Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Green Meanies

Happy Holidays! Ho-ho-ho...hum! Yeah, we're talking about the Dolphins.

The 8-7 Dolphins are getting ready to close out the season vs. the vile green Jets. If the Dolphins win, it'll be their best Philbin finish at 9-7. I say if because their December record during the Middle Ages (hey, I didn't use "mediocre") is 7-7 a la Philbin. If you have a horse in this race, it's a form of an exacta bet. Beat the Jets for a winning season and also gain a winning record for all Decembers.

So, there you have it, a reason for optimism, despite the fact that the Dolphins will be doing exactly what you and I will be doing in January, watching the playoffs on TV.

All is not bleak, however. The hated Jets are coming in! Just beating the crap out of them is reward enough.

One caveat! What kind of Jets team is Rex Ryan coming in with? They just gave the Patriots a scare, knocking Brady around. Last year, the Jets believed they were playing to save Ryan's job and beat the Dolphins. Once again, Ryan's job is on the line!
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Welcome aboard canamdolphin! You are no longer a virgin.

Jets are playing about as inconsistent as we have been. They get blown out and then lose to the Pats by a point.

However, they are not only playing for their beloved Rex but they are also playing for their own jobs next year.

If Ryan gets canned, everyone is at risk of getting cut when the new regime takes charge. So they will show up ready to play.

I think Woody Johnson will retain Rex Ryan and replace the GM. There just aren't too many choices out there for a legitimate good HC. So they will stick with Ryan to work with another GM.

If the O Line plays well and Tannehill continues to make good reads, we will be OK and win.

Once again, good to have you aboard and Merry Christmas!!!


Thanks, Carl! Just crawling, hoping to walk upright at some point.