Friday, December 12, 2014

Harbaugh's future

It looks for all the world like he has worn out his welcome with the 49ers, and will be in the market for a new job at seasons end.

We've heard rumors that he does or doesn't like certain situations: he may not want to go back to college, that he wants to stay in the bay the end, I think its safe to say that only Jim Harbaugh known what Jim Harbaugh wants.

So the Michigan job is open, and that may (or may) not hold interest.  And in the pros, you'll likely have Oakland, the Jets, Chicago, and perhaps a couple of other teams that underperformed.  And of course, there's the unique situation in Miami.

A couple of days ago, an interesting thing happened that may have some influence...and it went mostly unreported.  The story is that the Raiders are essentially thumbing their nose at the city of Oakland, because they can't seem to get a deal for a new stadium. 

The window for teams interested in moving to LA, to submit their "application", is fast approaching.  The Raiders are using this as a sort of bargaining chip, but would probably go through with it for the right amount of financial interest.

That might change what we hear about the Harbaughs "wanting to stay in the Bay area" - it might not be an option at all.

so who knows what will happen...
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One quick note about this...I wasn't trying to imply that Oakland is moving to LA (that's far from certain). At hand is the uncertainty about their future, whether they might not be in the bay area, and whether the drama is worth it.


LA Rams move to St. Louis. Oakland Raiders move to LA. LA Raiders move back to Oakland. Apparently, it doesn't matter if LA is a large TV market; no one really wants to play there. I don't know why the league is so dead-set on putting another team in LA; LA isn't a blue-collar city that would love football.


@stratrocker60 - it is a strange situation isn't it? As far as I can tell, its not about fan base or interest. Its about money. The NFL wants someone else to foot the bill for a stadium, and the state to grant a subsidy to a team that moves there. Since that hasn't happened - and other cities have been willing to offer that, LA has been a dead issue.

Ratings for the NFL are sky high so they don't need to have a team in that market to succeed. Remember its not so much about ticket sales anymore, its really about ad sales and PSLs and that sort of thing. Thats why Ross is successful in Miami with a nearly empty stadium.


Harbaugh is still under contract, and by all accounts the 49ers will first try to trade him. That is why there is so much talk about Oakland, Jets, Chicago. Those are the teams most desperate for a new coach. But they are also the teams that are most desperate for players, and trading a high draft pick will almost certain make their personnel situation worse.

Unless it is a sign and trade deal that is to a decent team for a low draft pick, doubtful that Harbaugh is going anywhere in a trade,. Otherwise, the deal weakens the team he gets traded to and takes the choice of the decision out of his hands. If Harbaugh gets fired and becomes a FA, any team that would hire him - Oakland, NY, Chicago, Miami - would all give him a raise. Plus Harbaugh would get the last year payout from the 49ers if he gets fired.

Add to it, the 49er owners have pretty much lost all leverage on a trade. That ownership has poisoned the well in preparation to get rid of Harbaugh. Now, if they don't get a new coach the fan base and press will make the 49ers pay. Not firing Harbaugh will make the 49er owners look bad, and if there is one thing that is clear, the 49er owners care more about looking good than being good. Marvuhlus.

I expect Harbaugh's future is likely going to go down like this: The 49ers try to make a trade but find out they can't make a decent trade. Then the 49ers look for a coach. Then they fire Harbaugh late in the offseason. Harbaugh will then either get hired nearly immediately, or spend a year in a TV studio.

The 49ers have turned into a clown-circus. That is kind of funny.


The Raiders have a very cheap lease and won't move unless the city of Oakland (the city owns the stadium) changes this lease.

Thing is, the lease evicts the Raiders if the A's move out of the stadium. Oakland's stadium is owned by the City of Oakland, and the city doesn't have the means to maintain it if it doesn't have year-round occupancy.

The A's have been threatening to move to San Jose, but Bud Selig created a bureaucratic log-jam to approval. Word is the new baseball commissioner may actually approve the move, which means the Raiders will no longer have cheap digs in Oakland.

So basically, the Raiders moving is really tied to what happens to the baseball team. The Raiders may be the one team more laughable than the 49ers. I doubt Harbaugh goes there.


I doubt that Harbaugh allows the 49ers to handcuff him on a new team with a trade-for-picks scenario. He'll be fired sooner, if the 49ers get their coach, or later if Harbaugh refuses to quit.How would Harbaugh mesh in Miami with the Queen of Spades, Dawn Aponte? Would Dennis Hickey become an innocent victim? I can see Harbaugh shaking up the coaching staff. He builds winners, gotta let him work!


Aponte has been a blight on this team since Parcells shackled it to her. Almost every destructive rumor printed about this team gets traced back to her. I'm a bit shocked she hasn't been let go yet. I can only imagine what blackmail photos she may have....


And that's Philbin's first strike with me. With his locker room disintegrating, Philbin took his feud with Ireland into non-football territory when he conspired with Aponte so Ross would fire Ireland. Perhaps why he appears so ineffectual, Dawn holds the deed on his 'nads.


I'm happy Ireland got fired. That got one of Parcells snakes out of the house, and Ireland's replacement is certainly doing a heck of a lot better.

Aponte is just another one of Parcells snakes that has now hung on so long everyone seems to have forgotten how she came about.

Remember how Parcells was "handed the keys" to the team, made a whole bunch of firings and hirings, then quit after the team was sold. His tenure was a bunch of Potemkin Village nonsense so that Heizenga could sell the team. Every one of his hires were people that were incapable of doing their job correctly, but it sure looked good. Ross' problem is that he doesn't want to admit he's a fool, because he would have to if at this late date he finally decided to cut ties with Parcells' baggage.