Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fire Philbin!

We all knew that the Dolphins would lose to the Patriots. Heck I heard everyone - including those that are total homers - say that the Dolphins had no chance in the game.

And lose they did.  Big.  Maybe bigger than anyone expected.

That leaves the Dolphins tied for the 11th-best record in the AFC (tied with Cleveland), just above the 2- and 3- win teams.

Maybe they still have a mathematical chance of getting there.  But it would take them winning both, and two team losing both games, and a bunch of other teams losing 1 *just to get to the tiebreaker* .... the odds are ridiculous and not worth considering.

Stephen Ross has no upside here.  Keeping Philbin beyond this season serves no purpose.  Heck, keeping hime *for* this season served no purpose.  He should have been fired after bullygate - and that means this was a completely wasted season.  The second, I might add, while Ross has been the owner (the other was when Ross courted Harbaugh while he still had a coach in Sparano)....

No good comes from keeping a coach that should have been fired, and when he knows it - its that much worse.

And lets be honest here.  Yes, perhaps this team was "better" when you measure it against the teams that have been in Miami over the last few years.  And maybe they have shown "progression" in some way.  But if they wind up somewhere between 7 and 9 wins, and out of the playoffs again is that good enough?

They were blown out a couple of times, and they surprised by blowing out a couple of teams.  And in the end, you are what your record says you are.  Which is AVERAGE.

Realizing that, and that Philbin should (and hopefully will) be fired in two weeks, why not go ahead and get it over with and lose him now.  Start the search and make it known you're in the market for a coach.

A new guy is going to come in and he'll have his own style and may or may not keep some coordinators, Tannehill, and anyone else. But who really cares?  This team was so mediocre, that they might as well bring in a new QB and start again.

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Been saying this since the complete collaspe at the end of last year and Bullygate. New HC will mean the end of the Thill experience, maybe get a 4th rounder for him at best.

Harbaugh will be our QB next season. Ross will go all out for him. Raiders not going to get him.


I think Todd Bowles should be at the top of the interview list. Should have hired him after 2011 IMO. Not only will Harbaugh cost whoever gets him draft picks, but we do not have a history of success with big-name short-timers (i.e. Johnson, Saban, Parcells).


Let Hickey handle it. It should be his call and not up to Ross. When the owner gets too involved and he is not qualified with adequate football personel knowledge we could be right back where we started from.

I would only let Philbin go if we have THE right guy available to replace him. Taking a crap shoot is not the prudent thing here. Change just for the sake of change can backfire.


Philbin is not a Coordinator let alone a HC. Scared of Leaders and vocal players.


Actually, it's been 3 wasted years... Philbin was the wrong choice for Head Coach and Ross should not have hired him. Ireland should have been fired along with Sparano; that was another mistake that Ross made. I hope that Ross doesn't screw up again by hiring a new Head Coach that wants to run the same type of offense as Philbin. Forget that dink-and-dunk garbage, and get a Coach who wants a strong running game and a QB who can throw short, intermediate, and long passes!



You see, the Browns have a first year HC. They have no idea who their starting QB or RB will be from week to week AND their best player was suspended for 12 games this year.

Any sane person can see that they are a much better team than the Dolphins...


I will say one good thing that came from keeping Philbin for another season is the coaching pool appears to be better this year than last year.


The way I see it, Hickey deserves another shot at the draft. Many of his picks became starters this year. And, he was hired just before the last draft. With time to prepare, the next draft could be even better. Have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Lazor should be a keeper, without the mediocre Philbin looking over his shoulder. There is also no need to change the offense just for the sake of change. The only complaint I have about the offense, they won't take the same chances on 4th down that opponents routinely do. The Philbin Effect, perhaps?

To let Hickey and Lazor expand on their bodies of work, a defensive-minded coach should be hired. Two I have named before would be ideal. Todd Bowles or Rex Ryan. Bowles is a former Dolphins coach and current DC in Arizona. Ryan has always given the Dolphins fits and has always had decent defenses. Who knows, Ryan could pull a Belichick, who left the Jets and created a dynasty!


