise, and when it comes to sponsors hold off on their products and tell the sponsor why, and/or (2) you can tell people what you think (in a polite way naturally) on social media, perhaps even as a blogger. :) 

And whether you are interested or not, I hope everyone has a great holiday.

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Merry Christmas Dave and thanks for the opportunity.