Monday, December 22, 2014

From the I told you so category

A week or so ago, I told you mr ross would take the easy way out and just keep Philbin.

And while I may think that this simply leaves the team open for mockery, there's a deeper layer to this.

First off, ross announced that he was keeping Philbin to the media first and THEN went in and told Philbin - "hey I just told the press..."

Second there was the same hollow promise that he wants to see improvement. Whatever that means.

And finally, Philbin was asked about his coordinators and their future. His answer? "I don't know. That's up to me ross".

Does it strike anyone else as strange that he's leaving the fate of his assistant coaches up to the owner? What kind of an organization is this?
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a messed up one


If I own the Dolphins, I fire everyone and go camp in front of Cowher's house and offer him the team and all control. Anything he wants to do with it is fine by me and I pay him what he wants. That would have fans pouring into Dolphins stadium and with the talent on this team, he takes them to the superbowl for the next couple years. He did far more with far less talent for that cheapskate organization in Pittsburgh. I just try to save Lazor.


Thank god you don't own the Dolphins, Hector! And never will with that awesome business sense you have...


Hecter...Cowher isn't going to leave his cushy TV analyst position.


Hector.. get a job and buy the Dolphins then you can be called all sorts of names by fans who don't agree with your every move.


What's even more interesting is that it's in Philbin's contract that he can hire/fire his assistants. Shows his true colors, YELLOW! Oh wait, we already knew that...


Just a question but If it is in his contract then why was Sherman fired when Philbin did not want him gone?


Philbin is not enough of an a-hole to run a team. His players get lazy on him sometimes. Especially the defense the last few weeks. He needs to instill respect the way Parcells, Jimmy Johnson & Shula did. I think Parcells did it through fear, but whatever he did, he took a 1 win team and won 11 games. I just don't see that fire with Philbin. Don't get me wrong, I like Philbin. I just think we'll ever be firing on all cylinders with him.


The conversation might have gone like this.
Ross "Alright I'm gonna give you another year as Head coach, but we need to talk about Coyle."
Philbin "Thank you sir."


@ Tony Bush:

Sherman was fired because Stpehen Ross gave Philbin an ultimatum:

You keep your job if you fire Sherman because our offense sucked the last 2 weeks of the season failing to generate any points against less than mediocre teams costing us a playoff berth.

Dont fire him? Then you're gone as well.


Doesnt that sound familiar? Except now, its the defense that has regressed...

Gonna be interesting!!!!


Lotta people showing their colors Mr. Chavez.