I love how agressive Bowles is late in games. Instead of sitting back on a 3-7 point lead and letting a team work down the field hoping they make a mistake, he brings the heat and shuts it down fast.

Rex Ryan can coach but he never had both a good QB and running game to compliment his defenses. Then this year they dump his corners and limit his ability to run hid defenses. Rex could be successful in Miami.

Hickey has done a brilliant job and he should stay until he wants to leave. I would let Hickey decide the coach's fate and replacement. Establish the hierarchy this franchise lacks.

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I think its clear the coach should go. Hickey should make the call on who he hires. The one advantage this team has in a coaching search is that, or all the teams looking to replace coaches, Miami has the best chance personnel wise of going deep into the playoffs next year. That should make coaches like Ryan and Harbaugh want this job.


As much as I have not liked Rex Ryan. He fits well in theory. He is a brilliant defensive mind. He is a great players coach and entertaining to the media. What he was not good at was getting a QB and skill players. Something Miami has. He could plug right in with Hickey and Lazor. Not to mention he would really be motivated to crush the Jets every year. With that being said I have this feeling Harbaugh is going to be the next coach. TBH I think that Ross and Harbaugh have already discussed a "if things end up this way" scenario months ago. They have a lot of history through Michigan not to mention Ross chased him years ago. I think the Dolphins are by far the most complete team that will have a job opening. In a win now league do you want to take on a rebuild or do you want a team with a solid young QB that is only a guard, linebacker and maybe Tall WR away. The Dolphins are the best opening for a coach to walk into. You could walk into this job tomorrow and be a god if you just take the team to the playoffs. What better opportunity in the league is there?

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I disagree that keeping Philbin served no purpose....

First, bullygate was nonsense generated by the media. Sure, Incognito is dumb as a dipstick and has been a cancer on any team he has been part of. And sure Marting was a bit oversensitive to the nature of an NFL locker room. But Philbin was stuck with the hand that Ireland dealt him. The right guy got fired - Ireland.

Second, there was no coach on the open market that would have been worth hiring.

This year, we've got a solid GM and will have at least two very good coaching candidate on the market. This is the year to change coaches.


To those bent on trashing our team and coach before the year is over, I'd love to hear about truly viable alternatives. The ones who want to come here to be fired 3 years down the line, after…uh...steadily improving their team?!? You don't get loyalty if you don't show it.

Not sure what people see in Harbaugh (players seem to hate him, and several years into his reign he's 7-7 just like the phins...and even had a QB who can…or could...throw it deep). I'd disagree on Rex (loudmouth when he won, who seemingly endorsed Sparano, Tebow and Gino as upgrades, and who is now 3-11 and failing…Just say NO!).

Bad news folks, we ain't getting an alpha coach this year, and I am hard pressed to see how the pool is any better. Hickey and Lazor are solid and hopefully work together in the offseason to bring home a top flight WR or TE. If we are keeping Tanny (and don't forget he was bracketed by RGIII and Weeden before you shove him out), we definitely need to keep Lazor as OC. But beware haters, we should get ready to fire Bill too, since he is the brain behind our "dink and dunk"). And why no complaints about Coyle yet? Do we need a new guy DC, or just a couple real linebackers? Are we ready to chase Tomsula or Quinn (SF and SEA--teams with spooky Ds)? Hard not to like Bowles--but does he have any allegiance left to our .500 phins? (Probably not). I bet the young Denver OC's halo lasts until about a year after Manning leaves. Who else is there?

You said it yourself Mr. Finkle, our team is improving. They are also young, and struggle with injuries and tough games against 11-3 Brady, 11-3 Manning, 10-4 Stafford, 10-4 Rodgers, 9-5 Flacco, and 8-6 Chiefs. (Cleveland isn't playing these guys...except for Baltimore). How should we feel about splitting with the Bills after today? Tanny beat them--but they made Rodgers look like Manziel

It's ok to be mad and nauseated. 7-7 has me cranky and throwing stuff across the room too, but firing everyone seems silly and wastes lots of time and talent.

Phins up, rah rah, yay.

Ps. The phins are much better than Cleveland.


