Monday, December 08, 2014

I Am Completely Speechless After Hearing This...

It's a sad day for me.

Even sadder for us Dolphin fans.

My wife, who does not follow football that close, but just enough because I enjoy it, has just told me something that was ironically funny and sad at the same time.

She just saw that there are only 3 weeks left in the regular season and said "Great! Now I get my husband back on Sundays!"

That is a sad, sad thing considering that my wife, who is not a fan of football, is already used to Miami ending their season in December...
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What is ridiculous to me is that the Patsies had a problem earlier in the season with their offensive line. Now their offensive line is one of the best in the league again!! We have been trying to repair that damn line for the last 10 years and still don't have it right! This team has no heart! Once again, it's the end of the season and they look deflated and beaten. Where has Wake been? Vernon was supposed to be the next coming of Wake and he's done nothing! How much better would out defensive line have been with Solai! At the beginning of the year I said "why the hell didn't the fire Coyle"!!!!! He sucks as a DC! When we win on defense it's because all the talent on the team decides to play hard that day!! So sick and tired that someone like your wife who doesn't really know football knows we are not going anywhere!!


Haha Hector!


@ Hector:

That was my thought exactly!!! These Phins continue to disappoint.

There has also been a report of Philbin saying "I have to do a better job"...

How many times has he said that in his 3 years here? My guess is at leat 12....


HAHAHA! "I have to do a better job"... is the equivalent of Tony's field goal fist pump!