Friday, December 05, 2014

File this under "peculiar rumor"

I heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend....

As we all know, Stephen Ross still has his thing for Jim Harbaugh.  The Michigan job is open.  It looks like Harbaugh won't get the commitment from the 49ers.  So it would seem he might be a fit at Michigan, and Ross gets Harbaugh in a program he has an interest in....

Except, its been said that Harbaugh wants to stay in the pros. 

And here's where the rumor comes in: Ross is *considering* bringing Harnaugh to Miami - regardless of what his current coach does this season. And he'd even be willing to part with a draft pick to get him.

True?  Fair?  I have no idea.  But its peculiar in any case, and given the way Ross courted Harbaugh the last time (while he still had Sparano as coach), its not *that* far-fetched.
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Whats the source of your rumor?


My source is a friend at a "media outlet" - he has friends at agencies, teams, etc. It does sound crazy, but it just felt too real to pass on...


This is all speculation. Harbaugh has said his wife wants to stay in the Bay Area. He has publicly said he will not go to Michigan. Miami isn't even in the conversation. Many people think he will end up with the Raiders which makes total sense.

People need to stop pining for things that aren't going to happen. Furthermore, I wouldn't want Harbaugh and his cancer in Miami. He's not the answer. We have more chance of getting Gruden than Harbaugh IMHO. But in order for that to happen Ross needs to be ready to move on from Philbin which doesn't seem likely at this point. So once again we come to the point that this is useless speculation.


While I am dubious about Ray's source, here's how SportsonEarth rates it out....and yes, the Dolphins are in the conversation


First of all the article you reference is total speculation from a team's point of view with no inside sources, like someone close to Harbaugh. It totally ignores the things that Harbaugh himself has said. Look, his wife does not want to leave the bay area. Anyone who's married should understand the power of her wishes. "Happy wife, happy life" Harbaugh has said he is not going to Michigan. Of course, some coaches don't always tell the truth about things like this. (i.e. Nick Saban didn't) I read somewhere that he is not interested in the Dolphins but I can't be certain of the sources. The fact is the Raiders job could fall into his lap and keep his wife happy. It's a no-brainer.


If I were Ross, I would stay the course. I haven't heard one NFL analyst or excoach say Philbin stinks like some of our fans state.

Everyone thinks he has done a great job in getting the franchise retooled and more importantly getting through last years fiasco.

Everyone should forget about Cowhler or Gruden. They are making millions without the hastles. They have nothing to prove. They would be nuts to go back to coaching. They're the pipe dream.


to be honest in really tired of hearing about last years distraction. I'm tired of the Dolphins constantly rebuilding. Let's stick with something for a little while damn it. If Ross has a hard on for Harbaugh maybe he should buy the Raiders and sell the Dolphins to someone who gives a damn about Florida.


@ Carl and Matt - Couldn't agree more! Let's have some stability for once!


No win either way... I thought all the rumors were, Harbaugh thought it was tacky to go after another coach while the previous coach was still employed? as in the last time the dolphins went after him while "fist pump" was here...So what do you do? Fire Philbin before you talk to him on the off chance, slight chance he might grace you with his presence? Before or after the playoffs? And if you get him what does that say about a person that would slam a team, owner for one thing and then double back and do the same exact thing he said he would never do?

We had an iron fist, treat professionals like college kids kind of coach before and we all called him satin, and for me hiring this clown, regardless of how good he thinks he is, would be the worst coaching hire in our history and with Dave Wannstedt and Cam Cameron thing 1 and thing 2 there is no room for a thing 3...

Regardless if Ross gets rid of Philbin prepare to start over, new scheme, new players, players to fit HIS system and to be truthful I am absolutely sick and tired of starting over.

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Fistpump just to beat Harbaugh... I'll still take Harbaugh. The reason for Harbaugh's problems this year have been abetted and fostered by the 49ers ownership.

Harbaugh is a good coach. His first three years, he took a team that was not very good and brought them to three NFC championships. He may rub some people the wrong way, but even Philbin - who everyone thinks is a nice guy - rubs some people the wrong way. Every NFL coach rubs someone the wrong way. If they didn't they wouldn't be doing their job. The problem occurs when they rub everyone that wrong way, like Nick Saban did.

Harbaugh ain't Saban. Saban never did squat in the NFL, and Harbaugh has made it to a Super Bowl, one play away from victory. As for treating players like college players, there is no a lot of evidence that Harbaugh is anything like Saban. Most of the 49ers players love the guy, and clearly the way the ownership is treating him is weighing on them.