Well thought out article Perspective. I am not trying to hate on Philbin. I have met him and he truly is a very nice guy. However, I disagree with you on keeping Philbin. To answer some of your questions. Jim Harbaugh's record as a NFL head coach is 43-18. He lead the 49ners to 3 straight championships and one superbowl in his first 3 seasons coaching. Yes Harbaugh can be a jerk. However, if you watch how Shula used to act after losing you would see he was not exactly charming. Joe Philbin is below .500 and has never made it to a playoff game. Philbin is not even close to level of success compared to what Harbaugh has had. Injuries? The Ravens had a bad secondary coming into the Dolphins game and lost a corner in the 1st quarter, yet the Dolphins failed to do anything with that. Some bad coaching highlights? 3rd and 20 against Denver and we don't call a time out with our D messed up letting them get a first. Play calls on our last Offensive series of Detroit and Green Bay. 12 men on the field, Not installing a 3rd and 1 play formation, the GO GO snap count. It goes on. We have been out coached several times. With that being said I am not pushing to get rid of Coyle or Lazor, But I would not require the next head coach to keep them unless he wanted to. I am in complete agreement with you on Tannehill. He basically has two more years available. ( yes they are going to pick up his option). He clearly showed progress this year and IMO is in the top half of the league now. With all that being said I don't think we should fire Philbin just to fire him. However, I also would say I would replace him with Harbaugh without hesitation.


Steadily improving? A career .500 coach who continues to let Dallas Thomas play right tackle, refuses to give rookies playing time unless forced to, gets queasy about aggressive football, let his locker room disintegrate, got rid of Dansby and Burnette for Ellerbe and Wheeler, was forced into firing Sherman, stepped in a pile for refusing to name Tannehill as the starter vs. Oakland, need I go on?

Don't knock Ryan, winning might have kept the Jets out of the Mariotta sweepstakes. Watch him win another just to make sure!

Coyle is the reason for putting Bowles and Ryan out there. Either one could be head coach/defensive coordinator. Let Lazor do his thing. Send Coyle and Philbin packing so they can catch up with their old pal Sherman.


Improvement? Sure. But compared to what? Last year and that dreadful team? Come on.

As for whether Philbin should have been fired, I stand behind that. It was his locker room, and he let this crap go on. Never owned up to it, and hid behind Aponte. Ross should have let his new GM decide, rather than making it a condition of employment.

Yes, you don't want to further immolate yourself (like that word? saw it in an article earlier) by being the owner who keeps changing coaches (ask the browns how that worked out for them). But you can't keep an ineffective coach just because. Should have never hired Philbin in the first place.

Martin may have been a bad fit, but the way it was handled was wrong, wrong, and more wrong. And if the buck stops with the coach, then the coach should have taken the fall. End of story.

As for alpha coaches, that's not necessarily the answer. There are some very good assistant coaches who no one knows about, like perhaps Bowles. Look at the body of work Bruce Arians is doing in AZ. Think the fans were gung ho to get that guy?

Hire a consultant to represent you Mr Ross, and let Hickey decide based on what he thinks . Consultant guy is a sounding board, nothing more. Since its obvious that Ross doesn't know football....

And finally, as for loyalty, I'm seeing more and more kids (and adults) in south florida wearing shirts bearing other teams logos these days. Kids in high school have no idea what its like to see the team win a playoff game.

And with the ability to watch any game, and play fantasy football, there will be little loyalty left in a few years. That's why you have to "go big or go home" -- Ross has to win now.


Keeping Philbin was not a mistake we gave him a chance and he blew it. Hickey should find the coach not Ross. Since Ross is a homer from NY I'm sure Rex is top on his list for HC. I can't take his Rhetoric "were goin to the Super Bowl" every year crap. If Hickey and Ross plan on letting philbin go do it now. Do You really need a Head coach? Let the OC coach when the Offense is on the field. let the DC coach when the Defense is on the field and special teams obviously.
It could be fun
DC to OC "why the hell are you punting?! It's only 4th and 1!"
OC to DC "We are at the 36 we gotta punt!"
STC to OC and DC "SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU! I'm trying to call a play here!"


Never mind the kids in high school--I barely remember what its like to see the team win a playoff game!